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  1. Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread

    That really seems well within the realm of possibility. Allowing the main release of the game to have a solid, time tested bonus stage format, but then, for the team's ideas for bonus stages to eventually be implemented without any time constraints into a new edition of the game seems very sensible!! Less sensible is a concept I remembered when seeing the light blue accent art on the zone intros, thinking in the earlier days after the reveal of the game that it could be representing Big's dad as a fourth playable character! I had thought that he would be a normal sized cat similar to Blaze but with some of Big's features, and supposed that it just would feel more cute and classic for Big's mom to be a big momma cat similar in size to him! A "Sonic Mania 3" that would be maybe the Sonic equivalent aesthetically (very surreal and lush) to Yoshi's Island, where baby Big is eventually rescued by the trio (along with handling other challenges) with help from Big's dad as a new playable character, maybe bringing on LakeFeperd as a Mania team member, is wonderful to envision!!
  2. Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread

    Yes; it seems that, while it is not possible to figure out even vaguely the nature of the project being made, that it is visible and given an intriguing name is not a mistake. I definitely don't think BY THE MANIA FOR THE MANIA has stopped having importance to the team, especially now that by reaching so many new people, it is a larger, more enthusiastic as well as appreciative and accomodating mania than it already was before, and specifically focused towards 2D Sonic in this current style!!
  3. Sonic Mania: Sequel Speculation (Spoilers)

    I was noticing some speculation while reading Retro yesterday about the absence of a new patch, and also of the Mania team on their board. I am not sure that this current relatively brief time period of no activity means anything at all, the team must indeed be resting and doing their own ongoing work. But it does remind me that something similar to , but probably a bit different in format/execution to "Mania Director's Cut" is actually possible in the future, between now and an all new game. Whether it is creating the additional zone transitions, or some of the amazing zones that still show signs of something more possibly waiting (Hydrocity and Lava Reef mainly; i am sure that they wanted to try and bring the zone into that city and large machine for a Sonic/Tails Act 3 but it would have been a lot of extra work!), and that there is probably not another game creating team out there today that could make as special a Director's Cut edition as them, it doesn't seem like as much of a pipe dream, as simply a matter of whether they decide to do it or not.
  4. i just read this on Retro and i think it will fit in this thread I do think, to add my own perhaps unhinged opinion to this post, that the game that follows Sonic Forces is almost certain to be legendary. It is hard to believe, yes, but the potential is there, hugely so!
  5. Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread

    Yes; very much agreed! The Sonic 3 version is wonderful as a pixel art rendition of Sonic, but, it somehow does not fit nicely in the space of the graphics of the environments themselves, maybe it is specifically the pupils appearing half the original size. It is possible that many members of the Mania team thought similarly to you, that the Sonic 3 version was in some ways a misstep that they could absolutely correct!!
  6. Somehow this allows it to be complementary to S3&K in a unique way! I did consider that Green Hill is basically the only primarily natural zone, but didn't remember that it really is one of the only daytime zones. S3&K has so many that are in the daylight, as well as so many primarily natural areas or otherwise unique ruins! It really is like yin and yang, according to your list! S3&K zones taking place during daylight: Angel Island (Act 1's very iconic part that may as well be an entire act! ) Marble Garden Ice Cap (Very early pre-dawn morning and morning I think?) Launch Base / Mushroom Hill Flying Battery Sandopolis (Act 1) Sky Sanctuary
  7. I am reading through an e book and found this! It seems uncertain one way or the other that this writing in some form inspired the Phantom Ruby. What I find wonderful is that it really is a long tradition that people have been writing about unusually transformative, dynamic stones!
  8. PC version of Mania delayed till August 29th... #FuckDenuvo

    Patience will hopefully result in a clean release of this game in due time! One would think that maybe somewhere within the Sega food chain they do not want the focus of Mania to jump too quickly to people modding it, not that they want it to never be modded.... as far as, all of the Genesis era games had their time to just be the games themselves. It would be a bit of a head thing for some divisions at the company: maybe in that to mod the 3D titles, it takes months for a finished build of something new to be displayed by its creators. Here it is possible that an interesting enough mod and its videos etc being published could even distract from the core Mania game itself and depending on the promotional aptitude of the creators, begin to do so within a matter of less than a week. Maybe they are secretly giving Ian Flynn a few more weeks to finish a "Snooping as usual I see?" mini animated sequence that appears the first time when the game is accessed to allow modding. If not that would be one way to make something good out of this situation, or even if it is just a still frame in pixel art!
  9. Sonic Mania's Original Stages(Spoilers)

