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  1. Yes, it is slightly puzzling but seems promising!! It is hard to tell if the Sega of America Sonic stream is coming back this year or not, this may replace it? otherwisae eventually there will be both!!?? Sonic Station Live: February 20, 2020 February 20 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm JST Sega will host the first in a monthly series of “Sonic Station Live!” broadcasts on February 20 at 18:00 JST. You will be able to watch it on YouTube. The live stream will feature introductions to everything from Sonic the Hedgehog game topics to the latest apparel and goods.
  2. Yes!! I sort of think that the creative teams would be able to make something work that wouldn't be quite as automatic as what i described! yes!!!! Any situation like planetoids (or various sizes of islands) are hopefully where we are headed for the next 3D game! Designing zones/environments to be entire would be very exciting and among other things make replay value much higher! What you are describing would have at least 30 different paths to explore and maybe several more hybrid ones!! And, I am not sure about procedurally generated zones as a whole but maybe parts of zones would change over time either through internal coding or patch updates to simulate it: like water levels etc! Sonic as a pioneering gameplay experience is primed and ready to happen again!! With forgiving and immersive zones, completely free movements would be possible! I have suddenly remembered the Game Gear Sonic items which were very playful and even somewhat chaotic (The rocket shoes and personal springs!!). wisps are of course in that realm, but I feel like they would come up with some new sorts of mechanisms that would give lots of potential to move in unusual and effective ways!
  3. This is definitely one of the best threads on this subject that has happened!! It even may be a good sign as far as goes what discussions and decisions have been happening over time while developing the new 3D game! What I realized very recently about the Genesis (and thus Retro engine and similar variants') gameplay is: most button pushes/control inputs have a satisfying, interesting result. Stringing these together can even feel like we are painting the motions and actions of each character with brushstrokes! To say it another way, the gameplay is like the player is playing the role of the character's mind/thought processes!! If there is any way that the Zones/environments can be adapted in 3D to actually include more quasi-scripted elements, but have many options via the controls for what that would be, it could be very interesting: The various parts of the landscape and present objects would be interactive depending on what button combinations/pressure/direction were used, and they would be arranged/placed so that there would be very few dud interactions. An example would be, say there is a platform within range and maybe a shoulder button would cycle through which one was highlighted (not obtrusively but some way that would be visible), Different buttons would allow, say, Tails to automatically approach this platform in unique ways. One button would have him jump from where he is standing or moving forwards: up to the platform and start flying to an additional height depending on button pressure, and stay above that platform (Falling off platforms in 3D is a lopsided challenge, i think the characters being able to have smart platforming behavior but still with some exceptions would be excellent!) Another button would have him jump and land under the platform, another would have him jump exactly onto the platform in attacking mode(s). There could be "levelup" moves that would allow Tails to flip or push some platforms! The idea being that Tails can see the platform so he can decide what to do with it before jumping; it might be weird for it to be somewhat automatic, but it would feel for the players like the characters have minds again (Honestly a good working title for this type of project would be SONIC MINDS)!! The cycling through surrounding objects using the controller sounds like it would be too powerful but we would also have to move the characters near to them on our own so they would be in range. Whole segments of landscape could be selected too, again there would surely be a visually pleasant way to do this, in which different running styles could be selected for Sonic. With a big slope that turns almost vertical, different buttons would have Sonic choose to clear the slope, use the slope to gain momentum back in the other direction; here is one that sounds tasty: maybe set up a quasi-quicktime event in which Sonic would jump off in a direction you choose when you press the button during the run up the slope!! Many different potential places to jump would be adjacent to the slope, but it would be impossible to miss all of them, however tricky to get to some of them depending on timing! It is sort of like extending the homing attack method but making it more beautiful and creative. Platforming/navigating their world is implied to be a breeze for the Sonic characters because they have been doing it for a long time now: and so the controls could somehow reflect this. If I had to choose a code name for development teams for what this overall system would be called it might be "Ultra Wall Jump"; to try and see if it is possible to make most parts of the zone environment interactive in multiple ways that would allow lots of functional brushstrokes of momentum and rather fluidly incorporate creative offensive and defensive moves when needed! Honestly this is sort of what we see in any of the cutscenes and of course the Sonic CD intro animation including interactions with badniks which have been mentioned in this thread already!! Sonic makes decisions about where and how to jump, and what to do when landing, ahead of time. The controls we use are essentially simulating that the characters have an idea of where to go and what to do. Now I am also remembering the pinball physics ideas from Sonic Fan J: It would definitely be possible for amazing pinball interactions to happen by allowing some level of automatically reaching platforms; I am visualizing now Knuckles is rolling down a slope in a natural area in pinball mode and as landscape areas alongside pass by they are highlighted: and at the press of the corresponding buttons, he could spring up and land there without it being possible to mess up (It would be a lovely option to be able to turn on a setting in which characters could not walk over the edge of platforms, but they might fall very quickly or present