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    Video games, some of my favourite series are Sonic, Fallout, Uncharted, inFamous, NHL, F1, The Sims, Killzone, Tekken
    Sports, I'm especially a big fan of Ice Hockey but I also like Football and Formula 1
    Music, some of my favourite bands are Avenged Sevenfold, Linkin Park and Green Day
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  1. Finally playing Sonic Unleashed and well... So far there has been some things I really like and some things that just annoy me to no end

    1. ThePrinceOfSaiyans


      Like the Werehog battle music? That's the most intrusive thing about the game IMO.

    2. Little T

      Little T

      Like quick time events? Those really put me off the HD version of the game :/

    3. Menace2Society


      Medal collecting? 

    4. Speeps


      Having this constantly playing would make a great april fools thing.

    5. Ripe


      All of the three things you mentioned

      1. Battle music: it's good for the first time but now I basically just have headphones and listen something else  during Werehog levels

      2.QTEs: There just is no reason for them being there especially in day stages. And nights stages? Well, let's just say that I can't stand QTE-finishers which when failed enemies recover their health, both normal ones and bosses

      3. Medal collecting: I have no problem collecting stuff to open new levels if the game design suits for that. Sonic's one. Well, I think that especially in boost format it doesn't. Yeah, Werehog is better in that but it isn't really fun in the first place. And I already hit a Medal wall...

    6. Speeps


      FYI You can cheat every one of the QTEs by pausing the game lmao.

    7. ThePrinceOfSaiyans


      Wait, what? You can do that? I'll be right back.

      I tried it, it didn't work. Do you have to pause at a certain time?

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