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  1. Wow!! I find it extremely interesting how the same period when I didn't have the time to spend on SSMB is even greater amount of time you banned me for lmao. Specifically, I get back to the site and it turns out I had been banned somewhere within that amount of time that I had been busy. I find that kinda hilarious. At any rate, I'm not shocked to find that you've not only been hypocritical, but ludicrously selective in your application of common terms such as "flaming" and "insult". Considering that you clearly see yourself as operating above this line and within the bounds of being cordial (which is bullshit) let's try and make some sort of a comparison and find a difference. Of everything I said to you that could honestly be qualified as an either a.) an insult or b.) flaming, are "You are an idiot", which was an honest personal observation over more than enough back and forth dialogue. So yeah, lots of bs flying around in your post from a week ago. Congrats for banning. Sorry I took so long to reply, but real life was doing its thing. Good thing is I'm on vacation now.
  2. Alright. Excluding CC has...it's got nothing to do with fairness haha... I've made that distinction enough in previous posts. I'm not sure why you're bring that up lol. So yes, the question is a ranking of the fastest character. In order to do that, you would have to calculate each characters speed and make a comparison. How would we do that? -Well obviously, the speed of two or more characters would have to have their speed calculated and then compared to see which one is highest. Where to even start? -Well to determine how fast a character is, we're obviously calculating their speed. That is, the distance they cross divided by the amount of time it takes them to do so. Obviously, all characters have to be crossing the same distance, or the comparison is thrown out of whack. This is in the same way that having two Olympic athletes race each other, runner A traveling 100 meters to the finish line and runner B traveling 500 and then claiming runner A the fastest because he reached his finish first wouldn't make sense. No, the only acceptable comparison would be to clock in both runners at an equal distance run. That way, we can apply the same speed formula to both and then compare the results. Likewise, with our Sonic character, we compare their result to those of other characters to see who crossed a distance the fastest. Seeing as a lot of this is going to be both hypothetical and based on performances in games and character info, we're not going to be able to get the best full roster ranking. Hence why my list was described and made as follows lol That's the bar of what we can do as far as I'm concerned, but the real kicker here is "what's the bar on what's allowing these characters to get from point a to b? Well, the question is "Sonic Speed Tiers". Or rank the characters in tiers of speed. It wouldn't make sense to have everyone on different grounds in the same ranking though, so we can assume it's rank the characters in tiers of speed. I mean Jet's not even on the Op's list despite his obvious speed, so that only further backs it up. Jet using his board in a race against Sonic is the same as a biker vs a runner. It's not the same thing lol. So just those characters at their balls to the wall barest, trucking it out. For example: This is Jet the Hawk This is the Type-J It's not Jet the Hawk. It's not a part of him, his physiology. This is the same reason why Metal Sonic's engine goes but Jet's board doesn't. Metal Sonic's a robot. Just like Sonic can pump his legs, Metal Sonic can pump his engine until they run themselves into the ground. And you know what? That'll be them. With Jet, it's not him. It's his board. Jet is still a fully functioning body. He can still go lol. So then you might ask, what about Silver's ESP? -Yeah, it's physiological, but guess what? What happens when Silver burns out his ESP and ahs to wait to recover? He's still walking about fit as a fiddle doing everything else! Sooooo....that's an outlier. An oddball. It's the same thing as with Jet because it's not the same as with other characters. It's not a matter of "fairness", it's about getting a cohesive and accurate representation of who is the fastest. When you take the steroids or the bike away from a runner in a 100 meter dash to see who's the fastest, it's not just about arbitrary fairness, by far no. It's about the results. So back to CC. This is also a no go for the same reason. That in addition to the distance thing. Obviously regardless of whether you agree that it's A.) a teleoprtation device or B.) you think that we just don't know what the fck is happening between point A and B, it can't be included not because of "fairness" but bc A.) it's not the same distance (which brings up back to the beginning of this post and stopping us there since we're missing the constant "d" component of comparing the speed of two objects. Constant, as no one can do the math for the comparison given two different distances since we don't have enough info) and B.) we don't know anything about how the technique works to even begin to say he's crossing the same distance. You also said that CC would still count if it had slowed down time around the user and allowed them to continue on the path at an unaffected pace. Well...no it wouldn't..because now the "time" component is being messed with. That's all the reason for this stuff.
