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  1. I'll give DR3 credit on that. Each death was a surprise. Well except for the first, I got Sayaka vibes from that one. Though it was shocking to learn exactly who the attacker was. It was perfect but the story could have used more than 12 episodes that way people could get a bit more attached to the characters and kind of clarify exactly the Mastermind's motive. I know the Mastermind's motive and why they created a killing game, though that info was clarified in a manga. That's my only gripe that I could be able to connect and understand characters better. Moving a bit back from the story, what's your thoughts on the character interactions? I felt the three best written characters were Kaede, Kaito, and Himiko. Maki is kind of okay and Suichi come off mostly as someone reacting to his surroundings.
  2. I agree it's why the ahoge point was kind of a meh one for me. Just a pattern I pointed out. The ones I had issues with were definitely story related. While me and my brother like V3, after playing DR1, we were kind of disappointed how close the storyline was to the first one. We had already watched the anime beforehand, but had no idea exactly how close it was till we played the game. I was even stunned that Kokichi acted almost similarly to Byakuya with some personality differences. The only plot twists that really shocked me were the ones concerning chapter 1 and a certain character that died in chapter 5. You never expect that plot twist since it plays with your expectations. As for the certain character, they experienced something that was never done in Danganronpa before. It made me sad, but imagine how much the impact would have been lost had that storyline already been used in the series. It would feel like you're only going through the motions. Though on a side note, while my brother and I enjoyed the chapter 1 plot twist, at the same time we wished it didn't happen. Would have helped to make the game more different and interesting at least.
  3. Well I didn't hate V3, but even I have to admit it didn't catch me off guard much. Really there was only two plot twists that caught me off guard and the were the ones in Chapter 1 and of course the reason for a certain character dying. Those things had never been done before. But other than that, there's been a very noticeable pattern among the games. The main character always has an ahoge, the first execution always drags the murderer away with a chain, there's always a family motive, there's always two murders in the third chapter, a certain type of character always dies in chapter 4, there's always a Ultimate ?????, the character mostly seems like a murderer kills someone, and there's always a huge plot twist for the sake of it. I don't mind the second and third thing I listed. The chain has practically became tradition and naturally family would be one of the first things that come to mind as a motivation. My real problems lies with the fifth and eighth patterns. Tackling the issue of a certain type of character dying in chapter 4, it becomes way too predictable. My brother was able to easily look at the DR2 cast and figure who would die in Chapter 4 since that character had the traits. Then there's the whole plot twist for the sake of it. There's nothing wrong with plot twists if they're done right. DR1 was very effective since it was the first and UDG shocks you with exactly what the villain was planning. DR2 was still effective with it's plot twist, but not quite as much as the first game. Finally there's V3 with a poorly done plot twist. It honestly didn't seem interesting at all and came off more as confusing. At I comprehend what had happened in the other plot twists; V3 felt like a message lost in confusion. Not to mention it almost copied the first game beat for beat. I think the reason why I don't hate the game is because many of the character interactions. It's why I choose to accept the ending as a lie. Otherwise all those interactions are wasted and I don't want that.
  4. The story is so horrible, it had me in laughter. It's pretty much the whole "so bad, it's good" for me. I may get the game, just so I can get a good laugh from it. Wouldn't be the first time I solely but a game for that reason, that is the reason I bought Sonic 06. I think the reason I find this game so funny is because it sounds like something I would have wrote during my early teen years. Note those were the days when I was obsessed with my Mary-Sue of an OC named Darkness the Hedgehog. I just can't take the plot seriously because of it.
  5. Hey in Danganronpa would you say that Leon Kuwata is classified as a "jerk"? My friend who's a huge Byakuya fan keeps telling me that I need to hate Leon because she considers him a jerk.

    1. Failinhearts


      Personally, I kinda did, but nobody should tell you what to think of a character.

      I mean, who am I to judge.

      I roleplay Hiyoko for pete's sake.

    2. sonicgirl313


      Don't worry, I still love him. lol I just find it funny she hates Leon for such a reason, when she like Byakuya. To be honest Byakuya comes off as a bigger jerk in my opinion. I like him too, but still consider him a jerk.

    3. Failinhearts


      Exactly. You can still like jerks, so there's no excuse.

    4. DanJ86


      It's all subjective, yeah I personally don't think highly of Leon but I also find Byakuya to be a total ass.

      I do feel sorry for Toko though, she must've gone through hell to become who she is. There is usually a trauma connected to a phobia and she seemed to have several.

