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  1. I'll give DR3 credit on that. Each death was a surprise. Well except for the first, I got Sayaka vibes from that one. Though it was shocking to learn exactly who the attacker was. It was perfect but the story could have used more than 12 episodes that way people could get a bit more attached to the characters and kind of clarify exactly the Mastermind's motive. I know the Mastermind's motive and why they created a killing game, though that info was clarified in a manga. That's my only gripe that I could be able to connect and understand characters better. Moving a bit back from the story, what's your thoughts on the character interactions? I felt the three best written characters were Kaede, Kaito, and Himiko. Maki is kind of okay and Suichi come off mostly as someone reacting to his surroundings.
  2. I agree it's why the ahoge point was kind of a meh one for me. Just a pattern I pointed out. The ones I had issues with were definitely story related. While me and my brother like V3, after playing DR1, we were kind of disappointed how close the storyline was to the first one. We had already watched the anime beforehand, but had no idea exactly how close it was till we played the game. I was even stunned that Kokichi acted almost similarly to Byakuya with some personality differences. The only plot twists that really shocked me were the ones concerning chapter 1 and a certain character that died in chapter 5. You never expect that plot twist since it plays with your expectations. As for the certain character, they experienced something that was never done in Danganronpa before. It made me sad, but imagine how much the impact would have been lost had that storyline already been used in the series. It would feel like you're only going through the motions. Though on a side note, while my brother and I enjoyed the chapter 1 plot twist, at the same time we wished it didn't happen. Would have helped to make the game more different and interesting at least.
  3. Well I didn't hate V3, but even I have to admit it didn't catch me off guard much. Really there was only two plot twists that caught me off guard and the were the ones in Chapter 1 and of course the reason for a certain character dying. Those things had never been done before. But other than that, there's been a very noticeable pattern among the games. The main character always has an ahoge, the first execution always drags the murderer away with a chain, there's always a family motive, there's always two murders in the third chapter, a certain type of character always dies in chapter 4, there's always a Ultimate ?????, the character mostly seems like a murderer kills someone, and there's always a huge plot twist for the sake of it. I don't mind the second and third thing I listed. The chain has practically became tradition and naturally family would be one of the first things that come to mind as a motivation. My real problems lies with the fifth and eighth patterns. Tackling the issue of a certain type of character dying in chapter 4, it becomes way too predictable. My brother was able to easily look at the DR2 cast and figure who would die in Chapter 4 since that character had the traits. Then there's the whole plot twist for the sake of it. There's nothing wrong with plot twists if they're done right. DR1 was very effective since it was the first and UDG shocks you with exactly what the villain was planning. DR2 was still effective with it's plot twist, but not quite as much as the first game. Finally there's V3 with a poorly done plot twist. It honestly didn't seem interesting at all and came off more as confusing. At I comprehend what had happened in the other plot twists; V3 felt like a message lost in confusion. Not to mention it almost copied the first game beat for beat. I think the reason why I don't hate the game is because many of the character interactions. It's why I choose to accept the ending as a lie. Otherwise all those interactions are wasted and I don't want that.
  4. The story is so horrible, it had me in laughter. It's pretty much the whole "so bad, it's good" for me. I may get the game, just so I can get a good laugh from it. Wouldn't be the first time I solely but a game for that reason, that is the reason I bought Sonic 06. I think the reason I find this game so funny is because it sounds like something I would have wrote during my early teen years. Note those were the days when I was obsessed with my Mary-Sue of an OC named Darkness the Hedgehog. I just can't take the plot seriously because of it.
  5. Hey in Danganronpa would you say that Leon Kuwata is classified as a "jerk"? My friend who's a huge Byakuya fan keeps telling me that I need to hate Leon because she considers him a jerk.

    1. Failinhearts


      Personally, I kinda did, but nobody should tell you what to think of a character.

      I mean, who am I to judge.

      I roleplay Hiyoko for pete's sake.

    2. sonicgirl313


      Don't worry, I still love him. lol I just find it funny she hates Leon for such a reason, when she like Byakuya. To be honest Byakuya comes off as a bigger jerk in my opinion. I like him too, but still consider him a jerk.

    3. Failinhearts


      Exactly. You can still like jerks, so there's no excuse.

    4. DanJ86


      It's all subjective, yeah I personally don't think highly of Leon but I also find Byakuya to be a total ass.

      I do feel sorry for Toko though, she must've gone through hell to become who she is. There is usually a trauma connected to a phobia and she seemed to have several.

