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  1. Tales of Vesperia - Out of Context:



  2. I think one of the most obvious-yet-underappreciated jokes in Spongebob is that Patrick, the resident moron, literally lives under a rock.

    1. KHCast


      Would have been some perfect irony if Patrick was in the know about everything going on in bikini bottom 

  3. I got bored, so here: have a Knuckles render.

    Knuckles Render.png

  4. Speak for yourself, some of us actually like world building in our games. Plus, given the Deadly Six and the Lost Hex are utterly superfluous to Lost World's story as is, I'd say fleshing out their history and abilities to give them a greater narrative and/or thematic purpose would indeed go a long way towards making their role in the game more meaningful and, since them making reappearances is, unfortunately, not a hypothetical, it would be nice if we actually had some context for them going forward. EDIT: You made your last post as I was writing this, so you can disregard the part about their future appearances.
  5. I don't hate his design but seriously, that one is way cooler. The thing is Team Dark really weren't actively rude in previous games. Shadow can be prickly and somewhat extreme in his methods, but he was typically portrayed as more of a taciturn utilitarian than an outright amoral asshole. Rouge is more morally flexible, but on an interpersonal level the worst she did was sassy teasing rather than straight up insults as in Free Riders. On top of being verbally abusive they also show no concern when E-10000B is on the verge of breaking down, Team Dark can be aloof but they're not sociopaths. In fact, showing empathy to robots is something Shadow and Rouge in particular have a history of doing, including Omega, Emerl, Metal Sonic (at least in Shadow's case), and even Shadow himself (when Rouge believed he was an android). Beyond being a dick move it's also stupid. Even if they don't personally care about E-10000B it's still their teammate so they have a vested interest in having it perform optimally. They also know that they'll be disqualified if they don't have three team members,so even if they're confident they can win without its assistance letting it reach the point where it becomes unable to race would still (and nearly does) cost them the Grand Prix. They're not just going out of their way to be assholes, they're going out of their way to be assholes to their own detriment, which just makes them even bigger assholes.
  6. How do all of Sonic and Shadow's voice actors sound better than Roger Craig Smith and Kirk Thornton?

    1. Teoskaven


      I disagree for the italian one, i'd take Roger over him any day: he's very talentless and doesn't put too much effort in his works.
      Eggman's VA is much better, but he's just miscasted for this role.

    2. DryLagoon


      My favorite used to be English Adventure era (partly because I grew up with them, but I also grew up with Jason and don't have as much of a positive for him as some grew to. Not saying I dislike the guy but all I need to hear is that "YES!" spam to be annoyed again. SA wise the only line I can think of is "Woohoo!" in Twinkle Park on a similar scale.)

      Now my favorite is Japanese Adventure era. I technically grew up with them too as some of the 3D Sonic games had a language change option for the audio in English copies which amazed me at a time most stuff I played didn't. (compared to now where you can even get Japanese text with some English copies without even changing system settings)

      I hear some fans go "who needs consistency in the voice cast anyways?", and while I understand wanting each generation to have their own Sonic voice, it almost feels like a way of coping with that they can't have that for various reasons. Most of the Japanese cast has been the same for over 20 years now, so they had the time to get used to their roles (which I hear Jason fans get upset about as he got replaced right as he was growing into the role). It also feels different having SA1 Sonic, Black Knight Sonic, and even Forces Sonic all have the same voice. Even if it's more of a background thing it gives a bit more of a sense that things are connected. It's why it was a way bigger deal when he wasn't for the movie compared to "oh cool another Sonic voice to the list" here.

      I don't have too much I can say on why I like them other than I think they all fit well and keep getting to do so. Closing this out have an old song by Japanese Sonic's VA in English.


