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  1. The unenlightened masses, they cannot make the judgement call.

    Give up free will forever, their voices won't be heard at all.

    Display obedience, while never stepping out of line, and blindly swear allegiance. Let your country control your mind!

    (Let your country control your soul!)


    Live in ignorance and purchase your happiness!

     When blood and sweat is the real cost, thinking ceases the truth is lost!

     Don't you worry you'll be told exactly what to do!

     I give my people the lies they need: the "righteous" will succeeded!


    The fires will burn in their defeat!

    The human heart is obsolete!

    Breaking down the fabric of society!

    Collective consciousness controlled, as you will see!


    Let your country control your soul!

    Let your country control your soul!

    Let your country control your soul!


  2. I love how dynamic the artwork from Sonic Channel's 2019 calendar is.



    Makes me wish the games still had a sense of style (or at least knew how to work a fucking camera).

    1. Ultimate Waffle

      Ultimate Waffle

      Waste of talent I tell ya. Let this man do game art again

    2. Wraith


      only complaint i got is that shadow's pose is lame

  3. Tales of Vesperia - Out of Context:



  4. I think one of the most obvious-yet-underappreciated jokes in Spongebob is that Patrick, the resident moron, literally lives under a rock.

    1. KHCast


      Would have been some perfect irony if Patrick was in the know about everything going on in bikini bottom 

  5. I got bored, so here: have a Knuckles render.

    Knuckles Render.png

  6. Just finished my last project. I'm officially done with college now.

    1. PublicEnemy1


      Right on! Hope your future ventures are kind to you.

  7. Shadow actually says "This paint job is edgy" in TSR...



    1. Jango


      Well... Tails says "Who's your daddy, Shadow?"

  8. Sonic gets fired for sexual harassment: 



    1. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      Fuckin’ hypocrite

  9. Bar none the greatest name for a mission ever:Operation.thumb.jpg.6a0d638b4320eb518ff32c7a7c71f6de.jpg

  10. How do all of Sonic and Shadow's voice actors sound better than Roger Craig Smith and Kirk Thornton?

    1. Teoskaven


      I disagree for the italian one, i'd take Roger over him any day: he's very talentless and doesn't put too much effort in his works.
      Eggman's VA is much better, but he's just miscasted for this role.

    2. DryLagoon


      My favorite used to be English Adventure era (partly because I grew up with them, but I also grew up with Jason and don't have as much of a positive for him as some grew to. Not saying I dislike the guy but all I need to hear is that "YES!" spam to be annoyed again. SA wise the only line I can think of is "Woohoo!" in Twinkle Park on a similar scale.)

      Now my favorite is Japanese Adventure era. I technically grew up with them too as some of the 3D Sonic games had a language change option for the audio in English copies which amazed me at a time most stuff I played didn't. (compared to now where you can even get Japanese text with some English copies without even changing system settings)

      I hear some fans go "who needs consistency in the voice cast anyways?", and while I understand wanting each generation to have their own Sonic voice, it almost feels like a way of coping with that they can't have that for various reasons. Most of the Japanese cast has been the same for over 20 years now, so they had the time to get used to their roles (which I hear Jason fans get upset about as he got replaced right as he was growing into the role). It also feels different having SA1 Sonic, Black Knight Sonic, and even Forces Sonic all have the same voice. Even if it's more of a background thing it gives a bit more of a sense that things are connected. It's why it was a way bigger deal when he wasn't for the movie compared to "oh cool another Sonic voice to the list" here.

      I don't have too much I can say on why I like them other than I think they all fit well and keep getting to do so. Closing this out have an old song by Japanese Sonic's VA in English.


  11. Trump suggests injecting disinfectants to cure COVID-19.

    One way or another he's going to have far fewer supporters come November.

    1. Pelvic WOO! engine

      Pelvic WOO! engine


      In all seriousness, Why would you say something like that on tv?

    2. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      let's be real tho he'll probably still beat biden

  12. I hope Perfect Chaos's appearance in any hypothetical Adventure remake is closer to how how looks in SA1's intro than his Generations design. latest?cb=20160207141117latest?cb=20180625144519

  13. I still find it weird that people consider Maria dying something that's super edgy and inappropriate for kids. Most kids I know at that age are already familiar with some combination of Uncle Ben, Thomas and Martha Wayne, Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, Lily and James Potter, Mufasa, the little girl whose name I can't recall from Pokemon: The Move, and countless other origin story based deaths that nobody even thinks twice about.

