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  1. I wonder how many more prototypes of Sonic 2 or any other classic games are there?

    1. JezMM


      I mean, TECHNICALLY hundreds, unless developers choose to delete them or throw them away, a pre-release version of a game's ROM will be generated pretty much any time they need to test something, especially back in those days, though I assume notable milestones in the development are better preserved (such as whatever state the game was in when it was time to send out preview versions for events or press).

      ...Or such is my understanding.

      Of course, the value of such a wide array of prototypes varies depending on what was changed compared to other prototypes we have access to.  So for example that famous Simon Wai Sonic 2 prototype, maybe somewhere out there there's a version of the ROM from a few days after that prototype, and while it would be cool to dig into it, ultimately the findings might be as simple as "Well it's exactly the same as the Simon Wai prototype but this one glitch has been fixed."

    2. Rabid-Coot


      I think the big problem was the cost of storage back then. Those hundreds of builds could have been across the same few carts for internal work.

    3. Celestia


      I just wanna know if there's any CD builds that have anything R2-related. The only in-game thing we've seen are enemy and Eggman sprites, so it's possible they didn't get any work done on the level itself...but I want to believe...

  2. Pokemon headcannon.

    What if... Professor Oak is secretly bangin... I mean, sleeping, with Ash's (Satoshi) Mum, while he is traveling?

  3. @Ryannumber1gamer Changed 2 of my requests, they now: Sonic After the Sequel: Horizion Heights Act 1 And for remix Aosth Dr. Robotnik theme remix by Proudone (I know I've edited my op on requests but just to be sure)
  4. Here we go again. 1.Sonic 2 Metropolis Zone 2.Sonic CD Wacky Workbench Present (JP/EU) 3.Sonic Adventure Crank the heat up... For Final Egg 4.Sonic After the Sequel Horizon Heights Zone Act 1 For the remix (if it counts) Dr Robotnik theme (Aosth) remix by Proudone
  5. Well this so far has been an interesting week for gaming, and will get even more interesting next week.

  6. Back from watching Avengers Endgame.

  7. In the cinemas to see Avengers Endgame today

  8. Well, 5 more episodes to go, and by the looks on the episode titles, this is where shit gets real.
  9. "New stuff keeps getting found in Sonic 2 beta ROMs"

    Goddamn, how much shit was removed in Sonic 2 in the final release?

    1. TheOcelot


      Sonic 2 changed a lot throughout development and a lot of content had to be cut to meet the Christmas 1992 release window.

    2. Solister


      Has been anything new found?

  10. 5 month old fact: Red Dead Redemption 2 is so big not even a single blu ray disc (which holds up to 45 Gigs of storage) can hold all that data when installing.

  11. Well only 9 episodes to go now for season 1, so what can we excpect for the season finale (If it gets a second season)?
  12. So... Anyone seen the new season for Sonic for Hire, oh excuse me, Hedgehog for Hire on Rooster Teeth?

  13. Welp, Article 13 just passed.

    Yep, we're screwed!

  14. Not really but I admit that I had rushed my answer a bit. This time I'll take my time to answer some of your questions. Not too much I assume. Dr. Light's daughter and Aki's human sister. Well, Chemistry Man's backstory is that he was a teacher called Mr.NRT, before he got sacked for being boring with his lectures, Drill Man's backstory on the other hand, he wanted to be a musician, but his dad (do not ask how it's possible for a robot to have kids) wanted him in the family business, poor sod just wanted to play a musical insturment. I could go on with the others but... I don't really know tbh, I think he was built with Aki or something? For the second to last question, that character became Chaotique, the prankster, not Top Man robot For the last one, the originals are Hypno Woman, Blasto Woman and Chemistry Man. The returning orginals are Fire Man, Drill Man, Wave Man, Ice Man, Air Man, Guts Man, Elec Man, Wood Man, Junk Man and Cut Man. There is one question I have. Where or when did Sergeant Dickhead get the abilty to turn into Lord Obsibion?
  15. I guess for the fouth question, Sergeant Dickhead (my way of calling Breaker Night by that name) wants to start another war, so he can brag being a hero and prove that robots are evil and should be destroyed. As of the rest I'm not completely sure.
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