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  1. It's a good thing Season 2 already had a few episodes that introduced some fresh new battle scenes with Eggman and his new minions, otherwise I probably would have moaned at the 4th wall break moment where Sonic claims Knuckles missed out on the greatest Eggman battle they've ever had, followed by Tails being amazed at how there was a blend of old and never before seen mechs, followed by Sticks bragging to the viewers, and saying "and you guys missed it, that's what you get for following Knuckles around". Honestly, that joke kind of failed it's purpose, since Season 2 already delivered plenty of scenes with old and new mechs. It was funny, since many viewers of season 1 complained about those issues, but then again, season 2 already fixed it by adding more minions during the past few months of new episodes. Still less frustrating and less in your face than the rating trap episodes of Teen Titans Go though, like the infamous Return of Slade Episode. Sonic Boom knows how to have fun with it's core audience, without flat out insulting them or their intelligence, unlike Teen Titans Go!... Teen Titans Go! Flat out tries shaming it's audience for hating the new show, but praising the old one. Sonic Boom only addresses the complaints and criticism of modern Sonic and Sonic Boom, but it doesn't try trashing the fans for disliking things in Sonic Boom, in fact, there have been more jabs at trashing modern Sonic, than there were about trashing the old, and the beginning of Fiendbot is proof of that.
  2. Do not ask me for the full episode, please. Here is a clip of the scene where Amy goes insane on TW Barker, if anyone wants to see it.
  3. I thought there were plenty of laughs, including when Comedy Chimp mentioned how all the the show's budget must have gone down with his ex wife, only for the crowd to laugh, followed by him muttering "that wasn't a joke..." There's also the part where TW Barker says "You love nature, don't you?", followed by Knuckles replying "That's what it says in my character description" The part where TW Barker says "You're short", followed by Knuckles saying "Not according to the fans" (LOL, a reference at Knuckles's size change in the Boom universe.) The whole bit of Knuckles trying to do both his jobs and fighting protecting his friends from Eggman at the same time Then the whole finale, where Amy strikes fear into TW Barker and his 2 bears. I thought this episode was funny enough. http://s8.photobucket.com/user/Spongbobo/library/Sonic Boom Season 2/Knine To Five Knuckles?sort=3&page=1 Screens from today's new episode.
  4. Oh man, this week's episode was one of the funniest episodes of the season! Holy Cow! I'm still laughing. It was also really cool to finally see an episode where Amy was the hero for once in the end. I also liked the Oprah parody skit at the beginning, where Sonic and pals were guests at the Comedy Chimp Show. TW Barker was like a mobster in this episode, not only did he con Knuckles into being ripped off over a bad house to live in, but the way he was waiting for him every night to collect his money was funny in a menacing way. I laughed at the shenanigans of Knuckles struggling to keep 2 jobs, while trying to help his friends fight Eggman. I laughed when he saved Amy from a crab bot, only to drop her when he realized Meh Burger needed his service (I can imagine KnuxAmy fans got mad over that, lol.) Finally, the ending was brilliant. After Knuckles got fired, and the gang wanted to know why Knuckles lied to them about quitting one of his two jobs, they get ambushed by TW Barker and his 2 bear henchmen. Amy just puts her foot down for Barker having scammed Knuckles, and underestimating her as just a stereotypical girly girl. she went nuts at the end, I just lost it. The way she chewed Barker out for his fake contract, and for threatening her friends, that was too good! She managed to scared off T.W. Barker and his bears. I laughed when Sonic and Sticks had to hold her back, as she roared and growled like an animal, that was hilarious! LOL! It was nice to finally see Amy save the day, and in such a hilarious way. Tails then offers to let Knuckles keep his prized lamp in his workshop, now that he no longer has a house. It then ends showing Knuckles sleeping next to his lamp in Tails's workshop, that was a cute ending, and very nice of Tails. This was arguably one of the funniest season 2 episodes. It was even better than the other two Knuckles related episodes this season. It had a bunch of meta humor, had a fun take on the being at many places at once trope, and managed to finally have Amy break the mold, and be the hero of an episode for once, and in such an outrageous way. I highly recommend this episode! Are you kidding?! This episode was hilarious!
