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  1. Sonic Mania Adventures (Part 2 Coming Soon)

    During the stream this episode is revealed to be called "Sonic & Tails"! It is interesting then, whether Metal Sonic will actually be in this next episode or it will be later, but simply previewed early on!
  2. Sonic Racing (Possible Title) - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    This was called, as probably an unofficial working title, "Project R" by Aaron today during the stream! It still felt very good to hear!
  3. Sonic Mania: Version 1.04 PS4 Leaks (SPOILERS)

    I'm very glad that the stream on twitch was somehow playing with Knuckles & Knuckles allowing the Lava Reef transition to look the way it does! It seems possible that the Metal Sonic encounter was always planned to be like that, or at least an alternate plan to that effect might have been discussed or drafted. Otherwise perhaps in hindsight they saw the opportunity! It really fits and is a great tribute to the S3K penultimate boss!!
  4. In enough ways, this is probably somehow the best way to introduce the new additions and changes to the main game, to be discovered and described by excited, surprised fans of the original game I think generates as much excitement and appreciation as possible!
  5. Elemental shields (and eventually, new items that may appear in the monitors!) could interact with the Piko Piko in unique ways! Much more generally, I think that Knuckles' Mirage Saloon act 1 is a very good sign for any new characters, including Amy!
  6. I do think that they did not want to overshadow the original Stardust Speedway race with Metal Sonic, and, or, that if Metal Sonic would continue to appear in games, that it also means that each eventual/next encounter does not have to try to live up to a perfect one from Mania!
  7. It seems hopefully only that a point in time where it happens hasn't been reached yet during the original games! I do really think that Mania Team will be given the honor and chance to make a game which presents what is happening in the original timeline/universe when Amy following the path of the others, and, the Piko Piko Hammer's origin as well! Whereever it comes from, that will be an instantly classic cutscene if it is depicted in-game, which most likely it would!!
  8. Pokemon Main Series Title Coming to Switch

    I've become hopeful that at some point within one of the Switch games, perhpas even this one, that there might be some gameplay mechanic where one or two Pokemon can be sent to explore the overworld, from their perspective; with some areas and situations only accessible to them, also determined by size and abilities..!! It couldn't be too complex, and, there would need to be an item they were holding that would warp them back to the trainer! If i remember correctly this idea started as though the exploring Pokemon would have an item (basically like a Pokeball in function) that would absorb the trainer and carry them in this item that would be worn by the Pokemon, which could be opened at any time, perhaps in locations that the trainer couldn't reach!
  9. There is a small to medium chance for a trailer or screenshots today isn't there! That is to say, today a stream is coming in about two hours. The modern/racing game is considered highly likely to have an additional revealing or trailer; but, Mania Plus is happening much sooner and multiple games have regularly been receiving new updates in the streams! I do think that although the basic information has been sent to press, there will eventually be a trailer!!
  10. Yes; the missing context of Encore Mode is quite intriguing! At first when they described it, it felt like it would be a playthrough all of the game's current zones but adjusted somehow. It may be, however the press information yesterday simply says "familiar locations" which might mean something else. It is very exciting to wonder if it will represent something similar to what is being depicted in the animated series. Will there be a Mania version of Angel Island after all, or, could this mode pick up where the animated series ends? As far as i can tell, by not including Amy just yet, they can have the next game display the origins, or simply represent the earliest days, of the Piko Piko Hammer! That is not something that the Mania team would pass up, as it is really quite special!
  11. Yes; hopefully the zone transitions being completed will be mentioned in one of the live streams. It is a bit surprising that it wasn't already mentioned except that I am not sure how they would have found the right words to highlight it without also mentioning that the original game didn't have them, which could have felt out of place in a press conference, but, it would be easy and welcome to mention in a more casual setting!
  12. Sonic Racing (Possible Title) - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Yes; it could be that this was indeed a preview of the trailer which begins in the same way but will display the full title, and then either some gameplay, or animation sequence that at least indicates some of the nature of this! It seems very likely they will want to have both this game, and Mania Plus, to be playable at e3, so more information and promos are surely on the way!
  13. Sonic Racing (Possible Title) - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    Yes I think it feels/seems likely that vehicular racing would be the main game, as it can include the most characters. Racing on foot may be a special mode! It would be surprising for this option to be excluded entirely, but, the amount of characters that would not fit into it may also be why they are sure to describe that it is not exactly going to be a true sequel to Sonic R! Also the game engine; course dynamics and character abilities can be so different twenty years later!!
  14. Sonic Racing (Possible Title) - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    It is interesting that Aaron spoke the name of Tails Doll some time earlier during the presentation! Of course, is remains known as a fun and weird character outside of Sonic R within the overall community, but, maybe there is something more to it being mentioned. The potential for multiple modes/formats of racing feels much more real due to the inclusion of and emphasis on the R logo !! And, the same goes for the likelihood of a new instant classic soundtrack!
  15. In a very incomplete, but still interesting, way, the announcement of the MegaDrive/Genesis collection may give some indication that Project Plus does not involve adding the remastered Sonic 1 and 2 into Mania, which had received some logical speculation! It would still be quite surprising even with the branch name having been known for a while, to receive information about what it might be in such a short time from now! It is possibly the best name they could have chosen.
  16. Concepts/Things In Mania You Dislike

