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    Riseodvi reacted to Polkadi~☆ in Team Sonic Racing OST - "Whale Lagoon"   
    A new remix of "Seaside Hill", originally from Sonic Heroes, featuring Jun Senoue and Hyper Potions! Our next track will take us back even a few years earlier...
    Who would've thought? It's Seaside Hill, appearing in Team Sonic Racing. And that image seems awfully familiar to a track from Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing... The description, written above, also implies an older track coming, which I can only assume would be Sonic Adventure 2.
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    Riseodvi reacted to Sonictrainer in There's a Giant Sonic Statue Sitting on a Building in China   
    I wish Sonic would say "Long time no see!" every time I came to work.
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    Riseodvi reacted to The Becoming in Sonic Mania: Colorful Encore 2.0 (SAGE 2018)   
    Highly detailed palettes for almost all stages. Some of them are revamped versions of the originals, others are completely different Mighty and Ray tuned up with brighter tones to be more aligned with the new palettes and the other characters There are some bonus features for Mania Mode: Better contrast for Lava Reef (1-2-3), better shading for sprites in GHZ, MSZ and upgraded bgs for SSZ1-2 OOZ1, SSZ1 and MSZ2 preserves the original palette for the most part, but they have modified assets as well As always, you will need the Mania Mod Loader Plus or the Data Folder method to play it

