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  1. Slitz and I... Maybe if I try making him laugh himself to death, he'll go away... Fear wasn't too happy with me, knowing I made Scorpneon the main villain, and not him.
  2. Scorp and I... Maybe some things are better left in the world of make believe...
  3. Clunk and I
  4. As an artist, one thing I treasure is when artists take the liberty of making an image of them and their creations. I think it's fun and sometimes important for an artist to imagine what it would look like to see their creation come to life. It also helps reflect how important these characters are to their creator, when they take the time to go that extra mile to make a visual of the creator meeting their creations. I decided to start making my own photo edits, where I, Clint Welding/SpongicX meet and hang out with my creations, from Knick Knack the Squirrel. I currently got one of Knick, Treela and I, just hanging out in my kitchen. I got more on the way, next up is one of Clunk and I. For Knick Knack the Squirrel episodes, please check out the official Youtube channel. - youtu.be/iUWUyH0_ohsOfficial Facebook Page - www.facebook.com/KnickKnack...…Official Twitter Page - twitter.com/KnickKnackSq Deviantart gallery - spongicx.deviantart.com/galler…
  5. New episode 4 preview I updated the top page to include links to the first 3 episodes.
  6. Sneak Peak at Episode 4! Episode 3 had quite a cliffhanger ending, but spoiler alert! Knick saves Treela. For Knick Knack the Squirrel episodes, please check out the official Youtube channel. - https://youtu.be/iUWUyH0_ohsOfficial Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/KnickKnack.....?ref=bookmarksOfficial Twitter Page - twitter.com/KnickKnackSqOfficial Youtube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw.....RuGOsegLwJLyQA
  7. TheDarkShadow1990 once again asked for another Sonic Undertale image, and this time, they wanted me to draw the Chaotix.
  8. Sad that the episode with the biggest moral and relevance to real life, is the one that most people missed... Sega, and CN need to quit slacking off, and get this show out there. You'd think winning an award for best animated programming would have lifted their spirits to work harder to get this show out there, but they're still treating it like dirt...
  9. Robot Employees was another good episode. It turns out it was about Sticks teaming up with Dave. The episode starts off similarly to Chez Amy, except with Eggman getting mad at Dave for bad service. It then cuts to Eggman coming up with a plan. He meets up the owner of Meh Burger, who turns out to be Mr. Slate (Charlie's former boss.) Eggman proposes to make robot employees with excellent service, and Mr Slate agrees. The robots end up giving great service, and the episode suddenly turns into a John Henry parody, where Dave challenges the robot chefs to a series of challenges, in order to keep his job, but he loses, and is fired. Meh Burger then declares a reopening for the restaurant, and everyone is on board, except for Sticks, and Dave. Sticks doesn't trust the robot employees, and Dave went home after the Lightning Bolts ditched him for free burgers. Eggman then sabotages the grand reopening, by trapping everyone into a force field generated around Meh Burger. The gang is left helpless, and Tails calls Sticks for help. Sticks then does a hilarious victory dance when she hears Tails admitting she was right. Tails then gives Sticks instructions on what to get to help break the force field. Eggman then reveals he also built rockets underneath Meh Burger, and is going to launch his captives into space. Tails then contacts Sticks again, and tells her she'll need to borrow his plane, and hire a co pilot to help her save them. Sticks then begs Dave to team up with her, and he agrees to help, in order to get his job back. Dave was surprisingly useful for once, and actually helped Sticks out pretty well with saving the others. I laughed at how Dave actually thought Sticks was hitting on him at one point. She told Dave "We need to get closer!" and Dave thanks her, and makes an excuse about not looking for a relationship, then he says "oh, you meant, get closer with the plane." Sticks and Dave save everyone, and Dave gets his job back, along with a promotion to manager of Meh Burger. Amy questions how Dave will be manager, if he's the only one working there, and Tails responds by revealing he modified Eggman's robot employees to help out. It then ends with Eggman getting served the wrong meal, and when he demands to get what he ordered, a Roger Craig Smith sounding robot responds by saying "I'm on my break." Once again, Season 2 delivered another fun episode. The humor was decent, and the action and turn of events were pretty cool. Sticks and Dave surprisingly worked well off each other. It wasn't as good as last week's episode, but still pretty entertaining.
