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  1. Thanks for the heads-up, just located it on their website and got a pre-order in
  2. Yeah last arc did feel a bit… messy/less tight rounding up at the end. Starline is, presumably, still doing something weird with those two chambers and/or something weird with Tails’ DNA or whatever else he can get from that fur sample he swiped. I do enjoy Starline as a villain so can’t wait to see what he’s been up to. Until then we have to go through the Zeti arc which I don’t think is a bad thing, but after this I think I’d like to see a little less of the zeti for a while and more of the other villains. I wonder what Rough and Tumble are up to now.
  3. It was absolutely stunning. I never knew just how awesome ‘Speak with your Heart’ could become with the orchestral backing. I already liked the song but it had such a glow-up in the symphony. Likewise the re-arranged ‘Reach for the Stars’ was amazing as well. I really, really hope they release the re-arranged tracks on iTunes or whatever for the Colours Ultimate release because I need those tracks on my playlist. Heck I would pay for quite a big chunk of the 30th Anniversary Symphony soundtrack actually. ‘Believe in Myself ~ It Doesn’t Matter’ was beautiful. The lone violin at the start of the latter gave it a whole new sound and atmosphere. Basically I loved it and am a bit sad that the next chance at an event like this is at least another 5, but more likely 10, years away. What a treat it was.
  4. The concept leaks look interesting. Quite like the ridiculously upgraded gloves and shoes. Sticks!Amy could be interesting. Perhaps a way to give a nod to Sticks without directly including her (if Sticks is indeed ‘off limits’ in non-Boom stuff) NineTails could also be interesting. Question is if he is actually a full-on kitsune in this dimension. That is a lot of tails to control, I’m not sure if he’d still even be able to fly with having to control and co-ordinate nine propellers. Although he is wearing a red jacket, and surrounded by Eggman stuff, and getting a strong questioning look from Sonic. Not ruling out that he could be Eggman’s assistant in one of those dimensions. Speaking of Eggman, if there are multiple dimensions, is it possible that in one of them Eggman could actually be the good guy? Not like his Mr Tinker version from IDW, an outright good guy without needing an altered mental state to achieve it? Or is he always destined(/mandated) to be the villain whichever dimension he’s in? I’m really keen to see where this goes!
  5. I should know better than to listen to ‘The Internet saying things without providing a source’, but I’m seeing it mentioned in a bunch of places how great it is that Kate Higgins is reprising her role as Tails for this short and I’m really confused now and trying to find any official word on whether it’s Colleen or Kate. I just assumed it was Colleen when I heard it but they can sound quite similar.
  6. I think it’s had a re-arrangement yeah, and I’m 100% here for it and waiting for it to pop up on iTunes etc so I can buy that bad boy because it sounds great
  7. We didn’t see much at all but what I saw didn’t bug me too much. Sonic Colours 2? Down for that. Not Sonic Colours 2? Down for that too. E3 is only a handful of weeks away isn’t it? This could be a tiny teaser of a slightly bigger tease at E3. Even if not then okay. Game is potentially 12 months away (even assuming a mid-2022 release, could be later) we’ve still got a long wait anyway I’d rather wait for a proper reveal when they’re ready.
  8. So happy, I actually jumped up and down when I read this news and that is really unlike me to have such a reaction lol. Didn’t Roger move sometime late last year? I always wondered if his new location was a sticking point for recording studio availability etc but maybe we’ll never know what actually happened. All I care about is that he’s back and I’m so happy.
  9. Finally, issue 39’s preview pages:
  10. Got hold of issue 38 another way since the IDW app is still not right. It was... okay? I’m not sure where or what it’s building up to at the moment. I’m curious how Sonic, Tails and Amy will be ‘pushed to their limits’ in the next issue or two since they were already pushed to their limits fairly recently in the Metal Virus climax.
  11. IDW app doesn’t have it, I’ll have to wait for them to sort their house out XD;
  12. They could make any interior building look like the sheriff’s station, Tom and Maddie’s house, Sonic’s attic bedroom, etc without having to go back and redecorate Ladysmith. They may even have leftover ‘generic outdoor shots’ from the first filming that were not used if they wanted to set the scene. Doesn’t mean Green Hills isn’t in it at all, just means there will be no outdoor shots of it with the cast walking around unless they invest in a cg backdrop.
  13. Plot-related query... I realised I said previously that A. there was no way Sonic would know Tails from his original planet because if they keep the age gap the same as game-canon then Tails wouldn’t yet exist at that point, and B. for similar canon-age reasons Knuckles couldn’t have been in the group that attacked Longclaw because there were no kid-echidnas in the tribe as Knux is only a year older than Sonic. But isn’t there something in canon that time passes much faster on Earth than on Sonic’s planet? Or is that exclusive to Sonic X canon and not in the main canon... jeez I really lose track of the various different canons these days. (I really wish I had something better to do than theorising about probably-irrelevant plot theories )
  14. I know she said she would not be voicing Tails in the Prime series, I don’t think she has said yet whether or not she has been cast for the Sonic 2 movie. She still uses language like ‘hope so’ and ‘crosses fingers’ which means she either hasn’t auditioned yet OR has auditioned but hasn’t yet been told either way if she has the part or not.
  15. Issue 37 is reported to have been delayed again to 24 February.
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