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  1. Alternatively, he could always put out a call for artists to email him, give zero feedback (constructive or otherwise), then make claims on Twitter about telling said artists not having the desired skill set despite never specifying what he wanted in the first place. ­čśť
  2. The majority of this script was already posted back in July 2013.
  3. Sydney. He and Sally used to greet visitors outside the former SEGA World complex in Darling Harbour.
  4. That was probably an attempt to emulate the format seen in other kid-friendly comics at the time, where short gags ran along the bottom of various pages. A good example of this would be the 2003 Teen Titans Go comics.
  5. If it helps, I saved a PDF of the thread back in mid-2012. And yeah, that's pretty much how it went down: Would that happen to be T2? Loved her works back in the day (such as 'Turning Points' and 'Search For the Guardian's Daughter' just to scratch the surface). I hope she went on to develop her talent further and live a fulfilling life and career.
  6. That time in the 90's when Sonic and Sally promoted Coca-Cola. If people wondered why Australian kids were leading the world in tooth decay, look no further. They went from Freedom Fighters to Fluoride Fighters.
  7. Your memory is spot-on. The interview happened exactly like that (was it on the KP forum?). I'm pretty sure the original story was going to be called "Darkness Falls" with Sonic confronting the 'ultimate evil' (i.e. Knuckles). Given Sonic's expression and the "Play on Playa" title, I'm glad Spaz placed Bunnie's left ear where he did.
  8. Thanks for the mention Tylinos. To be honest I'm genuinely shocked people still read 'that' post, let alone make it past the first paragraph. Looking back, there are parts I probably shouldn't have said or worded better. I didn't go into it planning to insult or tear anyone down, but once I started (combined with the personal circumstances at the time), it pretty much snowballed from there. Live and learn I guess. Anyway, that part about 25YL's original ending was something I can go further into. The screenshots still exists on my hard drive, and have been copied here in all their jpg glory. The whole debacle started back in September 2008 when superfan Brian Walmer made an open discussion on the original message board, asking whether or not Archie Sonic was "Dying a slow death". Things remained pretty calm until BobR dropped this bit of trivia an hour later: At the time, nothing was known about Mr. Penders' ideas for the conclusion. Little is still known today (unless I'm misremembering, the only person to read the whole script was Dan Drazen), so I guess some things never change. This revelation wasn't exactly welcomed with open arms. When pressed for an explanation, this was the response: Now to be fair, the wording can be open to interpretation. There's always the possibility that the timeline would be restored in the end (just as equal opportunity exists that it wouldn't). However, having the character "wiped from existence", never existing in the first place, along with Mr. Penders later stating that a happy ending was possible "for most characters" doesn't exactly inspire much confidence of her coming back. The discussion shifted to whether or not Mr. Flynn did the right thing with his continuation of the story. One fan wasn't too thrilled about the "poor continuity" accusation: The admin's response: And back to the fan, who's got it with the story going another direction. Mr. Pellerito wanted a change (i.e. King Shadow) and allowed Mr. Flynn to write his own thing around 22 pages (which he documented in the old BumbleKing 'Script Bits' he used to write. Anyone remember those?): In reply: This is a fair point, except: Which could've also happened in the original ending, though the odds were pretty stacked against the young Guardian-to-be. Either way, gotta love wasted character potential. Ultimately the discussion went back and forth from there before fading out, and the full outline remains unavailable to the public. So much for that. Hopefully this sheds a little more light on the subject.
  9. Truckles confirmed. Humour aside, I honestly had no idea who he was meant to be until I read the rest of the tweet. Losing the hat and hair tuff are a serious blow to his design, not out of nostalgia, but because they genuinely looked good and helped to make him stand out. It would also help if his tail was a little higher.
  10. He did design Lara-Su, but only the basic 'Femchidna with hair and braid'. Dawn Best took the initial layout sketches and made them into the design fans know today, while the character's colours came from Josh and Aimee Ray (he pretty much handed over the pages and said 'Surprise me'), and the glasses were 'inspired' by a fan who walked by his table at a convention.
  11. Archie: That was never a condition of our arrangement! Penders: I have altered the deal. Pray I don't alter it any further. Archie: This deal's getting worse all the time...
  12. The original name Mr. Penders had in mind was "Future Knuckles", even going so far to use said title in his list of owned characters. And I am seriously not making this up. As for King Sonic and Rotor, the latter was changed to "The Emissary". As fellow members have previously posted, Sonic will no doubt be changed to Ogilvie or Maurice. Maybe both.
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