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    kirby1up reacted to G-Force in Mega Man   
    X8 was actually pretty good though. 
    I mean, I don't want to get into a discussion/argument about exactly how good it was compared to everything else, but it definitely wasn't "let's pretend this never happened" level.
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    kirby1up reacted to Candescence in Spyro the Dragon: Reignited Trilogy - November 13th, 2018 (PS4, Xbox One)   
    Well, I'll give Toys For Bob credit at least, the remakes look significantly better aesthetically than the originals, and I don't mean the graphics. One of my main problems with the PS1 Spyro games was that the environments weren't really special or unique - Spyro 1's worlds in particular were about as bland as bland could be compared to Mario 64 and Banjo. The environments in this remake actually have some style injected into them.
    Hopefully they don't make the same mistake made with the Crash trilogy and forget to make the platforming collisions as close to the originals as possible. Granted, I don't think Spyro was as big on precise platforming as Crash is.
  3. Way Past Cool
    kirby1up reacted to TheOcelot in Spyro the Dragon: Reignited Trilogy - November 13th, 2018 (PS4, Xbox One)   
    Hopefully they'll keep this reference in the Reignited Trilogy.
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    kirby1up got a reaction from Ryannumber1gamer in Spider-Man (PS4, Insomniac, 2018) - The Amazingly Spectacular Spidey game you've been waiting for   
    we also have pre-order content as well as a collectors edition on the way (no price yet)
    the pre-order content consists of
    the Spider-punk outfit and 2 other unknown skins the Spider Drone gadget (its either superior spiderman or "all new all different" related Its not the homecoming drone) PS4 avatar/ps4 theme 5 extra Skill points (the skill point systems is back) The collectors edition content includes
    white spider sticker a spiderman statue (it says revealing summer 2018 ) Custom Steel book mini artbook and "the city that never sleeps"  (3 post Launch Story chapters + new missions,suits & Characters)
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    kirby1up reacted to JezMM in Chamomile   
    Chamomile #50

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    kirby1up got a reaction from Patron in Motobug: SSMB's Exclusive Streaming Hub - Current Stream: Motobug Selects - New Weekly Stream - starts March 21st 5pm EST/9pm EST   
    The Sonic SXSW panel will be streamed at 3:30 ET 4:30 ET tomorrow. ( thanks @TheOcelot )
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    kirby1up reacted to Tara in Telltale Batman Season 2: The Enemy Within   
    More accurately, I'm really disappointed in the Villain Joker ending.  I'm not really going to go too much into it, because honestly I thought it was pretty boring.  It was all just the typical horror movie/SAW tropes that were repulsive, boring, lacking in character development, or even an iota of creativity.  Like, at times, they try to drop a hint of depth to it, but it's overshadowed by gratuitous violence and one-dimensional conflict.  One thing I will say is that I am a little bit annoyed by how modern Batman is always going on and on about how Batman creates his own enemies.  Sometimes this is handled fine, but for this story, the Villain Joker ending specifically, it's absolutely maddening.
    Seeing Jim, Alfred, Tiffany, EVERYONE blame Batman for the existence of super criminals in Gotham is preposterous.  The very first episode of the season details how the Riddler was a horrible criminal on a grand scale that predated Batman.  Bane, Harley, etc. all existed before Batman according to this mythos.  Batman was created in response to the villains here.  It established that much.  They may have a point with John Doe as the Joker, because Bruce's tampering and manipulation may have very well led him to being who he is, but everyone else? Er... no.  Just no.  Like, Jim even talks about how before Batman showed up, all they had to worry about was gangsters when literally Arkham Asylum is a thing here.
    Note that I'm referring specifically to the lore in this series, not the Batman universe as a whole.
    And what's with these characters being like "the Riddler was actually a nice guy shame he's dead =("  Like, I was hoping eventually they'd show us this.  That we'd see a side of the Riddler that we missed out on in the first episode.  But nope.  We're just sort of supposed to take their word for it.  Catwoman even gets in a fight, screaming "The Riddler was my friend!"  Selina, your friend puts people in boxes and slices their fingers off.  I know she's a thief, but that's a pretty shady alliance.
    Basically, the Villain Joker ending, in my opinion, was awful.  Generic, boring, and just... surprisingly uneventful given all the carnage going on.
    Now the Vigilante Joker on the other hand.  I was actually quite surprised at how much I liked it.  All the characters were motivated by goals and ideologies, there was actual moments of introspection, there were some genuinely heartwarming and funny moments on top of some pretty sad moments.  The fight scenes were cool, the character interactions were charming, and while it was also very violent, the violence felt supported by the narrative, as opposed to the narrative being supported by the violence.  It didn't feel like it was added just for shock value.  That being said, it wasn't perfect, and there were some things that did bother me quite a bit.  Spoilers below.
    On a lighter note, though, this game is absolutely stunning on the visual front.  Seriously, this game gives me Batman: The Animated Series vibes sometimes with its moody atmosphere and lighting, slow orchestral music.  And the camera work is phenomenal.  These compositions are absolutely beautiful.

