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  1. Your own Sonic Cartoon

    I'd want a Sonic show to have variety and story arcs. Some episodes could be full 22 minute episodes, while smaller ideas could be made into segmented episodes. I'd want to see Some episodes that allow viewers to see Sonic and pals living their everyday lives, only to see something appear, and affect the plot for a few episodes. I want a show that focuses on Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy, while also having episodes that feature other characters. They could make a story arc that introduces Silver getting thrown into the past, and he needs to find a way back to his own timeline. That right there would serve as an interesting way to reintroduce Silver in a new timeline for Sonic. It would allow for the characters to get to know Silver, and make a meaningful moment, when Silver finds a way to return, and has to say goodbye. While Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy would be the main focus, there could always be segment episodes that focus on other characters, like Team Dark going on missions, Cream and Cheese getting into crazy situations, or the Chaotix having to solve mysteries, or going through their everyday lives. Not every segment has to be the same thing, they could always mix it up, and make episodes where characters cross paths, and either work together, or get in each others way. There are so many possibilities they could do with the modern cast of Sonic characters.They could even make episodes that take place in alternate dimensions, like showing what's going on with Blaze and Marine, or silent shorts about Classic Sonic (similar to the upcoming Sonic Mania Adventures). I think a Sonic show with occasional variety could be a great new take for a Sonic series. I'd love a show that can be serious, but have some sillier episodes every once in a while. I think the show could have humor, but not to the point where it's a satirical sitcom like Sonic Boom. I want the show to be able to have serious moments, but still have occasional laughs. I just don't want the show to be treated with joke after joke, it's hard to take shows seriously, when they rely on nothing but attempts at humor. I'd want the show to have suspense, and character development. The setting for the show should vary. I don't want it to always be set in the same places, like Sonic Boom. They should make episodes where Sonic and pals decide to visit different locations, and something comes up during their travels, whether running into old friends and enemies, or something else. I'd be fine with Sonic living in what feels like a cross between the human world, and Sonic's world. I don't really want humans in the show, however, they kind of ruined Sonic X for me, because they were so forced in, and took up too much screen time that belonged to the actual Sonic characters. One episode could take place at a beach, the other could take place at a mall. I want to see Sonic and pals traveling the world, whether it's for important reasons, or to see them just going on a vacation. Eggman should be the main conflict, but I don't think he needs to appear in every episode. I think we should be able to have episodes that aren't constantly forcing Eggman to cause mayhem. It would be great to see Eggman pulling out vehicle weapons inspired by his boss fights from past Sonic games. Eggman should be a mix of diabolical, but still maintain his silliness. I don't want him to be a complete joke, but I still want him to have funny moments. I want Eggman to go back to hating Sonic, no more of this complicated dynamic of Eggman having weaknesses of wanting to be Sonic's friend, yet still wanting to destroy him, that kind of stuff got real old in Sonic Boom. If there was anything from Sonic Boom I would want in the show, it would be for Sticks to return as a reoccurring character. She could be introduced as a quirky character who comes in handy as the series progresses. She doesn't need to be a main character, but I would still love to see her show up and help the gang out occasionally. As for art style, I honestly don't know. I'd want it to be faithful to the modern designs. Either CG or 2d is fine, as long as it has a good mix of detail and fantasy elements. I'd want the environments to look bizarre, but still have some realism in there. As for the main cast, I think Sonic should be less egotistical and cocky towards his friends, but still be able to mess around with his enemies. I think Knuckles should go back to being the tough guy of the group. Tails needs to quit being a coward, and go back to how he was in the adventure games, where he was brave and useful. Instead of having Tails constantly using his inventions to help the team, it would be interesting to see him building stuff for the rest of the team to use, and make them more involved. That way, Tails doesn't have to be the answer to always getting everyone out of a jam. I think Amy needs to be rewritten the most. She needs to be madly in love with Sonic, but I want to see her feeling more shy about her feelings for him. Amy needs to be seen as a valuable member of the team, instead of just the girl who chases Sonic. Amy could be a combat specialist, and have great strategies for Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles when in a battle.
  2. Sonic Mania Adventures (New Mini Cartoon Series)