    It is not out of the realm of possibility, though a bit of a literal stretch, that they might have considered making an "Act 3" DLC pack for some of the zones, maybe a few at once! They would have unlimited amount of time to develop and complete them, perhaps some of it is already complete, and, it would not have to fit into the story or prolong the main game, they might be playable separately one by one rather than being inserted into the actual gameplay space of an Act 3 per se. In other words, like, what is after that area of Mirage Saloon if the EggRobo blaster cannon is not entered, or, before it if they arrived in a different way (maybe an oasis??); what is after that area of Studiopolis if the Flying Battery did not appear then and there? Some zones overall like Titanic Monarch and Stardust Speedway seem less suited for an Act 3, but others like Green Hill or Hydrocity certainly could have one! I should be clear that this would if ever coming to fruition, maybe be something that would be released years from now for one of the anniversaries of the Sonic Mania game release.
  10. Oh yeah! I wasn't actually aware of the Sol Emeralds! I am surprised to have forgotten the Time Stones, i had tunnel vision specifically to ones with specific gemstone names! It is interesting that Little Planet does not, as of yet, have a known protector that lives there permanently. Perhaps a single Time Stone was captured and combined with another unknown object, or objects, to result in a Phantom Ruby, in a process similar to what was seen between the Master Emerald and the base Chaos Emeralds! I like the idea of a branching path between a number of fairly large single act zones, with special side zone areas that could be accessed so there could still be music remixes, and some but not all of the progression through them would be determined by some type of more minor dynamic gemstones that could be collected, including if there were two or three types, deciding when and how to combine them. There are so many islands, and surely whole continents too, that have never been visited by either 3D or 2D games alike!
  11. I do think it is possible that the absence of a physical release, and also a full classic style manual (digital or otherwise) is interesting. Reading recently that the Blue Spheres stages were placeholders to original bonus stages; and other aspects lead one to wonder just slightly about some type of future director's cut style edition, which would have a physical release and full manual. This does seem unlikely, but so did Sonic Mania itself until it was announced so we will see what happens in a year or two!
  12. It is intriguing to consider the now two types of unusual gemstones in the universe; that they seem to induce feedback and unusual transformations. The chaos emeralds seem to allow different characters to become something similar to a living superconductor ( a phenomenon studied within quantum mechanics) of some type of energy. So far, the phantom ruby appears to alter the patterns of spacetime; almost as though it perhaps erratically (or the beings interacting with it themselves are erratic) and rather perfectly eclipses spacetime, as the moon eclipses the sun..!! Maybe they decided they really liked Aaron's classic username!! This phantom ruby affects spacetime enough to bend and teleport matter.
  13. Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back

    I don't think this would actually fit within any Mania topics. There does seem to be some overlap between one of the most groundbreaking (I think!) levels from Claws Encounters and Mirage Saloon Act 1; the mix of a multi part moving train and fairly vertical canyon platforming and exploring. It might not have even been an intentional homage!
  14. Concepts/Things In Mania You Dislike

    Yes; thankfully Press Garden, from what i have seen in videos, reminds me of a zone that is pretending to be from Sonic 1 concept art! Then, Titanic Monarch is being noticed by many people to be like the most magnificent reimagining and expanding of Chrome Gadget that anyone could have imagined! Overall I would be disheartened if there are never any additional zones made for DLC, but, I am considering that it is actually possible where they did put so much time and energy into a very impressive and replayable, weird and wonderful interactive audiovisual experience (aka "video game"). It just seems like a very good opportunity that would not have to happen any time soon, just, hopefully eventually! Mania seems to be the perfect base for potentially a half or a whole decade's worth of occasional (perhaps every two years?) new zone packs....!!
  15. Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread

    It might allow many DLC zones/zone packs where they are continuing to roam free and surely also changing their strategies? These zones might have to be implied to exist prior to the game's full concluding sequence in which they may have all turned back into their original basic forms.
  16. Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread

