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  1. So did Sonic Boom only surpass Sonic X by numbers, or did it surpass Sonic X in run time as well? Keep in mind that Sonic X's episodes are usually about 22 minutes in length, versus Sonic Boom's 11 minutes. I have to give credit to Sonic X for achieving as many episodes using hand drawn animation, vs constantly recycling 3d models. Sonic X had a few recycled moments, but many episodes still had different hand drawn animations, and new backgrounds and locations, vs reusing the same models and backgrounds over and over.
  2. Sonic Forces OST - Fist Bump (Piano ver.)

    This was beautiful, I hope we get some actual levels with less techno instruments and synths, and more natural sounding instruments.
  3. Artwork: SpongicX's artwork

    I can not wait for October 27th, and not because it's my birthday, but because Super Mario Odyssey finally comes out! This is the game I've been wanting the most all year. Here is a little tribute fan art I made to celebrate the game's upcoming release. Fire Emblem Warriors comes out tomorrow, and I plan on stopping by Gamestop to get that sometime. It's nice to know I'll have something to keep me busy, before Mario Odyssey comes out. Mario tries rescuing Peach from being forcefully married to Bowser.
  4. Sonic Forces Digital Comic (Monent of Truth, Stress Test)

    I definitely like the Knuckles and Silver comic a lot better than the first. More actually happened, and it bothered having continuity in it, like acknowledging Silver is still from the future, and that Knuckles is still a guardian. I thought it was a fun comic. I hope the IDW comics are a lot like this, where it keeps the focus on the characters from the games.
  5. I love the characters, and Sonic’s gameplay from Sonic Adventure. I’ve been dying to see a new game that takes Sonic’s gameplay from Sonic Adventure, but gives us the option to play as many different characters. I’m even having fun watching Sonic Boom, since Sega hasn’t done the best job at allowing other Sonic characters to shine in the video games, it’s still nice to see some carnations of Tails, Amy, and Knuckles having more to do in a tv show. It makes me want to see more of them as playable characters in the 3d games. Instead, they got upstaged again, and by forced upon custom characters with underwhelming gameplay.
  6. Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay

    So far, I've hated all the level music in this game, yet I'm fine with the music in this level. I think it sounds nice.
  7. In that case, they already did that plenty of times, lol. We've seen Eggman try taking credit for something as early as "Fortress of Squalitude"
  8. Artwork: SpongicX's artwork

    I colored in my recent Sonic and Amy fan drawings.
  9. It started off good, but the last half got pretty dull, and ended too abruptly. I liked it better when the episode presented itself as Eggman working to gain his confidence back, with Soar the Eagle being his guide. Then the episode abandons that plot, and it turns into a completely different episode. One minute, Eggman goes from getting his confidence back, to suddenly becoming a lazy slob, that transition felt very out of place. I didn't like the idea of Sonic going insane, just because Eggman isn't a threat anymore. It gives off the sense that Sonic wouldn't have friends, if Eggman didn't exist, because everyone would find Sonic too annoying. We've seen plenty of times where Sonic feels relaxed with Eggman away, or even see episodes where Sonic wishes Eggman would take a break, so it feels a bit out of place to see Sonic become a nervous wreck over Eggman giving up.
  10. 5. No Robots Allowed 4. Designated Heroes 3. Chez Amy 2. Cabin Fever (dishonorable mentions: Aim Low, Don't Judge Me, Late Fees, It Wasn't Me, It Was the One-Armed Hedgehog) 1. Bro Down Showdown There were still moments in each of these episodes that made me laugh, but they left me feeling annoyed with them overall. "No Robots Allowed" is pretty low on the list, because while I thought it was overall a bad episode, I still got a laugh out of the subplot of Sonic and pals trying to keep cool. The part where they turn the fan on in Tails's house was fun and hilarious, especially when they spoofed off of the Wizard Of Oz and E.T. at once.
  11. http://spongicx.tumblr.com/post/166547744343/top-10-episodes-of-sonic-boom-season-1-i-liked I made a top 10 list of "season one episodes I liked that others seem to hate". I probably won't be making a same list for season 2, because there aren't enough episodes I feel I liked that others strongly disliked. Season 2 mostly seems to have done well, with only a few arguably bad episodes. Season 1 was more of a mixed bag of episodes, ranging from ok to just plain bad. With Season 2, I've mostly heard good things coming from the fans, so there really aren't as many episodes to choose from in season 2. I might make a list of top 10 best episodes and top 5 worst episodes from season 2, but I better wait for the season to end first.