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  1. 3,6,1,2,4,5 honestly no matter what anyone says I just want to play as shadow.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  3. ryan is best sonic ever david is best shadow, everyone else is just meh
  4. Maybe they could redeem what some people (like me) think about the very terrible odd idea of having in classic sonic AGAIN and maybe put in multiplayer....without cutting it off anywhere during the story
  5. sanic generations 2 and a sonic fan game, yea this is totally that sonic 06 game fix we asked for. you would not believe how much disappointment i have right now. maybe its time to find a new video game character is mario any good
  6. Seriously.... Generations 2? i think sega just threw sonic in the toilet Seriously.... Generations 2? i think sega just threw sonic in the toilet
  7. If this game is going to be made for the anniversary........ its gonna end up bad. If not its gonna blow our pants off
  8. Very disappointed with the out come of this game, i recall following it in its early stages, there was gonna be a ton of more fun stuff, and then they just went and canned all of it just to copypaste everything from brawl. If i wanted to play brawl I would have turned on my wii and did it myself.
  9. i finally got to play as shadow in sonic and the black knight seriously we need moar shadow
  10. This could easily be possible....... just do what sonic X did except instead just adapt the games in some way, and no chris
  11. play sonic adventure 2 battle if you want 3d, anything else suggested is eh
  12. Yes, yes they are Anyways I don't actually like eggman at all, but this goofy version of him in the newer stuff is just.... -.- I'd prefer when he was an actual villian
  13. potentially? he was shown using it in sonic X.... as super sonic
  14. If this new series doesn't have zero, then the old cartoon(s) will be better than this
  15. What was wrong with Megaman X? why can't they just use him however if this series happens to show zero, 1. If he looks cool i will watch this series only for him 2. If he looks like crap i will do this to capcom
  16. Fake or not, Sonic Guardians sounds like a cool name for a game, too bad its unlikely though.
  17. the thing is though they said they weren't going to do this you'll just have to hope the "new"(as in the boom exclusive) characters are something you'll be open to
  18. you can't have 4 digits in every stat for your chaos, and the levels of each stat can't go past 99 unless you're like me and you glitched it so it did anyway
  19. yea how about no since he's been the villian too many times now, remember heroes, that one sonic riders game, and now even sonic boom honestly they should introduce new characters maybe to make the thing fresh >.> seriously i don't really give two craps if the internet says this new person would be edgy and shizz at this point tails is an edgy character
  20. So I played Sonic and the black knight... I have to say.. I haven't had this much fun since sonic adventure 2 battle

    1. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Quite an underrated gem,  that game is. Glad to hear you're having fun! 

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