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  1. The camera typically being behind the characters does cancel out something significant about how the games could feel! Even the iconic Sonic CD intro would be quite boring if we only saw the scenes from that one perspective! but, what alternate perspective would work? isometric was an interesting and functional answer for proto-3D Sonic. So, maybe a general and somewhat flexible view from some distance above the characters, where their faces would show most of the time, but also enough obstacles and other presences nearby in all directions could be seen early enough to react, would work now!!
  2. it is an intriguing design!! I think that overall this promises to be one of the more significant decadal anniversaries for Sonic, probably even moreso than 2001! !! there was a very 1990s sonic spaghettio crossover actually!
  3. Yes; i think that they are aware that the past several games have been, you know, hedging, about returning to the actual core storyline of both timelines!! To me something like that goes beyond being a players/fans concern and into the realm where everyone officially working with the Sonic world themselves also would genuinely like to create what happens next! Was Colors was the most recent true advancement of the story for the modern timeline?? Mania did bring some unique plot twists to the original timeline in the form of Mighty and Ray becoming active as reoccurring characters (playable or otherwise) again and Eggman having been transported somewhere else with no indication of where and for how long! To me a full blown Mania 2 feels unlikely, if they have been able to get on solid ground in terms of what could happen next and where it would take place!!
  4. this is officially my favorite project of reinvented Sonic music!! (Also the Hydrocity version made by your friend had many elements i had always wished to hear but wasn't sure who to ask!) You are able to make each song feel newer and more alive than ever, while fully giving homage to how deeply inventive the original melodies and rhythms are!
  5. I feel like people are going to want to try making homemade ramps, obstacles, and everything in between, and of course, bringing the set outside. How will the game respond with unorthodox materials and landscapes?
  6. this is as balanced and insightful a thread on this subject as anyone could ask for!! :) I am not surprised, SSMB is simply a very good board, but still, well done everyone!!! If i had to guess about an aspect not mentioned so far about why the next games haven't been announced or previewed yet is that, there is some higher than usual chance that the 3D game will be a soft or even medium reboot for the series! Sonic Forces was simultaneously a unique creative peak of what they could create with the hybrid boost/generations template that also managed to complement, as opposed to making obsolete, all of the earlier games, and at least speculatively, the final coherent set of ideas for a boost/gens hybrid that wouldn't seem like they were not moving forward. if anything, everyone who is working on the new games knows that while there is a wide range of potentials that will be exciting for many people, there are some that won't really be exciting at this point and so they will have chosen ideas that are genuinely exciting! I am not sure what any such reboot would be, but the likelihood of another boost game, at least in terms of level design, feels very low! If they can find a new, compatible combination of level design and character movement and versatility, which generally is a prerequisite for actually going forward with a game concept, there are many, many amazing options!! To reveal something like this too soon, as others are suggesting, invites speculation and misinterpretation. To comprehensively show the game in action the first time it is revealed is probably what they want to do!!
  7. not an exact sample but i think it is very curious! Could this be an actual source of inspiration for Flying Battery!!?? :) :)
  8. it is fun to contemplate how they rotate constantly, and even exist in the outer space regions around the planet! I think that IndigoRush is very tuned in with the idea that they are something that emerges from other dimensions. That allows a viable canonical explanation for why, Death Egg and Flying Battery in S3K are fully stocked with powerups, and also why there are rings in the Doomsday zone area. Some type of other dimensional lifeforms ( directly equivalent to the game developers!) would be aware of the journeys that the various characters would be taking, and supply them ahead of time. Eggman would not be able to stop this process, if he is able to even figure out that it happens, because the presence of rings and powerups probably just seems inevitable, one assumes it was happening long prior to the events of Sonic 1 even!
  9. This is another one i was hoping you might do some day and it is much deeper than i could have dreamed!! There is something about the original song that managed to emphasize that the momentum was on Sonic and Tails' side for once, that even going into a near-final confrontation, that they are prepared for all of the potentially huge challenges. Your new version adds so much to that energy! it feels like it could soundtrack an animated version of Sonic and Tails working their way through the area!! Where did you find that artwork?? : )
  10. Hm!! We are nearing July 22, when it is possible that the previously planned reveals could happen! I am not at all thinking that it will to be honest, but that is a beyond historic day both for the series and for surprise announcements! I would say that it is good news either if this does happen, and also if it doesn't! Both would be an indication that the projects are being managed really well: either that they are prepared now to announce something, or that they are being patient still to announce.
  11. This one is like discovering your project again for the first time!! The depth of the production is really inspiring; also it makes clearer than ever that you are very intuitive about finding what tempo will allow the ideal groove for each one!!
  12. Yes, i am more excited to find out which songs you choose!! The one idea i can think of, which is not a request because you have just visited the Sonic 3 freerun zones, is that the lead instrument parts in Azure Lake seem like they would be compatible with your bass playing style!
  13. That is one of the two songs i was wondering about requesting!!! Something i am loving about your ways of recreating the music is that they could still be played during the original zone and fit! There are many special remixes that, to accomplish what they do musically, disconnect from the visual and spatial moods of the places; or from the overall mood of 2D Sonic. Yours all feel very connected and compatible with the original world!!
  14. these are so very incredible and combine together in magical ways (each new one makes all of the others even better)!! Thank you for creating and bringing them here!!
  15. beyond the uncertainty, it could really be genuinely wonderful with whatever their current best team would be, to have the Retro engine to make a new game themselves. Even, through some surprising turns, Yuji Naka could return to head the project or otherwise be involved however he'd prefer!! One does wonder, how would he have continued the story if it were not needing to jump to 3D?? There just hadn't been the resources (mainly a modern, fully configurable engine for 2D Sonic) and public enthusiasm for it previously! Essentially the Genesis storyline had to be abandoned, although it was a fitting enough conclusion. So, the story of Mania+ would set them up really nicely, both indicating that Eggman somehow repaired his mecha space body in orbit and safely reentered, but then also that he is currently missing. Eggman has always been seen to be in quite a lot of peril at the end of each 2D game, but has never yet been in such a way that he is indicated to literally not be in their world anymore, due to being sent to another dimension, so that gives many unique openings!!
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