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  1. Sounds like what we're getting isn't so much Breath of the Hedgehog as it is Shadow of Eggman, doesn't it?
  2. Okay, but then you'd still be doing an entirely new set of animations, because it's not like you can just re-use the same ones for Sonic. Tails's physique is completely different, he's shorter with shorter little kid limbs, not to mention the butt-propeller he has attached to him. This is something that a ton of Generations modders always had a ton of difficulty when it came to their takes of a playable Tails in Generations. Plus, let's be honest here, what's the fun of playing Tails if you can't fly? I'm not saying that it's impossible that they somehow implemented a playable Tails, but that's not the sort of thing that I think of necessarily when it comes to modern era remasters of 3D games: part of the whole incentive for SEGA to be doing this in the first place is that it's relatively cheap to do. After all; all the up-front development cost of making Sonic Colors to begin with has already been paid, they just need to bring the game to current gen audiences that might not have already played it. That's why I think the Jade Wisp exists. It sounds like it's basically a glorified no-clip, and one thing these remasters like to do a lot is basically have cheat-codes built in to the game. It's something conceptually really easy to implement, plus hey maybe the fans can have fun with it by reaching areas they aren't supposed to. Or maybe they're having a hard time and let less skilled players skip the hard part: think of the Super P-Wing that Nintendo likes to put in a lot of Mario games. That's the part where I come back to the Tails life icon and offer a couple viable explanations, that at least to me make a little more sense. One thing that's been constantly brought up is that this could just be a UI customization feature, after all it seems to be one of the marketing focuses on Colors Ultimate is stuff like customizable skins and what-not. We see Sonic with different shoes, gloves, and even different boost effects. It could be that for all these screenshots that Famitsu just happened to use, that was the particular life icon they used. But I think another thing that's been on my mind was that on, was that an anon on aawesomepenguin's tumblr blog posted this https://aawesomepenguin.tumblr.com/post/652401147163951104/ive-heard-that-the-tails-icon-doesnt-actually And this to me also makes a lot of sense, after all why is it that in all these screenshots the life counter is at exactly one? Again, I don't think this is something that would necessarily be all that difficult to implement. You don't even need to necessarily implement Tails pulling you out of the bottomless pit, you could just have Sonic just teleport back to where you fell from. It's in line with the cheat-codey skin-swappy aspect of whatever expanded content could be in this, but it could also be reflective of Sonic Team's changing philosophy of how lives should work. After all in Forces, we didn't have unlimited lives either, this could be a change directed by Sonic Team to approach a middle ground between both ideas. There isn't a source to this, I haven't heard this mentioned anywhere else, but this makes a ton of sense to me. Again though, I don't think that it's impossible that there is somehow a playable Tails. My thing is, is that it's super duper unlikely to be the case given the scope of what we're dealing with. I also think that Colors Ultimate has enough going against it right now, that I don't think it needs to have unreasonable expectations going against it as well. I'd love to be wrong, but I think we need to temper our expectations, that way we don't get disappointed down the line.
  3. It's something that sounds like it's way out of the scope of a remaster. You'd have to implement an entirely new set of physics and animations and somehow make it to where he doesn't somehow just completely break a game that was never made for him in mind entirely. I'm not saying something isn't going on with the Tails icon; something clearly is. But until we get ACTUAL CONFIRMATION, we shouldn't just leap to the conclusion that "oh my god, Tails is playable". After all, we've had an entire decade's worth of new Sonic games that could have potentially had a playable Tails, and Sonic Team never took that opportunity. Why would SEGA spend the effort retooling a decade old Sonic game to implement him there?
  4. The contrast and the lighting are still way off. Tropical Resort is supposed to have a blue-ish hue to it, and it still doesn't look correct.
