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  1. Well I'm dying laughing. Remember the Russian that hacked and temporarily stole my steam account? Well I discovered that at the same time I had contacted Steam Support and had my account locked down until I got it back, he also contacted Steam Support trying to get it unlocked. It was amusing to see him constantly whine at Support to unlock the account and claim he was the account owner but couldn't offer any proof. Steam finally responded to his message today which is how I found out since I gained full control of the account again and made it where all emails are sent to me. Support basically told him they knew he was a thief and had broken the rules. I died laughing. I don't think he could see it but I still found it amusing.

    1. Solly


      It's always Russia. Except when it's Brazil.

      Hope you're using 2-step now, if you weren't already. 

    2. sonicgirl313


      Yeah I got it set up for both my email and steam.

      I also like how I got to keep the games he had purchased. I had no cards saved on the account, thank god for that, but I had 4.00 of steam funds that had been sitting in there since 2013. He used those funds to buy two games, two games which were given t me when I gained full control of the account.

    3. FriendBot


      That's amazing, dat Russian fookhead be salty AF!

    4. Tara


      So... what games did he get you?

    5. sonicgirl313


      Mirror's Edge and Goat Simulator.

    6. Tara


      Well, looks like you got a sweet deal out of this.

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