    There must be a desire to have them be fairly unique and completely link both zones somehow; contrasting with a desire to finally share the playable parts of the game without delaying it much longer! It is possible that it could be more of a free DLC+patch combo that would add the full series of transition sequences and possibly other aspects that we cannot see were in development but temporarily left out of the game!
  17. Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread

    I blieve that the creator of the mod D.A. Garden chose their name from the Sonic CD music listening mode! It is indeed though; Sonic 3: D.A. Garden Edition. (https://forums.sonicretro.org/?showtopic=34864) It is as special a transformation of a 2D Sonic experience as Mania is; after years and years of work, all of the zones and special stages too were redesigned and feel basically like an alternate version of the game that could have been released (Although as D.A. says, with more inspiration from Sonic 1 level layout, which works really well actually).
  18. Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread

    The music has been posted! Yes; it is a special treat! I have relocated the stream, it is viewable at 6:03:35 onwards https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jKJmzVILsDM The mini boss is a very special throwback too!
  19. Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread

    It is; and it is quite amazing! It has design homages to other Knuckles-only areas and their dynamics, including Angel Island and Sandopolis; and of course an entirely different music track that fits the moods.
  20. Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread

    I am realizing even more than before how much the transporting of Sonic as a result of the good/complete ending will allow for a new storyline to happen. It's possible for example that Sonic will remerge teleported somewhere unfamiliar on the planet. Tails may be needing to defend against a new threat near to home, while Knuckles may go to find Sonic, and, Sonic may find himself asked to help in the new area that he encounters! Eventually of course their story arcs would merge! It is a very much a blessing in disguise!!
  21. Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread

    I would hope there has not been legal interventions; but maybe they did want to test their available ways of cancelling out streams in case of future games that they would prefer keep the official release window. I think that by now the Mania team at least has seen that there is if anything much more hype than before; including the amount of views on the animation video that otherwise wasn't even going to be released yet!! We will still look forward to watching and experiencing their official stream of playing through Mania on Tuesday! Then of course where the sphere of memes has long been key part of the extended culture of Sonic, it is very much a positive for example to have the new meme context for Press Garden, among others, that would probably not feel as completely memetic without it having happened during the unofficial reveal of the zone.
  22. Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread

    Yes; I agree that definitely for Sonic to be pulled out and brought back to his current timeline/dimension etc will allow something to have changed enough for there to be a new plot for the next entry in the series: either a zone pack DLC using the Mania engine and assets, which may be what happens?; or of course a second, separate Retro/PGW/Sega 2D Sonic!! it is probably unwise to get into it (but the pages here are moving fast enough that it will not really be noticed!) but maybe there is a Mania Epilogue DLC eventually to arrive, which would be incredible and well worth this sort of intermingling!!
  23. Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread

    I understand now basically why Hydrocity, Flying Battery and Lava Reef do not have second Acts that diverge as much musically and structurally from the originals; so that there can be some amazing tribute paid to the original "reimagined zones" including the music, rather than replacing those special moments from Sonic history (and present day for everyone still revisiting S3K) with something too different! I wish that Studiopolis was a later zone as it seems to be one of many highlights of the game. Of course once clearing the game, the zone order is up to us via the select screen! i might end up using this sequence! Green Hill -> Hydrocity -> Press Garden -> Flying Battery -> Mirage Saloon -> Lava Reef -> Metallic Madness -> Chemical Plant -> Studiopolis -> Stardust Speedway
  24. Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread

    Yes; after all, Sonic 3 & Knuckles / Sonic Adventure were tied together in a fairly similar way, in that S3K introduced many important plot elements that would be developed in unique ways throughout Adventure! This also keeps open a door for the next 2D and 3D games to be related: this could be very special, as we are nearing the 20th anniversary of Sonic Adventure!!
  25. Sonic Mania SPOILERS/Impressions Thread

    Have there been any signs of the zone corresponding to the image, yellow and blue among other colors if that helps you remember!) that was revealed many moons ago? (It seems like fortunately a good page to pop in on without spoiling too much; although with the PC version delay, i will want to be seeing what the game actually is within just a few days as though it was released)