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  1. Okay, is anyone else having issues with this topic on mobile? Whenever there’s a lot of posts on one page, it almost always fails to load, saying “This page can not open because too many problems occurred” or something like that.
  2. I’m having some serious issues with this site on mobile. I get a notification that there’s a new post in the movie thread, I tap the message to take me to it, the page partially loads, then RE-loads because “a problem has occurred”, then I get “Safari cannot open this page because a problem repeatedly occurred”. This happening to anyone else?

  3. Terminator: Dark Fate reviews are starting to go out and it looks like the film is getting a mixed reception. 


    1. Milo


      Kinda funny that a handful of impressions say it's the best Terminator since T2 (and some of them mean that as a compliment, rather than damning it by faint praise); yet the current average rating and Tomatometer puts it in the same ballpark as T3. Gonna be interesting where it finally lands.

      (On another note, the current RT/average is also close to the similarly-produced-by-James-Cameron Alita: Battle Angel from earlier this year. So I guess you gotta give Cameron credit on being consistent in terms of reception/quality.)

  4. Reviews are in and they seem pretty mixed. 58% at the time of this writing. No consensus yet. EDIT: Now it’s at 63%. EDIT 2: Now it’s at 65%. There’s also a consensus. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/terminator_dark_fate
  5. It seems some outlets have already seen the movie and posting their thoughts on Twitter. https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/10/21/terminator-dark-fate-first-reactions-social-roundup
  6. “Apparently the movie is somewhat good. The french press has been very mixed, but opinions from the screening were more positive. “ Pleasant surprise, huh?
  7. Now the guy is saying this. EDIT: I think I found the source. It seems to be from a joke tweet.
  8. I don’t really remember saying that specifically. Could you link an interview or something?
  9. Statement released. https://news.blizzard.com/en-us/blizzard/23185888/regarding-last-weekend-s-hearthstone-grandmasters-tournament
  10. Ta-Da! (Responding to the using overwatch char as HK Protest symbol thing, since I can’t delete the tweet from the quote for some reason)
  11. This was in the comments: “Everyone, it was so much fun working on set. And when I say it went wrong, I just meant some of the filming or things went bad and they had to redo some things and it was funny!”
  12. SEGA X Puma collaboration coming in November in Japan.


  13. BOP does have something of an advantage in that it’s the only movie releasing on its release week, though we can probably discuss it’s box office in the Birds of Prey topic we have on here.
  14. These are all the release dates, according to IMDB. Italy 13 February 2020 Netherlands 13 February 2020 Canada 14 February 2020 UK 14 February 2020 Ireland 14 February 2020 USA 14 February 2020 Argentina 20 February 2020 Slovakia 20 February 2020 Iceland 21 February 2020 Latvia 21 February 2020 Sweden 26 February 2020 Singapore 27 February 2020 Poland 28 February 2020 France 11 March 2020 Australia 12 March 2020 Norway 13 March 2020 Brazil 10 April 2020 Germany 21 April 2020 Japan 23 May 2020 Switzerland 19 June 2020 (French speaking region) New Zealand 10 July 2020 Russia 23 July 2020
  15. I’m seeing some people in IGN’s comment section complain that there may be some bad editing in the trailer. Does anyone here feel the same way?
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