  6. I hadn't thought about it that way. I can understand that feeling. Though I also think he probably was desperately searching for a plot twist. I can see his philosophy of "Taking the viewers on a ride" to be a bit of a double-edged sword. I can understand why our feelings differ on the ending. Then it's definitely true that the reason is simply because, I hadn't been with Danganronpa long enough. In truth I was drawn to the series because I heard how it was similar to Phoenix Wright. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the contrast between the two series. Though if it does make you feel better... But like I said, the ending is pretty messy considering I can't even fully wrap my head around it. Even I can wrap my head around DR2's ending. Eh, I definitely think I can pull off the ending theme much better than what the game portrayed. It definitely could have been told better.
  7. Well it's hard to say if it was out of ill-intent. The creator of the game did say that he didn't intend for fans to interpret it as such. Could be damage control, but Scott Cawthon did do a similar thing for FNAF World. He had no ill intent toward the fans and simply thought it would be fun to be meta. Perhaps Danganronpa is the same way. Though it also seems at this point the ending is like this because "Got to put in a plot twist because the other two had plot twists." As for my thoughts on the ending, at first it annoyed me and my brother, but we slowly warmed up to the idea. It seemed interesting and really made you think. Maybe the only reason we warmed up to it is because we haven't been Danganronpa fans for too long now. It's only now been about a month since we joined the fandom, haven been introduced through the anime. That could be the reason why, but hard to tell. For the most part I'm just simply confused, especially with the implications the plot twist is nothing more than a lie. I could at least wrap my head around the other endings, not this one.
  8. Chapter 33 "So you're saying that Red Amy was taken by a bounty hunter named Locker. But what could he possibly want with her?" Zeldia asked with her optic ridge raised in confusion. Ratchet's optics dimmed a bit as his servos curled into two fists. It worried him slightly that he didn't know what the bounty hunter was seeking by taking a field medic. He knew the bounty hunter must have hidden motives considering that was the case when he accepted the job to retrieve Angelight. Deciding to give a femme a response, he responded "There's no telling with Locker. But still, you'll need to track him down. If there's one thing I learned about Locker from my encounter with his is that his motives are only for his own gain." Zeldia silently tapped her digits in thought on the communicator counter. She understood it was important to track down the bounty hunter before he could carry out his motives. Only problem was that she didn't have the slightest idea how to track him nor where he might have possibly taken Amy. Suddenly, without warning, the screen began flashing red with Cybertronian text, indicating the blue femme was receiving an incoming message. She narrowed her optics at the screen, studying the caller code in order to get an idea who was calling. It only took a few seconds for her mouth to drop open upon recognizing the code to be an Autobot one. Without hesitation, the femme answered the call, prompting a blue and red Autobot to appear on screen with a black visor that hid their entire face. "Sorry Zeldia, normally I wouldn't be taking such precautions during a checkup report, but I can't have my cover blown." the Autobot spoke with a voice distorter, "I managed to hack into your call with Ratchet and overheard you're both trying to track down Locker. It just so happens I have been tracking him over the course of many Orbital Cycles." Zeldia's engines rumbled as she resisted the urge to groan in annoyance. She wasn't only annoyed by the appearance of the mysterious Autobot, but by their appearance as well. "Devlita, you've got some nerve to call here. Peach-One may have tolerated your actions, but I won't now that I'm in charge." she stated with a hint of a snarl in her voice. The masked Autobot shook their head with a slight chuckle before they responded "You're still mad that I chose to abandon the war. Look, I'm still loyal to the Autobot cause. But it was clear there was no survival for Cybertron; I rather be a help to those who still have a chance to live. That's why I left to become a bounty hunter. Peach-One understood my reasons, I still can't fathom why you still can't." The blue femme grinded her denta with a sneer. It frustrated her that the bounty hunter carelessly was talking about what Peach-One accepted and didn't accept without being aware what had become of the former femme commander. Pushing aside her frustrations, she decided to focus on the matter at hand. As much as she hated to admit it, the Autobots did need help from the bounty hunter. They needed to track down Locker's location and Devlita was the only one with any idea of where he could be located. Zeldia cycled in air deeply with her digits pinching the bridge of her nose plates. Asking for the bounty hunter's help was a blow to her pride, but she saw no other choice in her current circumstance. Finally after a few more seconds of silence, she finally said "I still hate your decision to abandon Cybertron. Despite that