    1. Show previous comments  42 more
    2. Kuzu


      @Tracker_TD Those mangas have references to crude material and outright suggestive themes (Hey remember how Eggman was attracted to a teenager in the OVA, oops :V) soooooo.... 

      @E-122-Psi I'm just gonna throw out that you cited the OVA as an "acceptable" piece...the same OVA that has perverted humor like Sonic looking up Sara's skirt or Eggman outright planning on repopulating the human race with her.


      So like...it's not ok for a teenage girl to get shot..but its' perfectly fine to have the series` main villain, who is an older man, be attracted to a teenage girl? Because we haven't talked about that yet. 

    3. Tracker_TD


      That’s not dark, that’s typical anime fanservice trope. While odd (to us moreso), it’s intent is a lot more lighthearted than child murder. 

    4. E-122-Psi


      Plus the perverted humour doesn't seem to effect how the cogs of the OVA flow nearly as much as Maria's backstory does. They've had to place Sonic's world under a photo realistic government with a corrupt murderous military to just get to Maria. The worst the OVA done there was make Eggman a pervert, and even then you could just say Sara is old enough to be legal. Eggman's a weirdo anyway.

    5. Sean


      The OVA was written for immature 10 year old boys to laugh at

    6. Tornado
    7. Kuzu


      So basically, it's fine for suggestive themes to exist...just not in the context that you don't like it in, even if it fits within the context of the story?

      Because the original point being made was that Sonic "never had material like that", even though there's blatant evidence to the contrary. The idea that it's "acceptable" to have perverted humor and suggestive themes (things decidedly out of place in "typical" cartoon series), but not have any darker implications at all feels contradictory to me. 


    8. Tracker_TD


      The suggestive themes aren’t darker, they’re played for dumb laughs


      the GUN massacre isn’t 

    9. Tornado


       The idea that it's "acceptable" to have perverted humor and suggestive themes (things decidedly out of place in "typical" cartoon series)

      Since when? Hell, even constraining it specifically to Sonic TV shows, since when?

    10. Sean


      Notice how I said it was written for 10 year olds and not with an older audience in mind. The OVA is full of juvenile humor meant to elicit a cheap laugh or two that most older people aren't going to care for. It's not even portrayed in a way to turn the viewer on like other instances of anime fanservice. It's making childish jokes about Tails touching a girl in a bad area because elementary school boys make jokes like that all the fucking time without it being sexually charged. You're seriously overthinking it and I don't think this is a good equivalency at all.

    11. E-122-Psi


      And again you keep seeming to stonewall our repeated claim it's EXECUTION of dark themes that matter too. Apparently if we take issue to turning Sonic's whole world into humans (not just SOME humans, nearly ALL humans and none of them fit with Sonic aesthetically) and having stories about corrupt genocidal militaries getting away with gunning down an entire colony, children and all and then recording the execution of their scapegoat, then we just won't take ANYTHING remotely dark for Sonic. There's apparently no possibility of a compromise?

      Sonic Adventure 1 did dark themes and a lot of it fit Sonic and I didn't mind that, but apparently there's ZERO difference between that and SA2.

    12. Kuzu


      @Tornado The idea being presented by Tracker and Psi is that the OVA and early manga humor is "fine" because "it's played for laughs". 

      But having Maria being gunned down isn't and it's "out of place" 


    13. Sean


      Tracker and Psi never said that. You're making shit up right now. Stop it.

    14. Tornado


      I'm not commenting on their arguments. I'm questioning the idea that those things are out of place in a typical cartoon series to begin with, which seems to be the foundation of your argument that it's contradictory. The only series that didn't have any perverted humor and suggestive themes even specifically constraining it to Sonic was Underground.

    15. Kuzu


      @Sean Ok, maybe I'm going crazy but when I pointed out how the OVA had it's crummy stuff It's dismissed with "its played for cheap laughs". And that's something I'm being told to. 

      Let's just clear the air on that first because I don't want to contradict myself. 

