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  1. I am well aware of that fact, but like I said, I did not notice anything like that and it seems like I am not the only one with that impression. Sometimes it feels like whenever something drops below 60 in the slightest it's called "a slideshow", even if that only happens once or twice. Edit: Seemingly the guy from Retro played it at TGS, because he talked about Izuka and Jun being on stage. Not sure which build they have there, but I highly doubt it's the E3 one, that'd be pretty stupid on their end. I could imagine that Japan has an exclusive one due to the localization though.
  2. Same applies for gamescom, they only hat the PS4 version.
  3. That's exactly what I experienced. There were a few hiccups, but there were a lot of people calling it a slideshow & stuff after E3 and gamescom, which I could never understand.
  4. What I find interesting: Now that people at EGX and TGS are playing the game, I hear no one complaining about terrible frame rates & stuff, even though it's apparently the same demo that we've had for gamescom. And there were tons of people telling me "which game did you play, the game ran terribly!!1!!1!111 Sonic is doomed" and stuff. Makes me believe that all the people who said that didn't actually play the game. Or are there just reports that I'm missing out on?
  5. Alright, thanks. Then it's most likely the same demo that was playable for the public at gamescom. (I am curious why Market Street isn't playable anywhere, I'm dying to listen to a direct audio video to hear the OST again)
  6. That is pretty much what I experienced with the game as well. So +1 on that one, including that Transformed remains superior. A little question though, out of interest: Is Market Street playable at EGX or is the gamescom build for the press still the only way that we were able to play the track? (Okay, we've seen it on the TGS stream) Also I'm interested if the difficulty was significantly lowered since gamescom. Because I sure had a hard time getting first for the most part while having quite a few sessions with the game (with over 150h of ASRT experience), but the TGS stream seemed to be A LOT easier, seeing how bad they were playing and still got first.
  7. Not that I've noticed, though I didn't try run downwards after avoiding the first boost pad via QS. Maybe someone at PAX could check that out?
  8. Gameloft Club is a Russian fan website btw, they also were the ones to find the support page for the game back in April (?). Not sure where they got that from, but after the trailer being unlisted on their channel for a while, they just took it down.
  9. So this key art for Eggman was uploaded to the European press server. Not sure if it's new, looks pretty familiar.
  10. I'd actually would love if the release was moved to the beginning of September, because gamescom is in the last week of August. Could've been a great opportunity for some last minute promotion for the game. Considering the only promo for the game they did here in Germany was on the Nintendo Switch preview events it would've been nice.
  11. Seems to be for all EU countries, not only GER/UK. At least Sonic Paradise tweeted out the Spanish version of the picture.
  12. Would've been cool though. Anyway, trailer is gone. Didn't last too long, but I managed to download it and it's spreading through YT currently.
  13. The new Mario is already the hottest meme of 2017


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