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  1. Cool, thanks. I knew about the 24 hours before, but with the release dates becoming rather.... sporadic... to say the least, I’d lost track of when the initial preview pages land.
  2. I know there’s now an extra 2+ weeks to go before issue 25, but could anyone please remind me when we usually get the initial preview pages? Is it the Friday before the release date? Thanks.
  3. I’m not sure where the 48 pages came from, the official IDW page for it lists 36 pages (which is only 4 more than usual) https://www.idwpublishing.com/product/sonic-the-hedgehog-25/
  4. ETA: Nevermind, I’ve semi-solved the issue I had with the IDW app not showing issue 24.
  5. Heard on twitter that issue 25 has been delayed to 29 January. I hope not, but wouldn’t be surprised if it is.
  6. I liked this issue, it didn’t advance a whole lot (other than emotionally) but it signalled that advancement would take place next issue. Spoiler tags for...
  7. Oooh yes, great cover, very spoily-spoilery, but I like the cover.
  8. Is the next main issue (number 24) really out on 25 December? Or did I miss something?
  9. Comic’s out on the IDW app... ...except I have the frustrating ‘Not available for this device’ error again so I can’t read it. This happens quite often on the app. I wish they’d sort it out. EDIT: They fixed it in 20 mins, awesome! Although this issue itself..... daaaamn.
  10. I like that there are things on the blackboard(?) that have been erased and drawn over, like behind doodle-Zavok’s head. And of course I love the painted art style of these covers. (EDIT: Took me a second look to notice but jeez Sonic looks shattered here. I wonder if he’ll start making mistakes due to sleep deprivation.)
  11. I’m sure issue 23 was said to be out on 20 Nov not that long ago, trying to work out if this is a delay or if I misread it. Ah well. Looking forward to it, just feels like an age between each issue.
  12. Loving Evan’s front cover, she is my favourite IDW artist at the moment. I hope she comes back to do more interior pages after Tangle & Whisper mini-series is done. Issue 25’s solicit is interesting. I wonder who else might fall in the next 2 issues to lead to such a scenario. My other half reckons pretty much every hero except Sonic will be toast by then.
  13. I think the next 3 issues may have events that happen at the same time(-ish) so probably won’t know chronological order until all 3 have been released, but in terms of who the readers find out about first, I’m guessing Whisper and/or Tails for the next issue.
  14. Yep exactly this. While I don’t expect every character to get infected, for those who don’t it’s cool to see what they would look like as a zombot Curiosity satisfied!
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