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  1. Oh right, thanks. Well, yeah, a fire only die out with oxygenated water or when nobody else throws wood at it. Back on topic, anyways... Source of that please?
  2. I can assume that, but I'm talking here about the several directions the "environment" of the Sonic games has been taking. It went from half realistic in the Adventure games to colorful and close to the original games in the Advance series and Heroes, before returning to hyper realistic in ShTH and Sonic 06, then becoming colorful (but still realistic) in Unleashed...You get the idea. With those changes unsurprisingly comes a change in the canon itself, focusing on humans and a society close to ours. Excluding Silver and Marine, when was the last time we saw a new "mobian" character in the main series? I've said it before, but not exploiting a world-building based on the cohabitation between anthro and human characters is a seriously missed opportunity out here. Wouldn't be surprising. The guy already made the scenario of ShTH almost all by itself and the game series doesn't have a defining writer (Well now it does but...It's not pretty.). A director's gotta do what a director's gotta do. That's very true, but sorry if I look dumb, but what makes you say that?
  3. This is all I have to say. I have discovered this by watching Game Grump's playthrough of it and it has the same effect as watching your own Sonic fan innards get torn piece by piece, A.K.A. this game contains as much evilness as if all the MacGuffin gods of the Sonic Franchise just decided to use their evil for a purpose much, MUCH more scary. Don't play it. Don't touch it. Don't look at it. Don't THINK about it. And if you have you don't know it yet but you have given up your soul to Satan and he's going to ruin your life for the rest of it and then makes you enter Hell through Sonic's eyes. Yes, that includes me. I wish I could relate to all the pain and suffering you will have to endure when Iblis will come to eat your soul but sadly I can't. You are all doomed to extinction as well as the rest of the human race. ......Have I made a good Holder creepypasta yet?
  4. I am both happy and disappointed with Iizuka. As idiotic as it seems I never thought that there was an official bible, and I was pretty upbeat to learn there was one. Sadly this just made me loose my faith of Iizuka even more. Although I do like the idea that the "Human" and "Mobian" "worlds" are alien to each other, the theory of them being different dimensions is just cheap. And the fact that all the previous canon info about the Emeralds mythology and the hero's super forms are thrown away is just a decision I cannot understand except for the fact that Iizuka has no interest in them. As usual, I'm pretty disappointed with the direction the canon is taking. I cannot think of a good reason that is not pure marketing as to why Iizuka is always trying to change the canon and not instead building upon the original mythos, you know, something that works PERFECTLY well when you handle it correctly. But with the seriousness they put in the Sonic plots today, I doubt this will change. I just hope one day we'll have someone to change all of that. Who knows, if a miracle happens, it could be a fan of the series...
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      what kind of muffin is that

      If you really want to give me a muffin, make it a double sausage and egg one. 

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      Neh bro, chocolate muffins are the best thing ever. But in that case I don't mind, here you go. Free cholesterol for everyone!



  5. ( Oh boy, by a contest of circumstances I seem to have upped this topic. Well, gotta roll with it now. ) Since I'm too poor to buy real good comics, I used to read a webcomic or two when I did had the envy to read sequential art. And on my quest to good comics, I've met a lot of garbage, but I also found it crazy how much great and unique things you can find on the internet, especially compared to actual comics where the rare pearl is hard to find. I don't always try to read a lot tho', since I only do that from time to time, I have my favorites that are updated by the time I get back to them again. I used to read XKCD from time to time because appears on some meme sites, but I only did it for the lulz. My absolute favorite of all time still stays the glorious Housepets!. Guys I really don't understand why is the image that's supposed to be here cropping so much so I'm just going to leave you with this link alright Imagine a world where pretty much every single living mammal, which includes your pets, are sentient and anthropomorphic and where cats and dogs CAN live together. And you've pretty much Housepets!, except for one detail: everything that makes this comic worth your time. Apart from this setting, the comic follows a publication akin to that of a newspaper comic: 4 panels that each end up with a joke, though on special occasions a double panel will be here. If the well-written jokes that almost never dry out at every panel don't catch your attention, then the characters certainly will: the comic centers first on Peanut Butter Sandwich, a Canadian Pointer Mix dog whose conception of the world centers around his never-ending optimism and inexhaustible taste for games, and Grape Jelly Sandwich, a purple cat that just likes to do cat things and be a normal petson and who will literally stab you in the face if you do anything that displeases her or Peanut, who is like a brother to her? him. As the strip evolves, more characters are introduced and makes us visit the various parts of a dog's life all for a comedy-slice of life purpose, until the strips goes bonkers about a shapeshifting humans and demigods playing D&D games. Sorry guys, no spoilers for ya. If you're interested in the comic, you can go there and start from the beginning, or if you really want to go to the front page you can then see how much art transformation the author, Rick Griffin, has been through. Comic updates on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, and is guaranteed to keep you entertained as much as possible, be you furry or non-furry.
