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  1. shdowhunt60

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Yeah, this might be my Southern American sensibilities, but crap was something that I've been throwing out since I was about 8. That just seemed normal.
  2. shdowhunt60

    Sonic Forces Sales

    I honestly don't even know. SEGA just said "it sold well". I honestly don't know if SEGA considers that successful, or if there's other considerations they're taking into that. I assume, that as a company, that they consider sales as the ultimate litmus, but as the person above me mentioned that could be the case. @Tornado I wasn't in the greater lexicon of the Sonic fanbase back in 2005, back then I had really limited access to the internet because the only computer I had was a Pentium III machine and I was 12 the time Shadow came out. I don't remember what SEGA's attitude was with Shadow the time it came out. I will throw out through that in the immediate time Shadow was pretty reflective of Sonic games in the immediate future given the games that came out after it.
  3. shdowhunt60

    Sonic Forces Sales

    I'm being partially facetious. I know the reason that Mania is the current face of the franchise is because the game had both positive critical reception and sales. That's why I'm saying as a counterpoint, that Forces hasn't had either of these things. My point is that SEGA seems keen on saying that Forces was successful even though they're not publishing any figures to back up, and this is in spite of they're own behavior. If SEGA posts figures, and it ends up that 1 million units or something like that were sold, then I'll concede that Forces was at least mildly successful.
  4. shdowhunt60

    Sonic Forces Sales

    Interesting isn't it? You'd think they'd be milking Forces if it was the resounding success that they're claiming it was.
  5. shdowhunt60

    Sonic Forces Sales

    That's a really optimistic and charitable way of looking at it. Personally, I'm done being charitable towards them.
  6. shdowhunt60

    Sonic Forces Sales

    I'm just going to take it as damage control, until SEGA actually posts some hard figures. I'm sure the last thing that SEGA-Sammy wants to do is admit to investors is that they put out another failed Sonic game. Another thing that kind of leads me to believe that Forces fails is... Well... Forces isn't the game that SEGA talks about these days. It's Mania.
    1. Conando


      I mean Mario and Mega Man are fucking dead too.

    2. Teoskaven


      Polygon doesn't understand a lot of things. I'd suggest to ignore it for the most part.

    3. shdowhunt60


      Sometimes I like to point and laugh at stupid people, so I stop by Polygon every once in awhile.

  7. shdowhunt60

    DOOM ETERNAL - "It's hell on earth."

    https://www.polygon.com/2018/8/10/17675338/doom-eternal-campaign-dlc-quakecon-2018 Bumping this, because I think it deserves a mention, but Doom Eternal is apparently going to have single player DLC. I personally have no issue with this. Id has proven to at least me at this point to have enough artistic integrity that I have no issue with paying for more content as long as the base experience is solid enough.
  8. Good fucking Lord, this whole thing is just going further and further down the hole. Alex Jones really was just the beginning.

  9. shdowhunt60

    Sonic Forces Sales

    SEGA seems keen on hiding the trust sales figures, especially when it comes to their PC releases. It wouldn't be surprising to me if SEGA managed to successfully alienate their PC userbase by putting Denuvo in all their games.
  10. All this media hype and the second Unite the Right protest was honestly more disappointing than anything else.

  11. shdowhunt60

    DOOM ETERNAL - "It's hell on earth."

    Yeah, I'd see double tapping WASD to be a pain in the ass if you're using something other than a mechanical keyboard. I have to kinda walk back what I said on the level design, because the first bit of gameplay they were showing did look like there was that more classic maze-like level design. It's just... Damnit, after playing Archane Dimensions, I just really want a veritable fucking labyrinth like the Forgotten Sepulchre again.
  12. I mean, this is the same studio who had to entirely recode the first generation, just because switching the font broke the games. Game Freak was never known for their technical competence. I mean, even to this day, the 3DS games don't look all that good, and suffer from performance issues. Hell, I remember Tembo having issues. Fucking Tembo.
  13. shdowhunt60

    DOOM ETERNAL - "It's hell on earth."

    "Remember, demons can be an offensive term. Refer to them as mortally challenged!" That made me laugh more than it should have. The first gameplay section they showed off looked pretty good, especially with how expansive the fight arenas are and how many options you have in combat. But the Phobos bit honestly disappointed me, it looked really super linear. I am glad though that they seem to have taken the criticism on the art direction to heart though, it looks far more colorful and vibrant, and IdTech 7 looks to be an absolute powerhouse of an engine.
  14. Yeah, I've heard people complimenting the graphics and I always have to ask... are we looking at the same game here? The games look completely unremarkable in terms of their art and graphics. I seriously have no idea what to make of these games. Because on the one hand, the games seem pretty intent on taking some pretty extreme creative liberty with Pokemon Yellow, but in others it looks like they seem to want to want to make it a 1:1 ratio of the original game(s). I don't know, it just comes across as people lowering their standards when it comes to Pokemon, this series has gotten away with the kind of crap that other franchises like Call of Duty could even dream to get away with. Gamefreak's technical incompetence? Archaic game design that's been the same since 1996? Balancing issues with all the power creep, and Gamefreak's unwillingness to sort out legacy features? Stale and formulaic design? You know, I haven't followed this series for 15 years, I only decided to look at the crib notes of the games and the anime to see what I missed, and I'm amazed by how little I truly actually did miss, and what little that's new has me stunned to how in-congruent it is. It really does come off that Gamefreak can sit there and throw out these games once or twice a generation, and people will sit there and buy them in the tens of millions. It's not like I don't like Pokemon. I actually recently revisited the Indigo League of anime and played through Crystal, and I'm actually surprised how much I found those experiences appealing. I'm just stunned by how much the Pokemon brand gets away with.

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