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    kirby1up reacted to Pelvic WOO! engine in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    Return of the sexroll XD

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    kirby1up reacted to Sean in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    I don't care about IDW Soni-
    -sees new character design-
    I love
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    kirby1up got a reaction from DaddlerTheDalek in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    well looks like someone remembered to hide some of the areas in back. (brightened up the image)

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    kirby1up got a reaction from Zavok the SpinningSilver in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    well looks like someone remembered to hide some of the areas in back. (brightened up the image)

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    kirby1up got a reaction from BlueSky in IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog   
    well looks like someone remembered to hide some of the areas in back. (brightened up the image)

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    kirby1up reacted to Failinhearts in Nintendo Labo (April 20th, 2018)   
    This entire set is not worth the money unless it comes with a port of this modern classic.
    In all seriousness, I don't think this is gonna catch on. Maybe I'm underestimating the attention spans of kids, but I don't think they'll find themselves too invested in this, at least not for long.
    It's a cool concept and something really neat. Certainly something only Nintendo can come up with for sure, but I don't think it's gonna be my thing... nor do I think it will be anyone else's thing.
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    kirby1up reacted to The Deleter in Nintendo Labo (April 20th, 2018)   
    Apparently you don't have to buy the packs themselves to get your hands on the devices officially; Nintendo's offering the patterns for free
    Also there are gear shifts on the steering wheel what

    Wonder if it'll be for a full-on game the way the Robot pack is, with how complex it looks to be...
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    kirby1up reacted to Maxtiis in Where is Blaze the Cat?   
    If Sonic Channel is anything to go by she's busy taking cooking lessons.

    She'll get it right eventually.
  9. Chuckle
    kirby1up reacted to JezMM in Chamomile   
    Chamomile #39

