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  1. 5-22-20: skull902 Channel Showreel has been uploaded. I put it on the original post of this thread.
  2. Unfortunately, no. Your best bet for practice is creating a save file, getting the Chaos Emeralds, entering the big ring in Mushroom Hill 1, and creating a save state when you enter Hidden Palace so that you can go back and load the state to pick between all the stages. That is, if you're playing on an emulator. If you're playing on most console versions of the game, you're kinda screwed in that regard.
  3. 5-10-20: The first extra video for my Sonic Mania LP has been added to the LP playlist.
  4. It's definitely more of a surreal, shitpost type of thing than this project was, though. Some of the shots are along the lines of this episode of X, others are weird live action, and others are shitposts, creepy, or some combination of the two. Very trippy.
  5. The fact I was convinced for a second that the top pic of Shadow was a random screenshot from some other episode of the show says good things about your editing prowess. The idea is interesting for sure, and as a fellow lover of SA2 I'd be willing to help with voices and dialogue (especially if there was more of a demonstration of the type of editing you wanna do; some kind of test), but on the surface it does seem like a rather big task to remove all the non-SA2 characters like Chris, his staff and family, Cream, etc. from the X episodes to make this.
  6. The idea of her outfit being a leotard comes through more when she has a body shape like that.
  7. It was quite fun to do a shot for, I'll say that. :D Still haven't gotten a chance to see the whole thing but soon enough, hopefully.
  8. 4-5-20: A Dramatic Reading Of Symph: The Origin has been added to the Random Skits playlist.
  9. 3-26-20: Storytime With skull902 #5 has been added to the Storytime playlist.
  10. A podcast to test the idea of podcasts on my channel; a few friends and I discussed the new Sonic movie. 3-20-20: The Protocast has been added to the My Thoughts playlist.
  11. 3-17-20: How I Prepared For The Sonic Movie has been added to the My Thoughts playlist.
  12. I dunno what crowd you were around but you deserve a hug for having to deal with that. I wasn't hanging around on forums back around a decade ago (thank god; I would've been terrible) and never talked about it much in YouTube comments or whatever, so thankfully I escaped that. Unleashed is my favorite Sonic game, always thought it got an unfair reputation even before I had my first full playthrough of it. And that includes some aspects of the Werehog, as well.
  13. That does seem to be a bit of a thing, doesn't it? Unless I've been living under a rock though (which is entirely possible; there's a lot of shit I'm not caught up on), it doesn't seem to be as widespread as the retro-bashing of the Dreamcast era and late-2000s games was when I was first getting into the series nearly thirteen years ago. If it's anything like that, it'll largely die down once there's some good games being released again; it'll still be a thing no matter what, but cooler heads always prevail and this type of stuff is no different. I became a fan during the "edgy" era and was taking in the stories of things like Shadow, 06, Secret Rings, X, etc. The first games I played, however, were the classics (thank you Mega Collection.) I prefer more grounded-type plots and think Adventure can work as a model for how the 3D games could be, but that never once played into my enjoyment of games like the classic titles, or stuff afterward like Colors and Generations. There's good and bad in every era of this franchise's history. Sometimes it gets in a rut (even the classic era isn't immune to this; 1995-97 was a pretty bleak time, 98 in most of the world too) and it's shown time and again that it can make a comeback. Keeping a positive mindset can be hard sometimes but things find a way to work themselves out imo.
  14. 3-2-20: Musings About Fashion has been added to the My Thoughts playlist.
  15. It was rather "ghetto" in presentation (no actual stage, very little if no set dressings), but those pictures do indeed come from a Japanese performance I believe to promote Sonic X. The people in the suits pantomimed to audio playing over loudspeaker; the VAs from the games did their respective characters' lines. I think either PatMac or @Badnik Mechanic made a video about it and other mascots.
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