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  1. The first 8 pages of episode 14 are now available. https://spongicx.deviantart.com/gallery/66408862/Knick-Knack-the-Squirrel-Episode-14 In this episode, Knick and Treela recall the story of how things went when Knick first met Treela's dad. https://spongicx.deviantart.com/gallery/60289357/Knick-Knack-the-Squirrel “Knick Knack the Squirrel” is a series concept created by, and property of Clint Welding/SpongicX
  2. This game looks great, but I don’t really like the sound of the break gimmick. The story mode looks better than expected, the graphics look great, and the new courts look cool. I’m glad I preordered it. Yeah, because more deserving characters like Waluigi, Birdo, and Diddy Kong were shafted at the expense of an NPC no one asked for.
  3. Have any funny highlights and recordings from playing Mario Kart 8 or Mario Kart 8 Deluxe? Feel free to share them on this thread. Please post your own recordings, and not someone elses. Short highlights and compilations are welcome. Here are a few videos I recorded and posted online.
  4. Happy Mother's Day! I also posted 2 new videos where I break down what happened in the first 13 episodes of Knick Knack the Squirrel. Episode Breakdown Part 1 Episode Breakdown Part 2
  5. Fan Attitudes to Eggman

    I like him better as a mix of serious and silly. I like seeing him have a transition of being threatening and hilarious, it really gives a vibe that he’s totally insane when he has a mix of both traits, kind of like The Joker. I thought his portrayal in Sonic Unleashed was one of the best in the series. His plans and motifs were dastardly, yet he still had some funny lines and moments. I thought Sonic Forces had it all wrong. They tried too hard to make him intimidating, yet lacked to show anything that made him a real threat. He just decided to try melting the world under the sun for no reason, despite already having the world under his control like he wanted. I don’t recall laughing at Eggman at all in Sonic Forces. I couldn’t take Eggman seriously with how try hard and inconsistent he was.
  6. https://spongicx.deviantart.com/art/Just-Over-The-Horizon-744121872 New Concept Art. I recently posted a video where I talk about my series concept, along with some facts about it's development.
  7. “Knick Knack the Squirrel” is a series concept created by, and property of Clint Welding/SpongicX Episode 13 is now finished. https://spongicx.deviantart.com/gallery/66276121/Knick-Knack-the-Squirrel-Episode-13 This is actually one of the darkest episodes I made so far, and contains very sensitive themes which may upset some viewers. If anyone has ever dealt with losing a family member, or dealing with someone with a depressive disorder, then I truly apologize. This episode is kind of based on something that happened to a family member and friend in my life, and I felt like making an episode that reflects these issues. Stuff like this is hard to go through, and I find it kind of sad that there aren’t a lot of shows or stories that acknowledge these kinds of issues in a serious manner. This story still has a few laughs though, and some heart warming moments, so it’s not a total downer.“Knick Knack the Squirrel” is a series concept created by, and property of Clint Welding/SpongicX
  8. could forces be fixed like mania?

    Hopefully, the least they can do is touch up the Switch version, since that was a rushed port. Actually, it is getting fixed, like it or not, the game did have some glitches, most notably in Lava Reef Act II. Regardless, it's getting fixed, so it doesn't matter.
  9. More live action hybrid images. Another video compilation of concept art and some new test animations. Episode 13 is currently being worked on, and the first 3 pages are available. In this issue, Knick and pals will set sail across the sea to get to their next destination. However, when Knick accidentally drops the map into the sea, it's up to Clunk to dive into the sea and retrieve it. While waiting for Clunk to return, Treela confesses to Knick the story of how her mom passed away. https://spongicx.deviantart.com/gallery/66276121/Knick-Knack-the-Squirrel-Episode-13 “Knick Knack the Squirrel” is a series concept created by, and property of Clint Welding/SpongicX
  10. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Issue 4 was pretty good. I liked the action, and interactions between Sonic and Blaze. Tangle was a pretty fun character. I also liked all the silly faces the characters made throughout the issue. My only complaint is that besides introducing Tangle, and bringing back Blaze, I feel like nothing new really happened. Although many criticized last week's issue, at least more happened than just Sonic running into Knuckles. In episode 3, we were introduced to 2 new villains, and saw Sonic and Knuckles free a bunch of villagers and wisps. In this week's issue, all that really happened was Sonic meets Tangle, Blaze appears, they fight some robots, and that's really it. Issue 4 was still fun, but I wish a little more happened.
  11. More artwork Knick Knack the Squirrel” is a series concept created by, and property of Clint Welding/SpongicX https://spongicx.deviantart.com/gallery/
  12. I noticed Sonic Boom is back on Sling TV on demand. There’s only three season 2 episodes available at the moment.
  13. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    These comics keep getting better and better. Issue 3 was easily the best of the 3 so far. Sonic and Knuckles's interactions were well executed. The story didn't feel like another repeat of issue 1, and we finally got some villains, instead of more robots to fight. I also liked how this comic did what Sonic Forces was too lazy to do, and bothered explaining why the wisps were involved. It was an interesting idea to have the new villains Rough and Tumble trick a town into handing over their wispons, so they could use them to take over. I liked how Sonic was able to get the wispons to fight for themselves, instead of always letting some evil force control them. I also liked how Sonic laughed whenever he heard Rough and Tumble announce their names, while Knuckles stood there taking them like an actual challenge. The action in this comic was more entertaining as well. Surprisingly, the comic didn't end like repeats of issues 1 and 2. While it is implied that Sonic is splitting paths with Knuckles, it instead ends with Sonic and Knuckles celebrating for saving a town, and saving the wisps. Of course, it still ends with a closing monologue by the mysterious villain, but this time, it sounds a bit more alarming. We already knew at the end of issue 1 that their plan to kill Sonic and Amy would fail, along with their plan to stop Sonic and Knuckles at the end of issue 2, this time however, it's harder to tell what will happen. They're not after Tangle and Blaze, who will appear in next week's issue, they're instead after the master emerald, since Knuckles is now away from it. It really makes next week's issue a bit more unpredictable than the cliffhangers from the previous issues. Issue 3 was another great issue. I look forward to Tangle's debut, along with seeing the return of Blaze. I hope we get an explanation of why Blaze wasn't included in Sonic Forces.
  14. All 32 pages of episode 12 are now available here. https://spongicx.deviantart.com/gallery/66108089/Knick-Knack-the-Squirrel-Episode-12 I've also got some new concept art. “Knick Knack the Squirrel” is a series concept created by, and property of Clint Welding/SpongicX https://spongicx.deviantart.com/gallery/60289357/Knick-Knack-the-Squirrel
  15. Or you could just legally watch the show in HD on Hulu.

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