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  1. I thought it was cute too. She found it too good to be true. She sounded so excited at first, then she realized something was strange about hearing Sonic be so nice to her. It kind of reminds me of her response towards Eggman in the meteor, when Eggman was in Sonic's body, and he called her "Amy dear". She seemed so unused to Sonic being so nice to her. I also loved Morpho's response to Amy slamming the door on him, it had "exposed" and "busted" written all over his face. I thought it was awesome to see Amy figure out it was Morpho right away, and how she was able to expose him for not even saying Sonic's correct catch phrase. The real Amy may not have gotten a lot of screen time in this episode, but it still made up for her lackluster scenes from last week's episode. Even Sonic's response to meeting Alternate Amy was kind of cute. He seemed so happy to see her, and wasn't aware he was in an alternate dimension yet, but alternate Amy pulled out her hammer, and told him to back off. Sonic looked so confused over seeing Amy treat him like a bad stranger. He even asked "Is this because I didn't go with you to the farmer's market?" Amy and Knuckles were the only one of Sonic's friends to actually get some screen time in this episode.Knuckles was the only one around Sonic, before Sonic was sent to another dimension. Sonic and Knuckles were racing their vehicles around, until Eggman and Morpho dropped a portal in front of Sonic. The actual Tails and Sticks only showed up briefly at the very end to team up with Sonic and the others, and get back at Eggman and Morpho for sending Sonic away. The real Tails and Sticks had no dialogue in this episode, but we still got to hear their voices in the form of alternate dimension Sticks and alternate dimension Tails. Making alternate dimension Sticks the leader of the rebellion was also fun to see, especially since Sticks was missing entirely in last week's episode. I was honestly guessing Amy was going to be the leader of the rebellion, but it makes a bit more sense for Sticks to be the leader in that dimension. There are so many stories where whenever a threat rises, the people suddenly resort to following the paranoid/crazy one who they used to ignore, so seeing Sticks as the leader was pretty funny and suitable for that situation. It's too bad the episode wasn't longer, I would have loved to see more exposition on how Lord Eggman took over, and how Sticks rose to lead a rebellion. So far, it looked like Amy and Sticks were the only ones of Sonic's friends in this dimension to have already known each other as friends. Sticks and Amy already knew Tails was working for Eggman, and they never met Knuckles, until Sonic suggested they find him. When Sonic suggested they recruit Knuckles, Amy says "You mean the goofball from the gym commercials?" We didn't really get to see who else was a part of the rebellion, besides Amy and Sticks. We did see glimpses of Wild Cat and a few Gogobas being at the camp of the resistance, but they weren't shown for the rest of the episode. It felt kind of weird for Amy to say she's going to introduce Sonic to the rebellion, only to introduce him to her leader Sticks, yet ignore the other members. If they were a rebellion, then why did they ignore the others, and only recruit Knuckles to join them in taking down Lord Eggman? It was kind of shame to see Lord Eggman be set up to be a more threatening version of Eggman, yet Sonic and pals defeated him so easily. Lord Eggman literally had the same set up as the real Eggman. He had the isolated volcanic island lair, with no men or robots guarding it, and only sent robots out as soon as Sonic and pals confront him. Even the actual Eggman from Sonic's dimension put up more challenging attacks than Lord Eggman. You'd think someone like Lord Eggman would have guards patrolling 24/7, or something, I mean, Lord Eggman was able to have the village police arrest Sonic with ease, yet he had no one to stop the rebellion when they came storming through his lair? Despite most of Sonic's actual friends having very limited screen time , it was still a fun episode, and seeing Sonic interact with the alternate dimension was entertaining. If only it was a full length episode, or multi part episode. Despite it's pacing issues, it was still a good episode.
  2. Did anyone else notice Sonic Boom Vector has a tattoo on his left arm? He also doesn’t have his headphones, yet now has a leather jacket.
  3. Here's the clip where Morpho turns into Vector, Metal Sonic, and Shadow. I also uploaded the scene where Morpho tries fooling Amy, but she realizes it's him.