similar challenges that would not come down to the controller itself being clumsy), and in midair or soon after landing (to the point that it would feel seamless) additional button(s) could be pressed based on what types of terrain are now within reach. The joystick/D-pad would no longer be an invisible leash on the characters, instead, their minds and sequences of unique choices (with plenty of areas for fully free motion) would be what is seen hopping through the levels. Difficult platforming would still be very possible as far as having to choose the correct options within a limited window of time, including the new challenge of having to select the platform in time, rather than having to use the directional controls to drag the character there based on a clumsy levitating default jump. Maybe this would even keep Knuckles and Tails from breaking the flow, there really might not be a way to just climb or fly over everything: the player would always be choosing somewhere to land, free jumping would be unnecessary based on level design. That could still be between maybe as many as 15-25 different locations which previously would have been between 1 and 5 at most discrete locations that the characters could reach by jumping, and multiple branching options of actions to take depending on the complexity of what the locations and objects are! I see that I didn't mention rings, and maybe that would be something interesting to consider! Ring collecting is special but it is also very much like a minigame pick-em-up when it comes to controlling the characters to touch them. So, maybe there would be fewer clusters of rings, they could instead switch their role to being selectable as a place for the characters to jump and maybe even activate different moves or other options during or after collecting them? They could be switched to the medium-sized Chaotix/Mania ring type through some type of plot device, and then, even when losing them, it would be possible to select them and choose a movement to recollect them: in order to recollect all of them it might take a well honed level of selecting and choosing the right motion types for each one including in which order to be able to grab the next one very quickly! ~ ~ TLDR: Brushstroke-esque motions could be selected to happen within the environments and reflect the characters' active, actual internal wisdom of how to interact with their environments. Lots of space for free movement of many different formats (walking, running, pinball rolling, unique defense and offense motions per character) would be available but jumping (also gliding/flying type lifting motions) could be limited to having selected a place to land. Most or all aspects of Sonic-tier platforming challenges would still be possible without the least sensible and most limiting aspect of 3D Sonic, having to control complex movements through the air and in essence, through the environment, every time when in truth that is an intuitive ability of each character! They themselves should basically be incapable of messing up the direction and strength of their jumps!! : ) : ) But with that level of difficulty removed: the environments can offer all new challenges and new levels of detail too!!
  4. Yes!! It might turn out to be something like a 2D game that will have a new episode/story released every year for multiple years, with the first one maybe arriving in 2020?? That would remove pressure from the team to make an end-to-end "new classic" that is also a single release ; i think 2D Sonic could become exponentially more creative if it did not have to fit into the traditional game length! (The format would then also be fully free to not be varied zones -> showdown at Eggman's current fortresses! ) Perhaps with Eggman still absent, the current group probably also adding Amy will be able to visit many of the other islands and locations and take care of any problems happening there! certainly ones that would still result in zones with obstacles and some sorts of enemies, but the types of situations that previously would have been too specific or small for them to find out about. I guess we haven't had that moment in 2D yet where word of the existence and abilities of Sonic and companions has spread and different requests for assistance are being received. And, the history of Sonic's world in 2D has never really been explored, but we have seen in every game, signs of massive ancient cultures!!!!
  5. There really is a specific aspect, that they had not yet (although maybe it is happening as we speak!) found the 3D level design genius/geniuses who can help produce a full game's worth of compelling and functional environments! In some ways, making the zones into true environments, however in the world that is possible, will naturally have spaces for and really welcome the additional characters to be part of them; it is just a true puzzle and journey getting there!
  6. Yes :) :) The current still ongoing "teleported" status of Eggman is probably the most interesting cliffhanger since Sonic 1 (although i am not sure anyone at the time thought that it was a final victory by Sonic, it was made to look like it) Now there is the potential for the next 2D game to have new antagonists; alongside the lingering uncertainty of when Eggman and the Ruby could suddenly reappear! I do think Omelette or a similar character gradually yet astutely taking over Eggman's equipment would allow for a logical reason why badniks and boss-level robos could have new/very different behavior patterns! it would be less than fun if they became too complex, but there are a lot of potentially weird and wonderful options!
  7. Yes; it is still so genuinely crazy to consider that Tails' true gameplay style was ported to 3D once, and it was in the prior century. It would really work in a modified open world format, which has to have at least been high up on a list of development options for the 30th anniverary game, and maybe more abstractly, a renewed focus on exploration and vast environments! I feel like Sonic Team figured out that to attempt that during a time period (2010s) when core technology would be changing so fast would be an uphill climb to follow up the potential initial game in that style. This decade we are sort of at a plateau where they would be free to release a main exploration/huge environment-focused 3D game on the trio of systems and add onto it with DLC for a while! Perhaps Mobius has... three major continents, dozens of larger islands and hundreds of small ones. There is an incredible potential for a game that would be progressively expanded throughout the decade, with anything similar to that!
