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  1. Regarding the hooded figures...
  2. Extra preview pages for issue 33:
  3. Still waiting to read it tbh, I buy the issues through IDW’s own app but it’s not on there yet. I COULD go buy it digitally elsewhere but then I’d have the annoyance of a single issue being on a different platform when I re-read them later. They really dropped the ball on this release. I’m wondering if they legit delayed it until next week but since the physical copies were already out there they changed it back to this week but then rushed to release it digitally, it’s very messy.
  4. It looks like issue 32 may have been delayed at the last moment again. Stores seem to have their physical copies delivered but several online places are now showing a release date of 30 September. ETA: Yeah, looks like it’s delayed digitally while at least some people have been able to buy the physical copies at stores. This next week is gonna be fun for spoiler avoidance for the digital crew :/
  5. The biggest disappointment for me in a game is missed opportunity, so with Forces I definitely was a little cautious with my optimism but it still disappointed me. At least with Rise of Lyric I could tell before going in that it was a bit of a car crash so I set my expectations super low and those super low expectations were met. But with Forces I did hope for better and instead got an odd game with clunky gameplay and where my favourite character’s role was replaced by an avatar of all things.
  6. Ahh that’d be good. I enjoyed Starline’s character more than I thought I would, so I’m totally down with him having a beef with any replacement.
  7. By the time that issue comes out I think we’ll have had a few Bad Guys issues, the cloaked figure could be Mimic or someone else as part of a Bad Guys plot. Maybe.
  8. I’d really love to see some more of the familiar badniks in the sequel They’d be much easier to model and animate than characters as they’d have no fur to render or emotions/expressions to show, so they’d hopefully be able to bring a few designs in for not so much budget compared to characters. Whether or not Jim Carrey’s Eggman will develop to the point of creating more ‘extreme’ (I guess that’s the right word?) robot designs in the sequel remains to be seen but if not outright badniks then I hope he’ll start to delve into more eccentric designs for his robots. (Also wondering if maybe Agent Stone either abandons or turns against him in future movie plots, thus cementing Orbot’s existance, since Jim Carrey’s Eggman has already sowed the seeds by saying he prefers robots to humans as they ‘do what they’re told to do’)
  9. I really don’t think they will put that many characters in the sequel. It’s extremely natural for us as long time fans of the franchise to think/hope they will since we’re already well familiar with them and want to see them on the big screen. But the movie writers and producers are mainly writing these movies for new fans of the first film, with additional small easter eggs here and there in the background for the fandom. Cramming too many characters into the sequel will be too much at once and dilute everyone’s screen time, especially if they wanna lean just as much into Tom, Maddie, potentially feature more of Longclaw which people are also hoping for, etc. Other than Tails I think they will only add 1-2 additional characters from the franchise to prevent it from becoming too crowded too quickly and one of those roles is all but guaranteed going to be Knuckles in a small/cameo role. The other role, Metal Sonic has the most chance, but I want them to do all these charactets justice and introduce them properly and give them the introduction and development time they each deserve and they’re not going to get that if too many get thrown in at once as well as keeping the existing and movie-exclusive human characters. With adding too many characters at once there is also the sudden abundance of roles that need 3D models and voice actors which will all add to the budget costs. By all means hope, but I think realistically some of those hopes might not come to fruition until any 3rd or 4th film.
  10. I’m in the camp that finds Sonic’s expressions here amusing with the dialogue. I kind of want it to last longer than 2 issues and his memory make a gradual comeback, but since it’s likely to be resolved within 2 issues then I’m wondering what object/event/etc will trigger the full memory restoration.
  11. Yes, good grief I am READY for some decent character/friendship development and deeper stuff. Lots of things in the first Sonic movie were so wholesome in comparison to the games and I am so here for more of that in the sequel.
  12. Possibly, just after the ring portal closed which sent Sonic away and Longclaw faced down the echidna’s, she may have been saved by members of a fox clan jumping in to drive the echidna’s off (not Tails as he wouldn’t exist yet). Longclaw is still injured from the earlier arrow that hit her in the side, so she is helped back to health and gets to know the foxes a little where she eventually meets Baby!Tails after he’s born. Alternatively, equally possibly as we don’t really know much about her, Longclaw unleashes some sort of kickass-power-move after the ring portal closes that she can’t do with 5 year old Sonic around as he may get hurt so she waits until the portal closes and then unleashes her power and saves herself from the echidna’s. Later on she meets Tails when she either senses his power is similar to Sonic’s, or he is brought to her by others because he’s displaying powers that only Longclaw can nurture and develop or something. Regardless, if they’re staying true to the ages of the characters in Movieverse, if Sonic is 5 during the prologue then Tails will not yet exist for another year or two after it. Likewise, Knuckles is only a year older than Sonic and therefore would not be part of the clan that ambushed Longclaw as I saw no very young echidna’s during the ambush in the prologue. I’m really looking forward to seeing how it all pans out though
  13. Sonic Forces: The music is pretty good. I have ‘Light of Hope’ on my top tier music playlist as it’s such a lovely song that the game itself has no right to deserve. Also the lighting in the game itself was nice. Rise of Lyric: ...I guess I could see what they were trying to go for with the whole concept and story and I appreciate them trying, even if it did not pull it off at all. Also it was really good to play as other characters again.
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