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    Riseodvi reacted to TheOcelot in Project Hardcore: Unreleased Mega-Drive Game is coming to PS4 & Vita 2019   
    Hardcore was originally developed by DICE for the Mega-Drive, Mega CD & Amiga back in 1994, however was never released.
    Well, DICE have decided to finish the project using Mega-Drive hardware. which they're then going to port to PS4 & PSvita:
    Pretty cool that an unreleased game is finally getting finished and released 25 years later.
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    Riseodvi reacted to Gemster312 in Dimension17   
    Hi there!
    I am a Indie Programmer/Pixel Artist.
    As a long-time fan of the Classic Sonic series (S3&K childhood fave, but the others are dope too), I have always been inspired for one day wanting to make an awesome 2D platformer. I have been working on my latest game; Dimension17 for the last half year and just this weekend (August 26-29 2018) my project was showcased at a gaming convention (RetroFX) and was met with a lot of great feedback!
    The game is a 2D exploration-based platformer that allows the player to explore the multi-dimensional world of "Virtuality" with a plethora of unique movesets to help you get around.
    At its core, it's fundamentals of design are heavily inspired by Sonic:
    -Anyone can play through and beat it through a slow and casual playthrough
    -But as you learn how to maneuver the world around you, your different movesets will allow you to speed-run through the world and have a thrill of skill and speed to conquer the game in unique and fun ways.
    The game controls via keyboard + mouse (unique controls for a platformer I know, but that's half the point of this project  ), so it will be a PC exclusive (possibly Mac too).
    Release: TBD
    Hope you stick around and see it develop
    Social Media links for following the project can be found in the Description of the video!
    Thanks for reading/watching, and have a Wonderful day!
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    Riseodvi reacted to Jambone in The Sonic Amateur Games Expo 2018   
    Are they just showing off the stuff they have then?  Because I swear I just saw a tweet from one of them saying there'd be stuff at SAGE.
    I'm not complaining, as long as there's something to play at the end of the day I'm fine with that.
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    Riseodvi reacted to Neo Hazard in The Sonic Amateur Games Expo 2018   
    Don't worry mods, we have permission this time.
    Aw heck, it's that time of year again. The SONIC AMATEUR GAMES EXPO 2018 will run from August 25th - September 1st! For those that don't know, SAGE is an online event specifically made for you to showcase your own and check out community projects, watch streams, enter contests, and take part in a very creative side of the Sonic and indie gaming community! SAGE submissions are not exclusive to only Sonic the Hedgehog related content. If you have a project to show, follow the guidelines and submit it!
    Right now, SAGE has a pretty open schedule and is still looking to take submissions for streaming throughout the week. We're also open to suggestions of your favorite streamers and will be more than happy to feature them in the schedule if they're interested. Let them know to contact us via our email or Twitter!
    Also worth noting is that projects that plan to enter: we’ll be putting together a trailer for SAGE 2018! If you’d like your game to be shown off in this year’s trailer, please submit a 10 second clip of your game to the SAGE email. We recommend your clip being .mp4 format, 1920 x 1080, 60 frames per second to ensure it looks as good as possible within the trailer. The deadline for trailer submissions is July 28th.
    Guidelines are below and we look forward to seeing you at this year's Sonic Amateur Games Expo!
    Submission Guidelines
    Game entries must be submitted to sageentry@gmail.com. Each game entry must have a title/logo to display for it's respective game, PNG format, at least 500 x 500. All game entries must be submitted by August 18th. If your game will not be finished before that time, it will not be featured in the event. ROM Hacks are allowed, given they significantly change something about the games they are based on. To make things easier on both the staff and those submitting to the show, we ask that you use Sonic Fan Games HQ's showcase to enter your submission. We've got a whole nifty guide from last year on how to do so! If you have multiple game projects to submit, please follow the submission guidelines for each project. Engines are welcome but must follow the same guidelines as stated above. PLEASE NOTE: Mania assets are allowed at SAGE 2018. However, what isn't allowed is direct copying of its levels. Remixing anything you use from it, color changes, etc. is encouraged to be remixed in some fashion but entry will not be denied so long as the LEVEL looks visually distinctive.
    Streaming Guidelines
    To reserve your time for streaming, please send an e-mail to sageentry@gmail.com You MUST have prior streaming experience. If you cannot present a stable stream, you will be taken off-air, and your time slot will be turned into free time. Each stream entry must have the following: The name of your stream. The time at which you would like to broadcast your stream. What content your stream will involve. A link to your current stream page. Stream times are first come, first served and decided by SAGE staff. Should the slot you request conflict with a pre-established stream, we will contact you to work out the best possible alternative time. Free-time streams and unscheduled streams are at the discretion of the SAGE staff. We will do our best to work with and around everyone's schedules. Keep in mind we will have plans in the beginning and end of SAGE, but the rest of the slots will go quick. Make sure to get your submission in as soon as possible!  
  8. Too Many Rings
    Riseodvi reacted to Blue Blood in Team Sonic Racing: Cool Edge Gameplay @ Comic Con 2018   
    Cool Edge (or whatever it turns out to be) is nice, but I'm disappointed by the lack of Green Hill so far. If it's not in this game I don't think I'll buy it, because really that's all I look for in a Sonic game. More Green Hill.
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    Riseodvi reacted to Speederino in Steve Ditko has passed away (1927-2018)   
    Steve Ditko was a legend, responsible for creating one of my all-time favorite characters as well as many iconic visuals and stories that inspire me to this day. He was also something of a mystery figure in recent years, as he was notoriously reclusive and silent. To me, this just made him all the more intriguing; a living legend that avoided the spotlight. I'm sad to see him go.
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    Riseodvi reacted to Diogenes in How is Shadow viewed as a villain?   
    I don't find him to be all that compelling as the big world-threatening villain because his motivation is just kinda...dumb. Like okay yeah your surrogate sister was killed by the government and that sucks hardcore and all, but trying to wipe out all of humanity because of that is kiiiiind of an overreaction. And then it turns out all that villainy was basically just brainwashing and Gerald is the real villain behind everything so he was really just a pawn the whole time.
    SA2 Shadow is more interesting to me as an antagonist to Sonic specifically. He's not the first doppelganger in the series, but Metal's typically the cold, unfeeling robot type, while Shadow's able to make things more personal and heated. He (inadvertently) frames Sonic, interrupts his escape, and then manages to outspeed him essentially by cheating. That gives Sonic a personal goal in the story rather than simply trying to save the world; he wants to catch up with that smug jackass, kick his teeth in, clear his own name, and prove himself to truly be the fastest thing alive. And just as they're matched in abilities, Shadow's got his own ego to protect; he's the Ultimate Life Form, and he doesn't want to accept that this random guy can keep up with him (and arguably surpass him towards the end). They're both fighting not just for their larger goals but to defend their own identities, what they see as their place in the world.
  11. My Emmerdoods
    Riseodvi reacted to Detective Kaito in Team Sonic Racing - E3 Demo Footage/Impressions   
    The only negative I have is this horrible art style that the series has been rocking since Sonic Lost World. It makes the environments feel blocky and artificial.
    Just compare Planet Wisp in Generations to the one here.

