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    GUILD reacted to Strong Guy in Sonic Speed Tiers   
    I was being vague because I didn't think a topic like this needed rules for a race or anything (also it was my first topic). I think it's interesting to read people's interpretations of speed and what should and shouldn't count. I wouldn't count teleporting or using a flying skateboard, personally, but if people want to, that's cool. I would count Shadow on his skates just because he is always wearing them. They're trademark to him, he's never seen without them. It's practically an extension of himself, I guess. That's just me though. 
    Sonic can use chaos control too so either way it doesn't even matter.
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    GUILD reacted to Diogenes in Sonic Speed Tiers   
    A wormhole is more like taking (/making) a shortcut, IMO. It means he's not running the same race as everyone else.
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    GUILD got a reaction from FFWF in Sonic Speed Tiers   
    Nice point, but pretty sure we've already established that he's "warping time and space" lol. He's not "moving" anywhere.
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    GUILD got a reaction from FFWF in Sonic Speed Tiers   
    Pretty sure the thread is "fastest Sonic characters", not "who can get from one place to the other the fastest."
    That's like saying "Which is the fastest land animal." Everyone says "The cheetah." but there's another guy who says, "I disagree. It's the goddamn turtle. See, if I shoot that sucker out of a cannon or I strap it to a nuke and send it half-way around the world, he'll have set a whole new standard." It's kinda blatantly missing the point. xD It's not as if Shadow's only means of moving his body or being mobile is chaos control lol. We can still include him in the discussion haha
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    GUILD reacted to Strong Guy in Sonic Speed Tiers   
    Espio in general is such an interesting case. In one of the Mario & Sonic games, we learn he loves to train and he does every chance he gets, and in the older Sonic comics the Chaotix members were rated from a scale of 1 to 10 in their speed and strength stats. Espio was ranked the highest overall. Obviously Vector is stronger than Espio so these shouldn't be taken very seriously, it's interesting nonetheless. 

    I'd really love to see what Espio's really capable of some day.
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    GUILD reacted to Strong Guy in Sonic Speed Tiers   
    Espio can stick to walls because he's a chameleon, he's been doing that since Chaotix and he wasn't a ninja in that game.
    Though I generally agree with your top 7 ; )
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    GUILD got a reaction from Strong Guy in Sonic Speed Tiers   
    Tanks. Pretty sure he was tho lol.. I mean I dunno why of all things they would suddenly decide to make Espio a ninja lol and not have that be the case in the other games? I mean it wouldn't be that big of a deal xD I guess either way though nothing really changes. I still make the exact same point. At any rate, thanks man.
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    GUILD reacted to Phos in Sonic Speed Tiers   
    As for why robotnik was always outrunning sonic, I have to once again refer back to this infamous bit of creative writing, the first place winner, to be exact: http://lparchive.org/Sonic-The-Hedgehog-2006/Contest%208/

