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  1. Again, not terribly familiar with the IDW comics (I've only read the first three issues), so that's gonna effect this next little thought piece but some more of this discussion has peaked my interest. I do like the idea of having her going on adventures of her own, with characters she doesn't interact with on a terribly consistent basis, to reveal some more hidden depths and whatnot or just generally expand on what we do know of her. That being said, I don't think Sonic being around has always resulted in her dropping those traits and becoming a bland non-character. Depends on the game, much like the rest of her writing. In Generations, she just wanted to force hugs on and flirt with him. In Forces, she barely had any dialogue or screentime to go beyond the most basic showing of her compassionate side or leadership skills (aside from this one particular line that contradicts how she's written in the rest of that game.) If you want a good example, she uses the sweet/caring attributes she has to stand up to Sonic himself when he was gonna finish Gamma off in SA1. She's the first one to give him a Chaos Emerald when Perfect Chaos wrecks Station Square, not to romantically impress him, but on the off-chance it might make a difference in the situation which plays to her helpful and determined sides. She finds and breaks Sonic out of prison in SA2 which plays to her competence and level-headedness, even if she did try to pull a fast one on him for info on Shadow (which could possibly be read as a joke; she did immediately relent when he said "no", like, it really wouldn't be like her to go "Welp, stay here and rot, you stuck-up bitch" and leave him there.) She didn't get a whole lot of interaction time with him in some of the other good examples of her writing I've mentioned, but I'll also raise that comment she made about sticking by him no matter what he looked like in Unleashed (which, for those who remember, hit him a bit when they first ran into each other that game) as a point for her sensitivity and kindness; she said it not to impress him, but to make him feel better (at least, as far as I remember; it was optional text-only dialogue.) I see Amy as a character whose eyes were opened to the good in helping others and being selfless by Sonic's acts of heroism. I don't think that really changes depending on whether or not Sonic's in the vicinity (keep in mind, again, my knowledge of the comics is very low.) She's also a character that goes about her acts of heroism in a more personal way, as a part of her being bubbly and friendly. Sonic might just save someone, ask if they're alright, and then be on his way. Amy's interested in getting to know those she helps a little and making sure they'll stay alright after the deed is done, which is why I don't mind the idea of her sticking in one place for a while during the aftermath of a worldwide crisis like Forces, or think that it contrasts with the original vision of her character. If she's gonna be part of the restoration effort, she's one I imagine who would wanna double-check that it was done right and make a connection with those she was helping out, then go adventure with Sonic. Lastly, in terms of how open or secret she keeps her crush on Sonic...that's a tough one to tell. I liked the second issue of the IDW comic where he got her to rattle on a little bit about it and catch herself embarrassed; I think it's best if she doesn't mind outright saying she likes him, but also doesn't wanna be a bother about it. I'm sorry if I misread or misunderstood some of the previous points of discussion I was responding to with this one; I'm fighting sickness at the moment and am kinda out-of-focus because of it. XD
  2. Some of the things said here have convinced me to amend some of the things I said earlier, in terms of whether there's a choice between being bubbly/energetic and mature, as well as the temper she's been written to have sometimes. To put it shortly, I don't think being mature and having a sense of fun and energy are mutually-exclusive things. Amy's one of the most optimistic characters in the series (how much of a realist she is TBD); having her be energetic and bubbly and whatnot would be a fairly good way to subtly show it. She can have a good head on her shoulders and also get caught up in the fun, get in a little mischief, whatever. With the temper...I still don't really like it, tbh, but I guess it could depend on what she's getting upset with. If it's something like another character openly expresses doubt that Sonic could save the day, then it'd be ridiculous imo. But if that's how she reacted to the suggestion that saving the planet was a fruitless cause (think what Shadow says right before her speech to him in SA2), that'd be more understandable. A worse-than-ideal temper doesn't automatically make a character bad; hell, Rei's one of my favorite characters in Sailor Moon, so yeah. Just thought a clarification was in order.
  3. Amy has always been a "depends on the writer"-type character, for better or for worse. Not being as well-versed in the comic universes, I've boiled down the usual writing for her character as either one of two things: 1. Bossy and/or quick to anger, self-centered, and far too obsessive over Sonic (demonstrated in Heroes, that one utterly stupid line in 06, Generations, and X). Not a terribly good portrayal imo, and it's where I'd say the divisiveness in the fandom regarding her character (particularly from Classic-leaning fans from what I've seen) comes from. 2. Level-headed and/or always willing to help others, compassionate, with her crush on Sonic (mostly) downplayed (demonstrated in the Adventure games...for the most part; can't ignore that Prison Island scene in SA2, Shadow, literally any part of 06 aside from that thing she said to Silver, Unleashed, Lost World, and what little we saw of her in Forces). This is how I think Amy should be written, personally. A sweet girl who genuinely cares about the feelings and condition of others; inspired by Sonic's own heroism, is capable of and dedicated to protecting the world against the forces of evil. Obviously has a thing for Sonic, but doesn't try to make it the focal point of every conversation she has. Maturity level and leadership skills might be harder to determine; for example, if they make her a good leader in whatever hypothetical canon this would be, would it make her look too incompetent to have Eggman manipulate her compassion for others as a scheme? Personality-wise, I always took Amy to be more of a girly-girl type who just so happens to also like adventuring and putting bad guys in their place with her trusty hammer. "Badass" is a word I'd use to describe Rouge or Blaze, for different reasons. So uh, there's my take.
  4. Actually, since @Roger_van_der_weide posted in here, I was reminded of how Newgrounds submissions work and my god, could YouTube have avoided the trouble if they had done something similar (same goes for the ability to update videos but whatever). NG will give you a checklist of things asking if X or Y is in your video and will aggregate a rating for it based on what you mark it for. NG eventually didn't work out for me, but it was really simple and easy to use during the submission process in my experience. YouTube changed the algorithm to make them hard to find. I know Cr1tikal made a video about the phenomenon but YouTube's "robust" auto-detection may have yeeted that one too despite it being criticism.
  5. Not necessarily Elsa, but since she was the most-used character in those videos, I guess it seemed natural to name it that way.
  6. Typically speaking, Elsagate videos moreso refer to ones that make little to no sense and feature disturbing or surreal imagery purely for the sake of it. Normal old parodies and whatnot at least have some kind of structure and cohesion to them.
  7. 12-30-19: Rule Of Three Episode 8 has been added to the Ro3 playlist.
  8. 12-28-19: Rule Of Three Episode 7 has been added to the Ro3 playlist.
  9. Figured I should add this here because it's become a bit of a thing now and the newest one came out last night. Storytime With skull902 is a little series of videos where I tell stories from my time here on this Earth that I thought were kinda amusing. First one's about messing up (but not really) in my Sonic 2 extras video, second's about how I got into Sonic X Reanimated Ep. 5, third was getting noticed by SomecallmeJohnny on a livestream, and then the newest one is about how I managed to make a nice little visual effect for sprite videos, based on the aura effects from Sonic X. Enjoy! skull902: Storytime With skull902
  10. 12-25-19: Part 8 of the Super Mario Bros. 3 LP has been added to the LP playlist. Merry Christmas!
  11. 12-24-19: Part 7 of the Super Mario Bros. 3 LP has been added to the LP playlist.
  12. 12-23-19: Part 6 of the Super Mario Bros. 3 LP has been added to the LP playlist.
  13. 12-22-19: Part 5 of the Super Mario Bros. 3 LP has been added to the LP playlist.
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  15. 12-20-19: Part 3 of the Super Mario Bros. 3 LP has been added to the LP playlist.
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