  4. Here are some links to screenshots from today's new episode. http://spongicx.tumblr.com/post/164383815918/screenshots-from-sonic-boom-where-have-all-the http://spongicx.tumblr.com/post/164383889073/screenshots-from-sonic-boom-where-have-all-the http://spongicx.tumblr.com/post/164384000723/screenshots-from-sonic-boom-where-have-all-the
  5. I liked "Where Have All The Sonics Gone", it had some funny moments, especially with Morpho. I especially liked how Morpho kept trying to act like Sonic throughout the episode, yet couldn't quite impersonate him right. He even had Sonic say wrong catch phrases, including "What's Up, Doc?" from Looney Tunes, and "Gotta Catch 'Em All" from Pokemon, lol! The episode starts off with Mombot treating Eggman and Morpho like sons. Eggman is still calling Morpho Steve, and Morpho tells him to stop calling him Steve, and call him Morpho instead. He then starts morphing into different characters, including Vector and Shadow, that was pretty funny. Eggman and Morpho decide to team up and get rid of Sonic. They send Sonic to a different dimension. Eggman points back to the episode where there were 2 Knuckles in their dimension, and questions if having two Sonics in another dimension will cause the worlds to be destroyed. Morpho points out how he sent Sonic to a dimension where Sonic doesn't exist, and the two break out into an evil laugh. With Sonic gone, Eggman and Morpho decide to try and trick everyone into thinking Sonic is still around, so no one gets suspicious. Morpho turns into Sonic, and tries tricking Amy into following him to the canyon. Amy notices Sonic is talking too romantically, and automatically assumes it's Morpho. She tells Morpho she's not falling for his tricks again, and slams the door in his face. Meanwhile, Sonic arrives at the alternate dimension, and the first thing he sees is that an alternate dimension Knuckles is a workout guru at a gym. Sonic is creeped out. Sonic comes across an alternate dimension Amy and waves to her, but she gets defensive, and pulls out her hammer. Sonic is surprised to see Amy treating him like a stranger. However, an alternate dimension Eggman called Lord Eggman shows up, and scares everyone but Sonic. Sonic stands up to Lord Eggman, and Sonic ends up getting arrested for standing up against Lord Eggman. While in prison, Sonic realizes he's in an alternate dimension. The alternate Amy breaks a hole in the wall, and frees Sonic. She appreciates how Sonic is willing to stand up against Lord Eggman, and she takes him to meet up with the rebellion. It turns out an alternate Sticks is the leader of the rebellion, this version of Sticks has an eye patch. Sonic decides to join the resistance, and he encourages the others to get Knuckles to join them. (I missed that part, because my stupid internet connection was acting up, and my screen went black with a buffering symbol...) Meanwhile, back in Sonic's dimension, Morpho is having troubles with getting everyone to believe he's Sonic, and everyone at Meh Burger starts laughing at him. Meanwhile, Sonic questions why they don't get Tails to have him join the resistance, but Sonic is shocked to find that this world's version of Tails is Lord Eggman's mechanic. Sonic is horrified to see Tails helping Lord Eggman. Sonic starts telling Tails how he's better than this. Tails keeps looking up to Lord Eggman like he's Lord Eggman's partner, but Lord Eggman keeps talking down to Tails, and was even willing to let Tails get killed in a crossfire attack against Sonic. Sonic ends up saving the alternate Tails, and alternate Tails is touched that Sonic looked out for him. Alternate Tails decides to switch sides, and teams up with Sonic and the resistance to defeat Eggman. The gang teams up and defeats Lord Eggman for the moment. Tails then builds a portal for Sonic to take and return home to. The resistance thanks Sonic for saving them, and Sonic tells them that as long as they stand together, Lord Eggman will never be a threat again. Sonic returns home, and reunites with his team, and defeat Eggman and Morpho. The episode ends with Mom Bot nursing Eggman and Morpho's heads, after being defeated by Sonic. Overall, I liked the episode, but I wish my stupid internet connection wasn't acting up... I missed a few moments, and the video quality turned out terrible, so I won't have as many screenshots to share this week... I do think the episode felt a bit rushed though. I liked the set up of Sonic teaching a world without him to fight for themselves. I liked how Amy saw Sonic as their champion, I liked how an eye patch wearing Sticks was the leader of the rebellion, that was pretty funny, and I liked the surprise twist of Tails being Lord Eggman's assistant, only to switch sides when Sonic showed that he cared and believed in him. It was a fun story, but I wished the episode had more time to truly flesh it out. I felt the action scenes were too short, and Sonic and the team defeated Lord Eggman way too easily and quickly. Regardless, it was still a fun episode with many hilarious cameos and shout outs to other franchises, thanks to Morpho.