    I of course have my own theory, that Robotnik was not fat, he is actually a balloon man, and is being pushed ahead by Sonic's shockwave.
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    GUILD got a reaction from Strong Guy in Sonic Speed Tiers   
    I'll just somewhat jack your template here ^^
    I don't wanna get into too much so I'll just stick with the game characters. I'm going by running speed, or speed via just raw physical muscle exertion and capability as opposed to energy manipulation and stuff like Silver. All based on performance in games in addition to speculation based on character.
    Sonic > Metal Sonic > Shadow Top-Mid
    Blaze/Tails > Amy/Espio People may like to use the wall jump in Heroes as the tiebreaker since Amy couldn't do it, but they forget that Espio has Ninja Weapons/Is a ninja. This or the fact that he's a chameleon? SEGA occasionally attributes multiple animal characteristics to respective characters so...maybe this is a case of that lol? :/  Hence why he just freaking sits there on the wall while Sonic and Shadow fall. We know this bc Sonic and Shadow are faster than him, but they only have a second or two before gravity catches up with them. That pretty much seals the deal that him sticking to the wall extensively isn't at all speed related. Ppl say "well he still did it." But who's to say the ninja tools aren't the only reason he's on the wall instead of following Amy's lead at all? All he has to do is touch the wall after all and boom, flcik of the wrist and he sticks on the wall. You can't tell the difference. Amy can touch the wall too. We know this, but unlike Espio, she doesn't have a means of staying there. Who's to say what would happen if Espio was in the same shoes? So yes, while one could argue that Espio is still fast enough to do the same thing Sonic and Shadow do and only uses is Ninja Tools/Skills as an added bonus, there is no evidence whatsoever for this standpoint and thus we're at a wall. The only way to confirm this as a tiebreaker would be to have him do the jump without the ninja tools or whatever else and we'd see whether he pulls an Amy or a Sonic and Shadow. But we can't do that so the only thing we know for now is that they're at equals. That is, Espio is at least as fast as Amy. Mid
    Playable characters (including the likes of Chaos and Tikal in SA2B and Runners) not specified elsewhere on this list such as Silver, Cream, Cheese, Rouge, Omega, Knuckles, the Babylon Rouges, Big etc. etc. Even the Chao. This tier is so vague because we haven't really seen the speed of these characters displayed against each other to a fair and equal extent. Knuckles and Cream have had the most material by far but we still haven't seen enough of them in contrast to the other characters on those same terms, scenarios and platforms. Bottom-Mid
    The Zeti Bottom
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    GUILD reacted to Dantemustdie00 in Sonic Runners (iOS/Android) - Thread Version 2.0   
    Oh great, SEGA is trying to confuse all of us again with the whole Blaze origins and silver's origins thing again? I thought they already settled on Blaze being a alternate dimension Princess as in Sonic Rush and Silver's origin's tied to Rivals.
    Matter of fact, doesn't Blaze's bio in Runners state she comes from another world? Yeesh.
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    GUILD reacted to pocket in Can someone tell me why SA2 is so highly regarded?   
    As many people said, it's not that highly regarded. It might seem that way because it was a jumping in point for a lot of Sonic fans, especially gamecube owners who never had a Sega console before. They also marketed the crap out of it, I can't remember the last time I even saw a commercial for a Sonic game, but I will always remember "Good Hedgehog, Evil Hedgehog."  But it's under as much heavy fire as most 3D Sonics. The only "Highly regarded" games in this series are the original trilogy, and maybe Generations or Colors.
    But if I had to say why anyone could like it, most easy way to say it is that they played it at the time of release, when rough edges were easier to put up with. And in my opinion, the game is built well enough it wouldn't take much tweaking to remove the wear of aging. 
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    GUILD reacted to Shasonsil in Can someone tell me why SA2 is so highly regarded?   
    1. Sega marketed the crap out of the game, causing hype to build up and stay for years.
    2. You could play as the 'villains', even today that can cause people to want to play a game.
    3. Even with all the plot-holes the story still causes the player to feel for the characters, which is rare for a Sonic game.
    Of course nowadays most people don't think too highly of the game, either because they outgrew it or because 'you have to hate Sonic'. I personally never thought the game was that great or fun to play, the story was the only thing that drew me to play it.
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    GUILD got a reaction from Silly name the animal in Can someone tell me why SA2 is so highly regarded?   
    Aside from being fun? It had an out of this world aesthetic that realled hooked into a lot of people. Mainly Sonic fans, but betweent eh design, style, and overall ambiance of the game from the menus to the booklets to the cinematics to the story down to the gameplay and whatever else you can think of that's subjective from an artistic/aesthetic sense, a lot of people absolutley felt for it. So yeah, I don't think it was a stunner game, but the presentation was really great.
    So yes, for most fans I do think it's a largely aesthetic thing in combo with the fact that the game is fun.
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    GUILD reacted to Neo_Fire_Sonic in best team/work in Sonic Heroes~?   
    Multiplayerwise:Team rose
    mine: team sonic
    sonic heroes was great........... team blasts and such............ BLAST AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    GUILD reacted to Roger_van_der_weide in Things to Satirize in Sonic?   
    Well, usually whenever I do parody/ Satire, I start start with an idea, one vision or theme that's amusing and then work from there. Examples;

    Sonic Battle uses everyone beating up Emerl as a symbolism for friendship/ family bonds, so I'll make jokes about that.

    Sonic Riders Zero Gravity's story is supposed to justify the gameplay; Sonic racing around on closed circuits to win a race. Yet none of the conflicts and dangers he finds himself in logically require said race, so there's my core joke theme.

    Sonic Rush's story is all about Blaze to lighten up and accept help from friends, except it forgets to ever put her in a situation that she can't handle herself, so the story ends up coming across like Sonic and pals are just condescending to her.

    And so on. As soon as I uncover a core "problem", I take that as the foundation of the satire.
    So that's the first thing you got to figure out about the comic, will you tackle one specific Sonic story?
    Sonic in general?
    Will each comic page have one joke or will you tell a narrative?
    Satires usually need some sort of message to the punchlines, so I'd recommend more fully realized plots.