  5. Let's just get back on topic about Sonic Boom, before this thread becomes a shipping war...
  6. It's one thing to ship characters that currently have no love interest, but when the franchise already establishes two characters that have crushes on each other, and fans go in denial, and start randomly pairing characters with no reasons or facts to back up their shipping, it just gets annoying. I personally can't stand it when people on Deviantart go around in denial with claims of how Shadow and Amy are the best couple in history for example, despite the fact Sega never even left hints of Amy ever loving Shadow, or vice versa. Some people think Amy loves Shadow, just because he helped her find Cream in Shadow The Hedgehog (which was optional by the way...), yet these players clearly never stood still long enough in that level to hear Amy sigh and say "I wish Sonic was here with me..." That right there shows she is more concerned over wishing Sonic was there instead of Shadow. Shipping characters is just plain denial, it's giving your hopes up for something that is just not happening. There's nothing wrong with wishing a character could end up falling in love with someone else, but to just randomly pair 2 favorite characters that have no chemistry is just annoying. There are so many creepy romance images of the Sonic universe, and Amy is usually a victim of this. People need to learn that a huge part of Amy's character is that she loves Sonic, and will never stop loving him. When people claim they are a huge fan of Amy as a character, yet dedicate themselves to making art that romantically pairs Amy with Shadow, Tails, Knuckles, or even Rouge and Blaze, they're fooling themselves. If they were really fans of Amy, they would know very well that Amy loves Sonic, and will not give up until Sonic finally slows down for her. It just shows that they really don't like Amy as a character, and want to use her as a trophy girlfriend for their favorite character from the franchise or something. I've even seen people ship Amy with Mephiles (the monster who killed her hero in Sonic 06...), Metal Sonic, and freaking Big the Cat! What is wrong with these people!? I'm sorry, but some of these shippers just turn off many people who come across the Sonic franchise, which can give it a bad name. There are so many people who mistake Sonic for a furry fetish type thing, and part of it is thanks to all of these lovey dovey shipping images that just have artists making their 2 favorite characters a couple, without really putting any thought into if it would actually make sense for the characters to behave the way they do.
  7. I agree, I don't like shipping. The only reason I like Sonic and Amy, is because Sega actually leaves hints between the characters having feelings for each other. There have been many close calls to Sonic or Amy having their feelings for each other slip out, and Season 2 has had a bit more consistency about it as well. Season 1 started off small with the teasing of Sonic and Amy romance, but dropped a lot of it throughout the rest of the series, until Bro Down Showdown and Fuzzy Puppies aired. Sega does not leave hints that suggest Amy loves Knuckles. The only time they ever did, was in the form of alternate dimension versions of them in the episode "Two Good to Be True." It is possible Knuckles has a crush on her, but it's not going to happen, since she clearly loves Sonic, and can't stand Knuckles's lack of intelligence. Knuckles does have the running gag of having Amy finding him dreamy in his day dreams, as seen in "Dude, Where's Our Eggman", and "Fire in a Crowded Workshop". As of right now, Sonic Boom has only one official couple, which is Tails and Zooey.
  8. Oh great... They are really trolling with the SonAmy/KnuxAmy shipping... KnuxAmy is never gonna happen! I'll bet they're already going nuts over this, and are going to start falsely gloating "Oh my god, Knuckles loves Amy! He's holding her!" Don't assume, until you see what happens first. Chances are that Amy was in trouble, and Knuckles swooped in and caught her, and she's simply just thanking him.
  9. The third issue is coming along a lot better than I hoped. It should be ready by next month. I plan to release 1 new preview art each day in the mean time.
