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  1. I've been wondering out of all my sprites that I've made. which ones do you guys think were my best and my worst sprites. And if theres anything you think I need to focus on improving.

    link to my art topic in case you need a refresher of what my older sprites looked like.


  2. well heres another look at one of my characters (and a little something extra)


  3. well I have some good news and bad news for you guys bad news is you have to get the week 1 rewards before you can get the week 2 rewards (so basicly a total of 20 matches in order to get the free crates) the good news is that we can apparently finish all of the weeks on the 4th week (or basicly marathon HOTS matches on a weekend in order to get the rewards) they have a mega pack deal running in may in which players can choose a bundle of 20 free heroes to use in HOTS (the 4 bundle choices can be found here ) tracer,lucio,zara,genji and dva are playable characters in HOTS (dva will get released in may)
  4. well its time to find a buddy to drag into the Nexus again. cause Heroes of the storm has another exclusive skin for us to snag (also R.I.P players who played 15 matches just to get that genji skin from the last event)
  5. info update! and thanks to Danny Koo we have a look at the pre-order skins
  6. well if you missed any of my art posts in the last 3 months you can check them out in my art topic now.


  7. well its been awhile since I've updated this lets start off with the stuff I forgot to post on this topic. sonic stuff alright now for the misc stuff and now for my original character stuff. (please note most of these characters don't have a permanent design yet.or in the case of flaira,julie and lulu don't have a finalized outfit yet) and finally unfinished stuff featuring characters from storm hawks,sonic underground,sonic series,mario series,Kingdom hearts,crash bandicoot,lego ninjago and of course my own series anyways thats everything. if you have any suggestions or comments about my characters feel free to message me here on the message boards.
  8. and the next character I have in the works is sanya.


  9. next look at one of my upcoming characters. void


    as you can imagine his "humanoid" design is fairly simple to odds are I'll show off another character tonight.

    1. kirby1up


      disclaimer* due to a thing called sleep it appears I won't be able to get that other character posted yet.assuming that I'm in a artsy mood again later today however I can see myself getting two characters out.

  10. so I'm trying to come up with a blog site to post my art on/possibly start making review posts. anyone have any suggestions on what site I should put it on?

  11. heroes never die! (made another pixel avatar)


  12. I've seen a couple of ducktales episodes for the first time recently.. personally speaking I kept getting the new adventures of winnie the pooh vibes from the episodes I watched. :l

    (keep in mind that I have a ton of fond memories of watching winnie the pooh as a kid)

  13. well I've finally made a template for my "aqua style" avatar icons.