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  1. well I figured I'd just mess around in paint.net some and managed to make a head


    problem is I don't know how I should go about shading it or even if I have the right program to shade it with to begin with.any thoughts?

  2. argh once again I feel like I have a mental road block in front of me.It feels like everytime I try to recreate something with an image into pixel form it comes out pretty good nowdays.but everytime I try to make one of my characters in pixel form it only comes out sloppy. So of course why don't I just try to draw them.well I do but then I get erased lines all over the drawing.then I tried microsoft paint and they still looked sloppy. How am I suppose to try a visual anything with my characters when I can't even get their designs correct!!

  3. well I can safely say that (mania chaos emerald spoilers)


    pink knuckles is back ((i'll likely upload some gameplay of him in super form later today)


  4. if your talking about the one thats has a small pool of water around it in the caves of act 1. Then yes there is a way to reach that area with tails and sonic. once you reach the first spring you have to stick to the lower area keep heading right. past the motorbug and spikes there will be a ramp that will lead you down into the cave area. stick to upper half of the caves. keep going right and jump into the wall that you will come across.
  5. and I have finished the game! (until I go for the chaos emeralds of course) it was definitely the most fun I've had in a sonic game in a long time.

  6. last 30 seconds for me see ya later


  7. say now that Activision's made a remaster of the first 3 crash bandicoot games I wonder if they will make a remaster of crash bandicoot: willy wonka and the m&m factory


    1. Shaddy the guy
    2. McGroose


      Holy shit they didn't even try

    3. KHCast


      Was this even legal lol?

    4. kirby1up


      honestly It wouldn't surprise me if it wasn't. all I know is apparently sony gave them the thumbs up to make a downgrade of the game for the ps1 called "shell shocked"

      personally I'm more surprised this game doesn't get more notice simply due to it being a blatant knock off crash game with math thrown in.

  8. you know it just occurred to me that there is one thing that steam that steam offers that could possibly explain whats up with the delay for the pc version of mania.

    Image result for steam workshop

  9. well I got my pre-order ready for mania today,also finally made myself a new profile icon.


  10. Sorry man, can't stream OW gameplay, it'll lag too much and I'm playing comp.

  11. oh hey the overwatch summer games have started sweet. *gets to loading screen*

    "In queue:70000 players ahead of you"


  12. so just cause 3 and assassin's creed freedom cry are currently free to ps plus users..

    should I try them out?

  13. well decided to do a bit of design work on the side of flaira's head tonight.


  14. Overwatch (Currently: Lunar Year Event!)

    well overwatch players I hope your ready cause the games are coming back (and last years event loot are now going to be sold at the normal loot prices)
  15. well it looks like Cordelia and female robin got confirmed for fire emblem warriors


    1. Bobnik


      I guess male Corrin will be playable too if Robin gets both genders.

    2. kirby1up


      @Bobnik that's my impression as well (though I'm assuming that female robin is basicly an alt skin for robin)

      though with Cordelia being confirmed for the game I wonder this will mean we will get a Caeldori skin in the future 

      File:Matoi portrait.png