  7. If the D6 were supposed to be their own villains then they were doomed from the start because literally the only reason they were able to pose a threat in Lost World was that they stole Eggman's toys. Without his machines they're just a bunch of brutes who don't have the powers, smarts, or numbers to do any serious harm. They're a bunch of Babylon Rogues tier antagonists with delusions of grandeur. ...Actually, that's not fair to the Babylon Rogues. At least Wave can make her own tech.
  8. Technically, every game since Sonic 2 has featured Eggman trying to murder a child. SA1 had a whole race getting genocided and a city suddenly getting hit with a massive flood/kaiju attack (and unlike Sonic X, Adventure never tries to claim that nobody died). You might say those are different because the games don't dwell on them too much, but neither does Adventure 2. All else being as it is, if SA2 were truly "edgy" in the sense that, say Shadow the Hedgehog is "edgy" (i.e. gratuitously dark, violent, and angsty for no reason other than to appear superficially mature) it would have hammered down hard on the "child murder" angle and never let you forget how dark and tragic it was. As it stands though, nothing graphic is ever shown (we don't see Maria actually get shot or expire on-screen in SA2) and Shadow doesn't really angst about her death at all, he has a few flashbacks which fill the player in on his motivation, but they almost always spur him to action rather than cause him to wallow in how terrible his past is; the one time he is caught ruminating it's over a happy memory of Maria, unrelated to her death. As far as the game is concerned, Maria is simply an origin story death that motivates those who were close to her, it's not really interested in exploiting the darker implications beyond its narrative function. Hell, you wouldn't even know Maria was a child just by playing the game. Her official age is only given in supplementary materials and her voice and design are vague enough that she could pass for a girl well into her teens.
  9. I'd like for Perfect Chaos to look more like he did in SA1's intro than in Generations. More serpentine face, greater emphasis on the watery portions of the body, and ditch the green.
  10. The Phantom Ruby in Forces came from the Classic timeline. It's not a stretch to say that Modern timeline has its own Ruby still hidden somewhere. If I were to bring Infinite back I'd have him go back to his mercenary ways. He still has the power to induce hallucinations (due to either still being bonded to remnants of the Classic PR or having the Modern version) but his constructs can no longer directly influence the physical world (due to only having fragments of the Ruby and/or not having Eggman's infrastructure to power it). Initially, Infinite is extremely upset about his diminished powers, which is only exacerbated by the heroes easily working around his illusions and trouncing him. However as time goes on he starts adapting to his reduced abilities, learning to appreciate them in a way he never did when he could simply create armies out of thin air. With each encounter he gets more creative with his tactics and adds more sadistic flourishes to further torment our heroes. Things like making Sonic experience the feeling of drowning, overwhelming Knuckles' senses with bright lights and loud sounds, shutting down Tails' senses outright, making Shadow attack Rouge by swapping appearances with her, or forcing Blaze to stand down without a fight because she can't be sure of her surroundings and what kind of collateral damage she might cause. Ultimately Infinite's mind games, gaslighting, and sadistic illusions allow him to become truly dangerous once more, possibly even more so than he was when he was a full blown reality warper. Character development: It's not just for the good guys!
  11. Trump suggests injecting disinfectants to cure COVID-19.

    One way or another he's going to have far fewer supporters come November.

    1. Pelvic WOO! engine

      Pelvic WOO! engine


      In all seriousness, Why would you say something like that on tv?

    2. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      let's be real tho he'll probably still beat biden

  12. Don't say that. They may take your surprise for disappointment.
  13. I hope Perfect Chaos's appearance in any hypothetical Adventure remake is closer to how how looks in SA1's intro than his Generations design. latest?cb=20160207141117latest?cb=20180625144519

  14. In-universe? We presumably don't see many anthros because Sonic is an adventurer who likes to explore new and interesting (i.e. human dominated) places rather than sticking around the kind of anthro-dominated regions he grew up in. Out of universe? The reason is probably two-fold. First, having mainly human NPCs makes Sonic and his friends stand out among the crowd and keeps the uniqueness of their designs from being diluted by having a bunch of NPCs with similar traits (basically the same reason Superheroes wear colorful costumes). Second it's fairly easy to model a few generic humans with a handful of hairstyles and outfits, then use them and some palate swaps to fill out the crowd, especially when you have some very distinct looking main characters (see point one) to draw the audience's eye and distract from the recycled models (it was even easier back in the days of SA1 where the graphics were too primitive to show many distinguishing facial features on humans to begin with). Sonic style anthros on the other hand, are designed to be very easy to identify from a distance, so in addition to requiring more models (since you'd want a decent number of species and presumably a few variations of each) it's also much more obvious that your world is populated by a bunch of clones. Not to say that I'm opposed to seeing some more anthro NPCs, but I think that having the world populated mainly by humans with a handful of unique anthro civilians is probably the most practical way to go, especially in the games.
  15. Yet ironically it's the original Japanese canon, where Sonic and other anthros live on Earth alongside humans, that offends western fans who insist the two can't inhabit the same world (except Eggman, who I guess just sprung out of the ground since there would no human civilization to birth him).
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