  6. Even the mountains are pink. This episode seems to foreshadow that alternate dimension Amy may have a strong supporting role in helping Sonic protect her village and get him back home. I wonder if in the end, alternate dimension Amy will be left in charge to protect the village. We've seen in plenty of episodes of Sonic Boom, how Amy takes charge when Sonic is in trouble, like she's second in command. Maybe right before Sonic returns back to his own world, he'll entrust this version of Amy to lead Tails, Knuckles, and Sticks to watch over the village? That would be a nice way for Sonic to depart with this alternate dimension, while also managing to have Sonic confess his appreciation for everything Amy does for him and the team, without having the real Amy find out. Take this stuff with a grain of salt, these are just suggestions, I'm not saying they're going to happen, or should happen, but it might be interesting.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised, but wouldbe annoyed. They already announced day 1 edition exclusive dlc content for Sega themed avatar costumes. I hate it when games do that... I'll admit I kind of wish Mania had a small microtransaction option for the extras though. I suck at the blue orb stages, and will never unlock any of the bonus content. I was able to get all the chaos emeralds for Tails and Knuckles, while beating their stories, and have only unlocked 5 gold medals and 2 silver medals from the blue orb stages, yet haven't unlocked a single extra...
  8. Mania Glitch Thread

    I had a real annoying glitch happen today, while trying to face the final boss as Super Tails. Before I entered the last checkpoint, I was already in my super form, when I went through the portal, Tails reverted back to normal, yet the super theme was still playing. I still had over 50 rings and tried going super again, but it wouldn't work. I had to fight the regular final battle, yet had no way of facing the true final boss, because the game wouldn't let me go super, despite the super theme still playing in the background... I certainly wasn't super though, because I took damage during the boss fight... What the heck happened?...
  9. Wow, did anyone else notice the alternate dimension Amy hiding behind the bench in the first image? Looks like this alternate dimension Amy might be the first one to have faith in Sonic. I'm guessing she's going to believe that Sonic will be able save her village from Lord Eggman. I look forward to seeing how this plays out. I hope it doesn't feel rushed either. I can't give my hopes up, but I hope the episode has a heartwarming ending. One where Sonic comes back, and is happy to be home. I also hope he is able to tell his friends how much they mean to him. I know it's not likely, but I still think it would be a great way to end the episode.
  10. It's so strange how season 2 has done a good job with adding more continuity, yet it's still annoying how they can't air their episodes in order... It would be nice to see the episodes air as they're supposed to. Maybe they had to, in order to avoid sudden hiatus breaks? Maybe the team noticed a few heavy errors that needed fixing for some of these episodes, and instead of making us wait weeks later to air just that episode, they decided to air some later episodes first, which wouldn't badly affect the show's progression, until issues from previous episodes were fixed. In that case, it's kind of a smart solution, it allows them to keep entertaining the fans, while still fighting to get some views on TV. Better than season 1 going on so many halts in the US, while France had only 1 hiatus break for season 1. For the US at least, season 2 had no hiatus breaks at all, and good thing too, since it was abruptly moved to Boomerang after the first episode aired out of nowhere on CN. The season is about over, and I don't think there will be a hiatus any time soon. Boomerang may not be the channel we want Sonic Boom on, for numerous reasons, but at least they treat the show a lot better in the form of new episode airings and weekend reruns. If only they advertised the show, gave sneak previews, and aired reruns during the weekdays.
  11. Did Sonic get arrested, and did Amy just bust him out? What's going on here? I look forward to seeing how this goes.
  12. You have to beat the game first. I beat it as Tails, so I was able to select which level I wanted to go back to. Just keep going to Green Hill Zone, find that first special stage ring, and try it out. After each completion/fail, quit the game, reload the level, and keep trying until you get all the emeralds. I just beat that freaking octopus boss as Knuckles after losing a bunch of lives. I had 13 at first, but now have 8 lives... I freaking hate that boss, even the final boss was less frustrating. Luckily I was able to stock up on lives, I still haven't gotten a game over yet. I haven't tried the real final battle yet, but I wanted to play through Knuckles's and Sonic's levels first.
  13. Sonic Forces is Rated E10+...

    Yep, it said e-10+ for mild blood, and Dark Gaia's creepy transformation and defeat were the only parts of the game to show blood. I still love that cutscene, it made Dark Gaia look like a threatening boss. The final battle itself was rather dull, repetitive, and annoying, but the cutscenes and music surrounding it were great.
  14. Sonic Forces is Rated E10+...

    How did an announcement of Sonic Forces' rating, turn into a petty argument over whether Sonic Forces will be bad or not?! You Classic Sonic fans got your wish with Sonic Mania, yet you're still trashing 3d Sonic games?...
  15. Sonic Forces is Rated E10+...

    Not surprised, but I like e-10+ games.