    I normally present Chamomile without commentary but this is important: you’re supposed to relate to Brianna in this one.  If you relate to Chamomile turn your life around before it’s too late.
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    kirby1up reacted to Vec in Dragon Ball FighterZ (Arc System Works, January 26th, 2018, PS4/Xbox/Steam)   
    FighterZ and Xenoverse have both different targets. Yeah, both are for DB fans, but while FighterZ aspires to reach a more competitive audience, Xenoverse is appealing to the more casual audience. I like FighterZ for what has achieved, but I still like Xenoverse and the ability to customize my own OC
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    kirby1up reacted to Tara in Teen Titans Go to the Movies - Your New Favourite Movie - What could Possibly Go Wrong? (2018)   
    As a fan of Teen Titans 2003, I was initially just apathetic to Go.  There was word of a revival of sorts for the series around 2010-2012ish that initially had me interested, but they revealed rather quickly that it wasn't going to be the main Teen Titans series.  So I guess I wasn't disappointed when the show first came out because my expectations were already pretty low.  Plus, the first few episodes, while not by any means comic masterpieces, had some interesting comedic elements.  Making Trigon (the literal ruler of the underworld and demon supreme) a stereotypical 90's sitcom father was actually a pretty funny concept, and I kind of liked the idea of a slice of life show based around absurd premises like Robin crashing the Batmobile and getting his license revoked.  It was clear the writers and the actors were having fun, even if it wasn't what fans wanted.  It was never what I would call "good" but it was decent background noise.
    But if you can possibly fathom it, the show has only gotten worse over the past few years.  The one-dimensional characterization, grotesque bathroom humor, and a whole host of other annoyances serve as only the icing atop what has become a fundamentally weak structure of an already weak series.  But it's such a very specific type of bad that it's hard to really explain it in words, so please forgive me if this doesn't make any sense at all.  From the structure of the episodes, it's become abundantly clear that the writers have run out of ideas, and the staggering lack of creativity has become kind of obvious.  Not only that, but the format of the episodes is like... it goes beyond the age-old principle that if you have to explain the joke, it isn't funny.  It's like, they'll go into a strangely verbose explanation about the concept of a thing and the humor will be based solely on that concept.
    As an example, there's an episode that tries to parody Oregon Trail.  Knowing that this game might be just a little bit before the target audience's time, it seems like a strange concept for the show to parody.  But a subtle parody of something that parents grew up with can make it interesting for older viewers, right?  I mean, in theory, yes.  But the parody isn't subtle.  They want you to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that this is a parody of Oregon Trail, and the entire episode is centered around the idea of explaining the mechanics of Oregon Trail and then riffing on it, as opposed to... you know... just riffing on it.  Every episode lately is like this.  Instead of relying on their own jokes to carry the episode, they sort of have to "educate" the viewer on it.  And they'll base entire episodes off of singular jokes.  It's like, imagine you're telling a knock-knock joke but before you do, you have to explain beforehand that the joke will be an exchange where the other person says "Who's there?" and the end result will typically be something unexpected, often making use of wordplay.  And then base a 10-minute episode entirely around not actual knock-knock jokes, but the idea of a knock-knock joke.  Not the joke itself, but the very idea that there exists a flavor of humor wherein every punchline is preceded by a brief exchange starting with "knock, knock."  Dear god, I hope this makes sense because it bugs me to tears.
    I usually hate when people make arguments like "just because it's for kids doesn't mean blah, blah, blah."  It's not that I disagree per se, but it's usually a case of "right for the wrong reasons" for me.  I agree that kids deserve better, but I feel like most people's definition of "better" is "for adults."  Or, in different wording, having elements that adults can appreciate.  And while I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, it's not the standard to which I hold a show for kids.  Kids are a unique demographic, and it's okay to embrace childishness every so often.  That's why I still watch CN, to begin with.  Because I like having the occasional escape from adult life.  That's why I'm on a Sonic board, I mean.  If I'm in the mood, I'll watch something more adult like a drama or read a romance novel or something, and those are fun, too.  But sometimes having something escapist like a kid's cartoon is just what the soul needs to not collapse under the pressures of adult life.
    But god, TTG is not just a bad kid's show, I'd argue it's bad for kids.  Now I'm not a child psychologist, so I'm not saying "This show is causing kids to shoot up malls" or whatever, but the morals are deplorable, the atmosphere is mean-spirited, the outlook is overtly-cynical (sometimes on targets that you wouldn't even expect, which can be both a strength and a weakness depending on how it's done).  Times have changed and, despite 90's kids like me claiming otherwise, shows can get away with a lot more than they used to.  I mean, I watch an episode of Gumball and sometimes find a joke that would have made Ren and Stimpy uncomfortable with how raunchy it was.  But TTG just basques in this to the point where I'd certainly be understanding if parents were skeptical about letting their kids watch it.