  5. So basically what we have is Sonic Colors DX. Awesome. Do we have confirmation of the EGS exclusivity?
  6. If that's seriously the case, then I guess it's another game I wait a year on.
  7. I don't think this is what's happening because of this: https://aawesomepenguin.tumblr.com/post/637616796791406592/check-this-out-this-page-was-done-for-investors SEGA seems pretty insistent here that the Sonic movie is a discrete part of the franchise, and that the Netflix show is a part of Modern Sonic and not Movie Sonic (I would expect some sort of crossover though)
  8. I just find it frustrating that we're doing this again. Like I said before, I didn't like Roger's Sonic much at all, but it just seems like we go through this once every decade or so, and it always gets the fanbase upset. Like aside from Roger, I don't know. I liked Colleen's Tails, and we're losing her. Right now we don't even know if we're keeping Mike Pollock or not. This is all in the face of us not even knowing what the 30th anniversary game even is.
  9. According to the article Sonic Stadium just posted, they aren't really in talks. Just that Drummond's agent is just trying to reach out to SEGA to let them know that he's interested in the role. ... Which I'm sure they know at this point. Ryan's made himself clear for well over a decade that he wants to be back on Sonic. And according to Ryan, he almost got the role for Generations. And then turned it down because they wanted him to leave his union. Don't get me wrong. I would be ecstatic to have Ryan back, but at this point we've been here before. I'd be very surprised if SEGA and Netflix don't already have a Sonic voice they have lined up already.
  10. I don't think I even said what my position was, but don't let me get in the way of good old tribalism. I'm done here.
  11. Of course, because this time, you get to be the tyrant. That's the difference here. It appears John Stuart Mill was correct. Is that a fact now? Anybody that doesn't toe the narrative is now a conspiracy theorist that is therefore culpable for the death of thousands? Are we applying this standard to Democrats that said at the beginning of the crisis to go to Chinatown and start hugging random people? I didn't forget how all this started, I sincerely hope that people in this thread right now that are singularly calling out Trump supporters didn't forget as well. Gotta say, the more this discussion goes on, the more disgusted I get. There really is no bad tactics at play here. Just the bad targets.
  12. I'm kinda wondering how they're going to stretch this premise to 24 episodes, because it sounds like the sort of thing that would get super repetitive and formulaic after a while. Like, what? Is Sonic just going to traipse between different dimensions all TARDIS style, hyjinks ensue, and we're going to tune in next week for the next adventure? The other thing is that the idea of seeing "other Sonic's" is kinda vague as it is? Sonic already has a billionty different "worlds" in the form of spinoffs, is it going to involve those? Probably not, can you imagine being Netflix and going in and having to untangle the legal mess that is Archie Sonic just for an episode or two? Apparently I heard somewhere that Wildbrain has the rights to AoStH and SatAM? Somehow I doubt it, SEGA seems pretty keen on keeping all that stuff pretty well buried. This all comes back to the old problem of multiverse travel not being super exciting when we haven't even established what even the hell is Sonic's setting supposed to be though. Like can we get that show please? Oh well. Can't wait to see how the inevitable "Evil Sonic" episode goes over wither Penders when that hits.
  13. Care to explain what a COVID denier is? Or is that just a piece of otherizing language you use to justify wanting to destroy someone's life? Also: "Freedom of speech does not mean freedom of consequences"? What a piece of doublethink if I ever saw one. No, that is exactly what freedom of speech means. The whole reason why we had the freedom of speech enumerated in the Bill of Rights was out of fear that the Federal government would abuse its power to crush any attempt to present a countervailing narrative. What difference does it make at the end of the day if it's a Twitter mob doing it? That is precisely what John Stuart Mill was talking about when he was presenting the idea of the tyranny of the majority
  14. This is looking more and more like this is 2005 all over again. SEGA signs up a deal to do a new animated series for Sonic and throws their existing VA's under the bus, and with complete disregard for how the fanbase is going to feel about this. Gotta say, I'm super sick of how the industry treats VA's as absolutely disposable. Ah, yes, wrongthink. Absolutely sensible reasons to want someone to lose their livelihood. Everyone who wants to get behind this sentiment can fuck off.
  15. It's starting to look more and more that we're going to have yet another cast shakeup. Which I'm not gonna lie, makes me nervous at this point. I'm not particularly attached to the existing cast, but SEGA has historically handled this sort of thing time and time again pretty poorly.
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