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  1. Sometimes it feels possible that for the 30th anniversary, there is going to be a slight reboot to the Modern side of things, and, including Tails as playable would be a key part of that! One would think that they have been workshopping possible Tails gameplay styles in the background for quite a while now. It is just that the specific games they decided to produce haven't been compatible with it! Semi-Open World, majestic (Breath of the Wild inspired to some extent: although of course, Emerald Coast among other parts of Adventure was BotW-tier majesty in 98/99!) Sonic is coming, seemingly a matter of when, not if, and no character from the series' history fits better in such an environment as Tails!! :) :)
  2. There is a minor chance of something happening with Mania this year due to the 20th anniversary of the worldwide release of Sonic Adventure!! Basically i think it would not be out of the ordinary (of Sonic Mania's plot dynamics) for the Ruby to be capable of taking the current characters to some of the zones from Adventure. Even if it doesn't happen, it is very positive experience to try and visualize 2D versions of zones like Windy Valley and Lost World created by Slingerland and others!!! :) :)
  3. Yes; theoretically some new elements will appear in place of the Shrines and hidden labyrinthine natural areas would be fantastic! I do wonder how the map will change, but it feels like there is a medium chance that areas outside of the original map will become part of the story!!
  4. Honestly i think there is a small chance that this is a planned promotional maneuver similar to what happened with the Sonic movie. Pokemon HOME is not coming out until next spring, it is quite, quite weird that they would provide definitively negative information about it when they did. To eventually (in the spring probably?) reveal a free update for Sword and Shield that would add the missing Pokemon would be very positive promotion for both HOME and a boost in enthusiasm about SwSh that would build upon whatever reception it has at that point!
  5. Hmm!! Perhaps if there is a co~op mode (I feel like if both Zelda and Link are playable, there will also be an option to play a solo game with either) which may be possible as long as the second player's switch in handheld mode would allow them to see everything from their point of view, (it certainly would be too complicated to have both players on the same screen), Zelda would be able to eventually access a spell type that would temporarily block wear and tear on Link's equipment..!!
  6. I am hopeful that something very unique will be present as a counterpart/complement Link finding his memories in the first game!! Theoretically there could be an increase in the strength of some enemies and perhaps combined with being invulnerable to most physical attacks. Perhaps Zelda and Link will be searching for and be able to learn ancient magic, whether that would be spells, items, summons, it could be very wonderful in the BotW engine!
  7. Perhaps there could be cooperative gameplay with many unique elements between Zelda and Link!! Co~op or otherwise it would be very amazing for Zelda to access a previously unknown/hidden Shiekah element that complements the Shiekah Slate abilities. And in co~op of course they could be combined in myriad ways!!
  8. A surprise free DLC in mid April that adds Reggie would be... unlikely, but there must be some chance of it happening!!
  9. Yes, it does seem like that! I am not concerned about the design's actuality, as much as, wondering about whether a hypermodern internet promotion method is at work. Essentially each Sonic series game and playthrough is on screen, exactly as a film would be, so there have already been basically hundreds of millions if not billions of "Sonic movies" that we have been directing since 1991!! Also a very positive aspect is and will continue to be that, between everyone, we have access to many, many antidotes/remedies for being disappointed by any Sonic situation visually and in terms of overall interpretation! :) :)
  10. One day they may create a new co-op heavy game perhaps as the spiritual successor to Chaotix; though perhaps without the tethering mechanic and vertical zones! Plus is in certain ways as good as already having such a game! But, perhaps this theoretical game could include new perhaps slower but very rewarding ways of cooperative gameplay, such as more puzzles and different formats of them, than would fit into the main new 2D Sonic games!
  11. There is still a small chance that, rather than introduce, perhaps to some controversy, Modern Sonic but with branded shoes (I thought i saw that in the thread yesterday?), they want to present this false version until perhaps April 1st this year? Then perhaps on that day, introducing the actual version to be used in the film, which would probably be the good one you are describing, the branded shoes would not be as much of an issue.
  12. What is interesting, this many years from its beginnings, CGI characters (much less so non-animal depictions) really still look much less realistic than hand animated characters!! I am sure there is some sort of neuropsychological explanation for it, as well as aesthetic: Whether it is Roger Rabbit or Space Jam, the integration between the characters and filmed content is basically perfect and feels very natural to the mind and emotions!
  13. Logical/somewhat reliable rumors are indicating that this may be revealed before the end of the month, possibly even next week..!! I would say that i am bumping this thread more for the convenience of someone else not having to go so many pages back to find it once there is a reveal!
  14. There is at least the abstract possibility of new DLC for Mania! This is highly speculative, but perhaps slightly less so due to the unexpected new episode that appeared recently! Adventures is not canon to the game's story, but it seems to at least include characters that are featured, or will eventually be featured, within the growing world of what Sonic Mania is! Theoretically it would include two or three zones** and Amy would be introduced as a playable character specifically in those zones, alongside the others. While that would on the surface be dissapointing, it would allow Mania Team to skip reverse bug testing the character dynamics within all of the previous zones, and of course, the mod community can figure out how to code Amy into the original run of zones without any resulting bugs being Mania Team's responsibility!! ** Note: I do not think these would necessarily include any newly created zones but for perhaps a closing single act, but one or two could be new returning zones! At first it felt more likely that they would wait to introduce Amy until the next game, but to do so in Mania would allow players to sort of give feedback about whether her gameplay is the best it could be, and they can fine tune it before the next full 2D game! Where this year's larger DLC and new physial release happened mid-year, perhaps this one would probably be near the end of next year!
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