    So, are you making a Satire, or a parody?
    To me, Satire requires some sort of conclusion to your jokes.
    A parody is just making an observation:
    -I see that Tails is a fox, and Sonic a hedgehog. Foxes eat hedgehogs. Therefore, Tails can eat Sonic.-
    That's a parody joke, it's only an observation, there's no "good" or "bad" about it, no point, no opinion. Just an observation.
    To make it a satire, you need to explore further. Foxes eat hedgehogs, Tails doesn't. Why not? Why did the character designers choose these animals, what was their intention? Does it matter? What are the consequences?
    If answering those questions leads to emotions, conclusions, amusement, jokes, then congratulations, you're creating the bricks that you can use to build your Satire wall.
    If answering those questions lead to nothing, then that topic won't work for you.

    So then, choosing Satire targets.
    To me, a Satire is the best when it ties into some sort of political statement.
    The intended message, or moral of the story.

    Instead of immediatly grasping for every little plothole or internet meme, look at the story's big message and intended moral first, and see how that stacks up.
    Satires need to feel big, you're tackling a thought, a philosophy.
    So "Lol, Big the cat is fat and has a stupid voice" is not a Satire target. It's too petty.
    However, "It's amusing/ contradicting/ inspiring that an overweight and simple minded character is used as an main character in an action story" does work as a Satire.
    Now it's more then just making fat jokes, now it's connected to a political ish message;
    Is using a fat silly character in a serious story ironic/ stupid/ inspiring/ awesome?
    Use something like That as the foundation to your satire, make that the core.
    THEN you can throw in more petty and small scaled internet nitpicks in as suplemental jokes on top of that.
    As long as you make sure the core satirical message has the highest priority.

    Then, my personal rule with Satire:
    Never be fully angry or fully happy.

    Anger makes you come across as ignorant and intolerant. Happyness as dumb and naieve.
    I consider "dissapointment" or "confusion" to be the best emotions to base humor from.
    Especially dissapointment. That means you know the worth of your topic, why it SHOULD be good and great. But also that you're aware that it fails. And therefore you're curious to go digging.

    A good parody should be able to work with BOTH people who love and hate the original source material. Which is hard to do when you're completely in love or consumed in hate.

    And while pure Satire can be more bitter and angry, Satire based on something silly or light hearted like a cartoony videogame probably doesn't warrant the bitter and intense pure satire treatment.
    Something as goofy as Sonic needs to have it's foundation in a more sugary happy Parody state of mind. You can have a harsh message, but need to sugarcoat it a little.
    We're not talking about human rights, dangerous political movements or other more approperiate Satire targets after all.

    The video's that I made with genuine anger are always the weakest ones.
    Heh, that oldy.
    I kinda regret all the "Lol Emo" jokes there.
    But yeah, central theme in that parody, confusion in who Shadow's friends or enemies are, Doom's plan bouncing all over the place, and the Humans being so gloriously over the top that their more subtle emotional character arcs become amazingly silly.

    And yes, there's a lot of random humor or nitpicking plothole humor too, but all in support, or at least not going against the core message.
    Core emotion: Cheerful Confusion. It makes no sense and I love it.

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    GUILD got a reaction from Writer's Blah in *(On The Topic Of Boost Game Play)*   
    Agreed. Sonic Rush was pretty great. They should just keep it there and give the consoles a Speed Up button that gets you to your top normal running speed quickly and quickly with to allow you to quickly regain your lost momentum, recover from setbacks to get you back on track and swift yourself up hills against gravity. I want that, not push square and you're fucking OFF and out of there at beyond top speed lmao. Losing all speed and having to work against gravity to build up some kind of momentum was so infuriating to me as a fan. I didn't wanted to use the spindash cause I wanted a bit more control and on the spot movement for what I wanted to do next. Obviously boost is a no no, and Homing attack didn't always work either. I wanna stay on the ground, but I also wanna get going again. I wanna play and enjoy a Sonic stage with just a way to quickly pick up the pace and get the ball rolling again when things get slogged down. That's what I thought Lost World had when I saw the difference between his normal running and the footage of when he had his hands back and the wind was kinda streaming past him. The boost thing is cool or whatever but damn come on lol. There's almost no challenge at all. I typically couldn't care less about the mach speed levels, but if just for the sake of seeing Sonic go uber ridiculously fast in some desperate plot related scenario or whatever the heck cause you wanna seem him do it lol, something like that could work for a mach speed section where he's already going at top speed, but the boosting meter allows him to go even further beyond. Can't lie, those levels are pretty cool, but let them be very sparse. That's not all I want to play..not by a longshot lol. 06 had the right feel for it I think in terms of how often you played those levels.
    Anyways, If you really need a way to rocket off at an invincible top speed during the middle of the level, just give us the damn spindash lmao. That's what it was for and it's his most iconic move.
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    GUILD got a reaction from Rey Skywalker-Ren in Chaos Energy in Boomverse then. Honestly shocked.   
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    GUILD reacted to Chris Knopps in *(Critique I Feel Suits The Current Sonic Franchise)*   
    "The popular way isn't always the lasting way. Fad is just one letter away from fade, and that's exactly what things do. Things fade away, that's why it's better to focus on being good rather than being popular."

