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  1. Plot-related query... I realised I said previously that A. there was no way Sonic would know Tails from his original planet because if they keep the age gap the same as game-canon then Tails wouldn’t yet exist at that point, and B. for similar canon-age reasons Knuckles couldn’t have been in the group that attacked Longclaw because there were no kid-echidnas in the tribe as Knux is only a year older than Sonic. But isn’t there something in canon that time passes much faster on Earth than on Sonic’s planet? Or is that exclusive to Sonic X canon and not in the main canon... jeez I really lose track of the various different canons these days. (I really wish I had something better to do than theorising about probably-irrelevant plot theories )
  2. I know she said she would not be voicing Tails in the Prime series, I don’t think she has said yet whether or not she has been cast for the Sonic 2 movie. She still uses language like ‘hope so’ and ‘crosses fingers’ which means she either hasn’t auditioned yet OR has auditioned but hasn’t yet been told either way if she has the part or not.
  3. Issue 37 is reported to have been delayed again to 24 February.
  4. After Tara Strong’s very vocal criticism of the way Roger has been treated I would be very surprised if she has accepted one of the recasted roles tbh. Not an impossible scenario of course but yeah I’d be surprised if she accepted a role for an employer who she was just last week throwing criticism around for.
  5. With the next issue coming out in less than 2 weeks, shouldn’t we have the first of the preview pages round about now...?
  6. Interesting question, however when people asked her in the past about the Sonic 2 movie casting, which hadn’t been done yet at that point, she replied along the lines of ‘I really hope so!’ and ‘fingers crossed!’ or messages generally along those lines that nothing was decided at that point and she really hoped she would get the contract when casting came around. Her response to Sonic Prime of ‘No. I’m sorry to say I am not.’ sounds fairly certain that she is not going to be part of it at all.
  7. Oh, damn Hopefully just ‘not the Netflix show’ and she hasn’t been dropped overall like Roger.
  8. Ahh no. Sonic Colours dragged me back into the franchise, Roger is a massive part of Sonic as a whole for me. I’m definitely gonna miss him. I kinda hope it’s not Ben Schwartz... I did find him to be a bit grating/annoying in the movie but tolerated it because it was the movie and very separate from the games. Welp.
  9. I enjoyed the change of pace of this arc, even if sometimes it felt a little... well, ‘messy’ is the wrong word, but it didn’t feel quite as clear as Ian’s stuff. That’s fine though, it’s Evan’s first official arc and overall I think she did a great job. I also vastly prefer having multiple characters on an adventure together than the ‘Sonic + 1 other chatacter at a time’ that Ian started out with, and it looks like we’re getting another group of characters in the next arc so I’m looking forward to that. What the hell is Starline up to. Outright biological cloning? Installing DNA into a machine to create a Metal Tails? I wonder if we’ll find that out during this year or if it’s a seed planted for much further down the line. And also, is he creating it to attack the heroes, or as some sort of assistant to create smarter stuff for himself. Either way, it’s creepy.
  10. I’m genuinely curious why Tom Holland is a popular request for Tails, since every time Tails opened his mouth the voice of a late teen would come out and be rather jarring for an 8 year old. Would you therefore keep Tom’s voice as-is for Tails despite this, or do you imagine his voice would have to be digitally-altered to sound much younger?
  11. Just went to the IDW app to download issue 36 today, and the app is now saying it does not release until 13 January. Ffs.
  12. Check back on the previous issue, just after where Tails wakes up and Rouge explains she was hypnotised, the panel after that Rouge was using a jagged piece of metal on the side of the rollercoaster cart to cut her ropes and Tails spotted what she was up to. It’s subtle and I didn’t spot it on the first readthrough.
  13. It was re-pushed back to 6 January BUT confusingly they have just released the additional 2 preview pages as if it were indeed releasing tomorrow:
  14. I’m in the ‘wait and see’ camp. At the very end of Ian’s arc, Shadow mentioned that he ‘owed’ Sonic, and as I understand it Ian and Evan were communicating about their story plans to ensure a smoother transition. I hope this ends with Shadow repaying the favour to Sonic so his debt could be cleared. I suspect ‘owing’ Sonic may be heavy on Shadow’s mind, and saving Tails could be a really convenient and fairly easy way to repay that. (Of course this could all just be wishful thinking but I’m staying open-minded until I’ve read the entire thing)
  15. Issue 36 supposedly back to releasing on 30 December, preview pages below:
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