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  1. That's depressing... Heck, CN's On Demand has been terrible with Sonic Boom. It's been three weeks, and still no Muckfoot, Nominatus Rising, or Eggman's Brother in HD yet... This show's treatment keeps getting worse and worse...
  2. Have you ever used Twitter? Do you have any idea how limited it is? If you're a guy like me, who likes to be specific, then Twitter is a living Hell. If I were posting on Twitter right now, then this message that I just typed would have been too long, and would have required me to cut a bunch of it out, which does not give me enough space to explain anything. I still don't get why some prefer Twitter, over Tumblr, at least Tumblr is a lot less limited, and gives users enough space to really speak and share things with the online community. Twitter requires every post to be short and simple, which is very anti social, if you ask me. How are people supposed to comment on how much they like something, if they're constantly cut off from explaining why they liked it, due to character limitations?... It's not fun or convenient at all...
  3. Because Twitter is so limited, it hurts... I barely post on Twitter, because there's not enough space to have proper conversations with.
  4. That kind of sucks to know we won't be getting any real new episodes this May, all we're getting are late to the party premieres that already aired in France on the same day... I'm still going to tune into them, but it's still depressing to know I'll be wasting $26, just to watch late English premieres, with nothing else to offer...
  5. I'm liking the sounds of this week's new episode, it reminds me of the classic season 3 episode of Family Guy, "Brian Wallows, and Peter's Swallows", where the subplot featured Peter growing a beard, which attracts an endangered bird to use his beard as a nest, and Peter can't touch the bird, or remove it from it's habitat, or it's considered an environmental offense. That subplot was hilarious, and I look forward to seeing a Sonic Boom episode with a similar premise. From the sounds of it, the animal/creature in this Sonic Boom episode is made to look and sound disgusting, which will make it real hard for Sonic and pals to ignore. I can imagine Amy trying to be loving and compassionate about it, only to immediately get repulsed by it. Maybe Sticks will like it, since she happens to like gross things, but then again, Sticks is a mixed bag. One minute Sticks says she hates robots, but then she's attracted to slimey robots like Buster, or evil henchmen, like D-Fekt from Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice. One minute Sticks shares her disgust for Froglodites, only to suddenly warm up to one who claims to come in peace and all (I'm not complaining, I liked Og Man Out, but Sticks is a pretty complicated character at times, who can't seem to make up her mind, but that's one reason why she's so entertaining, you never know what to expect from her.)
  6. Made a new preview video for my series, in hopes of trying to get my main channel's viewers a heads up on it's existence, because this series is not doing well, with getting views... I really want this series to succeed, but I can't do that, if people ignore it's existence. I also added some never before seen preview images in the video as well.
  7. Since France already aired 6 episodes before North America, it's nice to see we're getting a new episode that hasn't aired in France yet. I really would prefer both sides get an equal share in the show though, instead of this unbalanced act of catching up... Whoever is in charge of how this show airs across the world, they really need to step it up...
  8. I don't know if it's still there, but I managed to find them on youtube, they actually popped up on a recommendation list, after watching some of the Sonic Boom clips I shared. To be fair, Sonic Underground wasn't a very good, or popular show, and those were just reruns of a show that's now about 18 years old. Sonic Boom is a more recent show, and likely wouldn't be put on a graveyard shift time slot.
  9. I agree, I saw it too, and I can't wait for it to air in English on Boomerang, or CN. If it came out on Blu-Ray, I would definitely buy it! Still waiting for season one to get released on blu ray and digital hd...
  10. So was there not a new episode in France today? Kind of a relief for those in America, since there are still 6 episodes we are waiting for, that still have no release date in America. I hope America can get caught up, and find a way to have the show get an equal balance of airtime in America and France. I'm really sick of both sides either getting ahead, or falling behind.