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    kirby1up reacted to Balding Spider in Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread   
    You're welcome/I'm sorry

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    kirby1up reacted to Spin Attaxx in The Nostalgia Motobug - He Remembers It So You Don't Have To (Motobug Nostalgia Critic Stream) | Begins Sunday 5 November @ 10:00pm GMT/6:00pm EST   
    That's right, folks, Motobug's bringing back Sunday streams with the Nostalgia Critic! Join me, @Ryannumber1Scarer, @Failinhearts and @Ghostrick Dorklord and come on by for our debut on Sunday, the 5th of November at 10pm GMT/6pm EST! We'll be watching all the Nostalgia Critic episodes from the beginning!
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    kirby1up reacted to Soniman in Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread   
    The most hated of the villian characters geets the best showing. Amazing..
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    kirby1up reacted to Shaddy Zaphod in Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread   
    So this game looks...pretty neat. The visuals are great, and most (read: not all) of the levels are looking better than what got shown off
    The story is all over the place. Dialogue is pretty good, but the blank text explaining the takeover is stupid. I think the "torture" line is stupid, but it's definitely being overblown since we clearly see it does nothing to Sonic in the longrun, and Eggman otherwise seems great in this game. Tails sucks, but that's nothing new. Infinite is doofy as hell and I love it. He makes me think of Zant from Twilight Princess.
    I really like how much customization options there are in the game. Skin tone, hair style, the number of different eye choices. I know it's dumb fanservicy bullshit but dammit it speaks to the part of me that likes that stuff. Plus, there's so much different stupid clothes that 
    There's a lot of levels, which is a massive relief to me since I was worried that their short length would be coupled with there only being  20 or 30-something of them. I'm glad the actual amount of content won't disappoint, assuming that it's all actually fun.
    Other than that...villain illusions is dumb, but expected. The guy playing kind of sucks, but his enthusiasm was endearing. If Seaside Hill's really in the game, then I'm annoyed, but I hope it at least looks different enough to not be an exact copy of Generations. Silver going DBZ is fucking amazing.
    So yeah. Consider me actually excited for the game again. Let me reiterate that I understand the physics and level issues people have, it just doesn't seem prominent enough to make me hate the game.
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    kirby1up reacted to Waveshocker Sigma in Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread   
    This is the greatest thing Knuckles has ever said and I fucking love it.
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    kirby1up reacted to Zippo in Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread   
    Here's the Shadow cutscene! 
    Here's hoping someone is uploading the Twitch live stream.
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    kirby1up reacted to Indigo Rush in Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread   
    If Sonic Mania was just an illusion, then I don't want to leave the Matrix.
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    kirby1up reacted to Diogenes in Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread   
    Look at this goofy fuckin' longfinite