    Look at the hills and rocks and you'll know exactly what I mean.
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    Riseodvi reacted to JezMM in Team Sonic Racing - E3 Demo Footage/Impressions   
    Seems about exactly as I imagined it'd be in motion.  The music seems nice, though a little unfitting for Planet Wisp.  If Jun is behind this one, I have to admit, I'll never quite be able to comprehend his mindset as to what games/environments deserve unique/varied instrumentation and what ones are just "okay general Sonic Adventure 2 buttrock time".  Either way it feels at odds with Planet Wisp's established aural theming.  Due to the way the footage is spliced it's hard to tell whether the music regularly gets interrupted by item jingles/if it's dynamic based on what actions are taking place, both or neither.
    Also yeah the voiceover stuff is horrendous.  It kind of ties into the team co-op mechanic sure, but team communication could be done with key, recognisable sound effects with OCCASIONAL voice clips.  I.e when Tails requests an item it always makes an item request "ping" and only every 1 in 5 times does Tails actually say "need some help Sonic!" or whatever.
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    Riseodvi reacted to TCB in Pokemon Gold/Silver Demo Beta Discovered   
    This picture complied by jpmeshew on Twitter not only gives us the sprites in color, but classfies them in groups based on the recognized mons, those that may have inpsired their finalized counterparts, those scrapped enterily and so on. It's really interesting to see GF's thought process behind the 251 before the finished product:

    Not only that, early Gym Leader designs (this taken from revolocities on Twitter too):
      EDIT: WAIT THERE'S MORE   You can play as a female protagonist in the demo, long before Crystal gave us that option officially, the day/night cycle was also in, but obviously was nowhere near as robust as it was in the final (even dialouge boxes reflected it), and apparently 'early' workings of the skateboard mechanic seen as well:   To think all we had to go one for two decades were blurry screenshots and very little, grainy snippets to video to basically the holy grail here. Really fascinating just how early this is compared to the final; the sprites and some of the overworld assets look very Red/Green-esque to rough JPN Blue. 
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    Riseodvi reacted to JezMM in Badniks in 3D   
    I think badniks are more of a psychological issue than anything else.  Ultimately, everything in a platform game should serve the platforming - enemies are nothing more than hazards that can be disposed of (as oppose to being fixed and invincible, like a set of spikes).  If one can imagine designing hazards for 3D games, there's no reason some of them can't have their design be modified by having them be destructable or target Sonic directly etc.
    I can't really see any reason why the badnik design of the 2D games can't be carried over into 3D as long as you adapt them with full consideration to the two challenges 3D brings to the table:
    1. You can just walk around hazards
    2. It's harder to telegraph hazards before they become a threat
    They're a simple enemy, but a fairly okay example of this is the Crabmeat from Generations - problem 1 is solved by their projectiles being swapped out for homing missiles.  Problem 2 is solved through some good usage of animation - they do a noticable excited flip when they spot Sonic and become "active".  While, being the first stage, they're mostly boost fodder, in a boostless game they would give ample communication to the player that they're going to attack before you reach them.
    I think a key factor in 3D is that you need to design enemies who can adapt to Sonic's position rather than being placed in a set position - assuming the game isn't narrow hallways anyway.  For example the forward-going shark-ish missle badniks from Hydrocity would need to spawn in to always be ahead of Sonic's current position when you enter their "area", so dodging/attacking them is the same experience no matter which angle you enter that area from.
    Meanwhile... I've been playing fanfic game designer in my head and some enemies would work great in 3D anyway.  I was thinking of the new enemies from Titanic Monarch who encapsulate you in their targeting system unless you get out of range fast enough - these enemies would work great in a more fiddley 3D space where you're having to navigate back and forth while climbing up a tower for example, unable to outrun their range super easily.  As long as you made it so the targeting system visibly comes around you FROM a certain direction, the player would have enough knowledge to figure out where the enemy is and destroy them without it being so unfair they're sent on a wild goose chase trying to track down a particular point in 3D etc.
    I do think it's okay to make some enemies fodder for homing attack/boost though.  Not everything needs to be a threat, sometimes it's fine to just let the player enjoy the feeling of bopping open robots - especially if it serves to setup more challenging variations of the same concept later (the typical example so far in the series has been homing attack chains containing electrified/spiky enemies, but I'd like to see the "choose your target carefully/wait for the right height to avoid a hazard" homing attack chain gameplay from Unleashed's extra acts be a mainstay - that game already pretty much pushed the concept to it's limit, but it's a fun concept that I'd like to enjoy some new variations of in a game with a more reliable control system).
    This post is kind of just a mishmash of thoughts, I don't have a connected conclusion here lol.
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    Riseodvi reacted to ChikaBoing in Art Blog about Sonic Forces   
    There is this four part blog abut the making of Sonic Forces graphics on the Japanese website that seemed interresting. I haven't seen it being heavily reported...but 3 pictures caught my attention.
    Original Green Hill concept art

