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  1. omg, why...... i knew they were going to do this i do not like how this looks -.-

    1. C.J


      I'm not keen on it either but I'll probably get used to it later in time. (Hopefully).

  2. Eh, I hope this doesn't ruin the chance for the character I voted on the ballot.
  3. Sega vs Capcom with mvc3 gameplay? as long as most of the sega roster is sonic characters i'm sold
  4. Of course it isn't the fans fault, its the haters, they are the real problem
  5. man i would just love to push the person out the window of a 100 story building who made that image.
  6. hopefully this is indeed a mistake, i am not home on the weekdays at 12:00 -.-
  7. Nah I'm pretty sure Roy prefer's marthy marth and his long sword. Melee taunts.
  8. Well lets just say SA2 had unique gameplay styles, and the more current "modern" sonic games are just recycled boring gameplay with tiny edits from sonic 06. Also you didn't need to "boost" to win a level. Also shadow, and chao and multiplayer and crush 40 and well thats about it. oh darn i forgot to mention, the mech levels to me were fun as hell.
  9. Marth: Yeah my down B is awesome, I've been killing tons of people Lucina: Mine is a direct copy of yours -.- Ike: I fight for my friends with my counter Roy: Oh hey robin did you counter any- oh right you just use magic. LAME!!! Robin: *Sigh* Chrom: If I was in this game playable I would totally steal Ike's counter. XD
  10. Now they just need to make one where Roy meets Ike and Roy says something like "THIS IS THE GUY THAT REPLACED ME????"
  11. None of sonic's moves are from there, except for his forward tilt (the double kick)
  12. if anything, they should make alternate final smashes as DLC
  13. Ryu custom moves ken's shoryuken a counter denjin hadouken yeah totally, ryu wouldn't get any kind of custom moves at all.
  14. how about no, since i don't have either of those channels
  15. I know how i'm always talking about sonic boom shadow but i remembered something, that scene when shadow said "why don't you come here and face me" ... where exactly does that scene play? in the games? the show?
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