    I think the animation in this looks great, but I don't think it would work as a full series of 11 to 22 minute episodes like some are hoping for. This will be a silent cartoon with a very small cast of 3 heroes and 1 villain, it would run out of ideas fast. I would love to see this style of animation applied to the modern Sonic characters. It would be great to see other characters, like Amy, Blaze, Silver, etc. If they ever made a new animated series of Sonic, I wouldn’t mind seeing short segments based on classic Sonic, but as a fan who grew up preferring the modern cast, I personally think a show that lacks the other characters would get more repetitive than Sonic Boom.
  3. I don’t get why some are assuming Amy wouldn’t work, because “she can’t roll”. She’s rolled in games before, heck, every character can roll, apparently, at least according to Sonic Heroes and Sonic Dash. The designers can easily make Amy roll if they want to. It would honestly make more sense for Amy to roll, compared to Tails or Knuckles, since she’s a hedgehog like Sonic. Sega has made it obvious that they don’t care about continuity anymore, so what’s so bad about having classic Amy playable? There are many things they could do with Amy. She could be the most defensive character, and could deflect certain attacks by jumping. Or they could give her a double jump. Just because she never was playable in the old games, doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve to be given a chance to officially be in a classic inspired game. She’d honestly make more sense in a Genesis inspired game than Ray, who wasn’t even in a sidescroller to begin with. He was only available in an obscure Japanese arcade game that used a ball for a controller. At least Amy was actually in a more traditional classic Sonic game, she even existed before Knuckles made his debut.
  4. Sorry, I was going through a real hard time, and have overreacted in the past. It was wrong of me to assume they hated Amy. I just wish the game gave her better recognition, instead of treating her like a monster that needed to die. For a game that was supposed to be celebrating the classics, it felt like they were saying Amy wasn’t important enough.
  5. I’m fine with an all Sonic character racing game. I mainly got the Sonic & Sega games for the sake of Sonic characters. If it means finally seeing Blaze, Silver, Rouge, and the Chaotix being playable, then that’s great! I would also love to see Sticks playable, she should have her turtle shell kart from Sonic Boom. What other characters would you guys want to see? Any other suggestions for the game? Here’s a list of track ideas I’d love to see. Emerald Coast, Twinkle Park, Lost World, City Escape, Space Colony Ark, Frog Forest, Hang Castle/Mystic Mansion, Crisis City, Kingdom Valley, Eggman Land, and Planet Wisp. For power ups, I could see elemental shields and wisps being power ups. The Spike Wisp could leave spike traps on the ground, rocket would shoot missiles, void would trap foes in a dark void, frenzy turns your vehicle into a monster that mowes over enemies, laser could dart your vehicle through opponents, drill could break through traps and obstacles, burst could shoot fire balls, etc.
  6. I wish Amy was in this instead. At least it’s confirmed that these two will be available for those who already bought the game. It would have been a dick move to screw those who bought/supported the game early on.
  7. https://spongicx.deviantart.com/gallery/65868379/Knick-Knack-the-Squirrel-Episode-10 Knick Knack the Squirrel Episode 10 is now available. In this episode, Knick and pals get pestered into becoming TV stars. Also, some concept art. “Knick Knack the Squirrel” is a series concept created by, and property of Clint Welding/SpongicX
  8. Most Annoying Sonic Characters

    I thought that moment was hilarious. Especially since Amy was pretending to be a plush doll when that happened. She kicks the girl, then casually goes back to acting like a doll. It was a little more brutal in the Japanese version, where Amy called her a b***h.
  9. Slideshow update for March 2018. https://spongicx.deviantart.com/gallery/60289357/Knick-Knack-the-Squirrel Knick Knack the Squirrel” is a series concept created by, and property of Clint Welding/SpongicX
  10. Most Annoying Sonic Characters

    I personally think the current voice of Omochao is the worst, which is crazy, because he has the same voice as Blaze. Blaze’s current voice is great, but her voice for Omochao is freaking annoying. Hearing Omochao with a high pitched girly voice is not a good mix.
  11. Most Annoying Sonic Characters

    Sorry, I thought Omochao was pretty explanatory. What else can be said that hasn’t been said? Most of his voices are annoying. The only games I can think of that didn’t annoy me with Omochao were Sonic Riders and Sonic and the Secret Rings. In most games, his advice is useless, and the way he constantly flutters around the screen with that souless robotic face is obnoxious. He’s always dragging the games down with his presense. He’s basically become the Super Mario Toad of Sonic. They even partnered him with Toad as pointless exposition explainers in the Mario and Sonic handheld games. Lego Dimensions may have had some funny jabs at trashing Omochao, but it still didn’t make his inclusion any less annoying. The forced parts with Omochao are still too long and tedious.
  12. At what point did Sonic Forces lose you?

    When the controls started showing off how bad and unresponsive they were.
  13. Why don't you take Sonic seriously?

    I can’t take him seriously, because Sega refuses to take him seriously. It’s pretty sad when even Sega are making fun of the series with memes...

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