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  1. It is amazing to contemplate how many, whether they are single level demos or various lengths of complete games, additional Sonic game experiences have been made by fans over the years!! Every game series at this point has its share especially in terms of reconstructing the older 8 and 16-bit titles via computers, but Sonic is near the absolute top i would have to guess!
  2. Yes, it feels plausibly as though the new games could be developed to be the main platform for 3D and 2D Sonics for the next several/five or so years! It could sometimes be DLC and sometimes free patchings!
  3. That is quite good to read Thank you for letting us know!! I did wonder if they would simply have not mentioned specifics about games in this press info so that it wouldn't become a leak.
  4. fingers are crossed for at least revealing what the games are going to be around the anniversary in just over a month!! It is encouraging that it seems like there are indeed more than one.
  5. Yes; spin-off could refer to the next 2D game? (in particular if something about the gameplay is new and different)
  6. It still seems impossible, yet, the likelihood of a new 2D game coming this year or next might be fairly high!! And, in true Sonic style, there is also a very good chance that it would be groundbreaking in multitudes of ways! Moreso, even with decades of fangame innovations and new storylines, whatever this game might be feels as though it could be far different from one anyone could ever have predicted or imagined!!
  7. according to wikipedia, Sonic Colors was announced on May 26th 2010, and Generations on April 7th, 2011, and, Lost World was May 17th 2013! So, this brings a sense of when announcements might happen this time around; Sonic Mania and Forces being officially announced so early has made whatever might be coming this year feel less actual; when really it is on course with how it typically would happen!!
  8. It is the 3rd month of the year now and it seems plausible that, although there isn't going to be a SxSW gaming expo this year, it might be a time they have considered to announce some or all of what they have been creating! maybe even as early as March 14th?? which is the day for pi, basically also a day about circles!
  9. e3 is virtual this year which may or may not affect what they will show today! I think it would be an incentive to show more now rather than less, or even to release demos earlier that otherwise would be show floor only!
  10. Yes; i think this is definitely a situation where the reason it seems like there might not be another pixel art Sonic game to follow the incredible success of Mania is simply that they have not announced it yet!! The process with Mania was to prevent leaks, and give no indication whatsoever that such a game even existed until a comprehensive surprise reveal! I think they would do the same this time around especially because they want to be sure the game is complete before setting a public release timetable!
  11. It does seem like there is a chance of this happening. i am trying to remember the final clues image from Aaron which has a section that could be interpreted as being about a level creator. Hopefully this would follow the lead of late 90's Sonic homage Jazz Jackrabbit 2 for which the dev team made a user-friendly level creation system, used that to build the game, and bundled it with the game so that people at home could add onto the game's library indefinitely! what i mean is that there was a base game to experience too rather than just a level creator! There is something inspiring about seeing what the main team wanted to create too!! The one aspect that they weren't able to figure out back then was anything like an enemy or boss creator. i am still not sure how it would be done but i think with enough years that the team behind this theoretical software could figure out something!
  12. All in all, I am hopeful that pixel art Sonic games will continue to happen!! the silence about whether one has been in development to be released this year is understandable, starting with the absolute fact that if there is one there is also a non-disclosure agreement, but then even moreso, the sudden appearance helped allow Sonic Mania to generate as lasting enthusiasm as it did, coming completely out of nowhere, except to those few people in the know!!
  13. Yes; i feel hopeful that aspects of Breath of the Wild definitely has inspired the Sonic developers in many ways! Removing loops and boost pads (maybe to replace them with more 3D-friendly unique objects!) would be a fraction of the risk of changing to weapons that eventually fall apart! Slopes are a huge part of what made the original Sonic gameplay so exciting!! Loops, while i am glad they are in so many 2D game, are not that dynamic in terms of the physics, just interesting to run along and through!
  14. Yes; i did initially wonder if he was somehow aware that, say, a new 2D game could jump from the classic Sonic timeline and universe to a new one that would essentially need to include, of course the same engine and most of the characters; which could be the same universe and timeline as the 3D games! Then i found out about Prime revolving around a multiverse scenario and based on that it felt much less likely. Now I am considering it again, based on what you have both said!! If switching to a somewhat different world allowed them to introduce aspects and ideas either story-wise or in terms of what exists in the universe, that would feel too out of place in the original classic universe, then it would ultimately allow a more creative new 2D trilogy rather than trying to show what happens after the Sonic 3 & Knuckles plus the few Mania plot points have both concluded?? I was and still am hoping for the latter but i feel like there would be good sides to either one!
  15. Tyson's comments in the recent interview are interesting; However now the 2022 show is revealed to include a multiverse so that makes one wonder if this really is just a comment!
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