    I haven't yet been able to play firsthand; but, I have seen the bosses in videos, and I think that in some ways, there is just this sense of a reminder that the original trilogy's boss (and eventually miniboss) design is unforgettably high level! The first game's zenlike simplicity remains especially impressive; but then of course also the many inventive, head on approaches by Eggman in Sonic 2, and the true tour de force seen throughout Sonic 3 & Knuckles!! I think it is a good thing that there is an area of 2D Sonic in which the Mania team can improve; some day, the bosses from their first game will also be surprising in contrast to those in their second and third games! It is one area where room for improvement will feel natural and be exciting for the new and old fans, as well as the team themselves!
  17. Moreso now: it is actually officially announced, before the panel I was being optimistic but now it does seem like it will be something to give a positive mention briefly as recent exciting news, but, definitely not a reveal! https://twitter.com/SEGA
  18. This seems like something they will mention, enthusiastically, during the course of the hour discussion, but not as one of the main reveals! Although it is good to approach this with lowered expectations, because it is probably going to be quite exciting after all, in one way or another!
  19. Yes Sonic R is a roomiest of hype trains that i think many people would understand and get onboard, as long as it were presented showing its best attributes! it's exciting, simple, the first game is legendary in its own right, and it would have a similar higher intensity to Mania due to the original game being released a bit over 20 years ago! The potential is there for at least a complete mode or two, with numerous courses, within a larger new racing game.
  20. I do think that, somehow, no Mania news would still be good news/ could be revealed at e3 perhaps; it would still indicate there is something going on that can't be revealed yet! However it does seem like a key and most welcome space to communicate about the continuation of both realms of Sonic! One would think they would definitely present something new for 2D Sonic, as long as there is something that fits to be shared, due to how many people are currently interested and enthusiastic!
  21. Pokemon Main Series Title Coming to Switch

    A prequel, or, anything generally significantly earlier in history than has been seen before, could be quite special! Overall, I feel as though they would properly weigh what changes within a reboot would add to the series and which would feel out of place.
  22. There are two small items that may interest you In an interview last year, Iizuka-san described that they would probably not ever use the "Sonic Adventure 3" name but it seemed to be a more positive statement than that a game similar to the Adventures would never be attempted. More interesting to you and good for anyone to remember is a moment at the 25th anniversary party in which Aaron asked the audience to express via cheers whteher they liked the Chao or not, and of course it was a very strong response! It is quite plausible that they were interested in Chao popularity to determine whether to place them in the eventual 30th anniversary game(s)!
  23. Pokemon Main Series Title Coming to Switch

    It seems as though (although also fully uncertain) an e3 reveal of something about this game may be what happens! That will be most welcome. The focal point prior to e3 seems to definitely be LABO, and it would seem like they would not stir up anything by announcing these games during the initial few months of a new Switch subplatform! Yet by mid June it could make a very positive impression at e3 without taking attention from anything else.
  24. Sonic Mania: Sequel Speculation (Spoilers)

    Yes; I feel as though for this specific game the team was not sure whether to change from the canonical/familiar situation where the transformation cannot be switched back. It could end up being an interesting and simple plot point; that in the next game, receiving the seven emeralds once again, that the different characters (whichever are chosen to be able to switch in and out of the transformation) learn how to do that! In the original story of which Mania is a continuation, emerald transformations appear to have only happened once for Tails and Knuckles, until Mania, and twice for Sonic, so it makes sense that it would not be easy to switch off just yet, but hopefully in the unannounced but generally possible next expansions if it includes recollecting the emeralds, or, during the next new game which feels more likely!!
  25. Sonic Racing Rumors - "It's happening, FOOLS!"

    The general Mirage Saloon region would translate really well to both on foot and vehicle race tracks!!

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