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  1. That guy showcases videos of hacks for smash bros, most likely the image is a picture of a hack stage
  2. No, I would like to see the other already existing colorful characters to return to the sonic game's first PLAYABLE.
  3. if nintendo got sonic, then we can't have fan games huh yeah i guess no thanks to this idea
  4. I think sonic should control like a platform er, and not a car.
  5. I wonder how many people will realize anyone who read the sonic forces topic here have known this was going to happen for months....
  6. maybe he's making another opening for sonic forces like he did with adventure
  7. Honestly I think sonic team needs to spend a bit more time on deviantart if they want to make a good character creator.
  8. Or they could just make it about platforming like the sonic series is supposed to be.
  9. Future sonic is probably just i guess idk boom sonic without sports tape or scarf which means enerbeam shit as your third gameplay style.
  10. I wonder if we'll get any info on that new character they had talked about earlier. Maybe they'll pull another silver or blaze ish character.
  11. I had always thought Sonic and the black knight was canon, it makes more sense than sonic 06
  12. chaos control requires emerald, chaos blast doesn't, that's exclusive to shadows arsenal of random op powers.
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