though, I can see that we do need your help. So I'm willing to put aside my anger so we can ally together in order to recover Red Amy. Since you're the one that has Locker's coordinates, you'll be leading this mission." The bounty hunter nodded their helm both in understanding and slight happiness at winning the argument before stating "Alright, normally I usually do these jobs alone. But I have been learning that Locker is a dangerous individual; he always knows how to deal with both targets and pursuers. If I can, I would like Ratchet and a few Autobots to accompany me on this mission. Since Ratchet has encountered the bounty hunter in the past, he should have an idea what to look for." "Alright, I'll send Inferknuckles and Slyscreen with you and Ratchet. I'm sure you'll especially appreciate me putting Slyscreen on the mission considering you two do share a history." the blue femme replied with a slight smirk. The bounty hunter grunted with their digits curling up into a fist. They knew Zeldia purposely had chosen Slyscreen because they never really got along with the mech. The blue Autobot could easily recall back when they still lived on Cybertron, how the mech would purposely pester them in order to get a reaction. With a slight snarl, they agreed to the femme commander's terms. While they still found Slyscreen to be infuriating, they were still willing to accept any terms necessary to go after Locker. Back on Earth, Espiowl remained silent in his motorcycle form as he watched Ness talk to his mother. He could overhear the adult woman voice her concerns about her son always running off to places unknown on his motorcycle. He couldn't help but feel bad for the young child that kept constantly struggling to come up with excuses to hide the Autobots' very existence. It wasn't long till he saw Ness leave his house and sighed as he leaned against of him. "I'm starting to run out of excuses to give my mom. At the rate I might have to start have to start preparing for the possibility of my family discovering you guys." Ness said with a small smile. "I don't think you'll have to worry too much, you'll be fine. You've done well for a youngling thrust into a conflict between two factions." Espiowl replied, one of his sidemirrors angled toward the child as he did so. The twelve year-old's smile faltered slightly upon hearing his Autobot guardian comment on the war. He had heard the Autobots often tell him and his human companions how they never had wished for their conflict to come to Earth. He understood why they kept constantly reminding him of this fact. He heard the tales about Cybertron in its prime; how it was a planet full of vibrant life. Now it has become a dying husk, devoid of most of the life that inhabited it. Yet here he was, a boy that wouldn't be aware of such a horrible fate to befall the planet had not the Ark crashed on the Earth millions of years ago. In his ever growing timespan with the Autobots, Ness has felt more guilty for what the Cybertronians had lost in their war. He was aware how much of a threat the Decepticons posed, but he knew the only one to get a taste of what the Autobots experienced was Paula when the Decepticons had killed her uncle. The red capped boy sighed as his brown eyes glanced down at his hands, easily noticing the psychic energy slightly sparking off his fingers tips. Without even glancing at Espiowl, Ness asked "Espiowl, do you think there's times I can help out in the fight against the Decepticons?" The black motorcycle practically jolted, nearly lifting his front tire a foot off the ground from the question presented to him. It took a moment for the mech to gather up his thoughts before responding "Ness, I thought we went over this. The Decepticons are full of dangerous individuals; you should have known that from your encounters with Bowsertron and Shadowarachnia. No Decepticon would hesitate to kill a human and you wouldn't be able to defend yourself against one, let alone harm one. I understand that you and Paula aren't like other humans since you both are capable of abilities that rarely any other human has, but that isn't going to help you against a Decepticon. Besides, the last thing a youngling your age needs to do is run off into battle." Ness frowned at the answer he received. He could tell Espiowl could struggle the thought of him getting killed in battle, especially when he had stumbled upon a scene of many dead Cybertronians in his past. The twelve year-old couldn't help but wonder how old were some of the Cybertronians killed that day; all he knew was that Espiowl stated they were sent to Lucariotron when they refused to fight. The mech's views on the Decepticons were fully cemented that day, with the image of death burned into his processor to help him strive forward. Without a word, he smiled as he gently patted his hand against the side of the motorcycle. "It's okay, Espiowl, you can always tell me more about that day if it helps you." he insured, "I may not be able to help in battle, but I still want to do my part in helping you guys. I feel like I owe it to you." The Autobot's engine hummed softly in thought, dwelling on the boy's words. He considered it noble the young child wanted to do anything in his power to help. But despite his insuring words, the black mech couldn't find it in his spark to share the details of the scene his optics gazed upon. Especially since he had yet come to terms with the