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  1. I think there is some real sense that the controls<->gameplay environment interaction could be reinvented some day! Beyond the physics of the 2D games, a crucial and perhaps newly attainable aspect is that there are very few meaningless control inputs. What I remember from the Adventure games is that the player is often partially playing/competing against the chance of making control inputs that don't correctly steer the character. There is simply that weird and very welcome sense in the 2D games that with every input, we are almost painting the actions into being! In 3D games, running and jumping having momentum via the directional stick or pad can feel more like we are pulling the character around, rather than the momentum coming from within them. Maybe by creating a dedicated running button, the character would run in the direction they are facing, depending on pressure and taps etc of the run button, and the directional stick would allow partial steering. When the character is not running , maybe a discrete control scheme takes over in which there are exploration, scouting and offense/defense options! That might be a simpler perspective, simply that the butons would have the characters perform actions that would branch to different sets of actions accordingly..!! Say with four buttons, the basic four actions that would be possible might be:
  2. Throughout the 10s decade, we noticed how the Sonic series was understandably cautious, and sometimes very amorphous in strange ways, but as a result was really able to get ahead of many obstacles! In particular, they have really set up this current decade to be, as many people here are describing, potentially the second 90s if not better! A second trilogy of 2D games seems entirely possible to have happened by the time 2030 rolls around, as well as, the 3D/modern games seem like they are poised to find a new depth when it will matter the most! The core gameplay styles of both have really proven themselves to have been ahead of their time, 2D even moreso than 3D but absolutely both! What i have learned during the 10s to appreciate about the "boost" gameplay is that it seems to help the creators of the games themselves have a proportional blueprint for what the experience is supposed to be. I think if being on rails at times meant that the games could be completed to still be intuitive and playful, with reasonably fewer glitches and improving cameras/controls then it is a good design concept! All of the experience and ogoing knowledge base from designing the boost games may help when broader 3D environments are going to be part of the zones: they will with second nature be able to build more linear, dynamic paths inside of the larger traversable environments!
  3. Yes, it really seems like both the 3D and 2D games have a very high chance of being fully new stories for their universes!! "Mania 2" would surely be popular but a completely new experience in 2D would most likely be one of the best games in a while, not just in terms of Sonic!!
  4. It is close to either half a year, or much less if there is anything to be shared at SxSW, til the next project(s) will be given some sort of reveal!! I guess this topic will soon become "Will there be any new or semi-new Sonic releases in 2020?"; and, it is both wonderfully, and lightly frustratingly, hard to tell! But to me, having the 30th anniversary projects being revealed relatively soon is very exciting. the first reveal of Forces and Mania was almost four years ago?!!? Six months doesn't feel like much time at all to wait for something even remotely similar to that to happen again!
  5. The Trainer Card images are curious in that they are not photos taken from an angle at the screen, and the bio information is in that format as well! I am also confused about the absence of any video clips released; and , seeing this 3D model again, the fingers look like they don't even move. In fact it would be interesting to check and see if this is in the exact same pose as the initial leaked image..?? because it would absolutely be in motion after evolution. What would be the odds that they captured the exact same frame o animation? I will go find the original image, here is the one to compare it with for now: ^^ The lighting of course differs, and the general angle is slightly shifted, but the pose itself is unusually exact. At the very least this model would have some basic breathing-esque animation?? Here is the result of layering the original leaked image with a third one showing the shiny form, it looks strange, the lower body and feet shouldn't shift in that way in between frames should they? Here is a video example that, it perhaps precedes when the basic animation would then be playing with the info/congratulations text, but, why would the leakers have shown absolutely zero of the expressive animations that all of the Pokemon have? Even the basic standing animation for Obstagoon is very detailed. I find it very hard to believe that the third stage of an iconic new Pokemon, would lack the same kinds of relatively elaborate and personality filled animations. Similarly a crucial missing type of media is images of these new Pokemon in the camp displaying the many different animations that have been revealed to take place; we have one with Long-Grookey facing away from the camera and Farfetch'd basically standing still; and of course, the animations displayed by these Pokemon in battle. I had started to be swayed that maybe somehow this was a real leak, but I am seeing major inconsistencies again at this point.