  3. Because they're moving over the same space...? Not to mention, we're not counting hoverboards in a test of speed. At least I'm not. It misses the point. Besides, everyone has extreme gear and everyone can ride each others extreme gear. Conjecture at best? Literally the only game that "seem to show Shadow/Lancelot moving through the intervening space when using Chaos Control rather than" is Shadow the Hedgehog. In every other installment, "simply jumping from start to finish." is literally all we see. Not to mention, ShtH is already a strictly gimmicky game that uses those for similar theme and gimmick/mechanic reasons rather than anything else. It wouldn't make sense for Shadow to legit start sparking blue and walking about before flying through the area super fast on a fixed track, ignoring all conscious destinations and important goals while destroying everything and gaining gun unlimited ammo when that's clearly not what happens from the point A to Bs that we see lol. You might want to redefine that or clarify. Because as we see is a flash of light and he's gone. If that's what you mean by lightning fast movement and generic anime flash steps (which clearly aren't the same as that, rather they're quickly blurs of the characters' color palette or a flash of black lines or they just disappear all together), then how is that a contrary to "the assumption that Chaos Control just takes you from point A to point B instantly"?
  4. Nice point, but pretty sure we've already established that he's "warping time and space" lol. He's not "moving" anywhere.
  5. Pretty sure the thread is "fastest Sonic characters", not "who can get from one place to the other the fastest." That's like saying "Which is the fastest land animal." Everyone says "The cheetah." but there's another guy who says, "I disagree. It's the goddamn turtle. See, if I shoot that sucker out of a cannon or I strap it to a nuke and send it half-way around the world, he'll have set a whole new standard." It's kinda blatantly missing the point. xD It's not as if Shadow's only means of moving his body or being mobile is chaos control lol. We can still include him in the discussion haha
  6. Doesn'tmake sense to me either lol. That's not what was being said. We were talking about the triangle jump being a tie breaker in speed between Amy and Espio since Amy couldnt do it and the rebuttal to that argument we were bringing up was that Espio is sticking to the wall bc he is a ninja/chameleon (this is clear as he stays to the wall indefinitely as opposed to the real fastest characters who cant. So, who's to say that ninja/chameleon attributes aren't the ONLY reason he is sticking to the wall. Whos to say that without them, he wouldn't do the same thing Amy does? That is, touching the wall, but then falling). You then said, "Espio is a ninja, why wouldn't he be able to do the Triangle Jump?which was just kinda like, "wat?"
  7. Sorry? I'm just really confused lol.. xD Maybe you missed the point? I figure you're asking a question to something that I've actually already explicitly said, meanwhile entirely missing the point? Or maybe you were just concurring with me? Sorry (again) , what exactly are you replying to?
  8. Tanks. Pretty sure he was tho lol.. I mean I dunno why of all things they would suddenly decide to make Espio a ninja lol and not have that be the case in the other games? I mean it wouldn't be that big of a deal xD I guess either way though nothing really changes. I still make the exact same point. At any rate, thanks man.
  9. Yeah, I feel that's not exactly what they were talking about though lol. When you here "Silver split with Blaze to go train" or something to that effect, you don't think just two dudes who hang out and fight occasionally bc that's something he can do at any time. That's just a relationship that has no baring on him training lol. They're not married or even dating or some crap lmao. He's not tied to her. Even if they have some mutual hangout schedule or some what not lol. Or some constantly meeting and daily hanging out friendship that they just paused (both of which would still be a serious thing to not specify lmao). You don't think of that. You think of an ongoing partnership (similar to the reliance they had in 06) that just broke off for one reason or another. Even if it happened bc Blaze left to go home or something to that effect, bc either way that's still a pretty important thing to just not mention or not identify haha .
  10. I'll just somewhat jack your template here ^^ I don't wanna get into too much so I'll just stick with the game characters. I'm going by running speed, or speed via just raw physical muscle exertion and capability as opposed to energy manipulation and stuff like Silver. All based on performance in games in addition to speculation based on character. Top Sonic > Metal Sonic > Shadow Top-Mid Blaze/Tails > Amy/Espio People may like to use the wall jump in Heroes as the tiebreaker since Amy couldn't do it, but they forget that Espio has Ninja Weapons/Is a ninja. This or the fact that he's a chameleon? SEGA occasionally attributes multiple animal characteristics to respective characters so...maybe this is a case of that lol? :/ Hence why he just freaking sits there on the wall while Sonic and Shadow fall. We know this bc Sonic and Shadow are faster than him, but they only have a second or two before gravity catches up with them. That pretty much seals the deal that him sticking to the wall extensively isn't at all speed related. Ppl say "well he still did it." But who's to say the ninja tools aren't the only reason he's on the wall instead of following Amy's lead at all? All he has to do is touch the wall after all and boom, flcik of the wrist and he sticks on the wall. You can't tell the difference. Amy can touch the wall too. We know this, but unlike Espio, she doesn't have a means of staying there. Who's to say what would happen if Espio was in the same shoes? So yes, while one could argue that Espio is still fast enough to do the same thing Sonic and Shadow do and only uses is Ninja Tools/Skills as an added bonus, there is no evidence whatsoever for this standpoint and thus we're at a wall. The only way to confirm this as a tiebreaker would be to have him do the jump without the ninja tools or whatever else and we'd see whether he pulls an Amy or a Sonic and Shadow. But we can't do that so the only thing we know for now is that they're at equals. That is, Espio is at least as fast as Amy. Mid Playable characters (including the likes of Chaos and Tikal in SA2B and Runners) not specified elsewhere on this list such as Silver, Cream, Cheese, Rouge, Omega, Knuckles, the Babylon Rouges, Big etc. etc. Even the Chao. This tier is so vague because we haven't really seen the speed of these characters displayed against each other to a fair and equal extent. Knuckles and Cream have had the most material by far but we still haven't seen enough of them in contrast to the other characters on those same terms, scenarios and platforms. Bottom-Mid The Zeti Bottom Eggman