horrible carnage himself. He grunted slightly as he quickly banished the memory log of the dead Cybertronians old and young alike and his master's dying gasps from his processor. Until he was ready, he refused to allow himself to revisit that day. Meanwhile in Locker's ship, Red Amy remained deadly silent at the ship's passenger station. She couldn't prevent herself from shooting a few paranoid glances at the bounty hunter stationed at the front of the ship. She still didn't understand what the mech required for her to access. Her processor was abuzz with many paranoid trains of thought, fearing the possibility of him lying about his intentions. She clenched her denta as a large amount of sparks shot out from her helm, prompting slap her servos on both sides of her helm in an attempt to ease the pain. She found herself drawn away from her pain upon the sound of a raspy sigh reaching her audio receptors. Her red optics glanced up to the bounty hunter away from the pilot seat and now leering over her. She flinched slightly as she could see his hateful red optics staring at her behind his skeletal mask. "I really don't appreciate you burning a hole in the back of my helm with those paranoid glares of yours." he stated in a bitter tone, "If I were to offline you or hand you off to someone, I would have done it by now. But I believe I made it very clear when we first met, I need you to access information for me." In an attempt to gather up her bravery, Amy narrowed her optics with her arms fully crossed, unaware her right optic was slightly twitching. "You keep claiming that, but yet you haven't even told me what supposed information I am needing to access." she pointed out, "You've been very vague about what my task exactly is, giving me no reason to trust you. For all I know, you could be luring me into feeling safe and hand me off to either the Autobots or the Decepticons. Well I'm not letting my guard down! So you'll never get the best of me!" The femme's red optics flared slightly as a few more sparks emitted from her helm. "Right..." Locker responded, talking a long pause as he rolled his optics, "If you're done with your little delusional freak outs, I will tell you exactly what you're needed for." Amy didn't utter a word as she pursed her mouth, awaiting what the bounty hunter had to say. It wasn't long till the mech began explaining his intentions for taking the medic in the first place. Her vents hitched slightly when the bounty hunter stated he was aware she made a copy on Ganonwave's notes concerning merging Cybertronians with organic material. She began to grow worried and paranoid about the possibility of the bounty hunter presenting her to Ganonwave. Fortunately her worries faded slightly when Locker continued to explain that her containing such knowledge was important. "You've clearly shown you can hack into Ganonwave's database. Over the course of thousands of vorns, I've been keeping tabs on the mad scientist per Bowsertron's request. He had his suspicions that Ganonwave was working on a few secret projects and hired me to make sure none of those projects were attempts of treachery. Turns out, Ganonwave had been actually tracking a project that had been lost after the ambush on Lucariotron's base. Knowing him, he most likely wanted to find the project so he could run experiments on it." he stated. The medic digits tensed as her chassis stiffened; she wasn't sure what response to give Locker. Her helm sparked as paranoid scenarios ran through her processor, causing her to grow more and more fearful of answering. Finally after deciding to gather up her courage, her vents cycled in deeply before she answered "Yes, I can access Ganonwave's files. But I still don't understand why you want me to help track down a lost project. It shouldn't have any value to you." Her spark nearly stopped pulsing at the strict glare she received for her comment. Amy could feel her confidence and bravery easily crumbling to pieces as she did everything in her power from shaking in fear. "If you must know." the bounty hunter finally spoke up, not bothering to hide the annoyance in his raspy voice, "One of my clients actually hired me to collect that project. My client has asked all information remain classified on them, but I will say this, they made it very clear that project could be quite crucial to them." The femme now found herself even more puzzled than when she first met the green and black mech. She didn't understand who Locker's client was and what mysterious project he kept referring to. But her curiosity didn't matter much to her to the moment; all she wanted to do was protect herself out of the paranoia of getting on the bounty hunter's bad side would result in him turning against her. So for the sake of her own safety, the medic decided to agree to the mech's terms. "Just promise me you will not let any Autobot or Decepticon to capture me. Knowing either side they'll either lock me up forever or run experiments on me. I do not want to be the result of Ganonwave's insane experiments like the Dinobots and Peach-One were!" she said in a stern tone, voicing her paranoia once more. The bounty hunter groaned with his helm leaned back. He had quickly grown tired and frustrated with the femme declaring every single paranoid thought that entered her processor. But he was willing to deal with it until her usefulness ran out. The mech grinned at the thought of finally disposing