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  1. Knick GIFS made in Flipnote Studio 3d
  2. New test animations I made with Flipnote Studio 3d.
  3. I'm guessing many might not get the reference, considering how the movie has been banned for about 2 decades in the US, but did anyone else get a "Song of the South" vibe, during Eggman's encounter with the Sonic doll? It was kind of reminiscent to Brer Rabbit's encounter with the tar baby. Both walk by whistling, talk to it, and get mad and start a fight, because the decoy wouldn't talk back, similar premise.
  4. Nah, I'd rather leave that episode in the past. I hated the ending so badly. Sonic and Knuckles were such jerks. I felt so bad for Amy. Bro Down Showdown was honestly one of my most hated episodes of this show.
  5. True, season one had plenty of episode descriptions that make them sound like Amy would have a sub plot to the story, only to be not shown throughout most of the episode, including "Late Fees", "Bro Down Showdown", and "Cabin Fever". All three of those episodes had descriptions that made Amy seem like part of the focus of the episode, only to ignore her throughout those episodes. I was expecting to see more of her in Cabin Fever, but that episode tried so hard to keep her out of it. She was in the kitchen or isolated away from everyone else for a fat chunk of the episode.
  6. Man, we are getting way too many Eggman centered episodes all of a sudden. I hope they're at least good. It would be nice if they spaced the character focused episodes around better, instead of airing about 5 Eggman episodes in a row.
  7. So Amy and Sticks actually had a relaxing spa weekend after all. During last week's episode, when Sonic called Amy up, I wondered if Amy and Sticks were also having a miserable time, but made up an excuse, so the boys wouldn't worry about them.
  8. Sticks and Amy's Excellent Staycation was another fun episode. I'd say it was funnier than last week's episode. With the guys out of town, Amy and Sticks realize they need to make sure the town is safe, so they don't have to worry about protecting the village. They set up a Sonic decoy, to distract Eggman. There are a bunch of funny antics between Eggman confronting the decoy, mistaking it for the real Sonic. It's also funny how Amy mentioned how she didn't just make the doll for this occasion, she kept it around for... other purposes, lol. Amy and Sticks decide to have some girl bonding but their different taste in habits are getting in the way of them having fun together. Sticks likes to throw mud, while Amy likes to knit. Amy comes up with an idea to please both sides. She takes Sticks to get a mud bath at a spa, while Amy relaxes. Sticks actually enjoys the mud bath, and both girls are having fun. Meanwhile, Sonic calls Amy, and asks how they're doing, Belinda over hears, and tries telling Charlie that the Sonic and the guys are out of town, and they can take over the village. Charlie is too busy excavating, which causes Belinda to take matters into her own hands. Meanwhile, Eggman manages to destroy the Sonic decoy, and snaps when he realizes it was a fake. He starts attacking the village, and Amy and Sticks come out of the spa and reveal they were the ones who made the decoy. That just makes Eggman angrier, and he attacks Amy and Sticks, but they manage to fight him off, using some spa supplies. The village cheers for Amy and Sticks's heroics, but then Belinda shows up in Charlie's mech suit. Angered by her husband's neglect, she attacks the villagers, and makes a bunch of funny references about the actual viewer's complaints about some of the villagers, like how they're snarky, annoying, or look like copies of each other. (I got a good laugh out of that, especially when she disliked Lady Goat for her appearance, ironic, since Belinda is basically a recolor of that character.) Belinda decides to try taking the village herself, and attacks Amy and Sticks. The scene from last week's episode where Sonic calls Amy about him and the guys being in jail suddenly kicks in. Amy and Sticks realize their weapons aren't good enough for fighting back Charlie's Mech Suit. Amy then decides to fight differently, and finds some mud on the ground. She takes inspiration from Sticks, and starts throwing the mud at Belinda, causing Belinda to get grossed out. Sticks takes inspiration from Amy, and knits up a long scarf to trip Belinda over with. The girls then team up and take Belinda out. Belinda then storms home in defeat, and is about to take her frustration out on Charlie, but Charlie surprises Belinda with an anniversary gift. He was digging up at the excavation site to find her an evil mech armor, that allows her to fly and shoot missiles. Belinda is swept away by Charlie's gift, and the two suit up, and plot to do more evil together. I thought this was a very funny episode, full of hilarious fourth wall breaks, references, and a fun connection to last week's episode. It was also a pretty decent episode for Amy and Sticks.
  9. Is Eggman trying to trap Amy and Sticks with a Sonic decoy? What is going on here?
  10. Reminds me of Eggman's target practice dummies from Sonic Adventure.
  11. You'd think Amy would be the one with the most outfit changes, yet it's mostly been Knuckles, especially in season 2. Throughout the series, we've seen Knuckles dress as a Scottish Warrior (in a dream), Sonic's stunt double, Knuckles wearing Amy's blankets as a toga, an astronaut, a scuba diver, a teenage walrus girl, a business man, a Meh Burger employee, a bowler, and some rich female aristocrat in this upcoming hotel episode. Eggman has also had plenty of outfit swaps as well, including footsy pajamas, bathing suit, workout clothes, a clown, and even his birthday suit (censored, of course).