    16. E-122-Psi


      It was dumb stuff but it didn't outright redefine how the Sonic world works like SA2 did for a long while.

    17. Kuzu


      @Tornado We're specifically talking about the OVA in this instance, but I was trying to follow up on Trackers point how the OVA's crude humor is alien to American audiences. 

    18. Kuzu


      @E-122-Psi See, and this is where this argument falls apart for me; if crude Japanese humor is acceptable because it's "designed to get cheap laughs out of ten year olds" why can't typical Japanese Shonen drama (which Maria getting shot would fall under imo) be accepted as "designed for what ten year olds see as (dark)"

      Because that's ultimately what Adventure 2 is, at least to me. Its even less dark than what you'd find find in most Shonen. 

      If the reasoning is Sonic "never had stuff like that before", then then same can be applied to the OVA because the series didn't have crude Japanese humor from beginning. Except the OVA blatantly takes place in the classic continuity and predates Adventure 2 by two whole years.

      If we're gonna talk about the execution of those traits, fine. But the mere existence of those things are not a mistake. 

    19. E-122-Psi


      @KuzuAgain, the OVA didn't retcon a load of old Sonic lore and world building to make it work. For a long time the small animals and any other anthros besides the main cast were retired in favour an entire world of realistic humans and corrupt governments being the norm, which made zero sense. Was Sonic just born out of someone's ass? OVA has SOME humans and SOME anthros just like old lore implied and the semi cartoon/semi realistic aesthetics were consistently balanced, not erratic in choice. Diverse sure, but not like they had been ripped out of two completely different franchises.

      A bit of perverted humour is a bit out of place sure, but it wasn't required to completely change the Sonic world into a non sensical arbitrary universe with clashing elements and genres just to make that one element work (the same thing you and others complain the modern titles do). THAT is what I am getting at.

    20. Tracker_TD


      If the OVA’s jokes about Sara were played more serious and formed the centre of the plot, you might have some kind of point.

      But they aren’t, and you don’t. They aren’t even remotely dark or even remotely comparable to “government conspiracy child murder.”

    21. Wraith


      Eggman's predatory behavior being played off as a joke set off more alarm bells for me than Maria's death, personally. I don't gel with that argument but only one person is making it. 

      Psi is specifically arguing that GUN re-contextualizes Sonic's world in a bad way. I disagree with that, but it's a different argument than what's appropriate. Make sure you keep track of what everyone is saying.

    22. Sean


      I said stop. I'm referring specifically to the part where you are implying that we APPROVE of that kind of humor existing in the OVA. That's not necessarily what we're saying at all. But the perverted humor is completely different than the other things you're trying to equate it to, and that is what Tracker and Psi ARE saying. Plus you're the one who brought the OVA up so don't get pissed that people aren't agreeing with your false equivalency by saying "so you're okay with B, but not A" which is just shoving words into their mouths

    23. E-122-Psi


      Since the topic was about Maria's backstory anyway, I feel that is at least closer to the original argument.

      You're most certainly entitled to think the OVA's humour is in poor taste, but I don't think it's as detrimental to how the Sonic franchise was depicted as a whole during it's respective era, especially since it wasn't a mainstream instalment like SA2 was.

    24. Kuzu


      @Sean I wasn't the one who brought up the OVA at first, but fine, I'll concede that particular argument wasn't thought out because I assumed the dismissive attitude towards the OVA came off as accepting it. I won't make that mistake again.

      If the argument that SA2 recontextualizes Sonic's world, then I still disagree for much of the same reason I can write off the OVA. Because it doesn't contradict anything established in the series at all to me.

    25. Sean



      I wasn't the one who brought up the OVA at first

      I mean in the context of the perverted jokes. My mistake for wording it badly.

    26. Kuzu


      Also, if we're gonna talk about how subtle SA2 was about its themes, then that's fine too.

      Yea, the last story kind of slaps in you in tha face. BUT it's also foreshadows what happens all throughout the game, so it doesn't come of nowhere either.

  14. Does anyone remember that time Knuckles and Amy died and literally nobody gave a shit?


    1. Milo


      there's probably another timeline where knuckles actually tried to live up to his claim that he could had gotten the animals faster than sonic, went up to the lost hex, and helped sonic kicked the zeti's asses

      i want that timeline

  15. Well that just fucking happened!

  16. City Escape isn't a real city masquerading as a Sonic level;

    San Francisco is a Sonic level masquerading as a real city.