  6. I hadn't thought about it that way. I can understand that feeling. Though I also think he probably was desperately searching for a plot twist. I can see his philosophy of "Taking the viewers on a ride" to be a bit of a double-edged sword. I can understand why our feelings differ on the ending. Then it's definitely true that the reason is simply because, I hadn't been with Danganronpa long enough. In truth I was drawn to the series because I heard how it was similar to Phoenix Wright. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the contrast between the two series. Though if it does make you feel better... But like I said, the ending is pretty messy considering I can't even fully wrap my head around it. Even I can wrap my head around DR2's ending. Eh, I definitely think I can pull off the ending theme much better than what the game portrayed. It definitely could have been told better.
  7. Well it's hard to say if it was out of ill-intent. The creator of the game did say that he didn't intend for fans to interpret it as such. Could be damage control, but Scott Cawthon did do a similar thing for FNAF World. He had no ill intent toward the fans and simply thought it would be fun to be meta. Perhaps Danganronpa is the same way. Though it also seems at this point the ending is like this because "Got to put in a plot twist because the other two had plot twists." As for my thoughts on the ending, at first it annoyed me and my brother, but we slowly warmed up to the idea. It seemed interesting and really made you think. Maybe the only reason we warmed up to it is because we haven't been Danganronpa fans for too long now. It's only now been about a month since we joined the fandom, haven been introduced through the anime. That could be the reason why, but hard to tell. For the most part I'm just simply confused, especially with the implications the plot twist is nothing more than a lie. I could at least wrap my head around the other endings, not this one.
  8. Chapter 33 "So you're saying that Red Amy was taken by a bounty hunter named Locker. But what could he possibly want with her?" Zeldia asked with her optic ridge raised in confusion. Ratchet's optics dimmed a bit as his servos curled into two fists. It worried him slightly that he didn't know what the bounty hunter was seeking by taking a field medic. He knew the bounty hunter must have hidden motives considering that was the case when he accepted the job to retrieve Angelight. Deciding to give a femme a response, he responded "There's no telling with Locker. But still, you'll need to track him down. If there's one thing I learned about Locker from my encounter with his is that his motives are only for his own gain." Zeldia silently tapped her digits in thought on the communicator counter. She understood it was important to track down the bounty hunter before he could carry out his motives. Only problem was that she didn't have the slightest idea how to track him nor where he might have possibly taken Amy. Suddenly, without warning, the screen began flashing red with Cybertronian text, indicating the blue femme was receiving an incoming message. She narrowed her optics at the screen, studying the caller code in order to get an idea who was calling. It only took a few seconds for her mouth to drop open upon recognizing the code to be an Autobot one. Without hesitation, the femme answered the call, prompting a blue and red Autobot to appear on screen with a black visor that hid their entire face. "Sorry Zeldia, normally I wouldn't be taking such precautions during a checkup report, but I can't have my cover blown." the Autobot spoke with a voice distorter, "I managed to hack into your call with Ratchet and overheard you're both trying to track down Locker. It just so happens I have been tracking him over the course of many Orbital Cycles." Zeldia's engines rumbled as she resisted the urge to groan in annoyance. She wasn't only annoyed by the appearance of the mysterious Autobot, but by their appearance as well. "Devlita, you've got some nerve to call here. Peach-One may have tolerated your actions, but I won't now that I'm in charge." she stated with a hint of a snarl in her voice. The masked Autobot shook their head with a slight chuckle before they responded "You're still mad that I chose to abandon the war. Look, I'm still loyal to the Autobot cause. But it was clear there was no survival for Cybertron; I rather be a help to those who still have a chance to live. That's why I left to become a bounty hunter. Peach-One understood my reasons, I still can't fathom why you still can't." The blue femme grinded her denta with a sneer. It frustrated her that the bounty hunter carelessly was talking about what Peach-One accepted and didn't accept without being aware what had become of the former femme commander. Pushing aside her frustrations, she decided to focus on the matter at hand. As much as she hated to admit it, the Autobots did need help from the bounty hunter. They needed to track down Locker's location and Devlita was the only one with any idea of where he could be located. Zeldia cycled in air deeply with her digits pinching the bridge of her nose plates. Asking for the bounty hunter's help was a blow to her pride, but she saw no other choice in her current circumstance. Finally after a few more seconds of silence, she finally said "I still hate your decision to abandon Cybertron. Despite that though, I can see that we do need your help. So I'm willing to put aside my anger so we can ally together in order to recover Red Amy. Since you're the one that has Locker's coordinates, you'll be leading this mission." The bounty hunter nodded their helm both in understanding and slight happiness at winning the argument before stating "Alright, normally I usually do these jobs alone. But I have been learning that Locker is a dangerous individual; he always knows how to deal with both targets and pursuers. If I can, I would like Ratchet and a few Autobots to accompany me on this mission. Since Ratchet has encountered the bounty hunter in the past, he should have an idea what to look for." "Alright, I'll send Inferknuckles and Slyscreen with you and Ratchet. I'm sure you'll especially appreciate me putting Slyscreen on the mission considering you two do share a history." the blue femme replied with a slight smirk. The bounty hunter grunted with their digits curling up into a fist. They knew Zeldia purposely had chosen Slyscreen because they never really got along with the mech. The blue Autobot could easily recall back when they still lived on Cybertron, how the mech would purposely pester them in order to get a reaction. With a slight snarl, they agreed to the femme commander's terms. While they still found Slyscreen to be infuriating, they were still willing to accept any terms necessary to go after Locker. Back on Earth, Espiowl remained silent in his motorcycle form as he watched Ness talk to his mother. He could overhear the adult woman voice her concerns about her son always running off to places unknown on his motorcycle. He couldn't help but feel bad for the young child that kept constantly struggling to come up with excuses to hide the Autobots' very existence. It wasn't long till he saw Ness leave his house and sighed as he leaned against of him. "I'm starting to run out of excuses to give my mom. At the rate I might have to start have to start preparing for the possibility of my family discovering you guys." Ness said with a small smile. "I don't think you'll have to worry too much, you'll be fine. You've done well for a youngling thrust into a conflict between two factions." Espiowl replied, one of his sidemirrors angled toward the child as he did so. The twelve year-old's smile faltered slightly upon hearing his Autobot guardian comment on the war. He had heard the Autobots often tell him and his human companions how they never had wished for their conflict to come to Earth. He understood why they kept constantly reminding him of this fact. He heard the tales about Cybertron in its prime; how it was a planet full of vibrant life. Now it has become a dying husk, devoid of most of the life that inhabited it. Yet here he was, a boy that wouldn't be aware of such a horrible fate to befall the planet had not the Ark crashed on the Earth millions of years ago. In his ever growing timespan with the Autobots, Ness has felt more guilty for what the Cybertronians had lost in their war. He was aware how much of a threat the Decepticons posed, but he knew the only one to get a taste of what the Autobots experienced was Paula when the Decepticons had killed her uncle. The red capped boy sighed as his brown eyes glanced down at his hands, easily noticing the psychic energy slightly sparking off his fingers tips. Without even glancing at Espiowl, Ness asked "Espiowl, do you think there's times I can help out in the fight against the Decepticons?" The black motorcycle practically jolted, nearly lifting his front tire a foot off the ground from the question presented to him. It took a moment for the mech to gather up his thoughts before responding "Ness, I thought we went over this. The Decepticons are full of dangerous individuals; you should have known that from your encounters with Bowsertron and Shadowarachnia. No Decepticon would hesitate to kill a human and you wouldn't be able to defend yourself against one, let alone harm one. I understand that you and Paula aren't like other humans since you both are capable of abilities that rarely any other human has, but that isn't going to help you against a Decepticon. Besides, the last thing a youngling your age needs to do is run off into battle." Ness frowned at the answer he received. He could tell Espiowl could struggle the thought of him getting killed in battle, especially when he had stumbled upon a scene of many dead Cybertronians in his past. The twelve year-old couldn't help but wonder how old were some of the Cybertronians killed that day; all he knew was that Espiowl stated they were sent to Lucariotron when they refused to fight. The mech's views on the Decepticons were fully cemented that day, with the image of death burned into his processor to help him strive forward. Without a word, he smiled as he gently patted his hand against the side of the motorcycle. "It's okay, Espiowl, you can always tell me more about that day if it helps you." he insured, "I may not be able to help in battle, but I still want to do my part in helping you guys. I feel like I owe it to you." The Autobot's engine hummed softly in thought, dwelling on the boy's words. He considered it noble the young child wanted to do anything in his power to help. But despite his insuring words, the black mech couldn't find it in his spark to share the details of the scene his optics gazed upon. Especially since he had yet come to terms with the