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  1. You sure? I'm trying to remember parts but I can only remember, like, Sandopolis when you can't jump high enough and are thrown in another path.

    But I'm not against a transformation button. I'm against what it might entail, but it can not happen too like in the way you mentioned. Just like it's not the one action button per se that matters, it's what entails. Changing the button map and keeping the tradeoff and the fact that you have to throw yourself at enemies to defeat them is what matters.

    As well as Sandopolis, as you've mentioned, there's levels where you don't need to use Knuckles's abilities but the levels are designed around them, like Angel Island 2, Launch Base 2 and Carnival Night 2. Admittedly, Sonic 3 doesn't tend force his abilities like I thought (which is testament to its brilliant design) but it does offer levels designed with his actions in mind.


    Yes, the fact you can't transform with a transformation button is a massive nit-pick, but the problem still does exist. I think mapping the transformation button to a mid-air jump was designed with Sonic in mind and not much thought was put into Tails and Knuckles. It's a huge nit-pick, but it's still an oversight.

  2. If you think being a jerk is better than being pretentious, I'll change my ways next time to match yours



    Come on Palas, no need for this :P

    But that was the concept from which the game was brought up. Carol Yas said so himself. No amount of remapping will change that, even if it doesn't really break the game. It's not like you're not playing Sonic if you take that away, but indeed that was what the game was built around and that was how the level design came to be. It's such a fundamental requirement to the classic titles that it was a rom hack that allowed you to actually control the ability to transform when the original titles could have done that.


    This is for the first Sonic game though. It's natural to take a fundamental design decision and evolve it. I bet that there was some contention in Sonic Team to introduce the Spin-Dash because it radically changes how the level design was the only way you built up speed, rather than simply using an action as well. Still, the spindash turned out to be the best design change in the Classic Series and it's arguably Sonic's most iconic move in the series next to Boost.


    I don't think it's a radical move to introduce a transformation button. The Super form isn't exactly the limelight of Sonic games and you wouldn't be using that second button for anything else. It's not like the simplicity is being thrown right out the window.

  3. Honestly I don't think the designers put that much thought into how the Super Sonic transformation would affect the unique character abilities in Sonic 3. It's clearly a mistake in Knuckles' case because you have to glide and climb in certain sections of his stages. Transforming is unavoidable in this case and I think that's probably an oversight. Aside from deliberately running into spikes or a badnik then the player can't avoid transformation. Is it the players fault for collecting too many rings? Of course not.


    They obviously put some thought into it. They (mostly) gave you the option to transform with the jump button and fixed the game-breaking glitch in Sonic 2 where transforming into Super Sonic after completing a stage would hang the game. I honestly think the decision to map the transformation button to the mid-air jump was done with Sonic in mind and the other characters just kind of had this decision put to them without much thought.


    Overall though, I definitely think this is a developer oversight. The game-breaking glitch in Sonic 2 shows the designers have overlooked far bigger problems before so it's hardly unthinkable. I agree that using one of the other two buttons to transform is an obvious decision.

  4. I think you're playing the revisionist history card here. Would we really be claiming RoL never looked good from the start if the game turned out to be alright, let alone good?


    Well I don't remember everyone saying how great the graphics were when the game was first revealed. People were actually more focused on how god-awful the character models initially looked rather than saying the game's environments looked beautiful.


    The initial shots aren't incredibly impressive graphically speaking. I'd say they aren't as good as Lost World and definitely not as good as Generations. The graphics honestly look better in the initial shots because they are so much more detailed than Rise of Lyric rather than because they have far superior textures.


    There were some people, myself included, who thought the game could have been interesting, as it had multiple playable characters and was supposedly developed by ex-naughty dog staff (I'm not sure how much that was exaggerated), but that was before we saw any real gameplay that wasn't heavily edited like the reveal trailer. As soon as E3 came around nearly everyone knew the game looked bleak. But this was from a gameplay perspective, no one was speaking out about how the game looked visually amazing. They just didn't think it was going to be as graphically horrendous as it ended up being.

  5. The irony is that the actual early footage of Sonic Boom isn't that graphically impressive. It's honestly on Xbox 360 level and there are a quite a good few games on Wii U that are much better graphically. 