  10. I can see it happening. Eggman takes over with robots, and maybe the villagers aren't too affected by it. However, Sticks has paranoia of robot invasions, and after seeing Dave get replaced at Meh Burger by robots, it makes sense for Sticks to want to form an alliance with him. She'll likely convince him that the robots are to blame, and without them, Meh Burger will be begging him to come back. I always found it funny to know Dave actually seems to like having a job at Meh Burger. He always looks like a teenager who is stuck with a low paying job, but many episodes have shown that he wants to keep that job regardless. How many other teenagers go that far to keep their job? Other teens are more likely to quit on their own, get fired, or even try finding a better job, but Dave seems dedicated to wanting to keep that job, despite not showing much effort in working there. We've seen or heard mention of how much he needs Meh Burger in episodes like Chez Amy, and even Mayor Knucks. Some could argue, "well duh, what teenager wouldn't want a way of earning money?" but keep in mind that according to episodes like Knine to Five Knuckles, it is incredibly easy for anyone to get a job anywhere in what is now named Hedgehog Village. Knuckles got pretty close to getting a job of just putting stuff in boxes, and accidentally landed a job as a marketing expert, and getting a job at Meh Burger. If it was that easy for Knuckles to get hired that easily, it should be easy for Dave to find a job anywhere else. I think one reason why Dave likes working there, is because it helps fuel his pursuit in evil. He makes many references in how the fast food industry is evil after all, so it kind of makes sense why a evil wanna be would put up with something he hates, if it fuels his evil motifs. Come to think of it, we've barely seen any signs of Dave's evil side this season. The Evil Doctor Orbot was the only reference we got this season to his career in evil, since we saw him taking the evil test, and getting excited over passing it, but unlike season 1, we've seen more focus on Dave as just a fast food junior manager, instead of mixing up his role as a young villain, alongside his job at Meh Burger. It doesn't bother me much though, because I honestly find Dave funnier in smaller doses. He can sometimes get a little annoying when shown on screen for too long, same thing with the Gogobas, they too are a bit more tolerable when a whole episode isn't dedicated to them. I hope this episode does well though. It's interesting to see Sticks getting two episodes in a row, except this one will likely give her a bigger role. In last week's episode, Sticks was more like a victim that Amy was sticking up for throughout, it was surprisingly more of an Amy centered episode, despite being an episode about Amy and Sticks.
  11. I've never played Undertale, but TheDarkShadow1990 from Deviantart sent me some references, and wanted me to draw Sonic, Knuckles, and Shadow dressed as Undertale characters, while having Sonic and Knuckles tease Shadow for some reason. Despite never playing Undertale, I will admit I like how this turned out. TheDarkShadow1990 also gave me references to draw the Chaotix dressed as Undertale characters as well, and I might try making that one on a later date.
  12. How did I miss that?! I was too focused on Sticks and Dave in space suits, that I assumed they were in a rocket, instead of realizing they were in Tail's plane.
  13. After looking at some Youtube comments, I can't believe there are some people that think others should stop whining, just because they're upset that 2d gameplay is forced upon Modern Sonic's gameplay. Well let me ask you this in return. How would you guys like it, if 3d sections were forced upon Classic Sonic's gameplay in both Sonic Forces, and Sonic Mania?! See what I'm saying?! 2D is getting too much attention now in days. I personally like 3d better, because it feels less limited on both visuals and controls. I get more fun out of 3d games than 2d games. I'd rather there be a good balance of 3d and 2d games, that way anyone can get their fair preference of video gameplay, but now in days, 2d is getting too much attention. It almost feels like the gaming industry is going backwards. Back than, 2d games were made due to limitations in technology. Technology evolved to finally allow games to break the linear mold of 2d sidescrollers, yet all developers ever seem to want to make now in days are either 2d sidescrollers, or repetitive shooting games! I wish there was more respect for the 3d games, like Sonic Adventure. Banjo-Kazooie is somewhat making a comeback with Yooka-Laylee, and even Mario 64 and Galaxy are making a comeback with Mario Odyssey, so why can't Modern Sonic make a comeback with Sonic Adventure's sense of exploration of characters?...