horrible carnage himself. He grunted slightly as he quickly banished the memory log of the dead Cybertronians old and young alike and his master's dying gasps from his processor. Until he was ready, he refused to allow himself to revisit that day. Meanwhile in Locker's ship, Red Amy remained deadly silent at the ship's passenger station. She couldn't prevent herself from shooting a few paranoid glances at the bounty hunter stationed at the front of the ship. She still didn't understand what the mech required for her to access. Her processor was abuzz with many paranoid trains of thought, fearing the possibility of him lying about his intentions. She clenched her denta as a large amount of sparks shot out from her helm, prompting slap her servos on both sides of her helm in an attempt to ease the pain. She found herself drawn away from her pain upon the sound of a raspy sigh reaching her audio receptors. Her red optics glanced up to the bounty hunter away from the pilot seat and now leering over her. She flinched slightly as she could see his hateful red optics staring at her behind his skeletal mask. "I really don't appreciate you burning a hole in the back of my helm with those paranoid glares of yours." he stated in a bitter tone, "If I were to offline you or hand you off to someone, I would have done it by now. But I believe I made it very clear when we first met, I need you to access information for me." In an attempt to gather up her bravery, Amy narrowed her optics with her arms fully crossed, unaware her right optic was slightly twitching. "You keep claiming that, but yet you haven't even told me what supposed information I am needing to access." she pointed out, "You've been very vague about what my task exactly is, giving me no reason to trust you. For all I know, you could be luring me into feeling safe and hand me off to either the Autobots or the Decepticons. Well I'm not letting my guard down! So you'll never get the best of me!" The femme's red optics flared slightly as a few more sparks emitted from her helm. "Right..." Locker responded, talking a long pause as he rolled his optics, "If you're done with your little delusional freak outs, I will tell you exactly what you're needed for." Amy didn't utter a word as she pursed her mouth, awaiting what the bounty hunter had to say. It wasn't long till the mech began explaining his intentions for taking the medic in the first place. Her vents hitched slightly when the bounty hunter stated he was aware she made a copy on Ganonwave's notes concerning merging Cybertronians with organic material. She began to grow worried and paranoid about the possibility of the bounty hunter presenting her to Ganonwave. Fortunately her worries faded slightly when Locker continued to explain that her containing such knowledge was important. "You've clearly shown you can hack into Ganonwave's database. Over the course of thousands of vorns, I've been keeping tabs on the mad scientist per Bowsertron's request. He had his suspicions that Ganonwave was working on a few secret projects and hired me to make sure none of those projects were attempts of treachery. Turns out, Ganonwave had been actually tracking a project that had been lost after the ambush on Lucariotron's base. Knowing him, he most likely wanted to find the project so he could run experiments on it." he stated. The medic digits tensed as her chassis stiffened; she wasn't sure what response to give Locker. Her helm sparked as paranoid scenarios ran through her processor, causing her to grow more and more fearful of answering. Finally after deciding to gather up her courage, her vents cycled in deeply before she answered "Yes, I can access Ganonwave's files. But I still don't understand why you want me to help track down a lost project. It shouldn't have any value to you." Her spark nearly stopped pulsing at the strict glare she received for her comment. Amy could feel her confidence and bravery easily crumbling to pieces as she did everything in her power from shaking in fear. "If you must know." the bounty hunter finally spoke up, not bothering to hide the annoyance in his raspy voice, "One of my clients actually hired me to collect that project. My client has asked all information remain classified on them, but I will say this, they made it very clear that project could be quite crucial to them." The femme now found herself even more puzzled than when she first met the green and black mech. She didn't understand who Locker's client was and what mysterious project he kept referring to. But her curiosity didn't matter much to her to the moment; all she wanted to do was protect herself out of the paranoia of getting on the bounty hunter's bad side would result in him turning against her. So for the sake of her own safety, the medic decided to agree to the mech's terms. "Just promise me you will not let any Autobot or Decepticon to capture me. Knowing either side they'll either lock me up forever or run experiments on me. I do not want to be the result of Ganonwave's insane experiments like the Dinobots and Peach-One were!" she said in a stern tone, voicing her paranoia once more. The bounty hunter groaned with his helm leaned back. He had quickly grown tired and frustrated with the femme declaring every single paranoid thought that entered her processor. But he was willing to deal with it until her usefulness ran out. The mech grinned at the thought of finally disposing of the annoying femme; he was almost tempted to hand her off to Ganonwave to see if he would subject her to experiments or simply execute her to spare himself of her annoyance. Pushing away those thoughts for the moment, Locker directed his focus to his current objective. "Well, if you're done asking so many questions, I would like you to go back to your seat so I take the ship off of autopilot. In order to gain access to Ganonwave's files, we need to make a stop by one of his secret suppliers. According to my resources, he's on Monacus." he stated. "Monacus, the gambling asteroid? I fail to see why Ganonwave would be getting supplies from there." Amy commented with a raised optic ridge. "You'd be surprised, now shut up and sit down already." the bounty hunter replied with a snarl. The medic flinched in fear before quickly sitting back down at her station. She didn't utter a single word as she watched the mech return to the pilot seat. She remained silently until she felt another pang of pain shoot through her processor. She groaned as she pressed her servo against her helm, ignoring the slight stings from the sparks emitting from her helm. Her denta clenched slightly as she did her best to ignore the pain in her helm, unaware that the pain was a sign of her time slowly running out. Back on Dinobot Island, Shadowarachnia's legs fidgeted as she tried to sort through the different images that dwelled in her processor. She was still unsure how to differ between the fake and real memory logs, causing her to struggle with coming to terms on her identity. She couldn't decide if she was always the kind and brave Peach-One, or the vicious and cunning Shadowarachnia. Two identities that contrast each other with their polar opposite natures, yet both identities are supposedly her. The technorganic sighed whilst her red optics glanced over at the large pond she often seen Pledge splash in. Her optics shined in focus and curiosity as she walked over to the pond. The femme leaned toward the pond in order to see her reflection, managing to see the image of the moonlight reflecting off her black and purple armor with her red optics glowing ominously in the dark. Shadowarachnia's vents slowly and gently cycled in air as she reached up and took off her helm. Her spark pulsed frantically upon staring at the image of the face in the water. She closely studied the features on her face, finding herself comparing them with the image of Peach-One's face. She twisted to the left and right slightly, making sure to study every detail of her face. No matter how much she looked, she could still see the striking similarities between her and Peach-One. Despite the drastic differences thanks to her technoragnic nature, she could still see the mysterious femme's face lying underneath. Even in her own red optics, she could still clearly see the stern and caring blue optics that belonged to the pink femme. Shadowarchnia snarled before she swiped her servo in the water, distorting the reflection so as to no longer see the face of the femme she had grown to despise. "Stop taunting me!" the technoragnic snarled, "They're wrong, they're all wrong! I am not a shell of a dead femme. I am not Peach-One. I am not Peach-One!" She continued to repeat this to herself, almost as if she was trying to convince herself of this fact rather than others. Her vents rumbled as she released constant heavy blasts of air. She began digging her claws into the dirt as the water settled, allowing her to see her reflection once more. The femme clenched her fanged denta upon glaring at the reflection, hoping to see her own face into of the pink femme's. But no matter how long she stared, all she could see was the image of Peach-One's face glaring back at her. With her will breaking, Shadowarachnia dropped her helm as wavering sobs emitted from her mouth. Her entire chassis shook as her cries filled the air. She was no longer sure of herself anymore; she was torn between two identities, unsure which identity truly lay within her spark.
  9. He is a producer, but not the head producer I guess. I think he's been made more of an executive producer. Someone they just check in with to make sure a scene looks alright, things like that. The main producer for all the films actually has always been Di Bonaventura.
  10. Oh don't get me wrong, I acknowledge that he has had his share of problems such as putting to much emphasis on the soldiers. It's okay to feature them, but he has them take away too much focus from the Autobots. It's why I think he would have been better suited for a GI Joe film. What I meant is, I don't think he was completely at fault for the films like how many people believe. As for the hype, I don't know. They proudly announced they would be moving forward with the cinematic universe despite TLK being one of the lower performing TF films. I don't know, I just know that some people, even JJ Abrams felt like only Bay could do the TF films because they said, he was the only one that could really make them work. I know there's TLK, but that film seemed off, even for a Bay TF film. He was trying to make a film he wanted as his "grand finale" while at the same time pushing it forward as the beginning point for the cinemactic universe just like Paramount and Hasbro wanted him too.
  11. So I'm kind of getting worried about the Bumblebee movie and started to think that the films might have been better off with Bay.