    Avatar UI concept art

    Hedgehog Engine 1&2 differences

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    Riseodvi reacted to WakanoBaka in ARTWORK: Waka's Animu looking Art   
    Yes y'all. I'm posting my NEW art thread here. This is the art I've recently and unrecently done on tablet recently...unrecently.
    Animu Self-Portraits
    'E-Girls' That I know on Twitter
    Fan Art of stuff that's not Sonic cus I suck at drawing Sonic
    Original Projects
    So tell me what you think, and if you're interested, there's more to come yo...if you wanna see em ofc...
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    Riseodvi reacted to Plasme in Fan Attitudes to Eggman   
    Here's a topic that's bugged me for a while, but I don't seem to know anyone else who agrees with me on this. Well to put it simply, I think there are a lot of people in the fanbase who want Eggman to be really villainous. I'm not going to back this up with statistics since I don't have time and this is just a forum post, but I think you all have had experience with this anecdotally. Maybe some, or a lot, of you want Eggman to be dark and genuinely dangerous yourself.
    I think it goes completely against the classic games and is ridiculous. I think Eggman should be primarily goofy and comedic. Let me break this down quickly. 
    Eggman is consistently presented in classic media as goofy and silly:

    I mean, sorry, but I just can't see a really dark Eggman fitting in with this design. Yes, he does kill the player in the classic games, but it's never entirely clear what 'dying' in the game even is, and I always assume that just to be game mechanics over story. In the classics, Eggman supposed to be goofy and funny. I am aware that 'Robotnik' was marketed in a much darker manner in the West, but I actually don't like this portrayal of him personally and blame it as an influence in future games. If he really is evil and wants to kill everyone, then why don't Sonic and company just kill him and stop him doing serious damage. Or at least take some serious action? I think this is particularly egregious in Sonic Adventure, where in the final Tails level Eggman decides to shoot a missile and kill everyone in the city. It's even worse in the English dub, where he announces that he will destroy Station Square in a really dark way. I've heard somewhere that apparently the city is evacuated, not sure, but this isn't communicated in the game regardless. It's effective in setting him up as the villain but, it's just such a stark departure from what he was in the classics. And again, if he is really a potential murder, shouldn't Sonic and company be taking him a little more seriously?
    There are other egregious examples of Eggman's darkness which I really hate. Eggman attempting to blow up Sonic in Adventure 2 is a great example. Again, Sonic is supposed to be in mortal danger around Eggman, yet he never acts like he is. Even after Eggman tried to kill him. And it's not just because he underestimates him, it's because there's this bizarre disconnect between Eggman being a potential murderer and the remnants of his comedic, genuine Eggman character from the classics. This isn't the case with Shadow in Adventure 2, for example. You always know while playing that h'es genuinely dangerous, fuelled by vengeance and unpredictable. If he tried to kill Sonic in Adventure 2 I wouldn't be surprised or find it contradictory because he's consistently portrayed as dark and dangerous. Eggman, though, is almost schizophrenic, jumping between comedic and full on murderer. And this could be interesting if it was intentional and played on, but it isn't, it's just design oversight.
    Another is when Eggman has Tails plane shot down and almost kills Tails in the opening episode of Sonic Boom. It's played up really seriously, and as though Tails could actually have died, yet Sonic never takes serious action against him and just laughs along with him throughout Sonic Boom. It would be more realistic to try to get rid him of him somehow if he really is that dangerous. And I know Boom is supposed to be a comedy, and it's usually well written to be fair, but I don't think it being a comedy lets it off the hook for bizarre narrative contradictions.
    One of the serious moments in Sonic I actually like, and is in a storyline most people genuinely dislike (and is greatly underappreciated narratively for Sonic standards I think), is Lost World:
    The Deadly Six capture Tails and Sonic doesn't fuck about, he doesn't crack jokes and waste time, he immediately presses Zor on where Tails is and wants to save him. This actually makes sense, and while Zor still acts goofy, Sonic isn't cracking jokes and laughing along at his weirdness. The Deadly Six, while eccentric, or always portrayed as genuine bad guys. Sonic wouldn't be friendly with them. If Eggman did this, I fucking guarantee that Sonic and Eggman would be making jokes between each other before Sonic's all 'okay, I need to save Tails now'. (Oh wait, see Sonic Boom previous example where he acts like that in the entire show, I just made that example up on the top of my head, and it's literally already happened). And it isn't just because most Sonic narratives are terribly written, it's because Sonic and Eggman's rivalry is popular, and their friendly banter is also popular. And so this friendly rivalry is emphasised. If Sonic became genuinely angry it would again cause a disconnect between Sonic and Eggman having a friendly rivalry, yet Eggman also being dangerous and capable of killing people. Because, why would Sonic want to be friendly with him? Lost World attempted to explain this by portraying Eggman as complicated and weird (his infamous Zetti cutscene), but I find it just ridiculous that Sonic would be on a friendly rivalry terms with someone like that, even if Lost World did at least try to explain it (games like SA2 leave it untouched).
    The one recent Sonic media I think genuinely gets their rivalry correct is Sonic Mania Adventures. Sonic and Eggman are against each other, but they are also on friendly rivalry terms. Eggman pulling puppy eyes in Episode 1 shows that he knows he can play to Sonic's good side, because he knows Sonic wouldn't want to harm him if he didn't have to. But this is best emphasised in the brilliant attention to detail of Sonic looking at Eggman when he escapes from the flicky trap, showing he cares enough about what Eggman thinks to see his reaction when he escapes.

