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  1. 'Another character dies' is probably Buddy/Custom. Or they could just be saying that Infinite dies in the end *shrugs*
  2. Tails' role in Forces.

    Still intrigued about his role in Forces and how he's earned that spot on the front cover of the game cass. Still mighty worried about what we've seen (or barely seen) of him so far :/ Hopefully we'll find out more now that they're switching their marketing focus from Mania to Forces.
  3. Like the trailer, can't wait to hear the English version when it drops. Knuckles is earning his place on the box cover alright. The hell is Tails doing though? He's absent from all but the bare minimum of shots in this story trailer yet he's still on the box art and other promo art like the t-shirt. Something is definitely up there.
  4. Yeah, it's one thing for their marketing team to be vague about hub worlds to announce them later, and another thing entirely for them to lie about confirming them as not existing if they are. Once they start lying a lot of trust in their product falls away (they might also be lying about some of the better features of the game) and/or it would make people think they added hub worlds as an after-thought and rushed things in videogames are seldom good things. Sorry Frameratesparkle but I think you are setting yourself up for disappointment if you are still clinging onto hope of there being secret hubworlds after they've outright confirmed there are none
  5. Sonic Forces Demo Playable at PAX West

    No hub worlds isn't a dealbreaker for me. But admittedly I am curious what they've been doing for the last 4 years. They must be holding a lot of information back (or pulling a Kid Icarus: Uprising) to justify/explain the length of development time.
  6. Also... it's pretty shocking that we'll soon be approaching the 1 year anniversary of the Season 2 USA premiere and it hasn't aired in many other countries yet :/
  7. Semi-decent episode. I don't mind the gang getting a bit competitive and imho this ep was a little more toned-down than previous 'mean' episodes. I still enjoy these episodes but I do enjoy them more when they throw in something charming and/or heartwarming. That's just me though I'm glad that we have the TV series and now it's on Netflix some of my chums are seeing it and enjoying it for the first time.
  8. I'm totally not ruling out Infinite being Tails, if it is then I suspect it's Classic Tails or some kind of Future Tails. I'm not sure they'll do that though considering 2 very recent games have teased a Sonic vs Tails scenario and immediately backed away from it. I'm not sure they actually want to allow it to happen (awesome as it would be). I think it more likely Sonic Team will go down the Avatar/Infinite link at the moment, though my opinion may change if more info comes out over the coming days EDIT: My other half has his own theory that Infinite physically looks like a combination of Knuckles and Tails with the dreadlocks and tail style. I guess we only need to wait a little over a couple of months to find out
  9. Maybe the Avatar character is the illusion, projected by Infinite/Phantom Ruby for various possible plot reasons. Maybe that's why you can customise the character to look how you want.
  10. This episode... the premise was pretty good but it needed to be way longer, like a 2 or 3-4 parter to hit its potential. I can see why Other-Dimension Amy (and by extension, Sticks) teamed up with Sonic early on, but Knuckles and Tails really needed more time to team up with Sonic. It seemed a bit too "We just met you minutes ago and now we're gonna act like like we've always been best buds" but I see where it could have gone if given more time and that's a shame.
  11. I've never really been a big fan of Green Hill Zone even before it started re-appearing everywhere. But if they brought back, I dunno, Star Light Zone instead, at least it would be something a bit different than GHZ-Again. The new character has the same kind of long-body-noodle-arms as the generic villiage people in the Sonic Boom cartoon. Couldn't make out anything particularly stand-out-ish from the sneek peek (not even anything like a tail that could identify a species) so with nothing solid to go on, I can't exactly deny it looks like a character create system or anything.
  12. Season 1 | Sonic Boom: TV Series Discussion

    I wasn't really feeling it this week. I feel they relied too much on Metal (who looked awesome) to carry the episode, the rest of the episode just fell a bit flat (sorry!)
  13. Season 1 | Sonic Boom: TV Series Discussion

    I suspect this is the result of episodes airing out of order, so there's likely an episode where Perci is introduced, but because of them airing a bit out of order they're airing episodes where they re-used her as a background character before the episode that introduces her.
  14. Season 1 | Sonic Boom: TV Series Discussion

    Battle of the Boybands. Oh my god. I'm dead. That was brilliant XD Tumblr is a beautiful place to be this evening with all the gifs XD The guys were dancing like a Magical Boy Band and it was hilarious fun. I'm impressed they all managed to stay in their character voices while singing, not every voice actor can manage to do that. Also, hi Perci and FemTails.
  15. Season 1 | Sonic Boom: TV Series Discussion

    Wait, was there a new episode today, or is it next Saturday the new eps start? EDIT: Looks like it was today, I totally missed August creeping up on me and missed the livestream ep XD