  12. Chapter 10 "Wait, so this Mettaton left you in charge?" Asriel asked partially out of confusion, "If he bought the lab, why doesn't he just run it himself?" "I had no idea humans are this clueless!" Attem scoffed, "The glorious Mettaton can't be bothered take care of both a lab and a TV show. Besides his image can't be associated with science, otherwise many of his fans will write him off as a geeky nerd and no one wants that." Undyne snarled with her gripe tightening around her spear, angered that the robot was unintentionally making an insulting comment toward Alphys. "But regardless of why the Underground's most popular celebrity can't run a lab, you shouldn't be here in case he shows up." the robot stated. He began to explain how Mettaton wanted to be more useful to the monsters of the Underground and requested to be given anti-human defenses. The defenses implants were successful, transforming the super idol into a human hunter extraordinaire. Asriel muzzle scrunched up in both worry and nervousness; he wasn't sure how to deal with a killer robot that would end up seeing him as a human. He only hoped that he wouldn't end up encountering the deadly robot. "Well if your rude friend would untie me, I could head back to check Mettaton's location. He could be nearby or not." Attem commented, putting more emphasis on the word "friend." "Undyne, I know you don't like this guy but I think it's best if we let him go. I really don't want to be caught off guard by this Mettaton guy." Asriel commented whilst rubbing his arm. Undyne huffed with her arms crossed; she didn't like the idea of freeing the robot but understood the child's fears. She admittedly would be a bit worried if all the monsters in the underground mistook her for their final key to breaking the barrier. The female monster grunted with a sigh of defeat as she untied Attem. She nearly had to bite her tongue to prevent herself from making a snarky comment when the robot gave her a smug grin. Attem chuckled slightly upon standing up and dusting off his lab coat. "At least the human is smart. Still clueless though. Now I'll be back with my report." he commented before leaving the room. Quite many minutes had passed by. Undyne grumbled in annoyance, regretting her decision in setting the robot free. She glanced over at Asriel to see him trying to wake up Sans who had fallen asleep. She rolled her single eye before her thoughts drifted to the vision Sans showed her. She curled her hands into two firm fists as she tried to hide away her expression of distraught. She couldn't believe that there was a timeline where she accidentally killed Asriel. The knight couldn't understand what made that version of her forget her goal. She remained silent as she lifted up her hand and laid it on her eyepatch. Undyne recalled in vision that her determination was unlocked when she lost her eyepatch. This fact deeply confused her, especially since she never recalled how she lost her eye in the first place. Her brows furrowed together as she tried to search her memories for any kind of accident or battle that resulted in the loss of her eye. But no matter how much she searched, there seemed to be a strange gap in her memory. Suddenly she was stirred from her thoughts with the loud sound of banging. Asriel jumped off the floor in fear before running over to Undyne. The banging grew louder and louder, until finally a gray robot smashed through the wall. The young monster was surprised to see Sans had not awakened despite the robot making so much noise with his entrance. His red eyes glanced over at the robot once more; he found himself confused about the strange square robot until he noticed the flashing red M on the screen. With a nervous gulp, he asked "Undyne, is that..." The child never got to finish his sentence as the female monster grumbled in annoyance. Memories of the piano and grapes incident ended up flashing through her mind. She let out a frustrated sigh as she answered "Yeah kid, that robot is the one they call Mettaton." Meanwhile in another part of Hotlands, the Flower Child silently walked alone on the path. She paused as her eyes stared at a large and ominous machine in the distance. Her hands shook a bit in fear as they tightened around the handle of her flower basket. But despite this, she never tore her gaze off of the machine. Suddenly she felt a gust of wind brush by her, almost as if it was someone speaking in a strange tongue. Her body shook upon hearing the whispering wind as her eyes glanced toward the ground. "I'm starting to gather up more bits and pieces of my shattered mind." she muttered to herself in a quiet tone, "I'm beginning to remember why I made this choice in the first place." The wind blew once more, causing the girl to jump slightly in shock. "No, no! I'm not having any second thoughts. I know that my choice has lead to serious consequences. But to tell you the truth, even if I had full knowledge of the events that would unfold when you first offered my the choice to change fate, I still would have done it. My mind is shattered, even now I'm tormented with a storm of thoughts. Kill, kill, kill, mercy, kill, kill, kill. That's the chaotic thoughts clashing in my head this very moment. But it's all worth it, just to save him." she confessed. The wind blew a little softer than previously, prompting the child to lower her head as her body shook. "I know. I KNOW! I've been doing everything to get rid of her! But it seems no matter what, Asriel keeps letting her take control. It's her fault, it's because of her that Asriel can never be happy! I need to silence her. I need to kill her. I need to erase her from existence." the flower child stated, her voice filling with more venom and hatred with each word. The wind blew a bit harder, encouraging the Flower Child to lift up her head curiously and glue her gaze upon the ominous machine in the distant. "Really, that was the Core's purpose? You never told me that before. So how will it help me save Asriel?" she spoke up in interest. Her mouth slowly opened in shock as the wind blew. Her hands clenched tighter around the flower basket's handle as she fell silent. Finally after a few seconds, she replied "I understand. I'll collect the other six souls. And should Asriel or anyone else stand in my way, I won't hesitate to deal with them by any means." Back at the Lab, Undyne constantly rubbed her fingers against the temple of her forehead, groaning as she listened Mettaton drone on and on. Asriel did his best to force back his snickers of amusement. While he was worried about Mettaton believing him to be a human, he couldn't help but find himself amused by Undyne's annoyance at the square robot. "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to my show! Today's show segment is none other than a brand new episode of 'The Human Hunter'. In this episode, I have located a human in none other Mettaton Laboratories where many fabulous MTT products are being tested by the Underground's best scientists every day." the robot boasted with his microphone swinging through the air, "Now that I've found our human, it's time to collect his soul!" Asriel froze in fear, unsure what else to do. Suddenly he found his view cut off by Undyne standing protectively in front of him. "Not a chance cubey." the knight mocked with a spear in hand, "This kid is under my protection while I deliver him to Asgore personally." "The brave Undyne protecting a human, my what a twist." Mettaton taunted with a laugh, "I imagine this must has come to a shock to all you darlings watching. The captain of the royal guard is protecting our very key to escaping the Underground. She must have lost her sanity from all that screaming like a madwoman." The female monster snarled in anger, hating the robot more and more with each word. Suddenly, without warning, she saw Asriel run out from behind her and up to Mettaton. "Undyne is not crazy!" the young monster shouted in anger, "She's the bravest knight to ever have lived! She's the best at her job and is dedicated. She's even dedicated to taking me to Asgore at all costs. So you have no right to mock her!" The room fell silent with no other words being uttered by the three figures, only the occasionally snore from Sans to break the silence. Finally the silence was shattered by Mettaton laughing. His metal body shook as he kept constantly laughing. He laughed for a few minutes until finally calming down. Deciding to take advantage of the interesting scenario, he announced a quiz show. Asriel grinned the nervously when he heard the robot inform him that for every wrong answer he gets, someone will get shocked. But if he got enough right, he would allow him and Undyne to go deeper within Hotlands. The female monster grunted with her arms crossed and encouraged "I find the quiz idea to be stupid, but come on kid. After all I have faith in ya." Gaining confidence and determination, Asriel decided to accept Mettaton's terms. He took in slow and steady breaths as the first question was presented to him. A part of him was nervous at picking the wrong answer, but that nervousness was mostly drowned out by the determination he could feel pounding in his heart. Finally gathering up his nerves, he picked one of the answers. Much to his happiness, he was correct and rewarded with confetti raining down on his head. Feeling more confident, he moved onto the next question. But much to his shock, this time he ended up picking the wrong answer. Without warning, Mettaton shot electricity from his hand. The young monster squeezed his eyes, awaiting the pain from being electrocuted. But much to his surprise, he was instead greeted with the sound of Undyne yelling. He opened his eyes to see the knight in front of him once more, breathing heavily as some smoke radiated off of her body. It was then he realized the knight had got in front of him in order to take the shock. "Undyne, you didn't need to do that." he stated with a worried frown. Undyne took in a few more heavy breaths more grinning to reinsure the monster. "Don't worry, I'll be fine, though I would prefer if you don't get anymore questions wrong. Besides I need redeem myself. I can't let simple determination blind me from my goals." she insured. Asriel stared at the knight with his eyes wide in shock. He knew she was referring to the alternate timeline where she accidentally killed both him and Chara. He didn't understand how she could still have memories of events that no longer happened. But shook his head as he refocused on the task of passing Mettaton's quiz show, deciding to worry about the alternate timeline later. Meanwhile, Toriel remained speechless as she finally entered Snowdin. Her red eyes glanced around at the happy monsters going among their business. She never imagined that the monsters could recover so easily after the supposed death of her son. For the longest time, she believed there were no remaining kind souls in the Underground except for the voice she often heard from the other side of the ruins' door. Remembering her current task, she turned her head toward a restaurant called "Grillby's." Hoping to gain information about her son, she entered the restaurant. Much to her surprise, inside she was greeted with a colorful atmosphere. Monsters happily chatted and ate amongst themselves. Unsure what else to do, she walked over and took a seat at a barstool at the counter. She was stirred from her thoughts by a flaming monster approaching the counter. The female monster tilted her head in confusion as the monster continued to stare at her as he cleaned a glass cup. Finally as voice spoke up "Grillby is wanting to know what you wish to order." Toriel turned to see a pink bird in a dress relaxing against the counter alongside an orange fish. Smiling kindly, she answered "Oh I don't wish to order anything. I was wondering if you saw a child come through earlier?" Grillby remained silent as he pressed his hand against his chin in thought. Suddenly his head jerked upwards as he snapped his fingers upon remembering. Knowing what he meant, the bird said "Grillby says he did see a child earlier. He was eating in here with one of his usual customers. The kid is probably long gone now, but yes, he did pass through her." Toriel couldn't help but sigh in relief, glad that her son was still alive and safe. She thanked the two monsters with a smile before leaving the restaurant. The female monster shivered as the cold wind brushed through her fur once more; she was still not use to Snowdin's cold weather. But before she could take a single step, someone crashed into her. She yelped as her body stumbled a bit, but she managed to remain upright. Seeing who had bumped into her, she turned to see a skeleton lying in the snow. "Oh I'm so sorry, please let me help you up." she apologized before lifting the skeleton up with ease. "NYEH, IT'S QUITE ALRIGHT. AFTER ALL I, THE GREAT PAPYRUS, SHOULD BE THE ONE TO APOLOGIZE. IT IS THE PROPER THING TO DO!" the skeleton proclaimed. The goat monster smiled at the skeleton before her, finding his personality amusing and kind. But suddenly, she gasped as a realization struck her. She remembered the voice she often talk to through the ruins' door often mentioned that he had a brother named Papyrus. She was stunned to learn that the skeleton before her was none other than the brother that she heard so much about. Hoping that he would have information about her son, she asked if he had seen a child pass through Snowdin. "YOU MEAN PRINCE ASRIEL? OF COURSE I SAW HIM! APPARENTLY HE HEARD HOW MUCH I WANTED TO CATCH A HUMAN AND MADE HIMSELF LOOK LIKE ONE. STILL SURPRISED THAT WAS HIM. COULD HAVE SWORE HE DISAPPEARED OR SOMETHING." Papyrus answered in a proud tone. Toriel gasped in shock; she couldn't believe Asriel successfully was able to shatter the illusion once more, making her wonder how many more monsters he successfully revealed his identity to. With hope growing in her heart, she asked the skeleton if he knew where Asriel currently is. Much to her happiness, Papyrus offered to escort her to Waterfall where he believed he might be. She smiled with tears breaming in her eyes, accepting the offer. Now she understood why the voice she spoke to talked so fondly about Papyrus. Without another word, the two started making their way to Waterfall. Back at the lab, Asriel flinched when Undyne ended up getting shocked once again for him guessing the wrong answer. "Kid this isn't funny anymore, stop getting me shocked and get the answers right!" Undyne snapped with her skin burnt and severely smoking. "Well folks it seems we're nearing the end of our segment with everything tied. The human has to answer this final question in order to decide his fate!" Mettaton proclaimed, "If he gets it wrong then he will lose his soul this very minute. If he gets it right then he and his friend with no manners at all will get to proceed in Hotlands!" Upon hearing this, Asriel couldn't help but raise a brow in confusion. It wasn't that he didn't understand the rules but rather that Mettaton described Undyne as having no manners. He didn't know why but the dialogue sounded very familiar to what Attem told the knight when they first encountered each other. Before he could piece together the reason why, he was snapped back to reality by Mettaton asking if he would smooch a ghost. Both he and Undyne stared in confusion when he saw all the answers were the same. "That's odd. This question gives me no chance at failing. It's almost as if Mettaton wants to guarantee that I will go further into Hotlands. But why is that? Why does he want me to go further into Hotlands?" the young monster thought to himself. Seeing nothing else to do, he picked an answer and little to his surprise the answer ended up being correct. "Well you have it there folks, the human gets to proceed. But don't touch that dial darlings! There's more to come on the Mettaton Show!" the robot announced. With that said, the robot activated his jets and flew up, smashing through the roof and leaving a giant hole. Seeing that the robot was gone, Undyne let out a sigh of exhaustion as she slumped to the ground. Her body ached and burned but she didn't care; she was glad that she was able to guarantee Asriel's protection. She managed to crack a smile when the young monster ran over to her and began healing her wounds. "Heh, I knew you had in you. Never lost faith." she complimented as she felt her strength returning. "Even during those times you were screaming at me to get the answer right?" Asriel replied with a raised brow and laugh. Undyne snorted a laugh before replying "Alright, I'll admit it. I may have lost a bit of faith in you after you got a string of questions wrong and kept getting me electrocuted. But hey, you still managed to pull through for me. You're so much like your dad, always willing to come through for others no matter what. Because you managed to beat that bucket of bolt's dumb quiz show, you managing to keep me from being turned into a fried fish." Suddenly with the last of her words, Sans finally woke up. He turned his head toward the knight with a smug yet amused smile. "i was right when i said i was rubbing off on you." he chuckled, "you ended up making another unintentional pun. keep it up and soon enough you maybe will turn into a clownfish." Undyne's eye twitched upon hearing the skeleton's pun. Then, without warning, the female monster let out an enraged yell whilst lunging at and successfully tackling the skeleton. Asriel's eyes widened as he watched the two roll around on the floor while the knight shouted a string of enraged words, reminding him why he never wished to get on her bad side.
  13. Actually there wasn't even that much explosions either. I think most of the budget got blown on all those Cybertron shots. He just had to be obsessed with the idea of a giant planet destroying the Earth just so he can break the computers again. He actually admitted that's his goal with each film. Basically to break the computers so it'll encourage IMAX to constantly make them stronger. That's okay I guess but he really shouldn't sacrifice quality just to make a few computers crash.
  14. Michael Bay is the only person of know of that would actually make improvements, yet take a huge step backwards, negating said improvements.

    1. Ferno


      tbh i'm just ready for him to make a non transformers movie again. i mean yeah he kinda sucks but maybe the transformers movies just have him fatigued

    2. The drunkard from space!

      The drunkard from space!

      kinda sucks? What planet are you from? :P

    3. Ferno


      i was trying not to be too mean

    4. The drunkard from space!

      The drunkard from space!

      You better not be mean! Thats your kings job!

