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  1. SEGA's guide to responding to criticism:



    If something is poorly received / controversial

    (e.g. Adventure gameplay, multiple characters, Shadow, humans, plot, etc.)

    If something is initially received positively

    (e.g. Wisps, Classic Sonic, Green Hill, Pontaff, Solo Sonic, nostalgia pandering, etc.)





    Address the criticisms by parsing the subject and attacking the underlying issues, thus eliminating the source of controversy without compromising the value of the core idea, or at least finding a comfortable balance between the benefits and drawbacks.

    Torch it, run, and never look back. Even if the criticism turns out to have been a knee-jerk reaction which later gives way to more nuanced discussion of the idea’s merits or is the result of a particularly vocal group of critics shouting over everyone else.

    Analyze why the idea worked in this instance and use that information to guide your implementation of new ideas in the future.

    Mindlessly slap the well-received idea onto every product you push out from this point forward regardless of whether it really has a place the current product and/or public opinion towards it has since cooled.



    1. Strickerx5


      This is unbelievably accurate.

    2. Candescence


      100% accurate. Sonic Team are the worst.

    3. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      The fist bump between promotion and absolutely makes it seem like the two are fist bumping each other.

    4. TCB


      Can y'all frame this

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