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  1. behold the ultimate pop figures .,.


    1. Vampony CC14

      Vampony CC14

      Aw, they brought back Shadow's little Chao buddy!

    2. Mister X

      Mister X

      God I hate these things

    3. Wisphead


      E G G M A N F U N K O 

      I need that.

      But why no variation. I mean come on Funko it's the same shit with the Crash funkos. Make more than 7 Crashes or 5 Sonic and 2 Shadows, give me M O R E. 

    4. Zaysho


      These look better than their original run. Adding the sclera to the eyes is a big help. Faces still seem kinda weird, but I actually kinda want the one with Shadow and his Chao lol

    5. Spookmmetra
  2. well i just finished kirby's dreamland. and while looking though the dream collections museum segment  I found that it had some artwork made for kirby right back at ya.Anime Art

  3. well I traded in my copy of splatoon 2. but on the bright side I got kirby's star collection and sonic lost world.

  4. I've had splatoon 2 for about 3 weeks now and I've played it for a few hours and haven't touched it for 2 weeks now... do you guys think I should trade it in for something else? 

    1. King Koopone

      King Koopone

      Depends. If you don't like or can't get into the game then I'll say yes. If in the future, you know that you'll go back to it and liked what you played then keep it. Personally I would since what little I know about online multiplayer games, it takes dedication and sometimes daily plays (or at least a lot of plays) to get a good use of the game that might get their servers switched off in the future leaving a coaster of a game. I think Splatoon 2 may have a single player mode though.

    2. kirby1up


      honestly though I do see why people enjoy the game I think the problem for me is I don't enjoy splatoon 2 multiplayer enough in order to dedicate myself to playing it daily/weekly and after my experience with other shooter games the mechanic of covering more turf in ink then the other team feels more like a match type I'd only play a few times before ignoring.

      it does have a decent single player mode that I can get some enjoyment out of but its not enough for me hold onto it knowing I paid 60$ for it instead of getting something I will get more enjoyment out of.

  5. you know there's still one thing that I find odd about lego battles: ninjago is that while the ninja get their DX designs and sensei wu gets his black robes for their max lvl outfits. nya winds up getting a lego city nurse uniform...

    File:Nya stage 3.png

  6. anyone up for some ps4 overwatch?

  7. you know all this talk about swords reminds me of another time when a large fandom went into over the top arguments over a brand new edgy character holding a sword.

    Image result for kylo ren lightsaber

    1. Captain Metallix

      Captain Metallix

      Well... they both have the same goal of crushing a Resistance.

  8. sometimes I wonder if this is what the moderators have to deal with every time a new sonic topic is made.


    1. Tara
    2. Kiah


      I wish that was what we had to deal with...more times than none we have to have our ban-hammers on standby. 

      And I try to moderate like that...it's hard!

  9. well I decided to modify metal sonic's mania sprite a bit... :P


    1. Shiguy



      I know little of Archie the comic stuff but uh, yay! pretty neat.

    2. Monkey Destruction Switch
    3. Polkadi


      Neat stuff!

    4. goku262002


      @Shiguy Yeah you really do:

      Not all the comic series is poison, you should give it a read.

    5. Shiguy


      See, I knew that was based off of post reboot Mecha Sally what immediately came to mind however, was pre reboot Mecha Sally so I was just posting that for compersion sake.

    6. Polkadi


      This is also pre-reboot.

  10. calling it now someone is going to mod ratchet (and backpack clank) into sonic forces within the week it releases

    1. Polkadi


      someone better make a groovitron wispon or i'll be upset

    2. kirby1up


      also replace the wisp capsule sound effect with Mr Zurkon lines


    3. Dizcrybe


      Sonic Forces Ratchet and Clank Up Your Arsenal

    4. Polkadi
  11. Nice Spike avatar. +1

    1. kirby1up


      yeah I got it from the "smarty cat" short. needless to say he makes a pretty good face.


  12. What Sonic games have you 100% completed?

    sonic 1,2,3 and knuckles ,sonic chaos,sonic R, sonic advance 1, sonic rush and sonic dark chronicle.
  13. hey guys I figured out how to fix MvC:infinite :P

     how I'd fix MVC:infinite :P

  14. to join the rp or to ignore the rp still unsure how well things would go for me.

    1. Jovahexeon Cala Maria

      Jovahexeon Cala Maria

      Eh, it ain't too hard. Just start with characters you're comfortable writing and you're good to go.

    2. Failinhearts


      Well hey, I say it's worth a shot.

      But what do I know? I'm only the creator. :U

      But yeah, if you need help, give me, @Ryannumber1Scarer and @Ghostrick Dorklord a PM. We can guide you through the motions.

    3. Ryannumber1Scarer


      I mean, I'd say it's worth a shot. Not going to know if you like it without trying, right?

  15. Marvel VS Capcom Infinite XB1/PS4/PC

    one thing I will note about the model leak is that the only models that weren't used for story mode was winter soldier and venom oddly enough. (also this seems to indicate that black widow was the only dlc character without a model when that picture was taken)