  15. I saw the movie and frankly I was disappointed with it. *sigh* At least he managed to exceed some of my lowest expectations. I think Peter Cullen might be regretting his decision to ask Michael Bay to stay on for the fifth film, considering it seemed Bay did everything in his power to make Optimus come off as a villain in advertisements. A fact that disturbed many children and is most likely one of the contributors to as why the film is doing so poorly. In fact filming for the Bumblebee movie got pushed back from mid-July to mid-August. Something tells me that Hasbro is probably noticing the poor sales as well. I wouldn't be surprised if Hasbro decides they need a movie reboot and start looking for another company.
  16. Chapter 39 The two boats carrying the remaining players in the game for eternal life finally arrived on shore. Everyone climbed out of the boats without a word, puzzled at where they possibly might be. Taking a few cautious steps, each person searched the beach, trying to gain an idea of their location. All was silent until the man in explorer's clothing gasped loudly, prompting everyone to direct their attention to him. "It can't be!" the man exclaimed before darting over to a large stone slab. His body shook with excitement as he fetched a book out of his bag. He only flipped through the pages for a few seconds until he found the one he was seeking. The man let out a hearty laugh as he proclaimed "It is! This is the symbol of the Kingdom of Ambrosia! If this symbol is here, that means we're actually in Ambrosia right now!" The people gasped and began muttering about the possibility of the elixir of life being nearby. But as they muttered amongst themselves, Herminia approached the stone slab. Her eyes narrowed with her fingers pressed up against her chin. She did indeed recognize the carving as the symbol of Ambrosia, confirming her suspicions once again that Descole was after the secrets of the Azran. She kept studying the slab until she heard a surprised gasp. Immediately she turned her head toward the man in explorer's clothing as he stared at her with wide eyes. "I can't believe I didn't recognize you till just now." the man commented whilst taking off his hat, "It's a pleasure to finally meet the great Professor Layton I've read so much about in the papers. My name is Marco Brock and I've been researching Ambrosia for many years. While doing research I've often stumbled upon the articles detailing your accomplishments." "Oh goodie, two book geeks." the woman in the blue dress muttered in a sarcastic tone. Herminia chose to ignore the woman's comment and focus on the man before her. "Why thank you. It's quite nice to hear people enjoy my research." she replied with a smile, "I'm sure once this is all over that many people will be quite thrilled to hear your research on Ambrosia." The two didn't share anymore words as silence filled the air. Suddenly it was broken by the woman in the blue dress pointing out something in the distance. Everyone turned to see, oddly enough, a single white table with an assortment of food and drinks on the beach. All the people approached the table cautiously, wondering why there would be a table waiting for them. Some of the people decided to push away their suspicions as they began grabbing some fruits and wine glasses. Luke's eyes carefully studied every single detail on the table; he wasn't sure whether or not the food was a trap left by Descole. It wasn't long until finally he spotted a note. The young boy picked it up and read "A reward for those still left in the game." "A reward or a new puzzle perhaps?" Amelia questioned, having grown suspicious after the events she witnessed on the ship. No one knew how to answer until Melina, much to everyone's surprise, walked to the table without a second thought and ate one of the fruits. "Well there you have it. Now will we stop questioning this meal and eat! I haven't had anything since yesterday." the black-bearded man grumbled as he poured himself a glass. Without another word, everyone began getting their share of fruits and drinks. Herminia silently munched on her fruit as her thoughts drifted back to Descole. She was stunned that he was heartless enough to blow up a ship full of people, yet caring enough to know that the ones that had arrived to the island hadn't eaten yet. The two sides of the masked man seemed to conflict with each other and she couldn't piece together which side was the man's real self. For the moment, she decided to push those thoughts aside and focus on her moment of peace. Many minutes passed by till everyone began to relax on the beach, waiting for the next puzzle to be revealed. Herminia sighed as she leaned against a tree, staying cool in its shade. Her thoughts were full of concern about Alfendi's state; she wasn't sure if he was devastated or staying calm in the presence of her captor. The professor's fingers tightened slightly around her arm as she felt a brief moment of rage boiling up in her. She wanted to rescue Alfendi as soon as possible, but she wasn't sure how to do it without alerting Descole. Suddenly she was awakened from her thoughts when she felt a tap on her shoulder. Her eyes opened to see Janice smiling at her with her hands neatly intertwined in front of her. "I didn't mean to disturb you, professor." the red-headed woman spoke up, "I was just wondering if I could sit next to you." Herminia nodded her head with a smile, prompting the young woman to sit down on the rock next to her. The two uttered no words as they gazed out at the ocean, enjoying their temporary peace until the next puzzle revealed itself. Janice sighed happily as the sea breeze brushed through her red hair. Despite the tragedies she witnessed created by the game the masked man were forcing them to play, she truly enjoyed being on an adventure with the famous Professor Layton. She glanced up at the professor to see her once again deep in thought once more. The red-headed woman giggled at the sight, prompting the Herminia to stir from her thoughts and turn her head toward her. "Finding something funny, Janice?" the thirty-four year-old woman asked. Janice let out a happy sigh as she replied "Oh I was just thinking about all the things that has happened. It's still a terrible thing that happened with Alfendi and this game, but I still enjoy the good moments. Arriving on an island with a mystery all around us, it's just simply amazing. The thought of unraveling a mystery with you is too exciting for me to be sad about it." Herminia nodded her head before commenting "I have to agree with you some, Janice. The fact were in one of the ancient kingdoms of the Azran is quite amazing. Who knows what puzzles and ruins lie in wait." "Of course puzzles and ruins would be what catches your attention." the red-headed woman giggled in reply. As the two woman chatted amongst themselves, Luke walked upon the beach, examining different seashells. He glanced over at Melina to see the young girl sitting at the edge of the shore, staring somberly out at the sea. Wanting to try to cheer her up, he picked up one of the shells and ran over to her. But when he tried to give her the shell, much to his shock, the blonde-headed girl flinched away from him with a whine. "Hey it's okay." he insured as he moved to the other side of her and held the shell against his ear, "People say if you hold the shell like this, you can hear the ocean. Of course I could never get it to work." The young girl's blue eyes glanced up as she muttered softly "I can hear it." Luke's mouth dropped open in shock. Before he could ask the girl what she meant, the girl began to hum a lovely little melody. The music flowed through the air, each note filled with love and care. When the song ended, the young boy couldn't help but compliment the girl for her song. He was happy to see a bright smile on Melina's face when she explained that the sea had taught her the song. Unfortunately he noticed the smile quickly disappeared when the sound of howling reached their ears. The young apprentice turned toward the forest, searching for source of the howling. His brown eyes squinted as he noticed a few darks shapes running past the trees. Growing worried, he turned around to tell Melina that they should go back to the others only to find that she was no longer there. Luke gasped in fear before running over to Oswald Whistler. "Mr. Whistler, Melina is gone!" he exclaimed. Though the boy's confusion grew when the orchestrator remained calm with a stern look in his eyes as he stated that the young girl had only ran off to play and would be back. He didn't understand how the man wasn't the least bit worried for his adoptive daughter, especially since they were in the middle of a deadly game. Suddenly the sound of Descole's voice filled the air, startling everyone from their temporary moment of peace. Herminia narrowed her eyes upon hearing the masked man's voice once more, reminding her of the situation her son was still in as Descole informed everyone that their break was over. Suddenly, without warning, she heard the sound of Luke screaming. She quickly turned to see both Luke and Mr. Whistler fleeing from a small pack of wolves. Everyone fled the beach except for Herminia, Luke, and Janice. The professor clenched her fists as she took a few cautious steps back along with her two companions. She saw Luke tried to use his talent to communicate to the wolves in an attempt to make them not attack, unfortunately the wolves did not understand him. She knew instantly that Descole had to be using the devices attached to their ears to control them. Seeing no other way to deal with their current peril, the brown-headed quickly scooped up some sand and threw it at the wolves, temporarily blinding them. Taking advantage of the distraction, the three quickly fled into the forest. They kept running, not daring to look back at the wolves pursuing them until finally they reached a clearing with three wooden cages held up with ropes and a strange castle in the distance. All of the sudden, Descole's voice echoed through the air once more as he announced "Puzzle 003, you must all find your way across the river and reach the castle." "But first we must deal with the wolves." Herminia stated in a stern tone, now realizing why the masked man had sent the pack after them. Her brown eyes glanced around at her surroundings, trying to piece together the solution to the puzzle. She noticed one group of the remaining contestants grabbed ahold the rope holding up one of the cages, intending to trap the wolves in the cage. The professor closed her eyes deep in thought, knowing that solution was the wrong one. The wolves were much too fast to be easily trapped within the wooden cage. Yet the thirty-four year-old knew the cages were still important otherwise Descole wouldn't have set them up. She thought about the puzzle until finally the solution struck her. "I've got it. Luke, Janice, help me set up this cage." she commanded. The two nodded their heads in reply before helping the professor get ahold of the group. The third group of the contestants intended to drop the cage on the wolves as well. But before they could drop the cage, Amelia noticed how Herminia and her companions were standing underneath the hanging cage. Realizing that was the correct solution, the young girl shouted "Wait, we need to move farther away." Deciding to follow the girl's suggestion, the group moved where they were now standing underneath their own cage. With everything set up, the three groups finally released the ropes, causing the cages to drop. Like Herminia predicted, the wolves managed to easily dodge the first group's cage. Out of fear, the first group of contestants quickly climbed up on the cage to protect themselves from the wolves, one of them being none other than Mr. Whistler. Seeing they were trapped in the cage, the woman in the blue dress bitterly remarked "And exactly how was trapping ourselves is suppose to help us? Amelia simply pointed toward Herminia's group, showing how they had lifted up the cage and began walking in the same pace. The woman in the blue dressed blinked in shock that professor had solved another puzzle. She found it hard to believe that a woman could prove capable of easily solving the puzzles. With a humph, she thought to herself "I can be as smart as her if I wanted to, smarter even. Once I win this game, that should be able to knock both her and that stupid hat of hers down a few pegs." Without another word she helped her companions lift up the cage and carry it at the same pace in order to cross the river. Herminia kept carrying the cage until, unfortunately, she stumbled with her footing. The professor yelped whilst stumbling forward along with Janice and Luke. Her eyes widened in fear as the cage flipped over, leaving them unprotected. She quickly turned back to see her fears confirmed, the wolves now had their attention focused on them once more. "They've spotted us! Run!" she yelled as she scampered onto her feet. "Please professor, no more running!" Luke groaned as he scampered onto his feet with Janice. The brown-headed woman turned toward her assistant, stating as she ran "Even both true gentlemen and ladies know when it's time to run!" Without another word, the three ran deeper into the forest with the wolves trailing closely behind them. Back at the castle, Alfendi sighed as he dug around room, searching for anything to keep himself preoccupied. He had grown bored of being locked up in the room and wanted something to help him pass the time until Herminia rescued him. He dug through some dresser drawers to find nothing that gained his interest. The ten year-old groaned in annoyance before slamming the drawers closed. But unknown to him, his slam caused a picture frame to fall off the dresser. The young boy flinched upon the picture falling to the floor with a loud clink. Hoping it wasn't broken, he kneeled down and picked up the frame. Before he could place the picture frame back upon the dresser, he heard the sound of the door being unlocked. Alfendi's body instantly froze when he saw none other than Descole and a strange blonde-headed girl in a pink dress standing in the doorway. Descole glanced between both the young boy and the picture frame. Deciding to ignore the boy's actions unless he showed any signs of escape, he grumbled as he shoved the girl into the room. Despite how much he wanted to, he refused to speak to his nephew in order to prevent giving away anymore hints to his identity. Without a single word, he slammed the door closed and locked it. He was about to leave until he paused; he wasn't sure why Alfendi was trying to pick up a fallen picture frame. Wanting to make sure that the ten year-old wasn't trying to attempt an escape, he pressed his ear against the door in order to listen in on the children's discussion. Alfendi raised a brow in both confusion and interest, studying the appearance of the young girl. She seemed normal to him, but he noticed how the girl had a strange somber look in her eyes. Deciding to get answers, he asked "So why did that guy stuff you in here too?" Melina glanced at the floor as she answered "He said you could use the company. He told me if you have someone to talk to then you won't be trying to ask him ridiculous questions." The purple-headed boy raised his brows higher in interest. He easily figured that Descole was cutting off communication with him in order to prevent his mystery from getting out. He couldn't help but grin to himself, knowing the masked man made a wise choice since he was easily putting together the pieces of his little puzzle. After a few moments of silence he finally shrugged his shoulders with a reply "Well I suppose it'll keep me from being constantly bored in this room." Remembering the picture frame he still held in his hands, Alfendi was about to put the picture back up until he found it snatched from his hands. He quickly turned to see the young girl grasping the frame tightly as her body shook a bit. In the frame held a picture of Maria Whistler, smiling brightly after the end of one of her performances with her daughter happily giving her a bouquet of flowers. Melina smiled sadly at the picture as she spoke "I never told daddy this, but I was with mommy the day she left." A young Melina laughed happily alongside her mother. They had just finished shopping for clothes and were headed to a restaurant to eat. It wasn't long till they got a waiter and were sat at a table for two. Melina was about to tell her mother what she wished to eat until she spotted a flower salesman through the window. Wanting to get her mother a flower, she begged for money in order to purchase the flower. Much to her happiness, her mother gave her the amount she needed. Melina didn't waste any time dashing outside and buying a purple flower. But when she returned to the restaurant, she froze in fear and confusion when she saw a strange man with dirty-blonde hair and beard and wearing sunglasses sitting at the table with her mother. "Mrs. Whistler, my informants tell me that you have a great interest in the tale of Ambrosia, so much so that you wish to preform the 'Song of the Sea' in a future performance." the man stated in a stern and threatening tone. Maria pursed her lips before she replied "I am, but I don't see why that's important to you Mr. Bronev." Bronev neatly folded his hands together and leaned forward, allowing his crimson like eyes to peek over his sunglasses. "I have a strong interest in that song Mrs. Whistler, so much to the point that I cannot allow anyone else to hear that song." he said, his tone deepening with the last few words. The blonde-headed woman grew nervous before directing her attention toward the approaching waiter. She formed a small smile of gratitude as the waiter placed a cup before her and poured tea into it. Once the waiter was gone, her smile vanished as her green eyes focused back toward the man before her. Maria's finger stiffened a bit as she lifted up the cup. She didn't know why but she felt a wave of unease and dark intent emitting from the man. "Well I still intend to preform it. There's nothing you can do to stop me." she replied before taking a long sip of her tea. Seeing the woman had taken a drink, a sly grin formed on Bronev's face, prompting the blonde-headed woman to grow frightful. "On the contrary, Mrs. Whistler," he began as he stood up from the table, "I already have." Without another word, he left the table; his grin never leaving his face. Melina was confused about what the man was talking about until she heard a loud smash. She spun around to see her mother slumped over on the table with her tea cup spilt. Out of worry, she started shouting for her mother and shaking her, earning the entire restaurant's attention. But no matter what she did, her mother did not awaken. Alfendi's yellow eyes were wide in shock. He was surprised to learn the girl had witnessed her mother die before her very eyes. He was able to easily deduce that the man Melina saw Maria speaking to had poisoned her tea through the means of the waiter, but he couldn't understand what the man seeked to gain by preventing the woman from singing the song. Descole's heart nearly stopped when he heard the young girl's confession. He had always known that Maria Whistler was killed by poison, but he never knew it was through Targent. He clenched his teeth tightly in anger; he knew Bronev only took the woman's life so that he would lose a clue to unlocking the Azran legacy. He was very fortunate his biological father didn't realize that he required more than just the song to discover Ambrosia, but guilt kept filling his heart that another innocent life had been claimed by Targent, just like his wife and daughter's was.
  17. As of this morning, my aunt has finally ended her fight. She died in the hospital this morning.

