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  1. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep - I finished Ven's story and now I'm doing Aqua's, I don't care that everyone reccomends playing in different order :vv I'm really liking the new gameplay system! Persona 4 Arena Ultimax - Arena was my first fighting game and even though playing through each character's story was kinda repetitive, I still enjoyed it. When it comes to Ultimax, I already know the story but I still plan to play through Episode P4 and P3. I really can't wait to invite my friends for some matches c: Also, Sho (yeah, I know that he's an edgelord but I like his backstory and puns) and Labrys are now one of my favourite Persona characters. Besides that, I still need to finish Megaman Battle Network. I love playing it since it's my favourite version of Mega Man but sometimes I just forget that I'm still playing it.
  2. I really don't care about all the pessimistic thoughts some people are having, I'm just really happy with what we got and can't wait for new announcements ^^ It's been so long since I drew anything Sonic relatated but after all this I feel a strong need to do it.

  3. Wait a minute the party is gonna be up till 10 pm? That would be 8 am here... uh, I think I should watch it mobile then.

    1. Sixth-Rate Soma

      Sixth-Rate Soma

      got to sleep, sonic won't run off when you're out. he's too busy getting down with his bad self

  4. I love that dancing Sonic xD

  5. The barell of doom...

  6. Stars don't twinkle, the moon doesn't shine... yep, seems about right, can't see a thing behind these curatins.

  7. I love how everyone is losing their minds xD I don't mind all the waiting tbh but still.

  8. What if they just wanna play all the songs they prepared

  9. I would make a joke about despair but this isn't a Danganronpa stream.

  10. and Stardust Speedway... the stream is taking so long to start that I could even finish my MM Starforce sketch.

  11. Windmill Isle :DD

  12. ah, the music is back again

  13. I'm soooooo nervous about the R&C movie... 

    1. Dejimon11


      Just keep your expectations low. 

  14. Man, oh, man I haven't been here in aaaaages... the lack of Sonic news is really getting to me. So... how's it going everyone? Anything new?

    1. Snowragnarok


      Sonic the Comic Issue #269 is here.


    2. Milo


      Hey there. Welcome back.

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