  10. I hope we get a Banjo and Yooka Crossover in the future. They could call it Banjo-Laylee-Yooka-Kazooie. It would likely be stuck as an Xbox One exclusive, due to having Banjo and Kazooie in it, but it would still neat to see the old icons team up with the spiritual successors to the bear and bird duo. The game would start out with Capitol B. going bankrupt after Yooka and Laylee stop him, and LOG shows up to declare he’s out of a job, and banishes him to work in his game factory. There he meets Gruntilda, and they both end up becoming friends while sharing their stories of hating their jobs, and how they blame their arch enemies for letting this happen. Gruntilda then makes a proposition to get back at LOG and their arch enemies. Capital B makes a deal with Gruntilda to use his scientist henchman to restore Gruntilda’s body back to normal, in exchange for Gruntilda to power their devices with her magic powers. Together, they combine mad science and dark magic, and manage to conjure an army of menacing machines and creatures. They manage to destroy LOG, and break out of his game factory, and redeclare their roles as villains. They first approach Banjo, and manage to knock Banjo out. Banjo wakes up in a jail cell and notices Kazooie is missing, along with Banjo’s backpack. Meanwhile, Banjo will run into Laylee, who snuck in through an air vent. Laylee will mention how her friend Yooka was taken by Grunty and Capitol B. Laylee managed to escape their clutches, but can’t save him on her own. Banjo offers to help Laylee out, in exchange for busting him out of his jail cell, and help him find Kazooie. The first level in the game will revolve around running around as Banjo with Laylee on his shoulder. You’ll roam around a prison tower seeking out clues of what happened to Kazooie and Yooka . Eventually, Banjo and Laylee take out some bad guys and find Banjo’s Back Pack, but Kazooie is not anywhere to be found. Laylee goes inside Banjo’s back pack to see what she can use to help Banjo, and she’ll manage to use Kazooie’s items in a unique way. She can aim and throw red feathers as darts, and throw Kazooie’s eggs like hand grenades. Eventually, you find and rescue Yooka, and now have the option to pair Laylee with Yooka, or Laylee with Banjo. You must swap between the two pairs, in order to use certain abilities and maneuvers. Eventually, the three find Kazooie, but she was experimented on, and turned into a deadly monster. The gang would have to defeat Kazooie, escape the tower, and bring her to Mumbo. Mumbo declares Kazooie’s condition is more serious than expected, and was mutated by magic and science. Banjo, Yooka, and Laylee decide to track down the Dr who helped Yooka and Laylee out, to team up with Mumbo and restore Kazooie. Once Kazooie is restored, she will finally be able to reunite with Banjo, or trade places with Laylee, and help Yooka out. Wouldn’t this be a fun cross over? I would love to have a game that not only shows the heroes and villains of Banjo and Yooka interacting, but to swap companions between Banjo and Yooka could make for some exciting and addicting gameplay. For instance, the only way to fly, would be to have Kazooie paired with Banjo and his backpack, Laylee with Banjo would allow Banjo to only glide instead. Only Banjo and Kazooie can use the talon trot, while only Yooka and Laylee can use the roll run ability. If Banjo tries Talon Trotting with Laylee, it wouldn’t work, but could instead be replaced by another ability, like having Banjo throw Laylee like a boomerang, or having Yooka wield Kazooie like a lance. There are so many crazy combinations that could work with teaming Banjo and Yooka with each other’s partners, in order to reach certain areas, solve puzzles, and save each other’s worlds. Not only would this be a great way to make a proper Banjo sequel, but it would also be a great way to make a sequel for Yooka-Laylee, and expand upon the ideas presented in Banjo-Tooie, and Yooka-Laylee. I think the Yooka-Laylee characters could easily fit into the world of Banjo-Kazooie, and it would be a lot of fun to see the situations the heroes and villains could get into. Banjo-Tooie did a great job at expanding the original gameplay by allowing Banjo and Kazooie to split, but a cross over with Yooka-Laylee could change that up with allowing the main characters to swap their small flying sidekicks around, for more advanced puzzle solving, while still allowing the players to play as the original pairings of Banjo and Kazooie, and Yooka and Laylee. Not to mention, a concept like this would be neat for couch co op. One player can control Banjo, while the other can play as Yooka, and it's up to the players to cooperate with using and swapping out each flying companion, in order to progress through the game.
  11. Interesting, and here I figured "Knuck Knuck, Whose There" was supposedly the episode about Knuckles finding a home, since it was an episode about him desperately finding a family to live with, which is similar to the concept of finding a home. It's nice to see we're actually getting an episode where he gets a home. I have a feeling everything will be back to normal in the end though, something tells me Knuckles will lose everything in the end, and go back to happily living in the wilderness. Blackout looks interesting. Nice to see the glow in the dark sport tape returns. Better hope Sticks stays close to her friends, since she's the only one without a light source. Hard to believe Tails never made her some form of glow in the dark accessory, but then again, this is Sticks we're talking about. Maybe Tails did offer to give her a glow in the dark accessory, but Sticks's paranoia lead her to believe there's some form of evil conspiracy with the use of making things glow in the dark. I would laugh if the episode addresses that. Maybe Sonic could ask, "Hey Tails, how come Sticks doesn't get any glow in the dark outfit piece?" Tails could say " I tried offering her one , but it did not end well..." (Cuts to a crazy flashback of Sticks freaking out over Tails using an invention to make one of her wrist bracelets glow, which causes her to believe aliens are after her, or something else Sticks would likely freak out about.)
  12. A new preview image of issue 3. Knick just met an odd bug character named Rant. Knick is having a hard time trusting this guy, but he may have no choice.