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  1. https://www.sonicstadium.org/2021/07/sage-2021-trailers-got-ambition-and-style/ This upcoming expo has so many non-Sonic games that it feels apt and necessary to have a spot in this forum, especially with how underused the Sonic-only fan games subforum is! Maybe we should consider this thread as one to discuss the non-Sonic parts of it? Based on the trailer, this particular expo will somehow make even the best years of console as well as mainline PC releases seem rather threadbare! Honestly so many of the non-Sonic games in here appear to be mind-bogglingly excellent. There are a lot of Nintendo mods displayed throughout! I am pretty sure there is even a "Yoshi's Island Maker" that appears near the end! And so many of the personal projects; i think we are all used to seeing trailers and Directs that "build hype"; but in here there is idea after idea that make me feel like i am witnessing games for the first time, way beyond hype!! Granted, these are all short trailer clips, but certain things can't be faked! I just realized i didn't even watch with sound on; maybe the trailer soundtrack makes it even better!
  2. Chao and an open world does have a fantastic potential! If for example SA2 did not display the full transformation they can go through, any sorts of areas could be reached by specially adapted Chao, and i guess there could be Chao-only hyperspaces (that might resemble the gameplay of NiGHTS??) that would acquire rare items or open otherwise sealed areas! The concept that Rangers will be a game that they keep adding to also supports the Chao presence as a good idea if they so choose to bring them!
  3. yes; it had really seemed like (other than the still-unknowable chance of a 2D game or some sort of Evening Star hybrid game that they might be waiting a bit longer to reveal) that there was nothing else in terms of new games for the 30th celebration!! There may not be that much more but this is a welcome surprise.
  4. Hmm!! It would seem that this anniversaryday is maybe one in and on which the, you know, game that theoretically has been in development via the present days' version of the Mania/Sonic Team combined effort, would be revealed, especially if (now with both the major new game and Origins being released next year) this one might be ready for release within the year?? Whatever this game would be, it would require very little promotional momentum, that is to say, if they did create a new game that was up to their own standards, it would be at least as good as Mania and most likely an improvement in many ways! So this is the unique juncture now in between "Why would that not have been announced or hinted at yet?" and "Why would they announce that particular new game in any other way other than as a surprise on the anniversary day itself??" edit: !! It is clearer now that any sort of game promotion would have not fit with the amazing concert I do think that the second game is eventually going to happen and i suppose where there has only been one Sonic Central so far, it can basically be announced, released, etc, any time during the next year! I do now remember that there are two more particularly special anniversaries during the 30th year which are the 5th anniversary of the reveal of Sonic Mania, and also the 4th year since it was released!
  5. a lot of revelations in here which, until now it had been impossible to guess whether any of these ideas were possible!! it seems like they have been able to bring many fascinating visions together!
  6. Yes; i feel like the Adventures being reissued would be best suited for if there is ever an official Dreamcast-nextgen hybrid console. I am not sure when or why that would ever happen, but, now that it has been 20 years since it went out of production, there is a sweet spot of, i guess between a few and as many as 10-15 years into the future to design and release a well-received sort of boutique console that could play both Dreamcast games correctly (whether this was through the original CDs, i am not sure how likely that could be, or, a new digital-only method) along with having options for any and all third party developers as well as homebrewing!
  7. Hopefully today there is a very, very good chance for this to reappear!! the original trailer itself turned out to have been basically the best possible amount of revealing: it has felt like a natural amount of time to wait until something new because it was storyboarded as though it were a vision or flash of insight from the future! I think by not really showing the outside world aside from a very abstract scene at the conclusion helped with that.
  8. i haven't seen these ruins yet, where are they during the trailer?
  9. A few simple guesses with the first two being i would say, at the moment, doubtful but also still within the realm of possibility! (Maybe) Tails teaser video for Summer Game Fest (Maybe) Knuckles teaser video for e3 (more likely but also still maybe not!) Full reveal trailer for June 23
  10. i sort of wonder if, because this was known ahead of time to be a very short revealing of Sonic 3 and S&K being in the collection, that is why they didn't show the actual build yet! not showing it this one time now won't discourage anyone (unless they never watch any future trailers or check out gameplay videos after it is released!) They will want to reveal that thoroughly and showcase it, as it would be in certain ways the newest and most significant part of this project, whether it is by Taxman or not! I would think a different developer would also add some new features to be in line with the other included games, and definitely Taxman would, which, what could those be if so??
  11. i think it is plausible they won't reveal more for the games conferences or anniversary, but also, open world Sonic gameplay video would be one of the biggest SEGA reveals ever, so they may want to do it!!
  12. !! i have to say that i am excited also about the potential for this to become a series! For that to happen of course, it would have to actually be an excellent open world experience, with strong replayability and most likely some unique free, and other, DLC, and if so, it will be very well received in ways that 3D Sonic never has been! So I would say, if this location isn't one of the original Sonic islands, each of those then become available for future games!! And, any entirely new locations visited will now truly be locations! (Knowing that a new format is finally here, it is worth saying that the 3D games from the start are some of the more impressive "movie set" style levels and experiences that could have been made)
  13. the playtester described that the cyberspace realm was only accessible after defeating open-world bosses and collecting enough orbs from them!!
  14. https://board.sonicstadium.org/?app=core&module=system&controller=content&do=find&content_class=forums_Topic&content_id=25643&content_commentid=1309012
  15. I am remembering Aaron's last hint which had the cards of Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. initially once the actual Sonic card game was revealed it felt like it might have been about that, but, Aaron's hints have always been about actual games! Open world certainly feels like it could be compatible for reintroducing Tails and Knuckles into actual full gameplay, but where the playtester only was given Sonic, it is hard to know if what they experienced was more Sonic-centric; for example if they would have their own personal styles of bonus stages (which would be excellent!!)
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