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  1. I don't really like this characterization, I think it a bit too close to the strawman that people who demand better writing from Sonic don't care about gameplay or are somehow enjoying the series the wrong way. I think it would be better described as a division between people who see Sonic as purely a game with some window-dressing attached and those who see it as an aggregate of mediums, including gameplay, which can all be made to bend in service of the greater experience.
  2. Come to think of it Sonic hasn't had an original airship level since Shadow the Hedgehog. I think we're due.

    1. Milo


      you'll take your flying battery remake from sonic team and mark my words you will love it

  3. In no particular order: Hang Castle/Mystic Mansion - One of series more unique levels/gimmicks and one that doesn't get brought up whole lot. Sky Deck - It's been ages since we've had a proper airship level and I like the original Egg Carrier. Mystic Cave - Another level trope we haven't seen much of. Metal Harbor - A great level that just can't seem to get out of City Escape's shadow. White Acropolis - I like the idea of Shadow Moses Island as a Sonic level. Sue me.
  4. In addition to what @Wraith said it's also a question of how the humor is integrated into the script. Before Colors the humorous moments in Sonic games generally arose naturally from characters and/or the situations they found themselves in and were secondary to the story being told. Sonic, being who he is, may drop a quip now and then but it came and went as just one part of a larger scene, whereas Colors everything grinds to a halt so Sonic can do a minute-long pizza delivery man sketch with only the most tenuous of connections to anything that's going on. In comparison the "low budget flights" line (which is probably the most Pontaffian bit in the series prior to Colors) plays better, both because the scene has a point beyond merely being a vessel for delivering that one line and because the line itself is directly relevant to what's going on in that scene. It also helps that Sonic's irreverence is less overbearing since he's allowed to express a much greater range and intensity of emotions as the stakes are raised. Just compare his reaction to finding out Prison Island is about to blow up to his reaction to hearing that Eggman's Interstellar Amusement Park is about to do the same.
  5. When I say Heroes gives a shit I mean it's written with sincerity.Nobody is going to accuse it of being as tightly plotted as SA2 or as thematically strong as Black Knight but while "The real super-power of teamwork!" may be corny it comes across as genuine; unlike Colors and it's overbearing cynicism. I agree most Sonic stories are pretty straightforward in the grand scheme of things. However, given that "overly complex plots" has been a blanket criticism for every 3D game before Colors I tend to operate under the assumption that "simple" in this context means nothing worth mentioning happens between the first and last cutscenes.
  6. So's Heroes and it manages to do it while also making use of the extended cast, having actual stakes, not introducing and dropping plot-points in the space of a single cutscene (outside of a few obvious sequel hooks), not wasting three minutes on how gut-bustingly hilarious the name "Baldy McNosehair" is, and just generally giving a shit. So really Colors isn't even the best at doing the thing its supposed to be good at. Thank you. I can't believe how many people can't seem to get their heads around this.
  7. First Kingsmen, now The Avengers. Are the Trumpies intent on ruining all of my favorite movies? What's next? Trump poisoning Pelosi with iocane powder? Trump breaking out of Shawshank? Trump escaping impeachment by tying a bunch of balloons to the White House? I'm gonna stop now before I give them too many ideas.
  8. Jesus, can we use voir dire in the Senate?

  9. Why is Sonic grabbing Espio's tail? Is he trying to spread the infection now?
  10. The President of the United States is now picking fights with teenage girls.


    EDIT: And losing:


    1. Ellipsis-Ultima


      Wasn't this known months back?

  11. Worth noting that the first hint as to Arthur's true nature was his body vanishing like a Knight of the Underworld. Sonic's entire mission for the first half of the game was to kill what he thought was a human being.
  12. Only because he couldn't: We see nothing in-game to contradict Erazor's claim of immortality. Merlina simply slaps down any attack Sonic makes and is also functionally immortal at this point since Sonic doesn't have the Sacred Swords to counteract the scabbard's power (Sonic has gotten a hold of himself again by the time he gets the power to stand against her). Besides, its not like Sonic hasn't killed before even when he isn't pissed: He definitely killed Emerl and King Arthur on-screen; he had a hand in killing Biolizard and Solaris; and he presumably killed Dark Gaia and did his part against the Black Arms.
  13. I was kinda hoping Sonic would infect Eggman in this issue. Sonic can be pretty vicious, possibly even more-so than Shadow, when he's pushed over the edge. In the heat of the moment I don't think it would be at all out of character for him to grab Eggman or knock him into the zombot horde.
  14. She's with Tails, Amy, and the rest on the Restoration's airship not in Spiral Hill. Still possible, she could get zombotified, but not guaranteed.
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