    It seems obvious to say, but you wouldn't do this if the guy wanted to kill you. In Mania Adventures, Eggman goes after Sonic quite aggressively sometimes, but Sonic and Eggman are never shown as wanting to kill each other. When Sonic gets hit at point blank range with a huge drill, he simply loses rings and gets back up. When Eggman gets blown up by the capsule, he nevertheless is alive to continue searching for Chaos Emeralds. It makes sense in such a cartoony universe that they can be at each other so much yet have a friendly rivalry.
    This helps maintain the idea that Sonic and Eggman fight each other constantly, yet somehow can respect each other and on at least Sonic's case care for each other on some level. Because Eggman never actually poses a genuine threat to Sonic, because he doesn't try to kill him.
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    Riseodvi reacted to Osmium in Ideas about 3D Sonic Stages   
    The first thing I will do in this post is put a link to another post by a used named Ritz from Sonic Retro. This post is something that has caught great attention from me whenever I skim over the Utopia topic there. (Just so there is no confusion it is post #31).
    I find most of the post interesting with regaurds to his ideas of tension and the issue of thinking of Sonic's gameplay in terms of altitudes. 
    The thing though I think about the most is the proposition of the ideal 3D Sonic stage being an inversion of the bell-curve of Super Mario 64 stages, and instead be a bowl profile. The idea of having sections of running/rolling downhill and different levels taper off at certain points of the hill and thus a number of levels of different altitudes resulting is I think a fascinating one. 
    I've made a very crude demonstration that shows somewhat what comes to my mind when I read this. The red sections are the areas with highest altitude; the yellow with intermediate; and the very green with the lowest. The black are simply walls. In a real stage it wouldn't look nearly as boring or generic as this, but it is simply a visualization. 
    So the point is that as Sonic goes down the hill, certain pathways diverge which become levels of their own and several of these occur. They will have a variety of shapes on them but I think a general rule of follow is that the higher a level, generally the narrower it will be, with the bottom of course being as wide as can be. The bottom sections would generally tend to be the most tedious while the higher levels have greater interests on them giving incentive to pay attention and stay up higher and switch between different levels and whatnot. 
    This is of course just an application of 2D Sonic principles in 3D, as the highest levels should probably be the most challenging to reach but great speed can be maintained. 
    A nice way to visualize what these multiple levels would look like is perhaps Windy Valley Beta towards the ends. 
    I think along with this, it's a nice parallel between Sonic and the pinball roots he has. You're fighting to not fall to the very bottom and trying to do it as stylishly as possible. 
    Excuse the very unorganized nature of this post, it's just a collection of reflections of what I think is a very interesting post. It's just something I've thought about for a while. 
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    Riseodvi reacted to UmbraTheHedgehog in My Sonic OC Commision Art   
    I wanted to show my Sonic OC art that I commissioned from DredgeTH in the comic style. I want to be clear that I Did Not create this art, I commissioned it and was excited to show it off and wanted to credit this talented artist. That being said, I am very happy with how it turned out and will be using it as a profile picture. His name is Umbra The Hedgehog and I initially created the character in Sonic Forces, he doesn't really have a background story or anything.

