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    If the earlier Bio text never gave it away. Physics.

    Although various video games such as Sonic, Mario, Metroid (Slowly playing through them) and Touhou also pop to mind.
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    Salford, UK

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About Me

Fun fact: I actually know these now.

And God said:

∇ ∙ B = 0

∇ ∙ D = ρν

∇ × E = -δB/δt

∇ × H = J + δD/δt

and then there was light.

I suppose I should talk about myself here...

I'm that Damn Red Dragon who's out and about on the Internet. I'm also someone who studies Physics (When the world isn't conspiring against him) and also a person who happens to enjoy video games. Such as the Touhou Shump Doujin Series, Sonic, Mario, all sorts.

I'm also a artist, when I can be arsed...

[19:10:46] <DarkOverord> T-Bird: as I said, who was the quickest, or possibly, the most sad for recognising tracks almost instantly? X3

[19:11:23] <T-Bird> Darkoverord:

[19:11:26] |<-- Blazetbw has left irc.surrealchat.net (Quit: Blazetbw)

[19:11:30] <T-Bird> You were actually the first person in.

[19:11:34] <DarkOverord> Haha oh god

[19:11:35] XD

[19:11:38] <DemesDexing> Who?

[19:11:39] <RamThePanda> wow XD

[19:11:45] <RamThePanda> CONGRATULASHUNS

[19:11:46] <T-Bird> As I haven't given it away, would you like a copy of Iron Man 2 for the XBox?

[19:12:22] <DarkOverord> Brb feeling sad for recognising tracks from Sonic Heroes in a few seconds XD And don't worry T-Bird. I ain't got a XBox =P THE PERSONAL GRATIFICATION IS ENOUGH

I dunno if this is something to be proud of or not :V

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