    1. Pelvic WOO! engine

      Pelvic WOO! engine

      Studiopolis isn't a real studio masquerading as a sonic level

      Studiopolis is a sonic level masquerading as a real studio.

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Casino Night isn't a real city masquerading as a Sonic level;


      Las Vegas is... Honestly pretty lame to even be compared to a Sonic level.

  17. What I wouldn't give for a Sonic game made with even a fraction of the passion, care, and ambition of something like Breath of the Wild.

    1. Blue Blood
    2. Wraith


      any franchise would be lucky to have a breath of the wild

    3. Strickerx5


      Yeah, Nintendo definitely has a skilled group of people on their hands to make games like that. Wish ST had access to such talent...

      wait, correction, still had is more like it


    People are now sending Dr. Fauci death threats. No word on who, or why, though I have my suspicions.

  19. Looking to get a new Switch game. I'm trying to decide between Astral Chain, Pokemon Sword, and Tokyo Mirage Seasons #FE

    1. KHCast


      Astral Chain definitely imo

    2. TCB


      Astral Chain.

    3. altum_dolorem


      Astral Chain is a very different game compared to Pokémon Sword and Tokyo Mirage Sessions. It's a fast action pack, combat focus adventure.

      ….And my personal favourite of the three.

    4. Bowbowis


      Sounds like Astral Chain is the clear winner then. Thanks for the help guys.

  20. Pipe Dream: Sonic Adventure gets a remake at the level of Fire Emblem Echoes. Something which faithful recreates the original material (even some of the more idiosyncratic elements) in a polished form while also introducing new material that not only expands on the original game but meaningfully advances the franchise as a whole.

    Realistic Best Case-Scenario: A glorified port with a graphics overhaula la Majora's Mask 3D. Only minor changes, some good, some bad.

    Worst-Case Scenario: Sonic Lost World in Sonic Adventure's clothes. Both story and gameplay gutted to remove anything that might be controversial.

  21. Now taking bets on which an Adventure remake will excise: Angel Island or Station Square.

    You know, since were all supposed to pretend they're on different planets now.

    1. Diogenes



    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Angel Island can actually travel through space like Little Planet and can visit other planets

    3. Zaysho


      Station Square but instead it's Forces' City stage.

  22. New Rule: You can claim Sonic '06 is Sonic Adventure 3, but only if you concede that Sonic the Hedgehog 4 is Sonic the Hedgehog 4.

    1. Polkadi~☆



    2. Strickerx5


      What if you already do both?


    3. Adamabba


      06 isn't SA3 but Sonic 4 is Sonic 4

    4. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Okay then.


      Sonic Unleashed is still Sonic Adventure 4: Sonic Adventure World in Japan.

    5. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      Sonic 4 is Sonic 4 and Sonic 06 is Sonic 06 and they are both bad

    6. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Sonic 06 is actually Sonic 6

      Sega has a hard time counting

    7. KHCast


      What does that make Colors and Gens?

    8. Speederino


      Sonic 06 is actually Bubsy 3D 2. Sonic 4 is actually Sonic Adventure 3.

  23. I was social distancing before it was cool!

    1. Sega DogTagz

      Sega DogTagz


    2. Bowbowis


      @Sega DogTagz No lie, I seriously considered changing my avatar from Snake to Bernie after playing Three Houses. I guess I've just got a thing for characters who like hiding.

  24. I know a lot of people are sick of Fire Emblem characters in Smash, but I still kind of want a Pegasus Knight.

    1. Zaysho


      I don't really mind FE characters; I just wish the majority of them weren't protagonists or avatars. There's so many cool looking characters and weapon styles it's kind of a shame that they get overlooked. Though I will grant that non-Marth characters are all different in their own right (I actually enjoy playing Corrin), it'd just be neat to get more variety from that series.

    2. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      I wanted to see Tsubasa from TMS but atlas she's stuck as a spirit ;A;

    3. Zaysho


      I haven't played the game but a TMS rep would've been amazing

  25. The hardest part of playing Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn back-to-back is remembering that Oscar does not start RD as the indestructible killing machine he ended PoR as.

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