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  1. My hope for cream's future, and you know pretty much anyone's future who isn't sonic

    is for them to actually be a playable character in the games. boostboostboost random switching from 2d to 3d instead of being consistent is honestly... very boring.

    but what do i know right

  2. the youtube video had an interesting comment i saw


    Sounds interesting, the Shadow world concept could still work scrap Shadow being from there, just reuse the Beta designs of Shadow & Blaze making them new characters with a new enemy pulling the strings, it could definitely work, just have him brought in like Black Knight, or sent there by Eggman, or something like that. It sounds like a good idea to be wasted, and would be a nice change of pace at the moment.

    i've always found beta designs very interesting in many series, also thse fact that their designs go with the weird dark theme they had lol

  3. 45 minutes ago, Osmium said:

    I mean I know that's why but I always just roll my eyes with stuff like this. Throwing a million obscure references everywhere seems like the most superficial way to express your passion of something to me. Feel free to disagree as everyone will with this but meh. 

    No fun is allowed. What do you think would make the show better other than straight up canceling it before its rushed ending which is coming soon?

  4. 51 minutes ago, Sonictrainer said:

    Like Sonic and the other characters, Shadow has grown stronger and gained different abilities such as teleporting short distances and his Chaos Spear attack.

    However, for his more powerful techniques such as Chaos Control and Chaos Blast, they require a Chaos Emerald or collecting enough energy similar to Chaos Emerald Energy.

    chaos control requires emerald, chaos blast doesn't, that's exclusive to shadows arsenal of random op powers.

  5. 2 hours ago, Sir Laptop said:

    The reason Sonic Team has done a Generations 2 is simply because to make a good Sonic game they feel they are required to go back and stick to what they know and do best; and for them that's the Boost engine of the recent games. It'll be 4 years since Sonic Team has made a Sonic game on home consoles when this game comes out, and it's best for them to stick with the Boost engine, which has given them the highest praise for a Sonic game since Adventure 2 (Unleashed day stages, Colours and Generations), and then put in a new feature to spice the game up. 

    its not gonna be new if the game is boost engine.....

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