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    kirby1up reacted to Badnik Mechanic in Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread   
    9 confirmed super powers.
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    kirby1up reacted to CrystalStorm51 in Sonic Forces - Eggman's Facility Music   
    Sounds like White Jungle from Sonic Adventure 2.
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  12. Chuckle
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    kirby1up reacted to Red in Fire Emblem Warriors   
    I played this game for hours yesterday. It's extremely fun, I absolutely love it. So far I've only played as Rowan, Frederick and Cordelia. Rowan and Frederick are extremely fun to play as. I just finished Chapter 5, so I'm heaps excited to play more when I have the chance.
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    kirby1up reacted to Woun in Sonic Forces - Japanese Introduction Trailer   
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    kirby1up reacted to Monkey Destruction Switch in What is the absolute most annoying part about the Sonic the Hedgehog fanbase for you?   
    For me, the worst part is the divisiveness combined with resentment towards those perceived to be in a faction of the fandom that a person believes is supposedly ruining the series, ruining Sonic for you, or otherwise the portion of the fandom that a person considers bad. Usually, the complaints about another segment aren't even totally wrong or anything. All parts of the Sonic fandom have their woes. However, people getting upset at other fans who like the series going in a direction they dislike, or dislike the series going in a direction they like, and kind of blaming each other for the series heading in the "wrong" direction, eventually leads to a deep sense of factionalism and strife. It's not a matter of people being wrong or inherently "mean" or anything so much as is just the fact of people being human and the nature of the franchise itself - both that it has had some serious woes in terms of quality (according to most people), and that it tends to want to go in a lot of different directions and most of these directions develop some sort of fan following as well as serious detractors. There's also a particular tension created by the fact many games are rather controversial, containing what many consider serious flaws and what many consider serious strengths, and some think the strengths are negligible or nonexistent and others think the flaws are negligible or nonexistent (the Adventure games are the most prominent example, but MANY games can potentially qualify depending on the person).
    Basically, to sum up I don't think Sonic fans are usually "bad people" or anything, but it's easy for the factionalism to bring out the worst in us and make us resentful of others. I'll admit I've even had this problem myself sometimes. It all traces back to Sega's (and others') handling of the series, ultimately. That doesn't mean we can't take responsibility, though. But it takes a fair amount of effort to break free of the strife because any amount of resentment or tension is bound to create more, eventually creating an entire atmosphere of division that's hard for any individual to really stand against, and the handling of the series makes it hard for discontentment that even leads to resentment not to bubble up.
    The entire thing is a mess, really. But don't get me wrong, we can all do better. Each one of us can do the best to not let the atmosphere of discord get to us. We don't have to give up on our own opinions, but we can also strive to not see other people as our "opponents" so much and just see them as "people who have different video game preferences than I do". Yes, it can be hard when other people aren't being reasonable and they see us as their opponents. The only way to solve this problem is to be willing to "break the cycle" and refrain from lashing out, even when it feels justified. It's hard, though. In fact, it kinda goes against human nature.
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    kirby1up reacted to Roger_van_der_weide in Sonic Forces Twitter Infos Thread   
    That explains the lenght of the levels.
    Sonic Chaos levels lasted for about 20 seconds too.

    I still have a soft spot for the 8 bit Sonics, so if Forces will be like that I can live with it.
    Even if "Okay for 1993 handheld technology' is a weird quality to shoot for in your 2017 AAA game, but whatever.
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    kirby1up reacted to JezMM in Chamomile   
    Chamomile #26

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    kirby1up reacted to Gabz Girl in Sonic Forces: Infinite Unmasked (SPOILERS/Speculation)   
    Kuzu mentioned something that gave me thought...I really hope they will actually explain his backstory and not keep it vague or up to our imagination.
    Remember when the Deadly Six were revealed in SLW, we thought an explanation would be given for why they exist too, but we didn’t get anything. Mind you, Forces seems to focus a lot more on story so I could be wrong but, eh. I hope it doesn’t happen.
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    kirby1up reacted to theEXcore in Razz the mouse [quick sprites i made on a whim]   
    Razz is a character ive had developed for a while. Yesterday i just up and decided to make a sonic lookin thing of her. 
    It took about 2 and a half hours from start to finnish. Give me your thoughts. i might do more with this later.

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    kirby1up got a reaction from Syntax Speedway in Marvel VS Capcom Infinite XB1/PS4/PC   
    well considering someone on the reddit managed to find concept art on venom black window and bucky i think its safe to say that its eddie in the symbiote suit. 

  21. Chuckle
    kirby1up reacted to Sean in Sonic Live Action Movie Thread (Read OP for topic rules) "Trailer 2 on Page 482)   
    What if the ending of Forces involves modern Sonic being whisked away by the phantom ruby straight into this movie
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    kirby1up reacted to Sgt Nate V in Sgt Jack V's Sprites   
    This is my first Sonic related sprite. It's just Tiara Boobowski in the style of the sidescroller Duke Nukem II.

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    kirby1up reacted to JezMM in Chamomile   
    Chamomile #24

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    kirby1up reacted to Polkadi~☆ in Polk's Musical Collection - "just because i'm deaf doesn't make me beethoven, sheesh"   
    I'm making a topic to put all my music in one place!
    I hope they're good... 
    My latest work
    My previous works
    If you have any suggestions or feedback, please don't hesitate to tell. Thank you, and enjoy my tracks.
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    kirby1up reacted to Roger_van_der_weide in New Sonic Forces Zone revealed: Casino Forest   
    Or maybe Sonic Forces has a shop feauture. Where you collect rings in the levels and then buy stuff from it.
    Tons of Sonic games have done stuff like that in the past, from the Chao Garden Black Market to Tails's lab in SLW... Altough It used diffrent currency, but whatever.
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