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  1. And airing a four-parter separately is an issue how exactly? It's not even close to a big deal.
  2. They didn't actually leave. They were freelancers. They didn't actually work at Archie.
  3. This is going to get to the point where the thread is going to get locked again isn't it?
  4. Not sure if anyone posted this but, the build shown may not even be the current build. Anyone notice the differences between the footage and the screenshots? https://www.twitter.com/dariosamo/status/857016818925522946
  5. More unannounced titles coming that should boost Switch sales. https://www.twitter.com/mochi_wsj/status/857553533104672768 https://www.twitter.com/mochi_wsj/status/857554082352873472
  6. We'll probably find out when we see the full stage.
  7. Dengeki interview. http://dengekionline.com/elem/000/001/506/1506487/
  8. Anyone with DirectX9 MAY have problems. https://www.twitter.com/ThatSoni/status/855818911643774978
  9. The ghosts n goblins rep he's referring to may be Arthur.
  10. This Famitsu interview for Sonic Mania actually seems to have a mention of Sonic Boom. Google translate reads the caption in the screenshot as: "CG animation "Sonic Toon" that has been broadcasted ahead of time overseas and has gained popularity. In Japan, 52 season 1 episodes will be delivered first." https://s.famitsu.com/news/201704/17130789.html
  11. Game debuts in the U.K. charts at #6. http://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2017/04/17/uk-sales-chart-yooka-laylee-debuts-6th-persona-5-disappears-chart/#QveAz0Jhqxg64vWB.01
  12. Famitsu article on Sonic Mania. Can someone translate this? https://s.famitsu.com/news/201704/17130789.html
  13. They're freelance.
  14. https://www.twitter.com/yardleyart/status/853653455684194304