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  1. I think the team are technically able to make a great 3D Sonic game, but I think they are struggling to turn their passion (if any) into something where that passion and energy shines through. Perhaps they are lacking inspiration. Perhaps the reception Sonic Mania (and SM: Adventures) received has inspired them for their next project. I believe Forces was already some way into development before it got twinned with Mania so there may not have been time to change too much with Forces, so we’ll see what they bring to the table with their next game which I believe is their anniversary title so likely due in 2021. If they are still struggling then with a lackluster product then, after they should have got a morale boost from Mania, then I think things may need some serious change somewhere in order to improve things.
  2. I don’t mind some of the ideas/premises they’ve had with Tails, even in Lost World and Forces. The problem is each and every time it is executed poorly and the ‘end’ to his particular part in the story is always a letdown. And I fall for it every time, Tails’ own story arc/participation starts and my imagination goes running off with the possibilities, and instead of going anywhere great or meaningful or valuable it fizzles out and ends like a wet fart. It’s 2019 and this has been going on for years now, shame on me for still expecting more, but I can’t help it.
  3. He also confirmed he was the one who drew the map XD it didn’t seem like he was trolling at the time either so I’m rolling with it for now.
  4. It’s really annoying because all my issues are in the app, I don’t wanna have to buy them elsewhere and have the issues stored in different places. I’d rather not touch 4Chan though so if the issue isn’t resolved soon I’ll just go to YouTube and wait for someone to upload it there. ETA: Seems they fixed it shortly after I posted this, hurrah!
  5. Well usually around this time on a release day I’m enjoying the comic and possibly posting my thoughts on it. But the IDW App is telling me the issue 18 is out but ‘Not available for this device’ 😕 Not sure if that’s a bug or if they’ve suddenly dropped a load of supported devices from their compatibility service.
  6. Stanley is probably my favourite artist, I love expression. The only thing I’m not totally keen on is how she draws snouts/noses a little overly-pointy at times, but that’s my only gripe and only if I had to find a flaw. I generally adore her work on IDW Sonic.
  7. Regarding the comic delays, Tracey Yardley posted up a series of tweets yesterday, one of them noting that due to his current home situation ‘time really got away from him’ and he has been asked to step aside from Sonic. I wonder if that is a contributing factor to the delays in recent months and if it was more than just delays at distributer level.
  8. Each time I hear it is a ‘delay at the distributer level’ that seems to be all they say.
  9. This bothers me the most tbh. I don’t see why the exchange needs to happen as quickly as it is and I’m not used to it I guess. Friends could overlap more to make their stays longer and result in some less common groups. I’d be able to tolerate this current setup of Sonic ‘staying away’ from his friends to lower the risk of infecting them if we hadn’t had the same one-friend-at-a-time setup during most of Year 1, but that’s just me.
  10. There is one particular corner on Sky Road which I can fly off quite easily and twice while doing that I have respawned in the same spot mid-air and began falling again instead of respawning on the track. I decided to try and see if there was anything in particular about that corner that was troublesome and found a few times that if my back wheel clips the edge of the track my car gets stuck on it instead of falling off and I can’t get back onto the track either, I’m stuck there. On a different track, part of the track ahead of me didn’t load properly until I hit that section and then suddenly it loaded when I was on it. This is in addition to the earlier menu problem when the backgrounds and text didn’t load and it just had the button icons. I had hoped the delay of the game would have eliminated these problems.
  11. Try using 2 layers. Bottom layer - original colour image. Top layer, above it, just have a block of whatever pink/magenta colour it is and select the layer type to ‘Multiply’. You may need to play with the pink colour tone to get it right, but the original layer colours will still be there with the pink colour saturating through from the top ‘multiply’ layer.
  12. I had the same problem in the first 30 mins or so of playing, but (touch wood) not had it since...
  13. I’ll be honest, I assumed that since I sat through the whole beginning/opening ‘cutscene’ of the story, that the story sections would automatically play just like the opening cutscene automatically played XD And there are SO MANY times you have to press the ‘next!’ button at the end of the race (adding up scores and tokens and such like) that it just becomes a bit of an automatic habit. I’d assume that because of both those things, a cutscene would play automatically which I can then push a button to skip which is the norm with, I think, every other game I’ve played. But no, not this one, instead I just have a lot of catching up to do haha! On the Switch in particular, if you’re playing in handheld mode, the small text at the bottom becomes absolutely tiny and easy to miss. ETA: After checking the buttons on the large screen tv, you have to press Y on Switch to ‘begin stage - watch story’. Pressing A is ‘begin stage - skip story’
  14. Oh my god, really? ...REALLY? I wondered why I wasn’t getting any cutscenes since the beginning after racing nearly to the end of section 2. I didn’t even notice any button option for the story. I’m gonna have to go back through and figure out which button activates the story sections on Switch 😕
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