of the annoying femme; he was almost tempted to hand her off to Ganonwave to see if he would subject her to experiments or simply execute her to spare himself of her annoyance. Pushing away those thoughts for the moment, Locker directed his focus to his current objective. "Well, if you're done asking so many questions, I would like you to go back to your seat so I take the ship off of autopilot. In order to gain access to Ganonwave's files, we need to make a stop by one of his secret suppliers. According to my resources, he's on Monacus." he stated. "Monacus, the gambling asteroid? I fail to see why Ganonwave would be getting supplies from there." Amy commented with a raised optic ridge. "You'd be surprised, now shut up and sit down already." the bounty hunter replied with a snarl. The medic flinched in fear before quickly sitting back down at her station. She didn't utter a single word as she watched the mech return to the pilot seat. She remained silently until she felt another pang of pain shoot through her processor. She groaned as she pressed her servo against her helm, ignoring the slight stings from the sparks emitting from her helm. Her denta clenched slightly as she did her best to ignore the pain in her helm, unaware that the pain was a sign of her time slowly running out. Back on Dinobot Island, Shadowarachnia's legs fidgeted as she tried to sort through the different images that dwelled in her processor. She was still unsure how to differ between the fake and real memory logs, causing her to struggle with coming to terms on her identity. She couldn't decide if she was always the kind and brave Peach-One, or the vicious and cunning Shadowarachnia. Two identities that contrast each other with their polar opposite natures, yet both identities are supposedly her. The technorganic sighed whilst her red optics glanced over at the large pond she often seen Pledge splash in. Her optics shined in focus and curiosity as she walked over to the pond. The femme leaned toward the pond in order to see her reflection, managing to see the image of the moonlight reflecting off her black and purple armor with her red optics glowing ominously in the dark. Shadowarachnia's vents slowly and gently cycled in air as she reached up and took off her helm. Her spark pulsed frantically upon staring at the image of the face in the water. She closely studied the features on her face, finding herself comparing them with the image of Peach-One's face. She twisted to the left and right slightly, making sure to study every detail of her face. No matter how much she looked, she could still see the striking similarities between her and Peach-One. Despite the drastic differences thanks to her technoragnic nature, she could still see the mysterious femme's face lying underneath. Even in her own red optics, she could still clearly see the stern and caring blue optics that belonged to the pink femme. Shadowarchnia snarled before she swiped her servo in the water, distorting the reflection so as to no longer see the face of the femme she had grown to despise. "Stop taunting me!" the technoragnic snarled, "They're wrong, they're all wrong! I am not a shell of a dead femme. I am not Peach-One. I am not Peach-One!" She continued to repeat this to herself, almost as if she was trying to convince herself of this fact rather than others. Her vents rumbled as she released constant heavy blasts of air. She began digging her claws into the dirt as the water settled, allowing her to see her reflection once more. The femme clenched her fanged denta upon glaring at the reflection, hoping to see her own face into of the pink femme's. But no matter how long she stared, all she could see was the image of Peach-One's face glaring back at her. With her will breaking, Shadowarachnia dropped her helm as wavering sobs emitted from her mouth. Her entire chassis shook as her cries filled the air. She was no longer sure of herself anymore; she was torn between two identities, unsure which identity truly lay within her spark.
  9. He is a producer, but not the head producer I guess. I think he's been made more of an executive producer. Someone they just check in with to make sure a scene looks alright, things like that. The main producer for all the films actually has always been Di Bonaventura.
  10. Oh don't get me wrong, I acknowledge that he has had his share of problems such as putting to much emphasis on the soldiers. It's okay to feature them, but he has them take away too much focus from the Autobots. It's why I think he would have been better suited for a GI Joe film. What I meant is, I don't think he was completely at fault for the films like how many people believe. As for the hype, I don't know. They proudly announced they would be moving forward with the cinematic universe despite TLK being one of the lower performing TF films. I don't know, I just know that some people, even JJ Abrams felt like only Bay could do the TF films because they said, he was the only one that could really make them work. I know there's TLK, but that film seemed off, even for a Bay TF film. He was trying to make a film he wanted as his "grand finale" while at the same time pushing it forward as the beginning point for the cinemactic universe just like Paramount and Hasbro wanted him too.
  11. So I'm kind of getting worried about the Bumblebee movie and started to think that the films might have been better off with Bay.

