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  1. I do think chances are high that there will be a sequel and it’s probably already confirmed at a higher-up level. But it’s unlikely right now that they will just announce it into the abyss of the internet, they will want a panel at a major event or something to announce it at - which can’t happen until events start up again in some capacity.
  2. Woohoo! I hope this won’t reduce the amount of Evan-art too much though, she is my favourite artist on the Sonic comics.
  3. Can I just check my understanding is correct - That the delays are only from May until further notice, so the next issue currently scheduled for 22 April is still being released for now. Is that right, or are we already on the hiatus?
  4. It’s possible that a few years may have passed between the ‘end’ of the movie story and the mid-credits trailer. I think they will keep the age difference the same, so Tails is about 8 when he arrives on Earth and Sonic has aged to about 15 in the meantime.
  5. Extra 2 preview pages from issue 26 have been released:
  6. Issue 27 was also delayed to 25 March, but we still get 2 issues in March.
  7. It seems not that farfetched to reach 200mil in 14 days. I don’t know what school holidays are like in the USA, but here in the UK our schools are on a week’s half term holiday and a few parents will be taking their kids to the cinema as something to do for a morning/afternoon, so I reckon this is good timing for the film to bring in some extra money simply because school’s out. I am hoping (almost expecting) that they will re-do the character models for any sequel to bring them closer to Tyson Hesse’s redesign. The models in the film were decent given the timeframe they had to work with, but I think they could be revisited and tweaked/tightened up somewhat for any further outings.
  8. I saw it today, first time I was able to get to a cinema so I’ve been avoiding anything to do with the Sonic film to avoid spoiling the film for myself. Hard but I managed it and when I saw the film I really enjoyed it. MY husband and I were just lightly talking about how much we enjoyed it at the start of the 16-bit credits when the mid-credits stinger came on. Super happy. Enjoyed it in all its wholesome glory and I really can’t wait for the inevitable sequel. It will be quite a difficult and possibly long wait though.
  9. They said with issue 25 it was because of the Christmas holidays hitting at the worst possible moment in the production cycle so it all got delayed. Whether that was the truth or a convenient excuse I don’t know. David Mariotte (IDW Editor) said on the Facebook IDW Sonic Comic group: “We're working very hard to have it [issue #26] done and out the last Wednesday of February, but it may be the first week of March. However, things will absolutely be back on track by issue #27.” Whether that comes to pass or not we shall see.
  10. No I think there’s been a typo in this thread, it’s issue 26 that’s been pushed back.
  11. Tails for sure. I wasn’t too far off his age when he debuted (yeah, I’m old) and I’ve always been the ‘Player 2’ type throughout my life supporting other people in the spotlight so there was that. He’s cute and adorkable and I adore the bond with Sonic. It’s wholesome and absolutely my favourite thing in the entire franchise. Which also makes Sonic my second favourite because of how he acts around Tails. Recent games haven’t been kind to Tails’ character but thankfully Boom, IDW and Mania Adventures have represented him better. There’s still a lot which I feel that hasn’t been explored about the character. Is he just a really smart kid with a birth defect, or is there untapped potential somewhere in there as a young 9-tailed-fox not yet recognising what he is? Both options have been kicked around for years and I’d love to see the latter addressed in a game or story but it probably never will be.
  12. Well we know there will be at least 1 more infection from the front cover solicits as the remaining heroes go to collect the Chaos Emeralds. I’m willing to bet that there will be more as characters either get accidentally infected or deliberately infect themselves as a sacrifice to make sure that the Chaos Emeralds are retrieved safely. I’m now not convinced at this point that Sonic will fully turn, although seeing his state in issue 25’s preview pages really does make me want it more.
  13. Issue 25 will be “36 pages altogether with 24 story pages and a ton of back-matter“. I don’t think that’s a double sized issue? It’s the upcoming 2020 annual which is reported to have 48 pages but that’s not out until March.
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