    I know that porting CryEngine 3 to Wii U would be a nightmare, but it's still a funny point.

  6. Hello SSMB!


    What part of 2D Sonic games are the most important to you? What 2D level in the franchise best represents the direction you would like to see the series progress in? 


    If you can, please do some little doodles and drawings of what you would ideally like to see in future 2D Sonic level design.


    And please, no discussion on 3D level design. Thank you.

  7. I've been working on the level and the art is shaping up like this:




    It's not really the most exciting stuff in the world but eh, I'm not an artist.


    The level design is pretty interesting though. I'm trying to make something grandiose like Sonic 3 but it's really hard to do that without making the level really convoluted.






    I'm trying to think of some fun Moony Gimmicks to put in my level. Anyone have anything to chip in with?

  8. Anyways, I can see the whole "dumb friend" thing referring to different gameplay styles, but if that's the case he should've been more clear about that. Otherwise, it just sounds like a throwaway joke meant to have Youtube commenters go "yeah! Sonic's friends are a shit!!" and start that whole parade all over again.

  9. I'm pretty sue the 'Sonic and his dumb friends' was just a throwaway joke at the end due to how many Sonic games have been ruined by the poor execution of Sonic's friends. I don't think it's meant to be taken too seriously. 

    Game about Sonic and not his stupid friends?

    I'm sorry, but as spot on as he may be, did this moron forget about Unleashed which was precisely that and was still heavily flawed? (And better crafted, surpisingly).

  10. I think you're misconstruing "disagreement" as "not seeing".


    I used the phrase 'not seeing' because no one here seems to be talking about how Sonic Adventure has a bunch of very questionable design choices, such as the poorly thought out genre roulette. People are bringing up very good points about how the good concepts could be improved, especially Sami, but this one key point, like many others, seems to be getting overlooked. 



    And I think we know what its essence there is to keep while remaking it, given they're willing to change everything that didn't work entirely so that its remade version fixes where it fell flat. For example, Genre Roulette is not something they want to keep, but the multiple characters are and to them are the essence of SA1 - a remake it without the Genre Roulette is still a remake, and that is by definition.


    Genre Roulette is key to both Sonic Adventure titles because the Adventure formula was designed with multiple gamestyles at is core concept, removing it is removing a key component of the game and is drastically redesigning it, which is fine, but it's not being faithful to the original title whatsoever. It's like if you removed turn based combat from Classic Final Fantasies or got rid of the turn based campaign map of Total War. 



    Like, what's the "essence" of Amy's gameplay? Is it specifically the plodding pseudo-stealth that she ended up having, or is it the more general idea of having to escape from an enemy that can't be beaten? Couldn't the latter be used as the basis for a better, more Sonic-appropriate type of gameplay than what they did with it in SA?


    Amy's gameplay was intentionally designed to be slower than Sonic so the player could enjoy slowing down. Her slow pseudo-stealth was a deliberate move to make her feel powerless compared to the more capable Sonic. This was despite giving her a big hammer to show her inner strength when she was in a pinch, but  this was carefully designed so she couldn't abuse it on Zero, (since too much damage made him invincible) or else the design decision would be compromised. It was a bad move in hindsight. Moving away from this design philosophy is to move away from what Amy's gameplay was always intended to be and would be going against the original vision of Sonic Adventure. 


    Besides, you're not even bothering to consider the time period this game was released.


    Totally wrong. I actually have considered the time period this game was released in multiple times and including on this page, and only a few posts above yours at that!

  11. Why do people want a remake of Sonic Adventure? If you're going to change so much from the original experience why not spend that effort developing a new game that features the same elements everyone enjoyed from SA1?


    I assume for the plot and general nostalgia marketability for the game. It's not a ridiculous idea in itself, it probably would sell well, but I don't think it's the best course of action personally.

  12. This is definitely worth pursuing IMO. Cool idea.


    The second one is an improvement over the first, and I like how it's more colorful, but maybe it's just too colorful now? idk, try changing the color of the yellow moons maybe.


    Also, what are you going to name it? Just "Moon Zone"? :P


    Thanks for the feedback! I see what you mean, I'll try to make them fit a bit better.


    Also I have no name for it yet :P

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