    "If you can be both, great! But if you have to choose one over the other, always pick good over popular. Because once people grow out of something and move onto the next popular thing, there's nothing of substance to bring them back. And the timeless message you claim to fight so hard for becomes just another passing trend to forget about."

    "That's what happens when you give people nothing challenging, nothing valuable to keep coming back to. Pandering to the mainstream and knocking you on the head with messages making things less memorable. People won't come back because you give them nothing that respects them as thinking people."

    "Simplifying things, making them easy to the point nobody finds it fun anymore. It doesn't matter how much content you release or how popular things are in the moment if you keep missing the original spirit of your content."

    The Nostalgia Critic - Yes this is a quote from that guy.
    Below render by 10chakrit of Deviantart


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    GUILD reacted to Diogenes in *(On The Topic Of Boost Game Play)*   
    I don't think the boost is a good mechanic for 2D or 3D Sonic. It overrides most of the game's other mechanics, providing near-instant acceleration, maximum speed, and a persistent attack hitbox, and requires shallow, funneling level design to accommodate it properly. Any time you're not boosting the game devolves into clumsy, limited platforming and any time you are boosting you aren't doing much else.
    I don't think the mach speed sections are any better, though. There's no reason for stiff controls, autorun, or stripped-down hallway level design. I think it's possible to have fast, engaging Sonic gameplay without making him control like a train. And if it's not reasonable to have full control at a certain speed, that speed isn't worth pursuing.
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    GUILD reacted to Chris Knopps in *(On The Topic Of Boost Game Play)*   
    When it comes to the boost, I would have preferred if they kept this game play restricted to handhelds and 2D titles.
    For consoles and 3D games, I would have preferred if they improved the mach speed sections/stages in Sonic 06 and evolved it over time. To me the boost wears out the fun of going incredibly fast and is boring because there's no punishment asides traps/obstacles whereas Sonic going fast via mach speed means injury/death depending on your ring count.
    When the hedgehog runs at insane speeds I prefer it to be at the risk of his life, emphasizing the urgency/danger in the moment instead of wearing out the enjoyment of super speeds by having it constantly and eliminating the dangers of going so fast save for trolling stage designs. If the hedgehog is going to go that fast, odd as it may sound, I expect him to get hurt from hitting walls/enemies and the like.
    I'm not saying boost shouldn't exist, I'm just saying it should continue in handheld/2D games while console/3D games get an advancement of what was done in 06 and in ways Lost World as it too brought back mach speed in its own way.

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    GUILD got a reaction from MugiMikey in Why do so many people hate Zoe Quinn?   
    Wentos is the man
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    GUILD got a reaction from Hyper Enesephus in What type of Sonic toys would you like to see?   
    Dynamic statue figures. Like statuettes, PVC figures, those dynamic figurines that that have so much detail, pop, color, pizzazz and energy in them. Sets from different artists, styles etc.. We have everything else. This is the only kind of new influx of toy or anything that I could honestly care about at this point.
    Ah well you know what I'm talking about . I'd love to start collecting plenty of Sonic figurines, but I'd only really spend money doing so if they were high quality, dynamic and expressive. At least very well-done and eye-catching. Depicting iconic moments or just looking downright awesome.
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    GUILD reacted to Badnik Mechanic in Does SSMB prefer Adventure to the Classics?   
    SSMB likes games which it's members like.
    We're not a single minded collective like some places think we are. Some like adventure, some like classics, some like boost and some don't like Sonic at all.
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    GUILD reacted to Rabid-Noodles in Sega apologises to fans (hints at a old styled Sonic game?)   
    I just want a straight up /fun/ game, so I'm hoping that's what they meant by that statement.
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    GUILD reacted to Bolt in Character Speculation/Revival/What-if/etc Thread   
    I am terrible at thinking of gameplay (it will always just consist of run around and do random shit if I had to describe it) but I'm so craving literally any sort of mechanic of other playable characters so badly, that I am settling for modded PC Generations and being able to run around as Sonic-reskinned Shadow, Blaze, Silver, etc. All I want is to see the others in their full glory, and not just cameos. I don't expect much, if anything, from modern games anymore though, and that depresses me greatly, though I'd kill for solo, or team typed games starring anyone who isn't Sonic, even if I don't like them that much, just for something new!
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