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    Riseodvi reacted to Badnik Mechanic in Pictures of my fan game ^^   
    Ok so I'm gonna ask because nobody else has.
    Is this... actually a game? Or have you just made some nice screenshots to try and dupe some people?
    The reason why I ask this is because your screenshots here don't make much sense to me from a developer standpoint.
    The first thing which I've noticed... the Ring, time and score counter is the same across every screenshot, which absolutely shouldn't be the case unless they were not functioning and you just put in some hard coded numbers to display on the screen.
    The other thing which I have to ask, because these graphics look ripped directly from the show, so how are you handling animations? Are they also being ripped frame by frame and then put into the games character animation loop?
    Just that seems really tricky to do, just to even get the frames... Let alone then crop them to a decent aspect ratio and then incorporate them into the animation file.
    Several screens have the exact same background with radically different scenarios... again this seems really odd and very unlikely if this were taken from an actual game.
    This screenshot especially looks a bit odd.

    Going by the life bar, you're playing as Sonic, especially given how Sonic is at the centre of the screen... but Tails is flying ahead of him.
    Aside from the fact Tails normally follows Sonic. In a gameplay situation, to have Tails ahead of Sonic where the player needs to react to incoming traps and hazards, this would be very distracting.

    This screenshot... Tails is reacting to Sonic... that means you must have coded some behaviour into the Tails character so he reacts to this specific movement/change of state... but... again this seems a bit... why would you do this?

    Same with this one. Coconuts is reacting to Sonic coming at him... but surely.. an enemy would not react in this way because it would make their attempts to be a threat void? The moment the player gets within a specific distance it triggers that animation from the enemy.
    So... any chance you can elaborate on this? Like... is this actually a game or are these just mockups? And if it is, could we get some video because it would be nice to see the character interaction behaviour in action as well as how well you've brought the animations over from the show.
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    Riseodvi reacted to Artsy-Aspie in Artsy-Aspie’s Art   
    Something a little more relevant this time. :\

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    Riseodvi reacted to Plasme in Sonic Mania Plus: Official Trailer   
    Actually, my favourite part of the trailer is when Sonic briefly looks at Tails before they accept Mighty, as though they are both thinking "should we let him in".

    And also, when Mighty gives Sonic a powered fist bump, that's really cool.
    Tyson Hesse, or whoever works with him on these animations, just really knows how to inject personality into the characters.
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    Riseodvi reacted to Sonictrainer in Sonic Mania Plus: Official Trailer   
    Also, some confirmation from Aaron Webber
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    Riseodvi reacted to Wraith in Would you change/fix Shadow origin?   
    I've always been against these takes on Shadow that involve taking the tragic element out of his back story because you are pretty much taking what makes the character different from a lot of edgy clone types away for the sake of making him more "presentable" and not really thinking about whether it makes him any better as a character.

    I would change Shadow's backstory, but only because I think it needs to be refocused a bit on the tragedy that is Maria's illness, and not the government conspiracy or the aliens. Imo they need to bring out the elements that are relatable so it strikes a chord with people. I think you could make it as simple as Shadow failing to save Maria and Gerald considering him a failure and sealing him. His friend passed away and his"father" rejected him.
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