    And also Black Panther makes an appearance.

    (It's joke.  Sorry!!)
    And the voice work, especially on the Vigilante Joker ending is astonishingly good.  There's a huge range of deliveries from quiet to loud, to soft to forceful, and everything in between.  And the fact that Batman and the Joker of all people can just have a tender moment is actually... pretty great.  I don't think that's been done, or at the very least done well, since The Killing Joke.
    The great voice acting is just one reason I really hate the voice modulator that Batman uses.  So many great lines ruined by a robotic sounding distortion.  Anthony Ingruber's Joker is really good in this episode, channeling a sort of mix between Mark Hamill and Jack Nicholson while also throwing a bit of Heath Ledger in for good measure.
    So basically, even though there were some points that were really dumb about the Vigilante Joker ending, I actually quite enjoyed it.  It actually felt like I was watching a Batman story, which is more than I can say for a good majority of this season, unfortunately.
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    kirby1up reacted to SSF1991 in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    The answer is much larger than I think people realize. Clearly, there is no legal problems keeping the Freedom Fighters from appearing. It is nothing more than IDW wanting to take the Sonic comics one step at a time. The only thing holding the Freedom Fighters back is IDW themselves, and I feel this is only because they're wanting to focus on getting the comics underway for now. Seeing as how Ian Flynn's a fan of them, he'll probably bring them back once the time is right. I think they'll appear next year.
    I'm going to be blunt. This answer should not have taken a year to give, and there's really no excuse for it. But, on the plus side, fans of the Freedom Fighters have just gotten a ton of hope again.
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    kirby1up reacted to Count Mario in Telltale Batman Season 2: The Enemy Within   
    I can't even get into Freeze's conflict because he doesn't get that much individual focus besides one conversation where you manipulate his obsession to get on his good side and having mercy because he needs low temperatures. I only feel bad for him because of my nostalgia for Heart of Ice. So rather than seeming sympathetic, he looks more like crazy Dr. Frankenstein iceman with necrophilia. I only hope that he comes back in Episode 5 so that your actions mean something.
    Harley's practically bipolar. The most I can say is that at least getting on her good side does not seem too easy...?
    This series went the manly steroid junkie brute route for Bane, the mistake that so many stories make instead of tactical mastermind with flexible prideful morals route. I think the only scene he impressed me a little bit is when he confronts you out of nowhere at the spa. And I think that's only because the situation reminded me of this scene from Dexter that always makes me crack up:
    They should have held back on the urge to throw in so many villains without proper direction. I wonder where the story will go next season though. I hope they tackle Ra's and Scarecrow. I have a weird idea that might work if they fuse some comic book concepts and be as radical as they were with Dent and Cobblepot.
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    kirby1up reacted to Celestia in Sonic Boom Season 3   
    You were literally just told 10 hours ago not to post fake rumours. To be frank this is barely even enough effort to call it a "rumour," you're just coming in here with a completely unsourced claim followed by a list of things that will be in this totally real thing.
    Knock it off cuz while this isn't Upcoming Games, we do consider fake rumours and the like spam.
  11. Chuckle
    kirby1up reacted to Celestia in Mega Man: Fully Charged   
    You'll all feel so silly when Sgt. Night turns out to be a Wily disguise.
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    kirby1up reacted to Tracker_TD in Mania/Classic series and the lack of characters   
    Introduce more characters if and when they're actually needed. Quality over quantity, innit. 
    I mean in the Classic series we have
    - Sonic
    - Tails
    - Knuckles
    - Eggman
    - Amy
    - Metal Sonic
    - Mighty
    - Ray
    - Fang
    - Bean
    - Bark
    - Those Sonic R Guys if you're so inclined
    - The Chaotix
    I mean, that's a fine roster right there. Not too bloated, but not necessarily limited to super specific cases like the Babylon Rogues either. Could do with some more female rep, but in that case bring in characters like Honey the Cat or something. 
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    kirby1up reacted to Diogenes in Mania/Classic series and the lack of characters   
    If the classic series does stick around, I'm sure its cast will grow over time. Considering what happened to the modern series, though, I'd prefer they don't try to rush it and bloat the cast. Once Mania Plus is out the game is going to have five playable characters, and knowing Sonic fans I know a lot will be expecting all of them and more to be playable in Mania 2, and that there'll be a whole lot of complaining when that doesn't happen. The kind of cast growth and character usage that fans got used to between SA and '06 just isn't sustainable. So I'd rather they take it slow and try to focus on creating/reintroducing and using characters responsibly, rather than treating a larger cast as an end unto itself.
  14. Chuckle
    kirby1up reacted to Indigo Rush in Is listening to Sonic music online on youtube illegal/stealing?   
    I don't know how many times we need to explain to you that it isn't considered stealing or an infringement on copyright laws to listen to uploaded material. It's up to you if it's right or not.
    If Sega is okay with them being online, then you should be okay to listen to it. End of story. If you have any hang-ups beyond that, then don't do it. Buy the soundtracks online. If you can't buy the soundtrack, buy the game, which contains the soundtracks, and then listen to it online since you own it by proxy. 
    The End.
    That's the moral of this episode of SSMB Sez! Remember, knowledge is power, and knowing is half the battle. Funding for Sonic Stadium is provided by viewers like you. Thank you.
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    kirby1up reacted to JezMM in Sonic Mania Plus: Official Reveal (Coming July 17th) - NO SPOILERS   
    They were not at all specific about it being 100% free.  They said pricing would be announced at a later date immediately after talking about the update.
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    kirby1up reacted to JezMM in Chamomile   
    Chamomile #47

