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  1. Got some new artwork, including a video slideshow of some of my recent art from this month. Ready for the Dance https://spongicx.deviantart.com/art/Ready-For-The-Dance-719844173
  2. Do we really need an explanation for it? Plus, there really is no confirmation that she is bipolar. Cindy Robinson described Amy as bipolar, but that doesn't make it official. What really is there to tell? We don't need an over dramatic fan explanation that theorizes why Amy has mood swings.
  3. I could possibly see score breaking as a side mode or set of side missions for unlockables, but making a whole game out of that sounds a bit underwhelming. It sounds like it would get old real fast. I am open to seeing a 3d Sonic game that encourages exploration, and includes multiple characters, but not if it’s limited to time limited levels that require a highscore to advance. That undermines the concept of exploration, if you’re constantly pressured into achieving a score as fast as you can.
  4. Artwork: SpongicX's artwork

    https://spongicx.deviantart.com/art/Christmas-Cubot-719531283 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
  5. Sonic Forces biggest flaw is ignoring it's own plot.

    For me, the poor gameplay and controls were the biggest flaw, but the story was very underwhelming, and did not fit the gameplay well at all. Nothing in the game's levels felt like they really fit the story at all. The only exception being the Space Gate level, that level felt more like Sonic really was breaking out of a space prison. Aside from that, nothing else really fit.
  6. Concept Art of Knick and Treela being stalked in the dark by creepy unseen figures with glowing eyes Knick and Treela should have thought ahead, before challenging someone like Clunk to a snowball fight. Challenging someone with snow powers to a snowball fight was not a smart move. https://spongicx.deviantart.com/art/Snow-Ballistic-719164036 concept art of Knick Knack the Squirrel, where the heroes Knick, Clunk, and Treela are facing off against the villains Scorpneon, Slitz, and Fear. https://spongicx.deviantart.com/art/Light-Vs-Dark-719425802"Knick Knack the Squirrel” is created by, and property of Clint Welding/SpongicX Concept art where Knick, Clunk, and Treela get badly beaten by their enemy Scorpneon. As Scorpneon's army of shadow creatures/Darxins start surrounding Knick and friends, Scorpneon hovers over Knick, and tells him "Give Up!..." https://spongicx.deviantart.com/art/Give-Up-719511077
  7. I just felt like making a sad image. Edit: Sorry! I meant to edit my last post to include this image, I accidentally posted it as a separate response too soon after my last post... A short "Knick Knack the Squirrel" comic, where Treela tries using her electric powers magnetically, but messes up. https://spongicx.deviantart.com/art/Magnetic-Mishap-718681228 a short comic featuring Clunk and Treela. Clunk asks Treela why she wears a belt when she doesn't need one, and Treela tries talking Clunk into trying out a belt himself. I'm kind of like Clunk in a way, I personally hate wearing belts, but I still think they can look cool. In case some of you weren't able to understand why Clunk's fly unzipped at the end, it's because Treela used her electric powers to magnetically unzip Clunk's zipper, in order to embarrass him over not wearing a belt.
  8. I made some animated GIFs with Flipnote Studio 3D Here is a video compilation of these GIFS.
  9. Concepts/Things In Mania You Dislike

    Reliance on old stages lack of drop dash when acquiring an elemental shield overuse of blue sphere stages glitches that force you to die or restart oil ocean act 2 and boss fight How Amy wasn’t in the game, yet was treated like a villain in the form of evil dolls you were forced to destroy. If Amy showed up for a small bit in the actual game, I would have gotten a better laugh out of the evil Amy dolls, but it kind of annoyed me how she wasn’t in the game, and was treated as something that had to be destroyed. For a game that celebrates Classic Sonic games, it was a shame that the game didn’t bother giving Amy a more pleasant cameo for the fans who actually like her. She didn’t get much to do in Sonic CD, so it would have been nice for Mania to give her something to do, even if it was just for a stage transition. I still enjoyed Sonic Mania, so don’t let my minor nitpicks lead you into thinking I disliked it. I enjoyed it a lot more than Sonic Forces.
  10. I wouldn’t know, I don’t have on demand, and after how poorly the show has been treated, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it was taken off just like that. What was the point in making up a lie?
  11. Is Sonic Boom finally dead?

