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  1. shdowhunt60

    DOOM ETERNAL - "It's hell on earth."

    Because what I really want when I'm playing a fast paced first person shooter is latency from streaming it from a machine that's untold miles away using American internet. Also, using a controller. 🙄
  2. shdowhunt60

    Sonic @ SXSW 2019

    Oof. Honestly, I just don't have any expectations for this year. Team Sonic Racing is the big release this year, and I really doubt we're going to hear any new Sonic Team productions for a while.
  3. shdowhunt60

    The Nintendo Switch Thread

    Whoo boy, can't wait to buy the same games I bought a billion different times before, at a ridiculous premium, that I can just go and download off the internet for free.
  4. shdowhunt60

    Metroid Prime 4 Announced for Nintendo Switch

    They literally tried this before, and it resulted in Other M. I have no idea what kind of clusterfuck Prime 4 was gonna be, but I'm sure it was going to be a messy one that Nintendo felt the need to just scrap the whole thing entirely. I am surprised that they're going back to Retro though, because by all accounts pretty much the vast majority of the Metroid Prime talent left at the end of the release of the Metroid Prime Trilogy. My chief fear with it going back to Retro though, is that we'll ultimately get the same sort of issues that was manifesting in the series at the time, and that was generally that the franchise was becoming too safe. It's a bit of a precarious situation right now imo.
  5. shdowhunt60

    Pokemon Anime General Discussion

    Am listening to the Lucario and the Mystery of Mew soundtrack. I finally saw it last week when Twitch was showing it, and I'm really surprised at how good the soundtrack is.
  6. So, I don't know if this is by accident but they're playing Lucario and the Mystery of Mew on Twitch right now.

  7. Let's be honest here though. The reason why this happened to Telltale is because they saturated the market with their own games. It's exactly what happened to Sierra Entertainment, only I don't think Telltale will have near the same cultural impact.
  8. It just doesn't make any sense. Why would I drop $100 on a mini console that only has 20 games that I may or may not even want? Literally every other Playstation option on the market right now makes more sense. This was Sony's chance to win a few quick bucks from yucks like me, but you know there's this thing where if someone like me wants to make an informed purchase we want some information to come with it. As it stands, we have Schrodinger's Playstation that comes at a premium that is more expensive than a lot of the PS3's and PSP's that's on the used market right now, and those are flat out BETTER consoles than this thing. It's not that I'm not petty about these things. I bought a SNES Classic just because I like having the classic pads. But this thing doesn't have that excused, because the basic design of the Playstation controller hasn't changed in the past two decades.
  9. I just had a thought. Why wouldn't I just buy a PS3? And then I can get whatever PS1 games I want, plus then I can get whatever PS3 games I want.
  10. Okay, but we don't even know all the games this thing is going to have, and we're already taking pre-orders? Fucking really Sony?
  11. I think my only beef is, is man.... Only 20 games? I can think of a bunch of OG Playstation titles I'd like to play, being someone who's never owned a Playstation console. That's something I find annoying about these systems. They have a limited library and no way to expand on it.
  12. https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/9go8cp/linus_torvalds_daughter_has_signed_the/

    Of all the things for SJW's to take over, I wouldn't have expected it for it to be the Linux kernel.

    1. Chili Dawg
    2. shdowhunt60


      I'm sorry, it's just bizarre.Usually it's the more hobbyists spaces.


  14. shdowhunt60

    Nintendo Direct Megathread

    I'm sure Steam has contingencies in place to let people play their games if the incredibly unlikely happens and Steam gets shut down. And even if that was the case, then there's multiple contingencies that you can take to ensure that your games are still playable. There's nothing wrong with being digital only, just be smart.

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