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  1. to be fair suicide squad didn't have much competition in the costume department in the first place.from what I remember most of the movies last year either had fairly basic costumes with nothing really notable about them (ghostbusters 2016 had orange stripes on hazmat suits :> ),updated costumes from prior movies (outside of spider-man and black panthers costumes everyone else just has updated outfits for civil war) or had 1 really good costume among the meh designs (wonder woman,deadpool and dr strange)

  2. this is odd timing because one of the other lego news channels (the brick show) has posted on facebook stating that one of their sources claim that james bond was going to be in lego dimensions though it is possible that a lego dimensions 2 is in the works (which could explain why nothing more will be made for the older "lego dimensions" game)
  3. man the updated cyberchase intro looks downgraded compared to the original intro

    course something I find a bit odd with all of these old animation-flash shows is how chaotic started off in flash before getting an animation update in season 2



    1. Scott


      Prefer the old one! :o

    2. Joy


      I'll assume I was the only one briefly excited for a moment that there was some kind of remake of the PS1 Scooby Doo Cyber Chase game.

    3. KHCast


      They're running this? What are they doing now math wise??? Calculus and trig?


  4. Image result for roadside romeo

    guys can you explain to me what on this is and why it has "walt disney pictures presents" on it...

    1. Dee Dude
    2. KHCast



    3. VEDJ-F


      Oh yeah, I recognise that. Yeah, it was distributed by Disney, although it was actually made by an entirely different studio. 

    4. kirby1up


      @VEDJ-F correct I was looking around on the disney animated movies list on wikipedia when I came across this among with some of the other best forgotten movies that disney distributed such as...


      The wild.jpg


      that said I did come across this odd one from india in the 2012 section


    5. KHCast


      These are definitely KH3 world potential choices 

  5. well my newest sprite is done I hope you guys enjoy it.



    1. Mightyray


      Toaster robot! They look great!

    2. Gabe



  6. oh boy the kh 1.5+2.5 digital edition will have a pre-order theme it likely will be about as simple as the last one..

    darn it square now I actually want to pay extra money for this theme!

    1. Nix


      It apparently doesn't play Dearly Beloved so it's pretty much worthless.


      It does look good though.


    2. KHCast


      So a FF7 static theme can play aeriths theme, but the many KH themes released can't play dearly beloved.:/

  7. well here's our next trailer for injustice 2
  8. I have a question if I was to say make a bunch of robot themed face sprites what robots would you want me to make sprites for?

    (I already have zane, (a secret robot you might not expect) ,iron giant,and a certain transformer planned so if you guys/gals have any other robots you want me to add to the group shot let me know )


    1. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      This seems boring but an Egg Pawn.

    2. kirby1up


      hmm I wouldn't say an egg pawn is a bad choice per-say.

      but i'm just now looking at my selection of robots i've already picked out and I'm starting to get a tin-man vibe from the color palete they all seem to share. so i'll likely pass on the egg pawn for now. 

  9. another batch of dialog sprites for another one of my characters 


  10. not even donkey kong was safe from the inevitable robot takeover


    1. Forte-Metallix


      I've heard of an iron lung, but an iron dong?

    2. BlueTidalGamer


      and it ended up making one of the best songs in the show. 

  11. hey guys remember that comic book company that kept getting brought up... I don't think sonic will be their money maker no more...
  12. in case anyone missed it I made some dialog sprites for one of my characters last night.


    1. Mightyray


      The second last emote is my fave.

  13. looks like the full line-up of overwatch pop figures have been revealed (feels like they goofed up on the dva pop figure size though if it really is just 1:75 inches tall)


    1. Boomer


      D-VA is only that tall, the mech itself is absolutely huge.

      Also so many U.S exclusives :(

    2. kirby1up


      and of course mei had to be the hot topic exclusive pop. (i do have one near my area but I really don't care for hot topic in general)

      who knows though I might try collecting most of the overwatch pop figures this year if it's within my budget (already doesn't help with the ninjago movie sets that will likely release this summer)

    3. Boomer


      Could be worse, could be like me in the UK. Where we won't get ANY of the exclusives :/

    4. Fusion Ellipsis

      Fusion Ellipsis

      Symmetra pop figure looks cool!

  14. well I wound up making a couple expressions for one of my characters hope you guys enjoy them.


  15. alright I think i'm going to work on some dialog sprites for some of my characters (or at least the ones in this image)

    New Piskel (2).png

    my question to you guys though is which of these characters do you think I should start with?