  11. Hapy Birthdayyyy and all that!

  12. Fond of the characters as I've known them in the past. The games I enjoyed in the past, universe, it's still the same crew, things have just changed and I have ambition and hope that they'll do something that really draws me in again. Can't say I wasn't gone for a while though lol. He just wasn't on my radar at ALL for years a time. But whenever a title was released, you could bet I'd perk up and check it out.
  13. Mmm. In Heroes' defense, that stuff was a lot harder to do with 3D models bc I'm preeetty sure they were trying to do the same exact thing with the intro of that game lol.
  14. Aside from being fun? It had an out of this world aesthetic that realled hooked into a lot of people. Mainly Sonic fans, but betweent eh design, style, and overall ambiance of the game from the menus to the booklets to the cinematics to the story down to the gameplay and whatever else you can think of that's subjective from an artistic/aesthetic sense, a lot of people absolutley felt for it. So yeah, I don't think it was a stunner game, but the presentation was really great. So yes, for most fans I do think it's a largely aesthetic thing in combo with the fact that the game is fun.
  15. So Shadow uses chaos control still..... which means chaos power which means chaos emeralds...I guess I was convinced this was just gonna be a run and spin thing. No Chaos anything. Was I wrong...? Or maybe this whole thing just won't be explored and it's just be there all ambiguous lmao. It was literally just like this. 99% sure it's CC.. BTW: I found it charming how Eggman just sorta eased into real life with the popularity ranking lol.
  16. Too bad we can't just jump into it then lol. On the one hand you're saying that the OP doesn't provide for any sort of super extensive or lively discussion and I agree, but on the other hand, I don't think that's what he was going for, but weh. I guess who really cares lol.
  17. Feel like it's pretty obvious lol especially given the title.
  18. Agreed. Sonic Rush was pretty great. They should just keep it there and give the consoles a Speed Up button that gets you to your top normal running speed quickly and quickly with to allow you to quickly regain your lost momentum, recover from setbacks to get you back on track and swift yourself up hills against gravity. I want that, not push square and you're fucking OFF and out of there at beyond top speed lmao. Losing all speed and having to work against gravity to build up some kind of momentum was so infuriating to me as a fan. I didn't wanted to use the spindash cause I wanted a bit more control and on the spot movement for what I wanted to do next. Obviously boost is a no no, and Homing attack didn't always work either. I wanna stay on the ground, but I also wanna get going again. I wanna play and enjoy a Sonic stage with just a way to quickly pick up the pace and get the ball rolling again when things get slogged down. That's what I thought Lost World had when I saw the difference between his normal running and the footage of when he had his hands back and the wind was kinda streaming past him. The boost thing is cool or whatever but damn come on lol. There's almost no challenge at all. I typically couldn't care less about the mach speed levels, but if just for the sake of seeing Sonic go uber ridiculously fast in some desperate plot related scenario or whatever the heck cause you wanna seem him do it lol, something like that could work for a mach speed section where he's already going at top speed, but the boosting meter allows him to go even further beyond. Can't lie, those levels are pretty cool, but let them be very sparse. That's not all I want to play..not by a longshot lol. 06 had the right feel for it I think in terms of how often you played those levels. Anyways, If you really need a way to rocket off at an invincible top speed during the middle of the level, just give us the damn spindash lmao. That's what it was for and it's his most iconic move.
  19. Not at all lol. I've been around since day one and it doesn't really take that much of a hard look around to see that his character still has a lot of fans and appeal regardless of his position in the game(s). It's no doubt because he's a.) a hedgehog who was b.) integral to the story and c.) one of the "hedeghog 3" that was established with him who turned turned super to beat Solaris. That and the whole dynamic with Blaze that ppl like to use to ship them.
  20. idgi. SEGA has the formula for introducing characters down fine. Pretty sure literally the only time they've "failed" to do what they set out to do is with Elise cause of the kiss/non-endearing acting direction and Silver and even then, 90% of that was because of the game 06 as a whole. That, and his voice in combo with his persona wasn't the greatest to most people as far as sympathizing with a character goes. But even then he has a fcking massive fanbase.
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