  12. Chapter 10 "Wait, so this Mettaton left you in charge?" Asriel asked partially out of confusion, "If he bought the lab, why doesn't he just run it himself?" "I had no idea humans are this clueless!" Attem scoffed, "The glorious Mettaton can't be bothered take care of both a lab and a TV show. Besides his image can't be associated with science, otherwise many of his fans will write him off as a geeky nerd and no one wants that." Undyne snarled with her gripe tightening around her spear, angered that the robot was unintentionally making an insulting comment toward Alphys. "But regardless of why the Underground's most popular celebrity can't run a lab, you shouldn't be here in case he shows up." the robot stated. He began to explain how Mettaton wanted to be more useful to the monsters of the Underground and requested to be given anti-human defenses. The defenses implants were successful, transforming the super idol into a human hunter extraordinaire. Asriel muzzle scrunched up in both worry and nervousness; he wasn't sure how to deal with a killer robot that would end up seeing him as a human. He only hoped that he wouldn't end up encountering the deadly robot. "Well if your rude friend would untie me, I could head back to check Mettaton's location. He could be nearby or not." Attem commented, putting more emphasis on the word "friend." "Undyne, I know you don't like this guy but I think it's best if we let him go. I really don't want to be caught off guard by this Mettaton guy." Asriel commented whilst rubbing his arm. Undyne huffed with her arms crossed; she didn't like the idea of freeing the robot but understood the child's fears. She admittedly would be a bit worried if all the monsters in the underground mistook her for their final key to breaking the barrier. The female monster grunted with a sigh of defeat as she untied Attem. She nearly had to bite her tongue to prevent herself from making a snarky comment when the robot gave her a smug grin. Attem chuckled slightly upon standing up and dusting off his lab coat. "At least the human is smart. Still clueless though. Now I'll be back with my report." he commented before leaving the room. Quite many minutes had passed by. Undyne grumbled in annoyance, regretting her decision in setting the robot free. She glanced over at Asriel to see him trying to wake up Sans who had fallen asleep. She rolled her single eye before her thoughts drifted to the vision Sans showed her. She curled her hands into two firm fists as she tried to hide away her expression of distraught. She couldn't believe that there was a timeline where she accidentally killed Asriel. The knight couldn't understand what made that version of her forget her goal. She remained silent as she lifted up her hand and laid it on her eyepatch. Undyne recalled in vision that her determination was unlocked when she lost her eyepatch. This fact deeply confused her, especially since she never recalled how she lost her eye in the first place. Her brows furrowed together as she tried to search her memories for any kind of accident or battle that resulted in the loss of her eye. But no matter how much she searched, there seemed to be a strange gap in her memory. Suddenly she was stirred from her thoughts with the loud sound of banging. Asriel jumped off the floor in fear before running over to Undyne. The banging grew louder and louder, until finally a gray robot smashed through the wall. The young monster was surprised to see Sans had not awakened despite the robot making so much noise with his entrance. His red eyes glanced over at the robot once more; he found himself confused about the strange square robot until he noticed the flashing red M on the screen. With a nervous gulp, he asked "Undyne, is that..." The child never got to finish his sentence as the female monster grumbled in annoyance. Memories of the piano and grapes incident ended up flashing through her mind. She let out a frustrated sigh as she answered "Yeah kid, that robot is the one they call Mettaton." Meanwhile in another part of Hotlands, the Flower Child silently walked alone on the path. She paused as her eyes stared at a large and ominous machine in the distance. Her hands shook a bit in fear as they tightened around the handle of her flower basket. But despite this, she never tore her gaze off of the machine. Suddenly she felt a gust of wind brush by her, almost as if it was someone speaking in a strange tongue. Her body shook upon hearing the whispering wind as her eyes glanced toward the ground. "I'm starting to gather up more bits and pieces of my shattered mind." she muttered to herself in a quiet tone, "I'm beginning to remember why I made this choice in the first place." The wind blew once more, causing the girl to jump slightly in shock. "No, no! I'm not having any second thoughts. I know that my choice has lead to serious consequences. But to tell you the truth, even if I had full knowledge of the events that would unfold when you first offered my the choice to change fate, I still would have done it. My mind is shattered, even now I'm tormented with a storm of thoughts. Kill, kill, kill, mercy, kill, kill, kill. That's the chaotic thoughts clashing in my head this very moment. But it's all worth it, just to save him." she confessed. The wind blew a little softer than previously, prompting the child to lower her head as her body shook. "I know. I KNOW! I've been doing everything to get rid of her! But it seems no matter what, Asriel keeps letting her take control. It's her fault, it's because of her that Asriel can never be happy! I need to silence her. I need to kill her. I need to erase her from existence." the flower child stated, her voice filling with more venom and hatred with each word. The wind blew a bit harder, encouraging the Flower Child to lift up her head curiously and glue her gaze upon the ominous machine in the distant. "Really, that was the Core's purpose? You never told me that before. So how will it help me save Asriel?" she spoke up in interest. Her mouth slowly opened in shock as the wind blew. Her hands clenched tighter around the flower basket's handle as she fell silent. Finally after a few seconds, she replied "I understand. I'll collect the other six souls. And should Asriel or anyone else stand in my way, I won't hesitate to deal with them by any means." Back at the Lab, Undyne constantly rubbed her fingers against the temple of her forehead, groaning as she listened Mettaton drone on and on. Asriel did his best to force