  6. I'm sorry it's like this, but you're just saying what most fans said for years. Even if your preferencies are debatable through opinion, which I'm not going to talk about here, you're not bringing anything new to the table. Plus, an "Ultimate Sonic Game Topic" is a pretty arrogant thing in itself. If you really want to create that Ultimate Sonic Game, why don't you do it yourself? You could learn a lot, and you would be equally happy in the end. But seeing how you're presenting your ideas, and being so categorical, you're not helping in any way. Plus, as SenEDtor say, it's inappropriate to just create a topic for THIS kind of thing, there's already other topics ready for that. Sorry for being harsh, but it would be a lot better if you just didn't presentend your opinions like that, and most importantly, presented your arguments with FACTS, so that they would sound believable.
  7. Aw, somebody outmatched me at making this topic. But thanks for doing it, I'll sure join this. I don't a have a enormous culture on video games in general, so there's not a lot of moments I can talk about. But it there's only one that NEEDS to be talked about on this topic, it's Mother 3. Oh god, Mother 3. Its predecessor, Mother 2/Earthbound, was also a very emotionnal game and was full of sense, but is nowhere near as hearthborking as Mother 3. Just very strange, funny, and emotionnal. And that's the magic recipes of Mother games. EDIT: Dernit, gotta go fast! Mightyray outmatched me too...But well, I've done a massive fanboy explination on how much I just adore Mother 3, SO I'M KEEPING IT.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_gBiO2qNfo Japanese Sonic X is underrated darnit. It's so rare to see such a beautiful song in a Sonic related media.
  9. Depends. It gets way more boring in the hubworlds where you just "explore" around at 1M/h and complete glitchy generic missions just for rings. But in Action Stages, terrible mechanics or not, you got to act, or else you'll loose with the game's terrible mechanics. And at least, there is some action, and speed when you're on rails with accelerators and Mach Speed sections. I'm not saying these are good, it's just that they at least aren't just a generic platformer with Sonic characters, Spindash, Popeller Flight and Piko Piko Hammer in it. Sonic 06 has its speedy moments and unique (though not always good) stages gimmicks. Rise of Lyric is way more repetitive than that. Now like I said, that doesn't necessarily make it better, it's all opinions, but I don't think you can qualify a game "boring" if it makes you throw your controller away.
  10. Just joking here, guys. That was just to say there can be worse than Rise of Lyric in the franchise. But then, deciding which is the worse between '06 and that game? That's all opinion. You can preffer Rise of Lyric because it's AT LEAST more polished than '06, but you can prefer '06 because RoL gets boring and repetitive really fast. Personally, I know it's weird, but I'd prefer to throw my controller out of the window on a difficult and glitchy game rather than playing a flat, repetitive, boring game. But it's hard to even compare the two. Also... Why would you think that? He never even said such a thing.
  11. I'm surprised that this topic only got only a few replies, because that's some great stuff you got there! This comic deserves a little critique, which I'm going to do right away. First of all, I love how you're adding themes to your story, like in the very beginning, because it really adds to the plot instead of just making a cheesy action-comedy thing. Now sure, you still have a good way to go in making comics, but even since the beginning your art as been getting better, so I don't think it's really a problem. Just keep working on things like proportions, and I recommend you training to make real comic pages, your style of presentation is nice, but can't get a bit redondant sometimes. Speaking of story, you writing's pretty good, but I think there's sometimes things you can delete from the dialogue, because they really are superficial, like the end of the conversation about the Chili Dog. Maybe it could help if you added more pictures, but that's even more work, so I'd suggest you to keep only up to 3-4 jokes in the same text. After that, it can get a bit redondant. Anyway, I really like your comic, and I'm eager to see how things are going to continue for our little friends. Keep up the good work!
