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  1. Intro was ok. For the VA however I was kind of surprised that the same actress who voices Lucy Heartfilia from Fairy Tail, and various One Piece characters in the Funimation dub, has a major voice role in the Pokemon anime, voicing Chloe. Also for the UK fans, the first 4 episodes will air on POP in the UK as a "sneak peak" on May 25th, with the full series airing on said channel later on in the year.
  2. Sonic 1 beta footage? Well, now we wait for someone to dump a ROM of this build, only time will tell.

  3. Want to see Sandopolis return with a new twist such as a sandstorm and crumbling ruins, Mystic Cave because there was a lot of missed potential with this stage like a minecart gimmick. New zones, Midnight Metropolis, think of Speed Highway and Gigapolis from Sonic Adventure and Sonic Chaos (Sonic and Tails in Japan) respectively, with a big casino for act 2. Doubt it since there are "Legal issues*" with the music for both acts. *By legal issues, I mean rights problems unless they can use the prototype music.
  4. Hard to believe that I've been a member of SSMB for 5 years yesterday (Technically I've been a member for a little longer but, server problems caused me to make a new account).

    1. Shade Vortex

      Shade Vortex

      Technically, I've been part of this site for 11 years.

  5. Today I got up to episode 103 of One Piece. Still a great anime to watch.

  6. Sonic 1: Gets put onto a lot of compilations.

    Sonic 2: Same as Sonic 1

    Sonic 3: Yeah, it's re-releases are cursed into limbo indefinitely now, becuse of the music licensing problems.

    1. TheOcelot


      Sonic 4: Doesn't get rereleased because it sucks.

    2. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      Sonic CD: we could but we don’t wanna

      & Knuckles: we could but we don’t wanna

      Chaotix: oh that doesn’t exist

  7. Another 80 years and 5 minutes till the new century.

  8. I was going to say Emerald Coast from Sonic Adventure but it's already been done so Twinkle Park is a better choice, also Metropolis Zone from Sonic 2.
  9. So if the PC tracks of Sonic 3 were ment to be in the original version, why did they change them to the MJ tracks? 

    1. Thigolf


      The whole thing is very confusing on why they'd do any of this.

      Sega being Sega, probably.

      The only reason I can think is that they just liked the MJ ones better and didn't think ahead to what might happen music rights wise.

    2. TheOcelot


      I'd imagine SEGA liked MJ's tracks better and most of the MJ music does sound better IMO.


      I get the feeling after MJ was no longer involved with composing Sonic 3's music SEGA felt they owned the music/that they had every right to use the samples which MJ's team had provided.

    3. TheBlueGuardian


      @Thigolf And thus "one of the reasons" why Sonic 3 hasn't appeared in a compilation in over 10 years.

      I had that feeling they like MJ's tracks better, a decision they had regretted.

    4. Celestia


      It was probably supposed to be a marketing thing. But considering they kept quiet about it instead and he's not credited in the game, either they changed their minds about bragging about how they got MJ to do some music for them (very unlikely!) but liked the tracks enough to keep them or, as some have speculated, he asked not to be credited. This wouldn't be the only time he did that either apparently, so that seems plausible to me I guess.

      Basically they may have screwed over rereleasing this game in the future with a marketing stunt that, for whatever reason, they didn't actually take advantage of publicly. lol

  10. Pokemon headcannon.

    What if... Professor Oak is secretly bangin... I mean, sleeping, with Ash's (Satoshi) Mum, while he is traveling?

  11. @Ryannumber1gamer Changed 2 of my requests, they now: Sonic After the Sequel: Horizion Heights Act 1 And for remix Aosth Dr. Robotnik theme remix by Proudone (I know I've edited my op on requests but just to be sure)
  12. Here we go again. 1.Sonic 2 Metropolis Zone 2.Sonic CD Wacky Workbench Present (JP/EU) 3.Sonic Adventure Crank the heat up... For Final Egg 4.Sonic After the Sequel Horizon Heights Zone Act 1 For the remix (if it counts) Dr Robotnik theme (Aosth) remix by Proudone
  13. In the cinemas to see Avengers Endgame today

  14. Well, 5 more episodes to go, and by the looks on the episode titles, this is where shit gets real.
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