back his snickers of amusement. While he was worried about Mettaton believing him to be a human, he couldn't help but find himself amused by Undyne's annoyance at the square robot. "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my show! Today's show segment is none other than a brand new episode of 'The Human Hunter'. In this episode, I have located a human in none other Mettaton Laboratories where many fabulous MTT products are being tested by the Underground's best scientists every day." the robot boasted with his microphone swinging through the air, "Now that I've found our human, it's time to collect his soul!" Asriel froze in fear, unsure what else to do. Suddenly he found his view cut off by Undyne standing protectively in front of him. "Not a chance cubey." the knight mocked with a spear in hand, "This kid is under my protection while I deliver him to Asgore personally." "The brave Undyne protecting a human, my what a twist." Mettaton taunted with a laugh, "I imagine this must has come to a shock to all you darlings watching. The captain of the royal guard is protecting our very key to escaping the Underground. She must have lost her sanity from all that screaming like a madwoman." The female monster snarled in anger, hating the robot more and more with each word. Suddenly, without warning, she saw Asriel run out from behind her and up to Mettaton. "Undyne is not crazy!" the young monster shouted in anger, "She's the bravest knight to ever have lived! She's the best at her job and is dedicated. She's even dedicated to taking me to Asgore at all costs. So you have no right to mock her!" The room fell silent with no other words being uttered by the three figures, only the occasionally snore from Sans to break the silence. Finally the silence was shattered by Mettaton laughing. His metal body shook as he kept constantly laughing. He laughed for a few minutes until finally calming down. Deciding to take advantage of the interesting scenario, he announced a quiz show. Asriel grinned the nervously when he heard the robot inform him that for every wrong answer he gets, someone will get shocked. But if he got enough right, he would allow him and Undyne to go deeper within Hotlands. The female monster grunted with her arms crossed and encouraged "I find the quiz idea to be stupid, but come on kid. After all I have faith in ya." Gaining confidence and determination, Asriel decided to accept Mettaton's terms. He took in slow and steady breaths as the first question was presented to him. A part of him was nervous at picking the wrong answer, but that nervousness was mostly drowned out by the determination he could feel pounding in his heart. Finally gathering up his nerves, he picked one of the answers. Much to his happiness, he was correct and rewarded with confetti raining down on his head. Feeling more confident, he moved onto the next question. But much to his shock, this time he ended up picking the wrong answer. Without warning, Mettaton shot electricity from his hand. The young monster squeezed his eyes, awaiting the pain from being electrocuted. But much to his surprise, he was instead greeted with the sound of Undyne yelling. He opened his eyes to see the knight in front of him once more, breathing heavily as some smoke radiated off of her body. It was then he realized the knight had got in front of him in order to take the shock. "Undyne, you didn't need to do that." he stated with a worried frown. Undyne took in a few more heavy breaths more grinning to reinsure the monster. "Don't worry, I'll be fine, though I would prefer if you don't get anymore questions wrong. Besides I need redeem myself. I can't let simple determination blind me from my goals." she insured. Asriel stared at the knight with his eyes wide in shock. He knew she was referring to the alternate timeline where she accidentally killed both him and Chara. He didn't understand how she could still have memories of events that no longer happened. But shook his head as he refocused on the task of passing Mettaton's quiz show, deciding to worry about the alternate timeline later. Meanwhile, Toriel remained speechless as she finally entered Snowdin. Her red eyes glanced around at the happy monsters going among their business. She never imagined that the monsters could recover so easily after the supposed death of her son. For the longest time, she believed there were no remaining kind souls in the Underground except for the voice she often heard from the other side of the ruins' door. Remembering her current task, she turned her head toward a restaurant called "Grillby's." Hoping to gain information about her son, she entered the restaurant. Much to her surprise, inside she was greeted with a colorful atmosphere. Monsters happily chatted and ate amongst themselves. Unsure what else to do, she walked over and took a seat at a barstool at the counter. She was stirred from her thoughts by a flaming monster approaching the counter. The female monster tilted her head in confusion as the monster continued to stare at her as he cleaned a glass cup. Finally as voice spoke up "Grillby is wanting to know what you wish to order." Toriel turned to see a pink bird in a dress relaxing against the counter alongside an orange fish. Smiling kindly, she answered "Oh I don't wish to order anything. I was wondering if you saw a child come through earlier?" Grillby remained silent as he pressed his hand against his chin in thought. Suddenly his head jerked upwards as he snapped his fingers upon remembering. Knowing what he meant, the bird said "Grillby says he did see a child earlier. He was eating in here with one of his usual customers. The kid is probably long gone now, but yes, he did pass through her." Toriel couldn't help but sigh in relief, glad that her son was still alive and safe. She thanked the two monsters with a smile before leaving the restaurant. The female monster shivered as the cold wind brushed through her fur once more; she was still not use to Snowdin's cold weather. But before she could take a single step, someone crashed into her. She yelped as her body stumbled a bit, but she managed to remain upright. Seeing who had bumped into her, she turned to see a skeleton lying in the snow. "Oh I'm so sorry, please let me help you up." she apologized before lifting the skeleton up with ease. "NYEH, IT'S QUITE ALRIGHT. AFTER ALL I, THE GREAT PAPYRUS, SHOULD BE THE ONE TO APOLOGIZE. IT IS THE PROPER THING TO DO!" the skeleton proclaimed. The goat monster smiled at the