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  1. I love how I can't even see what you're all talking about because the mobile site picks old links to show instead of what's actually being linked.
  2. No, higher rated films get advertised at lower rated ones as long as the trailer is clean enough. Wreck-It Ralph is a Disney movie but I remember seeing at least two Trailers for films that ended up PG-13 (One of them was probably a Fast and Furious movie or Mission Impossible, hard to say since that was awhile ago)
  3. Banish: Pontaff and Graff Revive: Literally anyone else.
  4. Big is being voiced by his 4Kids actor, like he was in Lego Dimensions, the line we're all caught up on is really a Sonic line, not a Big one. The pitch is too deep and warbles like it's been digitally altered, unlike Big's actual voice. I've been listening to the line through my gaming headphones, so I've had the sound isolated from the white noise around me, and I can say 100% it's not a Big quote.
  5. Except it's not Big saying it, it's a pitched down Sonic line. Why they did that we'll probably never know. I don't understand why people think it's Big, he doesn't sound like that either.
  6. Actually, Sonic 3 and Knuckles shows that the Emerald just needs to be on the Island for it to float, so no it still makes no sense for it to be in the ocean.
  7. https://twitter.com/KenPenders/status/935758213269647361 So here's something interesting actually. Some roughs of a cover using the original art Ken had posted. There's Knuckles of course, but more surprisingly Kragok is there. EDIT: Just noticed Knuckles has a robot hand.
  8. Usually I draw a bird and armadillo pair, because me and My friend have those as our Sonas, but of course there is no armadillo so my Friend picked bear Instead.
  9. Going to make a Red Bird, find a nice jacket for them. It'll be me, Falcon. XD Then I might just make a bear. Bears don't mess around.
  10. Update: It's been awhile since I emailed Archie. I have yet to receive anything, refund, a new book of a series I don't want, even another reply beyond asking for my information a second time. Calling leaves me stuck on hold. This is getting annoying.
  11. First run through of Chemical Plant I got a game over because the Block Stairs kept crushing me, only they were vertical, and moving away from me. Just touching them seemed to be death.
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