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  1. Can't... breathe...

  2. Sonic Forces sponsored by Hooters...

    Part of me agrees with you. The other part suspects people would actually eat that shit up.
  3. Sonic Forces sponsored by Hooters...

    I was speaking with regard to "plots".
  4. Sonic Forces sponsored by Hooters...

    Well, just like Hooters, Forces does seem to be adopting a "go big or go home" philosophy.
  5. The ultimate in trolling:

  6. I'm happy to see that they're letting Travis Willingham move away from a simply doing a Dan Green impression. It's nice to hear him doing his own take on the character, even if it doesn't reach Scott Dreier's level.
  7. Well, Classic fans have spent the last seven years denying that Sonic 4 is Sonic 4. What's the problem? Bull. Fucking. Shit.
  8. Fine then. '06 was Adventure 3. Gimme Sonic Adventure 4.
  9. I didn't say I was angry. I said that Iizuka has a long history of making statements like this that end up being contradicted. Which he does. No reason to despair/bask in the ultimate destruction of Adventure fan's hopes and dreams just yet.
  10. So? He could have said it yesterday, he could have said it five years ago, it doesn't change the fact that he said it. Nor does it change that fact that, since then, Classic Sonic has been shoving his face into everything from Sonic Dash to Forces. I mean, he just got a whole new game dedicated to him for Christ's sake. Besides, Classic's return is just one example. Iizuka has said plenty of shit that's been contradicted by future (or even past) actions. Why believe him now?
  11. Oh boy. Another example of Iizuka talking out of his ass. Throw it on the pile. Remember when the werehog was definitely coming back? When Classic Sonic definitely wasn't? Remember when Sonic had no canon, immediately after a game that had its entire premise built around Sonic reliving the events of past games? Iizuka's word is worth about half a wooden penny, no point reading too far into this.
  12. Hell yeah! Once I get the option to play as Shadow in the Modern stages I'm never playing as Sonic again. I'm gonna savor this because, if history has taught me anything, the critics are going to slam it for daring to exist and SEGA is going to respond by nuking anything "edgy" so hard the next Sonic game will make Caillou look like Hatred by comparison.
  13. Really? I was under the impression that we were talking about stop-and-go in the Classic games. Regardless, the video, which was presented to demonstrate that the Classics aren't necessarily stop-and-go, depicts a master player who has completely memorized the level and is using that foreknowledge to skip the slower parts. In other words, it's not applicable to the average player, who will be having a much different, much slower, experience with the level than the person in the video. I posted that video to illustrate the level design, not the player. Imagine he was a novice. Can you point out anywhere in that video where he would have been slowed to a crawl or blindsided by a hazard simply because he lacked precognitive abilities, not because he lacked skill?
  14. One of the limitations of 2D is that you can only see a short distance ahead of you, which is kind of a problem when you're moving at mach 1. That's the main reason why the Classic and Boost games force you come to a screeching halt to do platforming, if they didn't you'd be liable to run right into a bottomless pit before you even knew what happened (the weird block platforming fetish the series has had since Colors doesn't help either). Sure, It's not impossible to keep moving in the Classic games: But, that relies heavily on memorizing the level, which is less than ideal. Speed should be a reward, but it should be a reward for skill, not clairvoyance. A good example of this done right is Sonic Adventure 2: Speed and platforming coexist, but they compliment each other. Slowing down may make platforming easier, but it's in no way mandatory. Conversely, going fast may make platforming more challenging, but it's a challenge that's designed to be overcome to keep your momentum going. Essentially, you can play at your own pace. Furthermore, being in 3D, the player has ample warning of oncoming hazards, meaning even first time players have a fair shot at keeping their speed up without being blindsided by a bed of spikes hiding three pixels offscreen. So, what would I say to somebody who doesn't like the stop-and-go of the classics? I'd say "Play Sonic Adventure 2". #SonicDoesntWorkIn2D
  15. I know it's an old meme but the screenshot was to perfect, I couldn't resist: