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  1. The level design seems unusually simple even for a first act or zone (which is otherwise rather disappointing!) So here is a complete guess about why that might be, that is not meant to defend anything so don't worry However I do see this footage very differently after having considered this. I don't think they would advertise/describe it as such very often, or at all, but rather just allow players with younger family members and friends to intuitively realize they could switch off between 2D and 3D stages (if that is how the game is set up to make that possible). Modern Sonic involves much more complicated and fast paced hand eye coordination. And, Sonic Mania seems to be being designed to be as challenging as the original Genesis games! Maybe that would have been a logical realization by Sonic Team this time around, to almost oversimplify Classic Sonic in this specific game at least for some of the zones, making a Sonic experience that is still very creative and inspiring, to be clearly/obviously accessible to many more people. I suppose it really isn't just younger but also much older and any out of practice and overall newer players too.
  2. It would be quite unusual for there to not be a manual!! Maybe it will be available universally through the Sonic Mania website? Yet that seems a bit tangential; it must be directly connected to the game somehow. I am not sure that a full manual would appear on screen via a menu selection; but. certainly a series of quick info screens is possibly going to be in the menu somewhere.
  3. Ah These are relieving posts to read! I had been trying to come up with an alternative explanation for the animation so to not be disappointed if it is actually not in the game. The sequences in Sonic CD especially the credits are among the best experiences of seeing Sonic in motion and they do really fit there. New work in a similar style, and that will include Tails and Knuckles, will be incredible!!
  4. There have been one or two partial descriptions in articles written by authors who had been given the "press build" and were of course not blocked from playing through to the complete end of the act! I will try to find the articles again. Regarding the animation sequence, I wonder about that. There is a lot of attention to Sonic's actual visual style in Mania in all of the artwork ingame and promotional and they are not using that style. The style and character of Sonic on the title screen looking and feeling completely different from one that would then appear perhaps in the credits would confuse at least some people who did not know the reference point with CD. With Sonic CD it was different as well because that animation was so simple. I think it is possible that it is relating to a separate Sonic Mania based animated single or multiple episode series!
  5. Sergio and Aaron were discussing it and saying it would be shown in a few months during the stream, which could be in May. I think they are implying that the full zone will be playable at E3? They sounded excited It is possible that E3 may be running on the near-final build of the game which is indeed exciting; and would likely include the four revealed zones, maybe not each act, but certainly Flying Battery Act 1! It is now less than two months away, at the time of the stream it was exactly two months (Apr. 13th) so it won't feel like much of a long wait!
  6. While I am sure this is a niche topic/concept, I have tested it enough times now to feel that it would be of interest to some other board members! Recently I had read on Retro some speculation that Aquatic Ruin's music may have been planned for Mystic Cave, and tried that out via the method i mention below. At that point it felt to me that Mystic Cave's music might actually merge well with Casino Night. I wondered if to bring about a series of new experiences, all of the available music in Sonic 2 can be rearranged between the zones to provide different, highlighting new aspects of both the music and zones by creating a new context for them. The one way that I can recommend to try this yourself is to use whichever version of Sonic 2 you have available and play the "extended" versions of the specific music tracks from youtube, when entering each new zone. This requires muting the game audio, but, I am hoping at some point that this could be made into a slight ROM hack so that the gameplay sounds can still play, either hard coding the specific tracks to be different or allowing personal selection similar to for example Knuckles' Emerald Hunt. The following list is what I have tried and found to be effective and interesting! I'd say if you want to try just one, go to level select and try Metropolis with Chemical Plant's music! Emerald Hill (Mystic Cave 2P) Chemical Plant (Casino Night 2P) Aquatic Ruin (Hidden Palace) Casino Night (Mystic Cave) Hill Top (2P competition results) Mystic Cave (Aquatic Ruin) Oil Ocean (Metropolis) Metropolis (Chemical Plant) Sky Chase (Special Stage) Wing Fortress (Death Egg) Death Egg (Egg Walker music) Special Stage (Sky Chase, Emerald Hill 2P, Emerald Hill or Casino Night)
  7. I think this new Green Hill Zone Act 2 video may have been the best possible way to, perhaps even unintentionally? preview the new music! It doesn't fully reveal the full sound of the track, but it is much better than for example if it was just a few seconds heard somewhere. The video overall comes close to being a second moment similar to the initial trailer being played last year! Although there have been many moments similar to that, this has some new aspects to it. With all of those game boxes and cartridges in front of them, with the Studiopolis music playing as they introduce and describe the game. Somehow one of the presenters is also wearing a boom Sonic costume, both presenters are enjoying the game so much; it must feel amazing for the team to see how their work is blossoming outwards, that it really is the next official Sonic game continuing from the original series, and this is still near the beginning!!
  8. Sergio and Aaron did specify later in the stream (I need to remember that it is actually 2PM PDT ! Thank you Tails/OcelotMania for posting!!) I think more directly than in the past that parts of zone layouts may be very different in the final game. They also described the build they are playing as an alpha, which they may have done previously? I had been wondering if for example Flying Battery may have been both a practical use of, and tribute to, alpha footage to promote a game that is a work in progress. Without them releasing that type of footage intentionally, there would be none to archive on the different Sonic history websites. I do think it is both at times a daunting yet very well chosen strategy to replay the zones that some of us have seen many times. It does allow us to scrutinize and enjoy, how these zones look to replay, which is part of why the Genesis games are so incredible. They are filled with zones that are both very playable the first few times through, and then continue to reveal themselves in different ways over the years. They both gradually and suddenly grow and change along with how the players respond to them. Every playthrough will be slightly different, and the 2D environments allow this to be seen, it is easier to see that you are using different strategies in the same location, or are moving at a different speed than before!
  9. I didn't think so either, although I remembered that Psychicmoose posted that during the March 30th stream, it was said that Mania would be played during the stream in two weeks. Wonderfully enough, when visiting the twitch page, this is the title for the upcoming stream! Sonic Official - Apr. 13 - Sonic Mania Preview 2!
  10. Reminder for this next page that there should be a stream tonight; usually the time is 5 PM (Pacific) !!
  11. It is good to reach such strong appreciation for Hyrdocity!!! There are many zones from Sonic 3 that would be very challenging to improve or expand, and quite a few from Sonic & Knuckles. I think that Azure Lake as a full two acts and perhaps with underwater sections that are similar to Hydrocity would be astonishing!
  12. Click for full size! Yes! This at least among the type of unused earlier game ideas that would not in any way be considered an old zone trope! It basically exists either in this drawing alone or in a few others that remain in the archives. The team would basically be creating the actual complete zone from scratch. http://info.sonicretro.org/Game_Development:Sonic_the_Hedgehog_(16-bit)#Level_Concept_Art ^^ It is interesting that some of these really look like they would work well specifically with Mania's expanded graphical capabilities.
  13. An interesting suggestion appearing in the community after the Heavies' silhouette artwork was shown is that the possible Heavy Ninja is connected to a zone idea that was drawn on paper but not considered for Sonic 1! That is what came to mind, that there could be some zones that would be essentially new but also bring long dormant creative ideas to life!
  14. Yes There almost certainly but otherwise hopefully will be some wonderful cutscenes of arriving and departing each island similar to how it is in S3K! Seeing what must be South Island and Westside Island together in the background of the title screen has me most excited for Sonic Mania! It is part of the original games' feel that there were these unique islands. It is also a good reminder relative to future games by this team, that there are either many entire continents, ( or, just billions of islands? ) , that have never been visited!
  15. Thank you for posting this interpretation here too!! It is good advice that we would be cautious with this specific set of very interesting but also fairly abstract information as most of it has not been presented before. It's kind of the opposite of the Sonic 2 special stage pipe mention in the recent interview where basically that was information many people did not want to be accurate! I feel like some of Mania's cutscenes will be among peoples' new favorites! What you are describing must at least be possible with the programming they have available but maybe it will be done in the traditional way just due to how strangely memorable the screen turning off and on is within the original games! Thinking about your idea and what we weren't able to see in the original games, perhaps with Flying Battery, a good example is between Sky Sanctuary and Death Egg it was not possible to see how Sonic or Tails actually finds their way to the inside, it is easy to imagine but it is possible to actually see more movement and progress during cutscenes with current day game resources!