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      I'm very sorry to hear that... :(

      May she rest in peace.

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      Indigo Rush

      hang in there :( 

    3. Eevee of the Everstone

      Eevee of the Everstone

      Its always hard to lose a love one.

      Hopefully you have friends and family around to help.

    4. Ellipsis-Ultima


      Condolences to you and your family on this hard time.

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      I'm so sorry. You and your family have my condolences and I hope you all find comfort and get through this difficult time. 

  18. So good news. Michael Bay has confirmed that Transformers: The Last Knight will not be 3 hours long. In fact it will be shorter than the previous three films.

    1. pppp


      So instead of a 3 hour shitty movie, we get a 2 hour shitty movie. Great deal I guess?

    2. sonicgirl313


      Well he's improving. The fact the movie is shorter shows he's at least listening to people. He improved with elements in AOE and my lowest expectation is that he at least improves on those elements even more.

  19. This is a weird question but is anyone willing to gift me Heart's Medicine: Hospital Heat on Steam? I saw Jackscepticeye play it but unfortunately I'm short on funds. It look really interesting to play.

  20. Call me crazy, but I'm super excited to see Transformers: The Last Knight on opening day! Whoo!

  21. Chapter 32 Never thought I would have to revisit the memory of that orn. But for you to understand exactly who took Red Amy, I have to start at the beginning. Ratchet's engine revved as he dove for cover in the middle of a war zone. His vents pounded with adrenaline and some fear. Not wanting to make any sounds, the medic pulled out his navigational scanner and saw he wasn't too far from the marked coordinates. He had received a coded message from one of the Autobots' informants and the council commanded that he recover and escort that informant at all costs. The red and white mech cycled in air as he frantically searched the battleground. Seeing there were no Decepticons nearby, without hesitation, he made a mad dash for the coordinates. He clenched his denta tightly as he jumped down in a large hole, managing to avoid a few stray laser blasts sent his way. The mech's spark pounded as he immediately pressed himself against the wall, hiding away his chassis in the shadows. Much to his relief, a few Decepticons ran by without even noticing him. He sighed before taking a look around in the hole, searching for any sign of an Autobot. Ratchet kept searching until the sound of a blaster charging up reached his audio receptors. He quickly spun around to see an injured green femme, holding her blaster in one servo and laying her other over a large hole in her side. Immediately recognizing her as the informant, Ratchet slowly held his servos up as he said "Easy, it's okay. I'm an Autobot too. My name is Ratchet and I'm the chief medical officer. I was sent here to escort you back to Autobot Headquarters after we received your distress call." The femme shuttered her optics a few times before she slowly lowered her blaster. She immediately hissed in pain, tightening her grip over the wound in her side. The medic quickly kneeled down next to the femme. Silently he activated the flashlight in his digit in order to assess the Autobot's injuries. The moment the light shined upon the femme's chassis, the mech's spark nearly stopped pulsing. He could see that not only was there a large blast wound in her side, but also that her entire leg managed to get blown off. "No wonder you sent that distress signal. You can't even transform with this much damage done to your chassis. Fortunately I think I can at least patch up that hole of yours. As for your leg, I'll have to do most of the work at headquarters, but I think I can use some scraps here to make a temporary leg." he stated. The femme nodded her helm in understanding, watching as the medic began summoning a few of his tools from subspace. "So tell me," Ratchet asked as he got out the last of his tools, "what exactly is your name?" The green femme grunted in pain before managing to utter out an answer "Angelight, my name is Angelight." "Okay Angelight, so your wounds are so severe that using stasis gas won't work. Your circuitry and sensors are in a panic from the shock, meaning even in stasis your chassis will still feel pain and you'll awaken with extreme pain. So in order for you to be fit for travel, I'm going to have to nullify your sensors with this." the medic replied. With the last of his words leaving his mouth, the mech made a small yellow generator raise up from an open slot in his red gauntlet. "What's that device?" Angelight asked out of confusion. "It's an EMP generator." the medic answered, "It's designed to send out electronic waves that nullify all sources of technology. It can be quite dangerous which is why I'm only going to give you a low dose. With such a small amount, it should only nullify your sensors. Any stronger and it can wipe out functions such as movement, transforming, speaking, or even worse, your processor." The injured femme flinched slightly, feeling uneasy about a device capable of such devastation being used on her. But slowly she become more calm and trusting of the medic as he constantly reinsured her, telling her that he knew how exactly how many waves he should output to avoid doing any damage. The femme uttered no words as Ratchet activated his EMP generator. Within seconds, her optics dimmed as she temporarily slipped into stasis. I thought it would have been an easy job. Just patch her up and get her back to headquarters. But I could have never imagined the events that followed. Ratchet rubbed his servo across his helm as he finished the last of the repairs on Angelight. He had patched up the wound on her side and crafted a temporary leg for her to walk on. He grunted as he placed the femme on his shoulder, knowing that she still had to recover from the effects of the EMP generator. Using all his strength, the mech managed to haul both him and Angelight out of the hole. His optics glanced back and forth searching for any signs of Decepticons. Believing the coast was clear, Ratchet quickly darted for a tunnel. He required cover if he were to safely transform and get Angelight to safety. Unfortunately the moment he reached the tunnel, he heard the sound of an engine roaring. The medic knew instantly that he had been spotted. In an attempt to protect the injured informant, he ran deeper into the tunnel, hoping the darkness will act as cover. Once he felt he was far enough, he gently rested Angelight against the wall. Ratchet clenched his denta whilst summoning his blaster. He intended to deal with his pursuer personally. Very carefully and cautiously he searched the tunnel, looking for any signs of a Decepticon. He searched every corner of the dark tunnel till suddenly he heard the sound of footsteps. Quickly he spun around and began firing. The light from the laser blasts manage to shine upon this pursuer to reveal a dark figure. Ratchet tried to fire at the figure, unfortunately the mysterious Cybertronian dashed along the shadows, almost as if he was a mere shadow as well. The medic jerked his helm back and forth, trying to relocate his opponent. Suddenly, without warning, he was greeted with a swift punch to his face. He yelled out as he smashed against the tunnel wall. The red and white mech shook his helm a few times, just in time to see another fist flying toward him. Acting fast, Ratchet jerked to the side just in time to avoid the punch. Using the dodge to his advantage, the medic quickly summoned his wrench. With his servo gripping it tightly, he bashed the wrench against the intruder's head, earning a yell from them. The mech's green optics widened in shock when he heard his opponent's yell. To him the yell sounded distorted, almost as if the voice box was barely functioning. Unfortunately he failed to stop his pursuer from quickly turning into his vehicle form and began to quickly speed off in the direction where Angelight lay unconscious. Not wanting to lose the Autobot's informant to a possible Decepticon, Ratchet brought out his EMP generator. He never wanted to use it as a weapon due to its capability of devastating results, but he was desperate. Without hesitation, he blasted the electric waves toward his fleeing opponent. All of the sudden, the loud beeping of something shutting off filled the air. The medic glanced up at the source of the beeping only to realize too late that he had fallen for a trap. Within seconds a wall dropped down on the mech, both injuring him and pinning him to the ground. Ratchet grunted as he desperately tried to free himself from underneath the wall. He kept struggling until he heard the familiar sound of transforming. He tilted his helm back to see standing before him a mech with a green and black chassis and wearing a skeletal mask that hid his face. "Normally that wall was suppose to drop with a push of a button. But either was, I'd say my trap worked out rather nicely." the green and black mech chuckled as he kneeled down to the Autobot's level, "By the way, I noticed that you left a femme a little ways back. I wouldn't suppose she's an Autobot Informant." Ratchet snarled at the tone the mech before him taunted him with. The green and black mech couldn't help but find himself amused at the Autobot's rage before commenting "You Autobots are all the same. Act all angry and are ready to charge in battle, yet gullible enough to follow orders from a processorless leader." "So in other words, you're another Decepticon." the medic stated. Much to Ratchet's surprise, the medic groaned in frustration before answering "No, I'm on no one's side. If you ask me, both the Autobots and Decepticons are like squabbling younglings, fighting over a simple planet. No, I'm a bounty hunter. I work for whoever offers me the most and it just so happens that Bowsertron has offered me quite the reward for the capture of your little friend over there." The mech laughed as he stood up, his red optics glowing brightly behind his mask. "Originally I was going to just take her and possibly just offline you. But after seeing that little, interesting gadget on that gauntlet of yours, I think it's in my best interest to take you as well." he stated. Without another word, he punched Ratchet directly in the helm with all his strength, managing successfully to knock the medic into stasis. I had no idea how long I was under. All I know is that when I woke up, it wasn't a pretty sight. Ratchet groaned as his senses slowly returned to him. He shuttered his optics a few times as he examined his surroundings. Quickly he learned both he and Angelight were in a prison cell meant for Autobots. He glanced over at his companion to see the femme frantically cycling in air. A guilty frown formed on his face as he turned his helm away; his job was to escort her yet he ended up landing both of them in a Decepticon prison. The two were stirred from their thoughts when they heard the sound of someone approaching. Ratchet felt like his spark nearly stopped pulsing when he lifted his helm to see not only the mech that had captured him but Bowsertron standing outside of the cell as well. "One Autobot informant like you asked, heck I even snagged a field medic to boot." the green and black mech smirked. Bowsertron remained silent for a few moments, examining the two Autobots with a stern glare. Finally he turned toward the Autobot's captor and said "Well done, Locker. Have the femme sent to Vectorwave so he can retrieve the information stored in her processor. As for the medic, I can care less what happens to him. Either way, you shall receive your reward once the task is complete." With that said, the Decepticon Leader walked away without a single noise, leaving Locker with the two prisoners. Locker chuckled as he signaled with his servo for two Decepticon guards to come over. He stood back as he allowed the guards to enter the cell, placing energy cuffs on the two Autobots before walking them out of the cage. The moment Ratchet was brought out of the cell, without warning Locker instantly seized ahold of the mech's neck. He grinned underneath his mask as he watched the Autobot squirm in his grip. "Quit squirming will ya?" he said as he formed his grip tighter around the medic's neck, "I'm not going to do anything to ya... yet. You're just insurance that your friend doesn't try anything stupid. Once she's in Vectorwave's custody, I'm going to take that little generator of yours and add it to my collection." Ratchet clenched his denta both in anger and pain. He refused to accept that he failed his mission. His green optics focused on Angelight; he saw the frightened look on her face as the Decepticon guard held her back. The femme optics darted between the floor and the energy cuffs around Ratchet's wrists. Finally her engine hummed as she shuttered her optics, content with what she was about to do. The moment her optics snapped open, she kicked the guard that had ahold of her, freeing herself. Acting swiftly she slammed her chassis against Locker's, prompting him to immediately drop the medic on the floor. The red and white medic shook his helm, quickly regaining his bearings. Seeing that the other guard was after Angelight whom was in a struggle with Locker, he quickly bashed his energy cuffs down on the guard's helm, both knocking out the guard and breaking the cuffs. Seeing that his servos were free, Angelight immediately asked if the medic still had his EMP generator. Much to her relief the mech revealed he still had in his possession by raising it up from his gauntlet.. Struggling to keep the bounty hunter back, the green femme shouted "Remember what you told me the EMP generator was capable of? I need you to give me a strong enough blast to erase the codes in my processor!" "What?!" Ratchet exclaimed out of shock, "But that's dangerous! I have no idea what kind of effect that strong of a blast will have on you!" "Please Ratchet," the femme pleaded, "we can't let these codes fall to the Decepticons. Otherwise they'll gain control of Project Omega X!" The red and white mech's felt like his entire chassis was shaking in panic. He didn't want to possibly do irreversible damage to his comrade, but he didn't want the Decepticons to gain important information neither. Unfortunately he didn't get a chance to decide when Locker finally successfully shoved Angelight away and charged toward him. Out of reflex, he activated the EMP generator before entering a struggle with Locker. The two used all their strength in attempt to overpower the other. But as they fought, the energy in the EMP generator constantly built up. It didn't take long for the medic to finally realize what was happening. His vents cycled in air sharply upon noticing that the generator had built up too much energy and would soon overload. He tried to shut down the generator, but unfortunately he got smashed to the ground by Locker. The moment the medic's chassis smashed against the ground, electronic waves finally blasted forth from his generator. He quickly lifted up his helm, hoping he hadn't hit anyone only to see, much to his horror, that the waves had hit Angelight. The femme was only in pain for a few seconds before lifelessly falling to ground. Ratchet's spark pulsed in fear as he quickly scampered off of the ground and darted over to the femme's chassis. His denta and servos were clenched tightly when he lifted up Angelight and began shaking her. Much to his relief, after a few moments of shaking the femme in his arms finally started to awaken. "Angleight, are you okay?" the medic asked out of concern. Angelight silently stared at the mech with her helm tilted slightly. Finally after a few moments of silence, she asked "Who's Angelight? Who are you? What is this place?" Ratchet felt like his entire world had shattered. The thing he had feared had come true. His optics shuttered tightly shut as he desperately fought back the cries of anguish he wanted to release. He was in charge of keeping her safe and now he had failed both her and the Autobots. The mech continued to dwell in his depression until he felt a pes deliver a hard blow to his side. Ratchet cried out as he slammed against the wall, pain coursing throughout his entire chassis. He groaned as he looked up to see an enraged Locker. "You idiotic scrap! Do you have any idea what you just cost me?" the bounty hunter roared in anger whilst delivering another kick to the medic. He snarled as he slammed his green and black pes down on the Autobot's chest, earning a yell in pain from the mech. His red optics glowed in rage behind his mask as he leaned down and grabbed ahold of Ratchet's arm. Using his free servo, he ripped the EMP generator off the medic's gauntlet, ignoring his yells of pain as the circuitry lines snapped. Ratchet's engine rumbled as he coughed; his green optics glanced at his gauntlet that now had a large sparking hole with broken wires. He looked over at Angelight to see her curled up against the wall in fear, still confused by her surroundings and the event she was witnessing. He wanted to comfort the femme, insure her that everything will be alright. Unfortunately he didn't get the chance as he found himself lifted up by Locker and smashed against the wall once more. "I was just going to take your EMP generator and just offline you. But after what you've just done, it isn't good enough to just offline you. No I'd rather tell Bowsertron what you've done. Trust me, once he finds out he'll make sure you feel like you've gone to the Pit itself!" the green and black mech snarled, "But before Bowsertron takes his rage out on you, I think I'll have my turn first." Ratchet said nothing as he was forced to bare through the mech's beatings. With every blow and kick, the mech clenched his denta tightly, refusing to unleash any yells of pain. He could feel nothing but pain throughout his entire chassis as the bounty hunter continued to beat away on him. Locker stayed true to his promise and informed Bowsertron of my deed. Sure enough, the Decepticreep made sure my time in that prison was beyond the worse horrors I could even imagine. With all the torture I endured from the guards, I might have joined the AllSpark if not for that rescue. Ratchet lay in his cell with his vents blowing softly. His sensors couldn't register anything anymore except for the pain running throughout his chassis. His armor was torn and dented along with many wounds that constantly were leaking energon. He could barely feel any strength within him as his spark pulsed weakly, showing signs of flickering out if he were to endure anymore of the guard's brutality. Suddenly he heard the sound of yelling fill the air. The mech tried to listen to make out the sounds but unfortunately his audio receptors were too damaged to make out the sound. The medic groaned as he slowly shuttered his optics, struggling to keep them open. He kept them closed until the sound of his cell door opened. He reactivated his optics, expecting to see one of the Decepticon guards that had constantly tortured him. But much to his shock, instead of a Decepticon he saw a short red and white Autobot shining a light on him. The Autobot stared at him horrified with his large green optics wide as he said "By the Matrix, Ratchet is that really you?" Ratchet remained silent as he stared at the Autobot, trying to recognize him. Fortunately it didn't take long as he cracked a weak grin, recognizing the Autobot as Clank Aid. "Hey Clank." he uttered weakly, "What took ya so long?" Thanks to Clank, I was quickly patched up. I had shortly learned the council had sent the Protectobots team to recover captured Autobots, mostly to recover Angelight. As soon as we reached the base, the council took Angelight into their custody to see if the codes were recoverable. It wasn't long till finally they summoned me to forcible extract the codes from her processor. I felt miserable, first I caused her to lose her memory, then I was having to perform a procedure that could offline her. I can't explain what happened next but you know the rest for Angelight. She was taken into Peach-One's custody where Keriacer helped her back on her on peds by telling her name and reminding her of her core programing as a scientist. The reason I never wanted to revisit that orn wasn't because of the torture I experienced in that prison, it was because to this orn I still feel responsible for Angelight's state.
  22. I'm pretty annoyed with Game Theory's latest video, especially with being a huge Disney fan that poured many ours into studying the history of Walt Disney.