  6. Ok! The best proof I can think of now is, to compare the officially revealed Galarian forms with the "leaked" ones. There is a big clash between the two unusually different aesthetics. The second best proof might be that there has been no attempt to block this "leaked" content from spreading. There are some posted in the comments of the official Pokemon twitter. I am not sure how they would remove it, but, most of the ones I see are of "ow the edge" Eternatus, if it were real, it would be something they would want to remove. The third best proof is how few of the "leaked" Pokemon connect to a UK-inspired region in any meaningful way, quite a contrast to everything that has already been revealed! The fourth possible proof is, this simply looks incredibly off for how the Pokedex would look; why would the icons overlap in such a sloppy way? The fifth possible proof might be that it would be really unlikely for the new dragon pseudolegendary to copy so much of the body design from another dragon type that is in the same game!! This is intriguing as well: ^^ no way!!
  7. No, unfortunately there is no direct proof against this until the next news release, which may be Wednesday if the pattern is the same! But, i feel like the proof is in the pudding. If these were what was leaked first all at once, would anyone have believed it was authentic?? Many of them could pass for SNES Donkey Kong Country, or Sonic 3 and Knuckles era 3D renders that appeared in the instruction manuals!!
  8. No it is not just you! What I find strange is that none of the 3D model leaks even look like the careful and incredible designs of the officially revealed Pokemon for this Generation. The Bulbagarden forum has a few people suggesting that this could be an attempt to surpass the Grinch leak that was faked for Smash Ultimate. The timing is similar in that it is close to release so it is as believable as possible. The majority of them do not look like the work of any existing Pokemon designer! I can't imagine them moving around in game; the models look so stiff, which again is the exact opposite of the actual officially revealed Pokemon. here is a new example; This fake leak is perhaps overall the work of several prolific but intermediate level 3D model designers. It seems like they anticipated that enough people would believe it, so any comments about the designs being off would not get through. GameFreak is not going to allow design quality to go from Oricorio... to this, especially not for the premiere fully new Pokemon on Nintendo's flagship system!
  9. There are some very odd and noticable instances of, what i suppose are pixel antialiasing errors? with many of the model "leaks"; there are many more, i may post them too but put them in a spoiler so they don't take any more space! Simply put, it is possible that it is inauthentic. Here is an image link that also shows how similar many of the faces look, and to see them all together they really give away that this seems to be a very carefully constructed fake leak that got stuck on some 3D design issues. https://forums.bulbagarden.net/index.php?attachments/3dmo-face-jpg.127538/ ^^ The likelihood of Rolycoly going from having one of the most unique eye designs possible, to bizarre unpleasant eyes that look like they are from an early 2000's bargain bin game has to be zero!
  10. As part of a future game either classic or modern, it would be intriguing if instead of a traditional Game Over, there would be some type of temporary afterlife Zone, which with either style of graphics could be quite surreal and wonderfully dynamic; and when, perhaps, gathering 3 1-UPs from within a challenging enough (but scaled somehow) environment, the main game could be reaccessed at the zone one exited. I would hope that Continues would still be available, and, maybe they could even be found by passing through some of the more difficult areas in this realm/dimension. I think it could be a gift rather than a punishment even, to perhaps have some rare items that can only be accessed there and brought back into the main game, some that would differ per character; unique music and physics too!
  11. Sometimes it feels possible that for the 30th anniversary, there is going to be a slight reboot to the Modern side of things, and, including Tails as playable would be a key part of that! One would think that they have been workshopping possible Tails gameplay styles in the background for quite a while now. It is just that the specific games they decided to produce haven't been compatible with it! Semi-Open World, majestic (Breath of the Wild inspired to some extent: although of course, Emerald Coast among other parts of Adventure was BotW-tier majesty in 98/99!) Sonic is coming, seemingly a matter of when, not if, and no character from the series' history fits better in such an environment as Tails!! :) :)
  12. There is a minor chance of something happening with Mania this year due to the 20th anniversary of the worldwide release of Sonic Adventure!! Basically i think it would not be out of the ordinary (of Sonic Mania's plot dynamics) for the Ruby to be capable of taking the current characters to some of the zones from Adventure. Even if it doesn't happen, it is very positive experience to try and visualize 2D versions of zones like Windy Valley and Lost World created by Slingerland and others!!! :) :)
  13. Yes; theoretically some new elements will appear in place of the Shrines and hidden labyrinthine natural areas would be fantastic! I do wonder how the map will change, but it feels like there is a medium chance that areas outside of the original map will become part of the story!!
  14. Honestly i think there is a small chance that this is a planned promotional maneuver similar to what happened with the Sonic movie. Pokemon HOME is not coming out until next spring, it is quite, quite weird that they would provide definitively negative information about it when they did. To eventually (in the spring probably?) reveal a free update for Sword and Shield that would add the missing Pokemon would be very positive promotion for both HOME and a boost in enthusiasm about SwSh that would build upon whatever reception it has at that point!
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