  8. Throughout the 10s decade, we noticed how the Sonic series was understandably cautious, and sometimes very amorphous in strange ways, but as a result was really able to get ahead of many obstacles! In particular, they have really set up this current decade to be, as many people here are describing, potentially the second 90s if not better! A second trilogy of 2D games seems entirely possible to have happened by the time 2030 rolls around, as well as, the 3D/modern games seem like they are poised to find a new depth when it will matter the most! The core gameplay styles of both have really proven themselves to have been ahead of their time, 2D even moreso than 3D but absolutely both! What i have learned during the 10s to appreciate about the "boost" gameplay is that it seems to help the creators of the games themselves have a proportional blueprint for what the experience is supposed to be. I think if being on rails at times meant that the games could be completed to still be intuitive and playful, with reasonably fewer glitches and improving cameras/controls then it is a good design concept! All of the experience and ogoing knowledge base from designing the boost games may help when broader 3D environments are going to be part of the zones: they will with second nature be able to build more linear, dynamic paths inside of the larger traversable environments!
  9. Yes, it really seems like both the 3D and 2D games have a very high chance of being fully new stories for their universes!! "Mania 2" would surely be popular but a completely new experience in 2D would most likely be one of the best games in a while, not just in terms of Sonic!!
  10. It is close to either half a year, or much less if there is anything to be shared at SxSW, til the next project(s) will be given some sort of reveal!! I guess this topic will soon become "Will there be any new or semi-new Sonic releases in 2020?"; and, it is both wonderfully, and lightly frustratingly, hard to tell! But to me, having the 30th anniversary projects being revealed relatively soon is very exciting. the first reveal of Forces and Mania was almost four years ago?!!? Six months doesn't feel like much time at all to wait for something even remotely similar to that to happen again!
  11. No, unfortunately there is no direct proof against this until the next news release, which may be Wednesday if the pattern is the same! But, i feel like the proof is in the pudding. If these were what was leaked first all at once, would anyone have believed it was authentic?? Many of them could pass for SNES Donkey Kong Country, or Sonic 3 and Knuckles era 3D renders that appeared in the instruction manuals!!
  12. No it is not just you! What I find strange is that none of the 3D model leaks even look like the careful and incredible designs of the officially revealed Pokemon for this Generation. The Bulbagarden forum has a few people suggesting that this could be an attempt to surpass the Grinch leak that was faked for Smash Ultimate. The timing is similar in that it is close to release so it is as believable as possible. The majority of them do not look like the work of any existing Pokemon designer! I can't imagine them moving around in game; the models look so stiff, which again is the exact opposite of the actual officially revealed Pokemon. here is a new example; This fake leak is perhaps overall the work of several prolific but intermediate level 3D model designers. It seems like they anticipated that enough people would believe it, so any comments about the designs being off would not get through. GameFreak is not going to allow design quality to go from Oricorio... to this, especially not for the premiere fully new Pokemon on Nintendo's flagship system!
  13. There are some very odd and noticable instances of, what i suppose are pixel antialiasing errors? with many of the model "leaks"; there are many more, i may post them too but put them in a spoiler so they don't take any more space! Simply put, it is possible that it is inauthentic. Here is an image link that also shows how similar many of the faces look, and to see them all together they really give away that this seems to be a very carefully constructed fake leak that got stuck on some 3D design issues. https://forums.bulbagarden.net/index.php?attachments/3dmo-face-jpg.127538/ ^^ The likelihood of Rolycoly going from having one of the most unique eye designs possible, to bizarre unpleasant eyes that look like they are from an early 2000's bargain bin game has to be zero!
  14. As part of a future game either classic or modern, it would be intriguing if instead of a traditional Game Over, there would be some type of temporary afterlife Zone, which with either style of graphics could be quite surreal and wonderfully dynamic; and when, perhaps, gathering 3 1-UPs from within a challenging enough (but scaled somehow) environment, the main game could be reaccessed at the zone one exited. I would hope that Continues would still be available, and, maybe they could even be found by passing through some of the more difficult areas in this realm/dimension. I think it could be a gift rather than a punishment even, to perhaps have some rare items that can only be accessed there and brought back into the main game, some that would differ per character; unique music and physics too!
  15. Sometimes it feels possible that for the 30th anniversary, there is going to be a slight reboot to the Modern side of things, and, including Tails as playable would be a key part of that! One would think that they have been workshopping possible Tails gameplay styles in the background for quite a while now. It is just that the specific games they decided to produce haven't been compatible with it! Semi-Open World, majestic (Breath of the Wild inspired to some extent: although of course, Emerald Coast among other parts of Adventure was BotW-tier majesty in 98/99!) Sonic is coming, seemingly a matter of when, not if, and no character from the series' history fits better in such an environment as Tails!! :) :)
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