  23. Chapter 31 Daisy took in deep and frantic breaths as targets were sent flying toward her. With her arm blades flaring with energy, she slashed and destroyed the incoming targets. Before she could get the chance to breath, more targets were sent flying toward her. She huffed in frustration as she swung her arm blades once again. But due to spending most of her energy destroying the first targets, a few managed to pass her and hit the wall. The technoragnic flinched when the sound of the buzzer filled the air. Espiowl was silently watching the training scene unfold before him with his arms folded across his chest in a stern appearance. His yellow optics glanced over at the fallen targets as he began counting them without uttering a single word. After a few moments of silence, he finally said "You missed three more targets than last time, your movements have gotten sloppier. Your goal is to try to miss as little as possible and showing worse results isn't a sign of improvement." Daisy yelled and stomped her foot in frustration. It annoyed her to no ends that the mech insisted that she train without even using her jet boosters or her palm blasters. She didn't understand why the Autobot wanted her to work on her arm blades when her specialty was to zip around the enemy in order to confuse him before using her advanced scanning ability in order to learn their weaknesses. The young woman never considered using her arm blades for attacks but to block blows from her opponents. Espiowl didn't even need his student to say anything in order for him to understand the frustration she was feeling. A small happy yet bitter smile grew on his face as he recalled how he was very much the same way with his former mentor Lucariotron. His grin began to falter more and more as his processor pulled up the memory log of the scene of devastation once he returned from the task given to him by his mentor. The Autobot's spark pulsed frequently in rage and agony at remembering every single Cybertronian in Lucariotron's dojo laying dead on the ground with a countless of assortment of wounds that nearly caused the ground to be completely covered in the energon of fallen and defenseless Cybertronians. The black mech grunted as he pressed his servo against his helm, doing his best to banish the horrifying images that managed to remain burned into his memory logs over the course of thousands of years. Having noticed her teacher's struggle, the technorganic frowned as she tilted her head to the side in both confusion and concern. "Espiowl, are you alright? Are you wanting to take a break or are you starting to get more frustrated with how my training has been going?" Daisy finally suggested. Espiowl jolted up his helm as his yellow optics shuttered frequently, having forgotten what his current task was. His vents rumbled as they cycled in air, using the training Lucariotron had taught him to help clear his mind. Once he was calm enough, he finally replied "I'm alright, but I suppose a break is needed anyway. It's about time I escort Ness back home anyway." Daisy frowned as she watched her teacher leave the room. Feeling the exhaustion from her training she let out a tired sigh as she plopped onto the ground, transforming back to her human form. She was so tired that she failed to notice the sound of the door to the training room reopening. All of the sudden, the technorganic jolted in surprise when she felt something tap her shoulder. She immediately spun around to be greeted by the sight of none other than Calliester. The red femme's chassis was frozen stiff in surprise from the reaction of her newest comrade before she slowly eased down and allowed a smirk to grow on her face. "You know, it's good Espiowl's training is making you more aware and ready for action. But you don't need to act like a kremzeek running rampant on Cybertron." the Autobot remarked. The ginger-headed girl tilted her head in curiosity before asking "What exactly is a kremzeek?" Instead of the red femme answering, Jeff entered the room as he explained that a kremzeek was a creature engineered by the Decepticons that fed off of pure energy. "Cliffalcon taught me about them during one of my many lessons about Cybertron. The creature drains any energy it can find, including the ones found in Cybertronians. They programmed the creature to ignore Decepticons so that they wouldn't have to worry about the creature trying to feed on them." the young boy continued to explain, "Apparently the Kremzeek was created to drain the Autobots of their resources and to weaken their numbers. Fortunately Wheelegad was able to help Mario with a plan to drive them off of Cybertron by using an energy field hooked to a missile. The Kremzeek chased after the energy and was promptly destroyed." Calliester smiled nervously upon recalling that event. She did her best from groaning at remembering how the Kremzeek seemed especially interested in the energy radiating off her spark, resulting in the creature zipping in and out of her, constantly feeding on her energy bit by bit. The femme knew her spark would had been consumed by the creature if not for the fast thinking of Angelight by spraying her down with the insulating foam she developed. "I have to admit, Jeff." Daisy spoke up, snapping Calliester away from her memories, "I'm impressed with how much you keep learning about Cybertron from your lessons. You know the planet's history, culture, and from what I've heard, you're even learning a bit of the Cybertronian language. Maybe with the knowledge you can help me get a better understanding of my technorganic nature." Jeff hummed as he pushed up his glasses a bit in thought; he never considered the possibility of using his studies on Cybertron to gain knowledge on the unique trait that not only his friend possessed but also the former Autobot femme commander Shadowarachnia. He was stirred from his thoughts when he heard the red Autobot state that they would have to take the topic outside of the training room. The two friends were confused until, for a split-second, they both managed to catch a glimpse of a certain blue and white youngling. Knowing they had already spotted Strongsamus, Calliester smiled softly with her servos firmly planted on her hip-joints as she explained "She's been warming up to me quite lately. But I suppose that's because I don't bombard her with questions, instead I opt to change into my altform and listen to the latest fresh tunes. I understand that it's shocking to learn there are still surviving younglings, but she's isn't really going to provide any information to a bunch of Cybertronians she barely knows." Daisy nodded her head in understanding; she easily noticed how the youngling often steered clear of the other Autobots, especially Sidesnake. Without another word, she gestured Jeff to follow her as she began to leave the training room. But once she reached the door, Strongsamus tried to dash past the young woman which caused her shoulder to accidentally make contact with Daisy's hand. The ginger-headed woman sucked in a sharp breath with her eyes glowing bright blue. Visions flashed through Daisy's head of a fierce battle between Cybertronians, offlined mechs and femmes that had fallen in battle, a mech with a large gash in his chest, a femme impaled with a large sword with her optics flickering as spark faded. In the center of the horrifying carnage she witnessed a dark figure with bright glowing yellow optics. The technoragnic rapidly took in quick breaths, jerking her hand away from the youngling. Her body shook with her eyes wide in horror, terrified at the visions she witnessed. "Daisy, are you alright? You're freaking out pretty bad." Jeff stated with a frown. Daisy inhaled deeply, trying to calm herself down before answering in a hesitant tone "Yeah, yeah I'm fine." Without another word she left the training room, not knowing that Strongsamus was staring at her with her optics filled in confusion. Back at Dinobot Island, Shadowarachnia sat on a large rock with a frustrated glare; the injured legs on her back twitching every so often. It infuriated her that the Autobots left her in the one place she couldn't escape from unless she had help. Being trapped on an island, surrounded by the very thing her organic form couldn't survive in. But she didn't blame the Dinobots for their insight. The femme was stunned when Yoshilock explained that he was only trying to prevent her from being locked up as a returned favor for her helping him and his team. She was stirred from her thoughts when she saw the familiar green glow of Groundbridge appear behind her. The technoragnic hissed as she crossed her arms, her digits rapidly tapping her arm. When she saw the glow disappear and the sound of heavy footsteps approaching her, she already knew whom had emerged from the Groundbridge. "Whatever you have to say, Prime, I'm not interested." Shadowarachnia stated without even looking. Mario's optics widened in surprise before he asked "How did you know it was me?" The black and purple femme spun around on the rock where she was now facing the Autobot leader, revealing her narrowed red optics that were filled with both anger and hate. "I knew it was you because you're the only Autobot, aside from the Dinobots, that insist on helping me. Well if you're here to once again try to tell me I'm this Peach-One or trying to convince me to join the Autobots, it's not going to happen." she replied in a bitter tone. The Prime remained silent for a few moments, a little disappointed at the femme's words before finally speaking up "Actually I came to see how your legs were healing. They were damaged pretty badly when Bowsertron threw you." Shadowarachnia's face softened in surprise. She leaned one of her spider legs forward to show it had stopped leaking energon and was now slowly healing. Her lips pursed together as she ran her servo over the tip of the leg, flinching in pain upon discovering that it was still quite sore from the impact. Her servo lingered for a few seconds before finally lowering as she moved her leg back. "As you can see, my legs are still in the process of growing back. It may be a quite a few cycles until it fully recovers. While I despise you at the moment, I thank you for your concern." the technoragnic replied in a softer tone. Mario raised an optic-ridge in interest at the tone Shadowarachnia had taken on. He constantly told himself multiple times that the femme before him wasn't the Peach he knew, but he couldn't help but draw a parallel between the two. Every action and word the technorganic uttered, it held the same determination and strength carried in Peach's words. Drawing himself away from his thoughts, the red mech asked "What shall you do once you have completely healed?" Shadowarachnia scoffed bitterly at the Prime's question. She couldn't believe he would ask such a foolish question when in reality, it didn't matter if she would completely heal, she would still be trapped on the island. Apart of her was tempted to even inject the mech with her cyber-venom once more if it weren't for the fact the legs on her back were stuck healing. So instead, she opted to remain silent as she hatefully glared at the Autobot before her. The Autobot leader, frowned in slight guilt when he realized his question has accidentally struck a nerve. His vents cycled in air as he sat down next to the femme. "I'm sorry, Shadowarachnia, but you were a risk to my troop. Just know that putting you here was better than leaving you in a cell back at the Ark. I wasn't sure what to do with you and when the Dinobots offered to take you, I took advantage of it. I'm not forcing you to join the Autobots, but I can't allow you to bring harm to my troop either. I hope you understand this; my intention is not to treat you as a prisoner." Mario explained. The femme remained silent but the grip on her arm loosened. She didn't understand why but the mech's words made her spark ache a bit, as if she did understood his intentions but it hurt that she understood. Her optics glanced at the ground as she gently cycled in air, unsure how to respond to the Prime's confession. Deciding to break the silence, Shadowarachnia finally spoke up "Why do you care about this Peach-One?" Mario lifted his helm in surprise. Due to his lack of silence, he saw it prompted the former Decepticon to repeat her question in a slight annoyed tone. He took a few moments as he debated where or not to tell her the truth. Finally he came up with a decision whilst his vents released a long blast of air. "I care about Peach-One because I love her." the Autobot Leader confessed, "She was by my side almost to the beginning, fighting through the thick and thin. She would travel to the Pit and back if it meant helping me win this war. We were both equals and we both contained our emotions for the sake of the war. That choice is something I deeply regret. I never realized how much I truly cared for her until that day I had received news that she had been taken by the Decepticons and there were no signs of her life signal." The black and purple femme's chassis stiffened as her legs slightly curled around her upon hearing the mech's words. Each word caused her spark to ache as images of Peach-One fighting alongside the brave leader constantly flashed through her processor. She clenched her denta and dug her clawed digits slightly in her arm, not caring if they left scratches. "Is that why you seem to fuss over me so much, because you believe somewhere inside Peach-One is still the femme that sits before you?" she asked, doing her best to shove back the bitterness in her tone. "Only at first, but not anymore." Mario answered, causing the technoragnic to jolt in surprise as he continued, "That day when we had that meeting, I hoped I could prove you were the femme of my past. But after that encounter, I came to realize you weren't quite the Peach-One I remembered. So I decided to accept the fact, no matter what name you carried, you were your own being. No matter what you would choose, may it be Shadowarachnia or Peach-One, I would respect and accept that decision. Only you can decide who you truly are." Shadowarachnia was stunned by the Prime's answer. She had thought at first that she was only a mere beacon for a lovesick Cybertronian's hope that he could regain what he had lost, but she saw that thought was wrong. Instead the Prime had chosen to cast away the memories that emanated from gazing on her form and accept her for who she believed to be. But before she could say another word, the sound of stomping filled the air. The next thing she knew, Mario had been knocked to the ground by a very angry Yoshilock in his T-Rex form. "I told you, she's staying with us. Spiderlady stays with Dinobots!" he roared with his optics glowing brightly red, struggling to form proper sentences due to his rage. The red mech grunted as he pushed himself off the ground a bit as he exclaimed "I wasn't trying to take her! I was just checking to make sure she was alright!" The robotic dinosaur snorted with steam blasting out his vents before craning his helm toward Shadowarachnia. "Does Prime speak truth, or was he bothering you?" he asked with a hint of a snarl with his last few words. The technoragnic shuttered her optics a few times before answering "Yes, he is telling the truth. He wasn't bothering me whatsoever." The Dinobot cycled in air, giving one last glare at Mario before stomping off. Shadowarachnia sighed in relief as she rubbed her digits against the crest of her helm. While she did appreciate how the Dinobots insured she wasn't taken by the Autobots, she found herself often annoyed by how protective Yoshilock could get with her. She wondered if the Dinobot's protective nature might have been accidentally increased when Ganonwave altered him to be more aggressive in the first place. "It's about time I should leave anyway, I can't be gone from the Ark for long periods of time." Mario stated as he stood and dusted the dirt of his arm. He activated his comm and requested for the Groundbridge to be reopened. Within a few seconds the green glowing Groundbridge appeared before him. Though before he could enter it, he turned back toward Shadowarachnia. The technorganic raised an optic-ridge as she said "I suppose this means I should expect future visits." The Autobot leader nodded his helm to silently answer. Without any words or goodbyes, the Prime entered and disappeared into the Groundbridge. Shadowarachnia's optics lingered on the spot Mario once stood, even after the Groundbridge disappeared. Her healing legs twitched once more and she cycled in air, nothing but heavy thoughts filling her processor. Back at the Ark, Ratchet was in shock as he stared at the video-screen that held the image of none other then Zeldia. "What do you mean that Red Amy has fled Cybertron?!" he exclaimed in shock. The blue femme's optics glanced downward in guilt as she explained "Red Amy tried to infiltrate Ganonwave's lab a few quartexes ago. We never knew why she did it but upon trying to escape she ended up getting caught in a blast that broke her helm. She eventually woke up but her optics were glowing red and she kept shouting these crazy paranoia's. We tried to recover her so she could be treated, but she managed to escape with an unknown pilot on a ship." The medic stroked his chinplates in thought for a moment before commenting "Sounds like that blast ended up frying her logic circuits. With her logic circuits not functioning properly her processor ends up running rampant with thoughts that result in her paranoia." "Fried logic circuits, that's terrible. If she isn't treated, her processor will overload and end up frying all of her systems, extinguishing her spark!" Zeldia stated as her spark pulsed in panic, "Ratchet, you need to tell me what happened that orn." The medic froze a bit in fear, needing little to no guesses to know what the femme was referring to. Gathering his fear, he asked her to be more pacific only to have his fears confirmed; Zeldia wanted to learn the untold story of when he and Angelight were captured by the Deceptions. His chassis shook as the memory logs flashed through his processor, prompting him to shutter his optics. Zeldia frowned when she noticed the medic trembling in fear before gently stating "Ratchet, when Slyscreen tried to get Red Amy, he ended up in a state that was much similar to the one Angelight was found in, but not as bad of a degree to hers was. I think whoever was the pilot of the ship, might be connected to your experience in that Decepticon Prison. Please, Ratchet, you have to tell me." The red and white mech's green optics snapped wide open when he heard those words. He was in disbelief that the one that aided Amy was the one that delivered him and Angelight to the Decepticons in the first place. Knowing the threat that the mysterious pilot was known for, Ratchet cycled in air deeply as he lifted his helm. He remained silent as he prepared himself to face the memories he swore never to revisit until finally he uttered "Alright, I'll tell you what happened that orn."
  24. The voice for Megatron in Transformers: The Last Knight has been revealed. Is it Hugo Weaving or Frank Welker, check out the topic to find out!

