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  1. Huh. Did you see the stream mentioned earlier?
  2. I don't remember.
  3. Cutscenes?
  4. I STRONGLY doubt that will be the case, if the negative reactions to that thus far are anything to go by.
  5. Who knows what Sony's involvement is. They could just be for distribution for all we know.
  6. Did the ability to throw eggs in the background remind anyone else of Klonoa?
  7. Commercial
  8. You can't really blame Ryce. He was confident in his source at the time and people took it as gospel.
  9. Polygon preview https://www.polygon.com/platform/amp/2017/6/16/15813036/sonic-forces-non-sonic-stages-might-be-its-best
  10. Off-topic but, in an interview with IGN, Vicarious Visions was asked about a Spyro remaster. They said to keep asking for it.
  11. Vicarious Visions was asked about Spyro in an interview with IGN. They said that fans should keep asking for one. 


  12. GameXplain has uploaded footage of Sonic Forces on the Switch's handheld mode.
  13. A bit more on TailsChannel's impressions. https://www.twitter.com/TailsChannel/status/874706632524955648