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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. I would love fixes before more content. As I've said, the character screen outright is a crash-the-game button for me (on Android). So until then, I have all these rings piling up that I can't even spend to level up characters >_> I'd also love them to fix "oh I lagged and forgot my physics" but this is a Sonic Team game here, that's part of the experience sometimes.
  3. Yeah not to burst your bubble but the game is clearly meant to be pay2win and the red ring system like that makes it pretty obvious. It's a typical mobile tactic and I somehow doubt that SEGA/Sonic Team are gonna balance the game away from giving people who put money into the game (unless you get lucky on your earned free red rings). Personally I'd rather they actually fix the game on Android, like you know, the crash the game button being the "Level Up" button to access the detailed characters screen!
  4. Yo hi been a while. Figured I'd try and see if anyone has an answer here while everyone is collecting candy if little animals. Has anyone worked out how to stop Runners (on Android) from crashing? I.e. I have almost 500k rings now since Zazz and I would really like to use them to level up characters but the moment I hit those screens, the game crashes :V Rest of the game works fine (well, now. When the Zazz event was on I couldn't actually claim my rewards from beating him!).
  5. Happy Birthday...

  6. Right, ignoring the joys of console elitism, SEGA's audience for at least Sonic has sat on the Wii. It's likely to shift to the WiiU with stronger Nintendo releases. We (The Sonic Fandom or just people complaining on the internet) aren't SEGA's biggest breadwinner. Cutting a potential audience yes, but not it's biggest.
  7. An honest question. Other than people who are just outright Anti-Nintendo here, lets draw up a hypothetical situation where SEGA decided it's next Sonic game isn't on the PC but was to release it as a multiplatform on all three next gen consoles. Would you guys still be whining because SEGA put Sonic Software on an Eighth Generation console instead of the current Seventh? Or if it was as ASRT's release went, would you all just be whining in two years instead? Does this all come down to them supporting an 8thGen console, anger against Nintendo or just flat out refusal to buy a new console?
  8. I think you really need to look at the tenses involved. Why would a game published November 2012, be part of a deal that involves games later this year? Plus how many times have people not seen "unannounced game"? Scrap that rereading I think I get what you mean now.
  9. It's more cause and effect. The majority of the Sonic fandom online likely isn't key to this, whereas the majority of the target audience is. The majority of money SEGA earns off Sonic comes from Nintendo Releases, the majority of their target audience (Young kids to early teens) play mostly on the kiddy/casual/whatever console. It's highly likely as we transition to the next console generation that SEGA's profits would indeed still come from Nintendo, it is pretty much a gambit that will pay off for SEGA. Meanwhile other games that SEGA are developing have a target audience that has performed well off Nintendo consoles but perhaps poorly on Nintendo consoles, as such will have development for the other consoles of the next gen. It's marketing as daft as it sounds. People are basically complaining that SEGA's putting their stuff where they get most money, I assume these people also don't understand how businesses that work for a profit work? Also Hogfather, I honestly really would not measure game success off our country. We're not really a good barometer for it at the moment, Europe as a whole sure, but the UK Videogame Industry is suffering a little from poor sales in general here >_>;
  10. As you don't live here and unlikely to care much about our politics, I do need to make a point of this. No party will. Some cases it's because they can't. There have only been select Thatcherite policies that have been repealed. Yesterday New Labour admitted that while Labour (Which was a hell of a lot more socialist at the time) fought tooth and nail against her, that today's party actually agrees with some of the things she did. That's right, Labour, our democrats to your republicans, openly agree on who they used to fight so strongly against. Even the Liberal Democrats agree in some places (That thank god it's generally her green policies when she actually championed global warming etc, until it became very politically left and not in her favour). But it's the fact Labour now agrees with a lot of her actions. We have two centre parties, and they're gradually becoming identical. Labour, Centre left is lurching to the right and has done since Thatcher became Prime Minister, and The Conservatives, Centre Right, is lurching the left after Blair. They both will not touch some things that John Major and Thatcher brought in. Hell there's some Blairite policies they won't repeal too. The problem is now people will generally not vote "against" Labour anymore. Even as they themselves bring in more of the same and gradually policies will start getting confused. People will think it's a tory policy when it was labour etc. Eventually it will come to the point where the far right will get in because people will realise this. >.>;
  11. Mr. Badger's Showdown in the Sky honestly reminds me a little more of a Touhou track honestly >.>

  12. It was probably the official torrent that is openly posted on the page Speaking of the torrent, I assume more than me will seed it for a while? I'm more than happy to seed it for a bit (seen as I'm not doing anything shady =P), but I'm not becoming the only other seed besides TSS itself XP
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