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      Frank Welker is awesome! then again I've watched all the cartoons.... other than Beast machines and the Energon trilogy

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  25. Chapter 9 Undyne didn't utter a single word as her and Sans finally reached their destination. She frowned as her yellow eye studied the worn down and abandoned lab that once belonged to the friend she deeply cared for. She grunted slightly as she handed Asriel's unconscious body over to Sans. She kneeled down and retrieved a key that was snuggly kept on the inside of her boot. Sans raised a brow in interest as he watched the knight stood back up before unlocking the door to the lab. "you know i could have given you a key, a skeleton key." he chuckled, earning an annoyed grunt from the annoyed monster as she opened the door. "Sans, you should already know that I obviously had been given a spare key to this place by Alphys. She didn't want me to stuck outside waiting like what happened that one day." Undyne grumbled as she took Asriel back into her arms. The two monsters didn't share anymore words with each other as they entered the lab. But once inside, the female knight was shocked to discover that the computer and camera monitors were on. She narrowed her yellow eye in suspicion; she didn't remember leaving any of Alphys' things on during her last visit to the lab. She carefully began studying the surroundings in the lab as she gently sat Asriel down with his back resting against the wall. Undyne kept searching for any other details that could be out of place until she was startled by Sans letting out a single cough. The knight grumbled as she slapped her hand over the skeleton's mouth, giving him an annoyed glare. Much to her frustration, the monster simply shrugged his shoulders with a lazy expression. At that moment, the sound of gears moving filled the air. Undyne snapped her head to the sound of the direction to see the sounds were emerging from behind a closed bathroom door. She tilted her head in confusion, unaware that she had let hand drop from Sans' mouth. "huh, talk about some serious bathroom issues. you can practically hear the pipes from here." the skeleton commented. Undyne took a moment to glare at her comrade before directing her attention toward the bathroom door once more. The moment she saw the door knob started turning, the knight summoned her blue spear and got into a fighting stance. With a battle cry she threw her spear before charging toward the intruder with another spear already summoned in her hand. But once she reached the intruder, she paused when she saw standing before was a robotic monster wearing a white lab coat and goggles. She could see his pink eyes, which could barely be seen behind the goggles, were wide in shock at the fact the spear embedded in the wall had barely missed his head. "My... I go off to the little robot's room and I come back to almost get my head speared." the robot commented in surprise. "hey at least you didn't get turned into a spearhead." Sans joked as he approached the two. Undyne rolled her eye in annoyance before directing her attention toward the robotic monster. She snarled as she jabbed her spear toward him, demanding to know what he was doing in the lab that belonged to her best friend. Much to her frustration, the intruder simply chuckled as he gently nudged the spear to the side. The knight couldn't help but allow a small grunt of anger escape her mouth. She didn't know why, but the robot's smug attitude reminded her of a friend Alphys once had brought to her house who ended up annoying her to no ends. Having been reminded of the horrible houseguest, Undyne paratically grinded her teeth together in fury whilst she gave the robot before her a hateful glare. "I wouldn't frown so much dearie, it will only create frown lines. While your face isn't quite all that, frown lines would only worsen the problem." the robotic monster warned with a smug smirk. The female monster's face froze in shock upon hearing this before snapping "Did you just imply I'm ugly?!" "Well, now that you mention it..." the robot replied as he tapped his finger against his chin. Unfortunately he was unable to finish his sentence as Undyne roared in rage. Sans chuckled as he watched the robot start fleeing in fear as the enraged knight started chasing him around the room while flailing her spear rapidly. He was distracted by the scene until he heard the sound of a small groan. He turned around to see Asriel begin to stir with his eyes screwed tightly shut in pain. Without a word, the skeleton walked over to the young monster and kneeled down next to him. "hey ya kid, head still pounding?" he asked. Asriel slowly blinked open his red eyes, feeling nothing but a throbbing pain in his head. He glanced around at his surroundings, unsure where he currently was. He slowly turned to see not only Sans staring at him but also Undyne chasing the robot around the room with her spear. The young monster tried to stand up, only to flinch both from the pain and dizziness dwelling in his head. Seeing the child was in need of healing, Sans pressed his skeletal hand against the back of Asriel's head. He muttered a quick apology when the monster whimpered in pain slightly from touch being applied to his bruise. Within a few seconds, the skeleton's hand started glowing blue as he began healing Asriel's injury. It wasn't long till the bruise finally faded away. Asriel sighed in satisfaction, relieved that there was no longer any pounding in his head. But the moment he tried to sit up, he was still greeted with dizziness, prompting him to plop back on floor with an annoyed pout. Sans chuckled as he joked "i would warn ya not to turn into a spinster, but then i remembered you're both too young and a male." Asriel couldn't prevent from bursting in laughter before slapping his hand over his mouth. "Oh my god, Sans! That was a horrible joke!" he replied in a muffled tone due to his hand still covering his mouth. "eh, i would say it's bad enough to kill me. but i'm already a skeleton." Sans responded with a shrug of his shoulders and a wink. The young monster continued to laugh until it slowly died down as he found his thoughts drifting to the incident with the Flower Child. Much like Chara, he was able to see everything unfold through her eyes despite the fact he was unable to rip control away from his sibling. Many conflicted thoughts ran through his mind at not only that Undyne accidentally killed him from being overwhelmed by her determination, but also the Flower Child. Before his world faded to black, he could have swore that when the Flower Child cried out, she jerked her head high enough that her hat flew up slightly. Unsure if it was his imagination or not, Asriel found himself puzzled at the vague memory of seeing what he thought to be scared and worried brown eyes. Sans frowned when he saw Asriel deep in thought. Despite the fact his power only allowed him to see mere small glimpses into the other timelines, he could tell when someone was deep in thought about a line of events that no longer existed. "He's got the same face she always wore. Always deep in thought with a spaced out look in her eyes, as if she wasn't currently in the same universe. It gets easy to read expressions with all that kid made without knowing it." he thought to himself. The two were interrupted from their thoughts by Undyne's yell. They turned to see the knight thrusting her spear into the air with a victorious yell and her red boot slammed down on the robot's back to prevent him from getting away. "Rule number one buddy, never insult the captain of the king's royal guard!" Undyne commented with a smug smirk. Meanwhile, back at the ruins, Toriel unleashed a shaky sigh as she tried to focus on reading her recipe book for cooking snails. But every word she tried to read, she found her thoughts drifting back to her son. Ever since Asriel left on his journey to confront his father, Toriel couldn't help but constantly worry about him. The thought of a monster attacking her son, especially due to him mysteriously having the appearance of a human child filled her heart with dread. The goat-like monster clenched her teeth as she gently closed the book, realizing that it was pointless to try to distract herself. "I wonder if I should have gone with Asriel in the first place." Toriel thought to herself with a frown. Acting on instinct alone, she found her red eyes glancing at the stairway leading to the ruins' exit. Her hands clenched slightly at the thought of taking a peek outside. The female monster knew that ever since she left her husband and the throne, she vowed never to step out from the ruins. She couldn't handle the thought of monsters waiting to slaughter the fallen humans she tried to desperately protect. But Toriel found that the worry for her son was constantly growing stronger with every second to the point it was driving her mad. Unable to take it anymore, the goat-like monster stood up from her chair and quickly dashed for the ruins' exit. Toriel took in shaky breaths as her body shivered in nervousness. After a few moments of hesitation, she finally pushed open the door. The moment the door swung open, the female monster chattered her teeth from feeling the cold wind began to cut through her fur coat. She shivered as she desperately rubbed her hands against her arms, trying to get use to the cold she kept herself locked away for countless years. Toriel's feet crunched against the snow as she took her first few cautious steps out of the ruins. Without a word, the former queen walked down the path leading to Snowdin. Her red eyes glanced around in amazement at the Underground she was greeted with. Her last memory of the kingdom before locking herself away was seeing nothing but despair and hatred, but now she was greeted with the aura of happiness and hope. She kept walking until the sound of a twig snapped filled the air. The female monster gasped both out of fright and surprise as she immediately spun around. For a split-second she managed to see a glimpse of someone hide behind a lamp that seemed to conveniently have the right shape to hide them away from view. "Who's there? I promise you I don't mean any harm." Toriel stated with a friendly smile. But much to her surprise, the female monster could of sworn that the figure snarled in frustration. She didn't understand whether the figure was angry about being spotted or at the fact she was willing to show mercy rather than to fight. Finally she was awakened from her thoughts by the figure saying "I'm not worried about that. I know you wouldn't attack." "Well if you know I won't attack, why won't you come out?" Toriel asked out of confusion. "Because I..." the figure instantly shouted, startling the motherly monster before she lowered to a quieter tone as she continued, "I don't want to you to see me." Toriel found herself truly puzzled by the mysterious figure. She didn't know why but she felt like the sound of figure's voice struck a familiar chord with her. Her eyes closed in thought as she sorted through her memories, trying to recall who the voice belonged to. All of the sudden, the memory of herself trying to fight back tears as she carried a dead child's body in her arms appeared. She could recall the heartbreak she felt as she clung the child's body closely to her chest, ignoring the fact she was getting both blood and seeds on her dress and fur. "Wait, it couldn't be..." Toriel thought to herself as another memory drifted into her mind. Toriel chest heaved as she ran fast as she could, carrying the child's dead body in her arms. She glanced down at the girl's face that seemed both peaceful yet sad at the same time. Seeing that face broke her heart, knowing that the child would never open her eyes ever again. "Don't worry child, I will not let him take your soul. I refuse to let you suffer anymore than you already have." she reinsured as she focused on getting as far away from the castle as she could. The queen of monsters kept running despite her constant pounding heart begging her to take a rest. She kept running until she heard the sounds of guards. She sucked in a sharp breath a she quickly hid behind some bushes. The female monster did her best from letting out her exhausted breaths as the knights grew nearing. She silently backed into the darkness of the corners in attempt to shield herself from the view of the knights. Her red eyes focused on the monsters in black armor running around the courtyard, being led by a fierce female knight with a yellow glowing eye. Toriel's body tensed as she heard the female knight bark at the other knights for them to find the missing queen. This prompted her to raise her brows in surprise at the fact that her former husband didn't mention to the knights that she had fled with their key to escaping the Underground. Deciding to push aside the king's confusing motives aside, she remained silent as she watched the knights continue to search for her. After a few minutes, the knights gave up on searching the courtyard and moved on. The female monster finally released a long sigh, relieved of from both of the tension and fear building up in her. But unfortunately, the moment Toriel walked from the corner, she ended up bumping into a female dinosaur-like monster wearing a white lab coat and glasses. "Your majesty?!" the yellow monster exclaimed in shock. With the fear of the knights finding and catching her, Toriel began to pled "Please you must help me. They mustn't take her, I wouldn't bare it!" Her red eyes stared at the monster before her, growing concerned to see she was staring at her with her mouth hanging open. Her grip tightened around the child's body as the need to protect it grew stronger with every second. "Please, you must help me." she pleaded in a shaky tone, near the verge of tears. The yellow monster bit her lip nervously before finally sighing as she replied "Undyne would want me to do the right thing. Come on, I can take you to my lab in Hotlands. My name is Alphys by the way, I'm the royal scientist and I think I might have a way to help that human you're carrying." Toriel smiled in happiness and relief with tears brimming at the corner of her eyes. Without another word, she silently began following the royal scientist. Toriel immediately gasped upon recalling the memory, now understanding why the voice seemed so familiar to her. "Child, is that really you?!" the former queen exclaimed in shock and happiness. But instead of receiving an answer, the female monster was greeted with vines shooting out from the ground before her. She cried out in surprise as she immediately jumped back and blasted the vines with her fire magic. Within seconds, the vines were set ablaze before crumbling into ash. For a few brief seconds, the motherly monster saw a glimpse of none other than the Flower Child before she vanished in a red light. Toriel's body froze in shock as she stared where the child once stood, having recognized her as the very same girl that attacked Asriel. Now knowing this, Toriel frowned in concern as her past and present memories of the Flower Child began clashing with each other, prompting her ask herself "Child, whatever did Alphys do to you to make you this way?" Back at Alphys' lab, the robot grunted and grumbled as Undyne tied him firmly to a chair. "Alright buddy start talking or else you deal with the spear of justice!" she threatened as she jabbed at him. "Such big words coming from a monster that is traveling with a human of all things." the robot commented with the roll of his eyes. Undyne opened her mouth to object the statement until she recalled how Asriel's true form couldn't be seen. Instead she chose to huff as she slightly banged the top of her spear on top of the robot's head, earning a grunt and stream of complaints from him. Having earned this reaction, the knight couldn't help but snicker in amusement. Eventually her laughter slowly quieted down when she noticed Asriel approach the robot with curiosity filling his red eyes. "Um, I know this might be odd for me to ask, but exactly who are you and what is this place?" he asked. The robot's mouth hung ajar in shock before firmly pursing his lips together in an offended manner. "Well, you would think that this place would be more talked about. This is Mettaton Laboratories. After the royal scientist Alphys disappeared, Underground superstar sensational Mettaton bought this lab to prevent it from fading into obscurity." the robotic-monster replied, grinning slightly as he described Mettaton. "Ha, like that bucket of bolts would be interested in this place. He's just a stuck up snob that's only interested in fame." Undyne bitterly remarked. Sans snickered slightly before commenting that he might be rubbing of Undyne since she had made an unintentionally pun. His grin grew wider when he saw the female monster glare at him for pointing out the fact she didn't care for. "Bolts for... well Madame, if I could even call you that despite how rude you are, Mettaton is an inspiration to all monsters in the underground. Though I doubt you would understand that since you're much too busy swinging around that stick of yours while screaming like a hooligan." the robot responded in an insulted tone. The female monster was about to respond until she felt a hand gently tap her arm. She glanced down to see Asriel shaking his head to silently tell her to ignore the comment. Knowing that it was more important to get answers than constantly throw insults back and forth, the knight grumbled as she firmly folded her arms across her chest. Asriel smiled slightly from seeing his friend heed his advice before directing his attention toward the robot once more. "Alright, I now understand what this place is, but I still don't know who you are." the young monster stated. "Humans, such clueless beings." the robot huffed before continuing, "Well after the fantastic and handsome Mettaton bought the labs, he knew that someone needed to run the place. So that is how I, the brilliant Attem came to be!"
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