skeleton before her, finding his personality amusing and kind. But suddenly, she gasped as a realization struck her. She remembered the voice she often talk to through the ruins' door often mentioned that he had a brother named Papyrus. She was stunned to learn that the skeleton before her was none other than the brother that she heard so much about. Hoping that he would have information about her son, she asked if he had seen a child pass through Snowdin. "YOU MEAN PRINCE ASRIEL? OF COURSE I SAW HIM! APPARENTLY HE HEARD HOW MUCH I WANTED TO CATCH A HUMAN AND MADE HIMSELF LOOK LIKE ONE. STILL SURPRISED THAT WAS HIM. COULD HAVE SWORE HE DISAPPEARED OR SOMETHING." Papyrus answered in a proud tone. Toriel gasped in shock; she couldn't believe Asriel successfully was able to shatter the illusion once more, making her wonder how many more monsters he successfully revealed his identity to. With hope growing in her heart, she asked the skeleton if he knew where Asriel currently is. Much to her happiness, Papyrus offered to escort her to Waterfall where he believed he might be. She smiled with tears breaming in her eyes, accepting the offer. Now she understood why the voice she spoke to talked so fondly about Papyrus. Without another word, the two started making their way to Waterfall. Back at the lab, Asriel flinched when Undyne ended up getting shocked once again for him guessing the wrong answer. "Kid this isn't funny anymore, stop getting me shocked and get the answers right!" Undyne snapped with her skin burnt and severely smoking. "Well folks it seems we're nearing the end of our segment with everything tied. The human has to answer this final question in order to decide his fate!" Mettaton proclaimed, "If he gets it wrong then he will lose his soul this very minute. If he gets it right then he and his friend with no manners at all will get to proceed in Hotlands!" Upon hearing this, Asriel couldn't help but raise a brow in confusion. It wasn't that he didn't understand the rules but rather that Mettaton described Undyne as having no manners. He didn't know why but the dialogue sounded very familiar to what Attem told the knight when they first encountered each other. Before he could piece together the reason why, he was snapped back to reality by Mettaton asking if he would smooch a ghost. Both he and Undyne stared in confusion when he saw all the answers were the same. "That's odd. This question gives me no chance at failing. It's almost as if Mettaton wants to guarantee that I will go further into Hotlands. But why is that? Why does he want me to go further into Hotlands?" the young monster thought to himself. Seeing nothing else to do, he picked an answer and little to his surprise the answer ended up being correct. "Well you have it there folks, the human gets to proceed. But don't touch that dial darlings! There's more to come on the Mettaton Show!" the robot announced. With that said, the robot activated his jets and flew up, smashing through the roof and leaving a giant hole. Seeing that the robot was gone, Undyne let out a sigh of exhaustion as she slumped to the ground. Her body ached and burned but she didn't care; she was glad that she was able to guarantee Asriel's protection. She managed to crack a smile when the young monster ran over to her and began healing her wounds. "Heh, I knew you had in you. Never lost faith." she complimented as she felt her strength returning. "Even during those times you were screaming at me to get the answer right?" Asriel replied with a raised brow and laugh. Undyne snorted a laugh before replying "Alright, I'll admit it. I may have lost a bit of faith in you after you got a string of questions wrong and kept getting me electrocuted. But hey, you still managed to pull through for me. You're so much like your dad, always willing to come through for others no matter what. Because you managed to beat that bucket of bolt's dumb quiz show, you managing to keep me from being turned into a fried fish." Suddenly with the last of her words, Sans finally woke up. He turned his head toward the knight with a smug yet amused smile. "i was right when i said i was rubbing off on you." he chuckled, "you ended up making another unintentional pun. keep it up and soon enough you maybe will turn into a clownfish." Undyne's eye twitched upon hearing the skeleton's pun. Then, without warning, the female monster let out an enraged yell whilst lunging at and successfully tackling the skeleton. Asriel's eyes widened as he watched the two roll around on the floor while the knight shouted a string of enraged words, reminding him why he never wished to get on her bad side.
  13. Actually there wasn't even that much explosions either. I think most of the budget got blown on all those Cybertron shots. He just had to be obsessed with the idea of a giant planet destroying the Earth just so he can break the computers again. He actually admitted that's his goal with each film. Basically to break the computers so it'll encourage IMAX to constantly make them stronger. That's okay I guess but he really shouldn't sacrifice quality just to make a few computers crash.
  14. Michael Bay is the only person of know of that would actually make improvements, yet take a huge step backwards, negating said improvements.

    1. Ferno


      tbh i'm just ready for him to make a non transformers movie again. i mean yeah he kinda sucks but maybe the transformers movies just have him fatigued

    2. The drunkard from space!

      The drunkard from space!

      kinda sucks? What planet are you from? :P

    3. Ferno


      i was trying not to be too mean

    4. The drunkard from space!

      The drunkard from space!

      You better not be mean! Thats your kings job!

  15. I saw the movie and frankly I was disappointed with it. *sigh* At least he managed to exceed some of my lowest expectations. I think Peter Cullen might be regretting his decision to ask Michael Bay to stay on for the fifth film, considering it seemed Bay did everything in his power to make Optimus come off as a villain in advertisements. A fact that disturbed many children and is most likely one of the contributors to as why the film is doing so poorly. In fact filming for the Bumblebee movie got pushed back from mid-July to mid-August. Something tells me that Hasbro is probably noticing the poor sales as well. I wouldn't be surprised if Hasbro decides they need a movie reboot and start looking for another company.
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