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  1. I, uh... might have had something to do with (or at the very least, assuming it's the current word fans use, enabled) that "Robotnik blackmailing Rotor over his sexuality" myth back in the day. So yeah, I guess if you're looking to blame someone for this debacle, I'll take it on the chin. It was a different time, and a different me who certainly didn't expect to be revisiting an off-cuff comment about adhering to the continuity of a blue hedgehog's comic book a decade later. That being said, I still like the idea of some LGBT representation in the franchise, and Rotor being different does coincidentally mesh with his profile in the cartoon bible. With the right person at the helm, it could've made for a touching story. For an added bonus, here's how the discussion ended:
  2. Re: King of the Hill Aryu One-Two is a truly natural and totally subtle reference to "R U 1 2 ?", the ominous tagline from that best-selling comic book and soon-to-be major motion picture we all know and love, The Lost Ones. Great review for issue 78, but... The true reason why Robotnik never unleashed Chaos before was
  3. Alternatively, he could always put out a call for artists to email him, give zero feedback (constructive or otherwise), then make claims on Twitter about telling said artists not having the desired skill set despite never specifying what he wanted in the first place. 😜
  4. Sydney. He and Sally used to greet visitors outside the former SEGA World complex in Darling Harbour.
  5. Awful news. I genuinely enjoyed the extensive conversations we had over the years. Supportive, informative, and willing to put up with my burning questions and ridiculous ramblings (though anyone who can put up with me deserves an award or several ). A nice man once you got to know him beyond the screen. While I'm not entirely sure it's common knowledge (can't find a mention of it on the Wiki), BobR had some claim to fame in the Archie Sonic series that definitely deserves a mention. He created the Nanites.
  6. That was probably an attempt to emulate the format seen in other kid-friendly comics at the time, where short gags ran along the bottom of various pages. A good example of this would be the 2003 Teen Titans Go comics.
  7. Funny you mention slumber parties: That reclining seat reminds me of a discussion from the ol' Kay-Pii For'm over a decade ago, where someone asked about the exact nature of Knuckles' and Julie-Su's relationship in 25YL. It ended with BobR saying that Lara-Su would probably require the need of a psychiatrist.
  8. No! Bo! Ho! Sho! Ko! Ro! To! So! Bo Ko Do Zo Go Bo Fo Po Jo! Hedge. Ho.
  9. If it helps, I saved a PDF of the thread back in mid-2012. And yeah, that's pretty much how it went down: Would that happen to be T2? Loved her works back in the day (such as 'Turning Points' and 'Search For the Guardian's Daughter' just to scratch the surface). I hope she went on to develop her talent further and live a fulfilling life and career.
  10. That time in the 90's when Sonic and Sally promoted Coca-Cola. If people wondered why Australian kids were leading the world in tooth decay, look no further. They went from Freedom Fighters to Fluoride Fighters.
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