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  1. Since they used perci as a background character, I wonder if shadow will end up with the same fate..
  2. My mouth was literally open for about 10 minutes when I saw perci. It's too bad she was just a background character though..... now I just hope she and Shadow appear in future episodes
  3. I'd prefer only sonic characters, because that will give them a chance to use the ones who haven't appeared in awhile.
  4. I would really love it if they decided to make a new sonic fighter with the technology we have now, it would be great. But the way sega is heading, this will never happen.
  5. The only good thing about sonic 06 was the fact that there were other playable characters. But if everyone had their own story mode, I'd probably play blaze's like a hundred times before I complete sonic's.
  6. Unless sonic team, or whoever made the good sonic games, pulls some cool adventure-ish game out of their ass, sonic won't do well, except for in fan-games.
  7. I really hate to say this but, when I played SA2B, and SADX, there were really no "glitches" I encountered that weren't forceably caused by me For ex, going off map in the normal chao garden in SA2B, that was me, in SADX, every glitch in there happened because i kept flying through things through the use of action replay. The dreamcast version of sonic adventure was the one with the missing collision boxes or something, all of these were fixed in the gamecube version.
  8. All the "glitches" in sonic adventure I wanted to try were fixed in the gamecube version
  9. Good thing I've already bought tickets, now I am definitely excited. But I do go to youmacon every year so
  10. I would like to be in sonic's world, freedom planet world, the pokemon world, and thats it, every other video game universe looks hazardous to live in.
  11. the only real problem I see with this is though..... are you going to make a new chao garden engine completely? Because remember, the way to raise your chao was to go kick butt through action stages in sonic adventure, and go through multiple levels in SA2.
  12. then don't go with SADX's at all. Other than the way the tracks look. SA2B's better in terms of gameplay. SADX's was just........ omg....
  13. so you are going to have both version's of chao race? SA2b's chao race, and SADX's chao race were completely different.
  14. will it have chao karate and chao race?
  15. Like what? There was only one thing were they said apparently "Perci" is going to be in the show with a new voice actor, yet she still hasn't showed up, the only thing we got for shadow is "SEGA would announce it in their own special way." yet still nothing. But really though I think shadow would be hilarious if he was in the show, his dark personality combined with the stupidness of the SB universe would be lol
  16. I'm pretty sure if shadow appears, he'll be like he was in rise of lyric, a jerk for no reason, but since this show is supposed to be funny, it's probably going to be more silly when he does it.
  17. On every source I see, they said if shadow were to appear in sonic boom the tv show "sega would announce it in their own special way" But if you got that from the credits from the show, maybe they do actually plan on just doing that... eventually....
  18. well if sonic dies, then some people are going to start making money off of their sonic fan-characters
  19. maybe this could be the true sonic adventure 3, without actually calling it sonic adventure 3 because its too late for that of course.
  20. Isn't the only fan-input "bring back other sonic characters" ?
  21. They should have had boom shadow on their team in the alternate dimension just to troll us
  22. Well I'm going to have to agree with the rest of the posts in this topic... the sonic looks horrible, but with some work and a new voice actor, it could look much better
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