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  1. Have played Fallout 4 about 15 hours now and really enjoyed it. However, I don't think that it is as good as New Vegas. It is just maybe a bit too streamlined in my opinion in some cases.

    1. Scott


      I concur! I love the games to bits but a fair bit irks me with it:

      • Giving you Power Armour and throwing your first Death Claw at you reeeeeally early :/
      • That dialogue wheel
      • Making the Protagonist talk (with no option to turn off)
      • Choices aren't really choices
      • Whatever choices you get don't impact endgame, it's more about taking sides. 
      • Ron Perlman doesn't narrate the end, only the intro.

      Got bored with it too after completing the story. There isn't much to hold you other than settlements. Really hope the Expansions are good. Still doesn't top Fallout 3 or NV in my opinion.

    2. Ripe


      Yeah. The dialogue is just so shallow compared to the previous games. And as someone who in Fallout really want to the protagonist to represent me the voice and the overall dialogue structure just hinders that.

      Also the story. What is with Bethesda Fallouts and family plots? It's better than 3 but again, how NV handled things both allowed more freedom with the character and made me feel that things what I did mattered and that I had a choice. I think one thing that affected this was the reputation system which is now gone.

      One thing is the new leveling system. I just prefer the old one. Also why weapons and armor no longer get damaged?

      And as for the power armor and Deathclaw, I agree. In the previous games to me killing Deathclaw was always an accomplishment but here it was just so easy because of the PA and minigun.

    3. Scott


      Oh yeah, weapon damage. I wasn't so bothered with the fact weapons don't get damaged as it means I'm not constantly fixing them, though I'd still rather take it back than the complicated mod system they put in instead. Weapons that degraded in time adds that little bit realistic immersion! 

      Reputation system definitely added a fun layer of re-playability, causing certain factions to hunt you down in the wasteland. I really wish Obsidian were making a new Fallout game on the side :/ 

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