  12. Oh boy, a controversial opinion topic! Good, I needed to express some controversial ideas. Without further ado, let's get into the controverse! "Hubworlds in Sonic games sucks and they should never happear ever again": I do NOT totally disagree with the idea that the hubworlds that past Sonic games had could use improvement. Even SA1, who had the best of them, could use a ton. But saying that hubworlds can't fit into a Sonic game? It's like saying that Super Mario can't have any. No, I'm NOT comparing Sonic to Mario here, it's just that games like 64 and Galaxy 1 are good examples of how a hubworld can be nicely exploited. These game's hubworlds, especially 64, had the particularity to be vast but proposed a lot of interaction with the environnement, with tons of unlockable secrets and/or some entertaining side-levels gimmicks, like Rosalina's storybook. Plus, I think this has quite a bit to do with the NPCs, who provides useless information and no sidequests at all, but that's another subject. I think that if the hubworld could get all those qualities together, while being huge so that the player may exploit Sonic's speed completly freely, it would be a blast. "Sonic has nothing to do with friggin /PlotSettingThatHasn'tHappenedYet/ and so this game is terrible": I'm talking about the likes of '06, Secret Rings, Black Knight, and Unleashed, which gives us "Doomsday Gods", "Princesses", "Time Travel', "Myths", and "Werewolfs". I could say it's pure close-mindness, but I kinda uderstand those people if they want a consistent Sonic mythos, or something that sticks at least to the Genesis titles. If they don't? Well "ITS NOT SANIC", so that's no good! Still, the universe, before games like Generations, wasn't clearly defined, so Sonic Team could do what they wanted to do. Like it or not, you can't hate the game because of it, or say that "SAWNIC IS LOOSIN HIS WAY" just because of that, as it can't really affect overall gameplay experience directly. Still, not only some fans do that, but most press reviews do in their "critics" on the whole series? just following these fans like lemmings, and quote it like that without futher explination. It's just so goddamn annoying to see how most of the press can be unprofessional when talking about the series as a whole. "Sonic 4 Episode X is terrible": Terrible? Disagreed. The games are polished, both for gameplay and graphics, and were pretty fleshed out. Doesn't deserve its name? Agreed. Devs' tried to make something that looked like successors to the Genesis games, which is already a extremely tough task, and just made HD Sonic 2D games. But netherless this isn't a reason to say the games are terrible, even if they have major problems, I find them pretty enjoyable to play. "Sonic is getting more and more Mario-like": A few years ago I would have said this was a stupid idea, but Lost World came out, and that's the definitive argument for detractors now. So let's talk about Colors. Okay, so what gives? Planet-like worlds, with over the top design like with Sweet Mountain? It has been done over and over again. Lots of levels that can be accessed with a point/path design? That's been done so many times again. Wisps are alien power-ups? Sure, have aliens that go INSIDE YOU, granting you the power to become a LAZOOR for a few seconds looks A LOT like eating a flower to shoot fireballs. Seriously, I don't even get what people want to come out of this "debate". "Rise of Lyric is the worst Sonic game of all time": You know what's worse than '06? 'Nuff say. This could go on forever, and I'll just be talking about my likes and dislikes of Sonic games, so I'm gonna stop here for now. As for Shadow The Hedgehog's plot, I agree with the fact that it was a seriously missed opportunity to describe Shadow's life aboard the ARK, which is actually one of the only interesting things about the game's story. But am I the only one here who thinks that this was a terrible idea to create a game based on a PLOTHOLE, that could have been broached in any other game with the rest of another story? I feel like even if the game can be pretty epic, it makes no sense in itself at all.
  13. I'd LOVE to go on and on about what I think of EVERY SINGLE THING regarding the fanbase, the Sonic Team's efforts, and all the stuff. But that would be extremely boring, and I just don't have the time to rant. So I'm going to go with the simplest approach I can give. Also, put the video as a link because it the Youtube player was messing with the page. ...Holy crap, did I just said "little" story? I'll never make correct prophecies, will I? And more seriously, thanks very much to you...T-Min? Wait I'm just gonna call you coyote fuzzy thing if that's okay with everyone This topic REALLY allowed me to get one of my biggest thoughts on the franchise out of my chest (wait thoughts that get out of the chest WHAT). And about the "cynism" of the fans, the only thing I think of it is that some of them could use patience. And that's all I can say.
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