    So at some point, it would be easy to just say "If you don't like the show, don't watch it."  And while I don't think that absolves the show of criticism as much as the writers evidently wish it did, I think it's a fair point.  Why watch a show you don't like?  In fact, I don't even consider "it's the only thing CN airs anymore" to be a valid argument, either.  I can't speak for everyone, but I do have other things that help me unwind aside from TV.  I have music, I have games, I have books.  I have plenty of outlets to choose from, and so I'll gladly turn off the TV and pick up a good novel if Teen Titans Go is on.
    But there's a small problem with that.  TTG's popularity has infected other shows as well.  Justice League Action is one of the best shows to come out of DC in recent years, but their portrayal of Cyborg (despite the dissonance in his design) is ripped straight out of Teen Titans Go.  It's not just reusing the same VA, but having Cyborg shout "BOO-YAH!" at the least necessary parts, and constantly having his voice raised to an obnoxious inflection as well.  DC Superhero Girls makes use of both Starfire and Beast Boy, and again despite their designs being different, they are voiced and written exactly as they would be in TTG.  There's at least one Lego DC Superheroes movie which makes use of the TTG cast in a similar manner, despite not being a movie about them. (Even weirder, because that movie stars Tim Drake's Robin, when Teen Titans 2003 and TTG both feature only Dick Grayson's Robin, but the movie doesn't even acknowledge this discrepancy.  But it's for kids who probably haven't been reading comics for 20-something years and thus can't tell the difference, so whatever!)
    It's like, fine.  If I don't like the show.  I don't have to watch it, but it's not even that simple because it's being inserted into other shows.  It's maddening.  And I feel like this movie is just a culmination of that.  Not just a bad show getting a predictably bad movie.  A bad show spiraling into barely comprehensible writing as the writers shove out episode after episode just to say they've made an episode, rather than because it's actually good.  It's strayed so far from its already weak foundation that I no longer even get the impression that the writers are even having fun anymore.  Like Sonic Forces, it's a product designed to sell, not to entertain.  Written by marketers, not writers.  And the movie promises to be no different.
    I've tried to be fair on TTG, because it's really not the worst thing I have ever seen (though it certainly likes to push that boundary at some points), and I do think it's deplorable that the writers and actors have been harassed and even given death threats over a cartoon for children.  But even I can't help but be bewildered at how far this show has spiraled out control to the point where literally any other show, even Uncle Grandpa, would make better movie material, but instead we're stuck with this.  I'm not buying tickets for it or anything, so I tend to shrug it off most of the time, but by god, I sure do I miss being able to turn on the TV and get my mind off of things for two seconds without being assaulted by grotesque visuals and audio.
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    kirby1up reacted to Strickerx5 in Teen Titans Go to the Movies - Your New Favourite Movie - What could Possibly Go Wrong? (2018)   
    I'll admit, I laughed at the Wonder Woman and Aquaman jokes. At least they're aware of how shitty DC's movie predicament is.
    Still though, self-aware humor isn't really going to save this. There are... so many other shows CN has that deserve a movie way more than this does. Hell, Adventure Time is still in talks for a movie and that downright saved the channel years ago. I get that TTG is their most popular show (though I'm starting to take that fact with a bit of salt seeing as it's the only show they seem to air nowadays) but damn if this isn't just spitting in the face of literally all their other content and fans. And this is coming from someone who doesn't even fully hate the damn thing like most rightfully do (it does have a few great episodes every now and then).
    What makes matters worse is that the animation doesn't even seem to have been given any noticeable bump in quality. I don't even think they updated the flash puppets. How is this any different from one of their many specials?
    I can't even appreciate it being a 2D movie ffs.
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    kirby1up reacted to Remy in Sonic Twist of Fate: when does it release?   
    @Shaddy the Zaphod
    Instead of coming in, overly aggressive and slapping down on someone trying to start a discussion, you could have
    ignored it by clicking on something else, closing your eyes etc or if that's taxing, used the ignore function to physically not have to see the topic exists if it bothers you or c.) reported it and moved on. Jumping down someone's throat over something as innocuous as this topic is super hostile and makes SSMB a worse place to post for everyone. It isn't what we're trying to foster here.
    @Blue Knight/Bluestreak You do you dude, but in future this kind of thing might be good for status updates, etc tho.
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    kirby1up reacted to JezMM in Chamomile   
    Whoops, forgot to update this thread last week, so it's a New Year's double-bill.
    Chamomile #37

