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  1. Chuckle
    kirby1up reacted to Failinhearts in Remember when Mighty No. 9 3DS and Vita came out last year, just as planned? Good tim   
    Yeah, I remember the buzz when it was released. So many anime fans crying on that prom night...
  2. Thumbs Up
    kirby1up reacted to Diogenes in I'm tired of the modern era artsyle they've been going with since Unleashed. I want s   
    seriously fuck realism, they can make things look practically any way they want, i wanna see them get fuckin' wild with it
  3. Chuckle
    kirby1up reacted to JezMM in "And after all this time, you're back for mooooore."   
    "Seriously Infinite I know it's an all-you-can-eat buffet but it's an unwritten rule of courtesy that you don't come up again after your third plate let alone sixth."
  4. Thumbs Up
    kirby1up reacted to Indigo Rush in Uh..Archie shtick aside... Anyone still pulling for the Hooligans, Mighty, and Ray at   
    They're official Sega characters, so they have a better shot than the FFs at least 
  5. Promotion
    kirby1up reacted to Thigolf in Whoa. We're off planet!   
    Meanwhile, the view out of the cell he's been in for 6 Months:

    Not very attentive, huh Sonic?
  6. Thumbs Up
    kirby1up reacted to Ferno in If you ever worry that what you like to draw for your amusement will prevent you from   
    if you plan on doing that i'd recommend different screen names, an alias for the other stuff, if you will. just go full on bruce wayne/ batman with it.
    in my case though i didn't start out doing that so most of my followers already kinda know about the full spectrum of my stuff, but i still use different screen names anyway for piece of mind
  7. Chuckle
    kirby1up reacted to Solly in Y'all need to watch Steins;Gate. It's like what would happen if Dr. Doofenshmirtz sta   
    why does this say so much while saying so little 
  8. Promotion
    kirby1up reacted to Polkadi~☆ in It's so funny how probably the most lasting thing Forces will ever give us is basical   
    None of these memes are good, Vector. That's why it's called "dank."
  9. Thumbs Up
    kirby1up got a reaction from Pelvic WOO! engine in Next smash bros game feature: You vs the fighting cardboard team.   
    alright lets be honest we'd rather get that then multi-man smash with amiibo fighters
  10. Chuckle
    kirby1up reacted to The drunkard from space! in Who had the best design?   
    Greedy because he doesn't have Eggman's mustache as eyebrows.
  11. Chuckle
  12. Thumbs Up
    kirby1up got a reaction from Balding Spider in So what was your favorite and least favorite newcomers for Smash 4? For myself it's L   
    Least fav:Bayonetta
  13. Thumbs Up
    kirby1up reacted to Wraith in On the subject of Ganon, I've been thinking: Is there any possible way to lift Demise   
    It's placement is intentionally left vague. Aonuma said they didn't really think about it that much when making the game. You can put it at the very end of the Fallen Hero timeline if you just ignore the Twilight Princess reference outright and it would make the most sense.
  14. Thumbs Up
    kirby1up reacted to Blue Blood in I loathe the Demise plot device with every fiber of my being. I much prefer Ganon as   
    Ganon was never am anti-hero in any of the games at any point in the story. He's always been a bad guy, plain and simple. That said, I much prefer his incarnations as an actual character rather than just a "force of evil" as in BotW or even ALBW. 
  15. Chuckle
    kirby1up reacted to Nix in ORDER 66! NOW SERVING ORDER NUMBER 66!   
  16. Thumbs Up
    kirby1up reacted to Dee Dude in You gotta admire the fact that in Forces -- after 26 years of constant failures-- Egg   
    Shame they wasted such a huge opportunity, no rituals, statues, PAs, cities or anything like that. 
    He’s supposed to be arrogant but perhaps finally winning after all those years has finally made him go full on serious mode and not worry about his ego.
  17. Thumbs Up
    kirby1up got a reaction from Gresh11990 in I can't believe I'd see a meme banning the meme:   
    Soo their saying that this is where they draw the line at? I'm not saying the meme itself isn't a bit racist. But when I was still playing on roblox I saw much MUCH worse things on roblox then this.
  18. Thumbs Up
    kirby1up reacted to The Tenth Doctor in If that Monsters Inc leak is real, I’m gonna be forever uncomfortable with pantless S   
    He didn't have pants as a Lion cub or Mermaid, why is this different?
  19. Thumbs Up
    kirby1up got a reaction from Failinhearts in ...Did they ever explain how Kaos and Glumshanks went back to normal after swapping h   
    I don't think they did to be honest which is ironic since I seem to remember them being pretty good of continuing where the last game ended with those two at least.
  20. Thumbs Up
    kirby1up got a reaction from Nina Cortex Jovahexeon in The main character of the last game you played has been evicted.   
    So If I'm not playing as spider-man in a spider-man game then that means...
  21. Thumbs Up
    kirby1up reacted to Nina Cortex Jovahexeon in Dark Baymax in KH3 is still one of the most badass looking things I’ve seen in this f   
    I'm still hoping this franchise will give us satisfaction story-wise by KH3, especially after the damage that 3D did.
  22. Thumbs Up
    kirby1up reacted to Teoskaven in Badly describe a non-MCU Marvel film and make it sound funny. A bunch of rag-tag muta   
    Guy gets cancer, decides to take his frustration on a brit.
  23. Chuckle
    kirby1up reacted to Adamabba in describe one of your favorite games in a way that makes it sound awful. raccoon guy a   
    Some weak jackal keeps drugging animals with hallucinogens in order to conquer the world
  24. Chuckle
    kirby1up reacted to Adamabba in describe one of your favorite games in a way that makes it sound awful. raccoon guy a   
    Fast guy saves the life of a mother, who's falling from space, by holding hands
  25. Thumbs Up
    kirby1up reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in So, does anyone else feel it's counterintuitive having TTG in an Anti-bullying commer   
    I can kind of get the logic. They looked at what does well with kids and decided "if we use these famous superheroes from this popular show, then kids will definitely listen!" 
    The problem is the fact it is incredibly hypocritical, keeping in mind this is the same show that had the Titans act like horrible people themselves, act incredibly selfish etc. 
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