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    kirby1up reacted to PC the Hedgehog in Kirby's 25th Anniversary (Star Allies: Wave 3 DLC Update)   
    Kirby working alongside Marx.

    Now THAT'S something I never thought I'd see. Love it.
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    kirby1up reacted to Forte-Metallix in Five Nights at Freddy's - Help Wanted in Virtual Reality   
    We've got yet another update:
    Hey guys, I'm beginning work adding in the characters for Custom Night. This is going to be a long process, but I've posted a "progress bar" on my website so you can check in over the next few months to see how things are going. Yes, this will be the longest load screen you've probably ever seen, but it will give you an idea of how things are moving! Each successfully added character will be worth 2% on the bar, which most of you could probably already figure out!
    I'll add notes here as I finish characters and maybe add a few details about how characters behave and how they might be different from previous games!
    Completed Roster:
    Golden Freddy: When he appears after lowering your tablet, pull it back up quickly to get rid of him! Staring at him for too long will end your run with an unpleasant surprise!
    Helpy: He will appear on your desk at random when closing your tablet. Get rid of him quick or he'll get up-close and personal with an airhorn!
    This is gonna be the longest load time ever. (Aside from '06, of course)
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    kirby1up reacted to Nina Cortex Jovahexeon in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - PLEASE SPOILER TAG LEAKS   
    It does my heart good to know  that Crash Bandicoot is a perfectly viable and available newcomer who could potentially make it into Smash! Bring on the newcomers along with the roster that made Smash 4 legendary!
    And give it a story mode.
  20. Absolutely
    kirby1up reacted to Blue Wisp in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - PLEASE SPOILER TAG LEAKS   
    God damn it why did I even buy my Wii U if everything it did is now getting irrelevant. 
    Fuck Nintendo man. 
    Hope this shit is hype as it deserves. At least add Funky Kong you yous.
  21. Way Past Cool
    kirby1up reacted to Monkey Destruction Switch in MDS's art & graphic creations   
    These are old (especially the last one, which was from several years ago), but I guess it couldn't hurt to post my Superman wallpapers here too. I worked hard on all of these and I'm really pleased with the results.

    You can download them all from my website.
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    kirby1up reacted to Pawn in Disney's Wreck-It Ralph 2   
    With all of that product placement (and this is just the trailer), focus on the internet and mobile games, this is not shaping up to be as unique as the first one. It looks funny enough, but I fear that massive corporate entities like eBay showing up are going to make this feel more motivated by money than before, while a lot of the jokes so far feel like rote observations (ie: obnoxious ads as characters). That said, it's only a teaser to bring in as much interest as possible from a wide audience, so these fears could be assuaged further down the road.
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    kirby1up reacted to Forte-Metallix in Five Nights at Freddy's - Help Wanted in Virtual Reality   
    We've got YET ANOTHER roster change!

    Now there are 44 killers after us, including Phantom Mangle, Phantom Freddy, Nightmare Enragement Child, and... HELPY?!
    Top 10 Anime Betrayals
  24. Chuckle
    kirby1up reacted to Spin Attaxx in Five Nights at Freddy's - Help Wanted in Virtual Reality   

  25. Chuckle
    kirby1up reacted to Supah Berry in Five Nights at Freddy's - Help Wanted in Virtual Reality   
    Ultimate Custom Night? Screw that noise....

    Sonic better watch his back if he's really going on the road again! (Why no guitar Bonnie-mobile?)
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