    While I would find it sad if Sonic Boom is cancelled, I at least hope they can make a new series based more on the Adventure era of video games, while bringing in other characters like Blaze, Silver, Marine, and others. They don’t need to have humans in it for say, but I want to see the characters explore more than a tropical island setting. I want to see them actually going places, instead of just walking from one small location to another. I also hope they can bring back Sticks. It would be a shame to lose that character. If they were to make a new Sonic series, I wouldn’t mind if it still has humorous moments, but I would love to see story arcs, character development, and some suspense. Sonic Boom’s reliance on humor got tiring after a while. I wouldn’t mind if the show was still cg, but I hope they keep the same designs from the modern games, while having it look better than Sonic Boom. At this rate, I’d rather try and get a new Sonic show, but I would still hate to see Sticks go.
  12. Bummer, at least it’s on Hulu. It takes longer for shows to expire from Hulu, compared to on demand.
  13. Still no release date?!... Why does this trailer look more fun than anything about Sonic Forces? Crazy, because we know the game is nothing like the trailer, but it still felt more fun and uplifting than anything from Forces.
  14. i really don't understand the praise for Sonic CD

    I mostly love Sonic CD for it's history and presentation. I never knew what Sonic CD was, until the Gems Collection came out for Gamecube. When I learned this was the game that introduced Metal Sonic and Amy, I got pretty excited, and wanted to see how it started. However, I was terrible at the classic games as a kid, and didn't play through the game, until the Xbox 360 rerelease. When that time came, I got to finally play the game from beginning to end. I like it a lot better now, than I did as a kid. What really made this game interesting, was how it presented itself. It starts off with a neat animated intro with great music, it cuts straight into a Green Hill inspired level, but with some cool visual treats. I loved how when you run through that first loop, the camera suddenly swerves behind Sonic, and you see the inside of the loop as he's running through it. That was visually creative for it's time, you definitely never saw that in the Genesis titles. I also loved how the game was able to tell a story while keeping the game going. While Sonic 3 and Knuckles had ongoing stories, those scenes mainly happened between stage transitions. The games would come to a sudden halt when an event would pop up. Sonic CD surprisingly had a fun story, but let the players take control of Sonic as it happened. I loved how when you first meet Amy, she comes across as clingy, and it gives you a reason to want to get away from her, but then as you keep progressing, you see Metal Sonic swoop in and take off with Amy. Suddenly, you have the instinct of wanting to save her, despite how annoying she might have been at first. It really sets the tone that Sonic is suddenly racing to save Amy. It's interesting, because I already knew who Metal Sonic and Amy were, because of the modern Sonic games, or stuff on the internet, yet Sonic CD still left me excited to see what happens next. I already knew the game would have Sonic fight Metal Sonic, save Amy, and defeat Eggman, but I still had no idea how it would happen. Upon playing the game years later, I was finally able to see how things went, and I liked it. Despite knowing how it would end, I still had a blast seeing for myself how Sonic would encounter Metal Sonic and save Amy. I absolutely understand why people love Sonic CD. I personally am not the biggest fan of the classic Sonic games. (I don't hate them, but I prefer 3d adventure games.) yet I still had more fun playing Sonic CD than I did trying to play Sonic 1 or Sonic 2. The only classic style Sonic games I really like are Sonic CD, Sonic 3, and Sonic Mania.
  15. Sonic Adventure for Sonic's gameplay, hub world exploration, and replayability. If they could make a new game that fixes up the visuals, gets rid of glitches, and allows more characters to be playable upon completing the game, then that would be great! Maybe bring back the Chao Garden and revise it to be more fun. Instead of having the Chao be stuck in automated races or battles, it might be nice to actually be able to control the Chao ourselves, and see how better they move with stat improvements upon raising them in the garden. Maybe some online multiplayer as well for both regular levels and Chao Garden mini games. One thing they could do to improve the hubworld, is to add warp spots, either via location based, or pause menu based. That was one thing that made games like DK64 or Banjo-Tooie enjoyable, the fact that you could warp from one place to another, instead of being forced to constantly traverse to locations on foot. I loved the hub worlds in Adventure, but it was a chore when it came to trying to get certain items for the Chao Garden. I would have preferred keeping all of my Chao in the Egg Carrier Chao Garden for instance, but hated how it was separated from all the other levels in the game, and the quickest shortcut to getting there is through the short cut from the Station Square Chao Garden. However, that got real annoying, because upon entering the Chao Garden, all your collected animals get dropped, so you're basically stuck having to keep you Chao in the Station Square Chao Garden, instead of leaving them in the Egg Carrier Chao Garden. Sonic Adventure 2 definitely improved upon the idea by making the Chao Gardens an actual zone, all connected by a lobby that connects with each other. However, while the Chao Garden was greatly improved for Adventure 2, I thought the main game was worse. I only liked Sonic and Shadow's gameplay. I would have rather been able to play as Tails, Knuckles, and Rouge in levels similar to Sonic's. I hated the shoot out stages, I would have been fine with Eggman being the only character with shooting stages, and having Tails only need his Cyclone for boss fights with Eggman, but being forced to play as Tails in a clunky machine was annoying. When people play as Tails, they want to run on foot as Tails, and fly as Tails, not watch Tails sit around in a clunky mech walker. I loved Knuckles and Rouge's controls, but hated how it was only used for treasure hunting stages... I want a new Adventure inspired game that takes what many loved about them, while avoiding or reworking what others disliked about them. Make Sonic games last again, give the games a reason to keep players replaying the game to unlock more content that allows the game to keep being fun.