    Chamomile #38

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    kirby1up reacted to Razule in Sonic Forces X Chuck E. Cheese's   
    That about represents what Sega's done to Sonic
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    kirby1up reacted to Chris in Are Badges still a thing?   
    The usage of the awards system has slowed significantly as of late by my request. There are several concerns that I have with its use - most of which will be addressed in the guideline revisions I've been preparing for staff review. Rather than make it a messy transition with events sitting*, I've been asking the staff to slow down on the use of extra functions such as this module until after we've reviewed the changes.
    Tentatively, these changes include minimum event size estimations, award quantity, participation requirements and forum restrictions.
    As for your Kirby* awards, I'd suggest that you take that up with the event coordinator. I'm being told that we haven't received the list of members for the awards.
  17. Fist Bump
    kirby1up got a reaction from Zavok the SpinningSilver in Sonic Forces Avatar Sharing/Discussion Thread   
    well I did make a santa bear for most of my playthough. (i'll post a picture later)
    after finishing the game I went ahead and tried to make Bunnie Rabbot in sonic forces (haven't unlocked all the custom parts yet so I'll likely make a version 2 down the line)

    also I found it very convenient that the bent bunny ear just happens to be the right one and not the left.
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    kirby1up got a reaction from Nina Cortex Jovahexeon in The Kingdom Hearts Series: New Canon TheatreRhythm-esque game announced (Switch, PS4, Xbox One) 2020 Pg. 168   
    well speaking of continued stories there's a chance that the tangled world could take place during the first half tv series since rapunzel managed to get her hair back (at least until the tv series is over anyways)
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    kirby1up reacted to Nina Cortex Jovahexeon in The Kingdom Hearts Series: New Canon TheatreRhythm-esque game announced (Switch, PS4, Xbox One) 2020 Pg. 168   
    The thing is that by 2, she's not working for him anymore which implies stuff went down in between them, ergo events akin to the movie.
    Nope, it's indeed been confirmed canon by Disney.
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    kirby1up reacted to Shaddy Zaphod in Super Sonic DLC for Forces out Dec 22 - €1.99, Free Until Jan 23   
    So this is a stupid decision and I'm sure there'll be a lot of fun getting very angry over it, but I can't help but be confused more than anything. Like, why is this the thing we'll have to pay for? Why completely neuter it's sales by having it free for a month? Forces is selling pretty "meh" so I can't imagine the amount of people who are going to be buying it after the 23rd and missing out are that high. Why even make it this cheap? Why do this when people have already unlocked Super Sonic in the PC version?
    Like I totally could be angry, but the thing is that nobody with half a brain cell is even going to be losing any money for this. They're just giving us Super Sonic really, and the only people who really get the short end of the stick here are console-only users buying the game after the 23rd of January with an immense love of Super Sonic, which, if I'm honest, didn't even need to be in the game.
    It's like a pointless move that serves only to give SEGA negative PR for a little bit before they realize their mistake (AKA not making any money because everyone's either going to download it early or don't care enough about the game anyway) and go back to the previous state. I really don't understand what the goal is here.
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    kirby1up reacted to Diogenes in Super Sonic DLC for Forces out Dec 22 - €1.99, Free Until Jan 23   
    I think it's dumb, but mostly because it's really lazy dlc that seems like it's been finished for a while. A playable Super Sonic has never been guaranteed in the series, and the base game doesn't even include Super Sonic at all, not even in the final boss, so I don't see it as something we were entitled to get for free.
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    kirby1up reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in Super Sonic DLC for Forces out Dec 22 - €1.99, Free Until Jan 23   
    Well this is stupid.
    Heads up, if you have a PSN account, you can download the DLC during the free period either on the PS Store on PS4, or if you don't have a PS4, through the web store.
    Even if you're not planning to buy Forces in the foreseeable future, I'd recommend still using the above methods to get it in case you get it at some point.
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    kirby1up reacted to Osmium in What is your favourite Sonic power-up/item?   
    It would be the three elemental shields as these are what aided to make Sonic stand on his own against Tails and Knuckles. 
    Tails and Knuckles had vertical advantages over Sonic. Tails could move in any direction and Knuckles kept air for a great period of time. The thing is though they were slow, cumbersome, and vulnerable in these positions. The elemental shields allowed Sonic to move in a specified air direction. Distance is compromised for speed and invulnerability, and so instead of a slow air motion, you get a quick blast in one direction that could be manipulated and spammed quickly. I always felt it was an excellent balance between Sonic and the others. 
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    kirby1up reacted to JezMM in Chamomile   
    Chamomile #35

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    kirby1up reacted to JezMM in ART: JezMM [Riders Amy/Pirahna Plant Gijinka/2B/Rouxls Kaard]   
    Humanised Rouge coz I replayed Sonic Adventure 2 yesterday

    If you got all A Rank you can view this version too:

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