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  1. Well, I finished Forces.

    It was short, I guess? Not much going on there.

  2. I hate it. Roger Craig Smith makes Sonic sound like a dudebro, because of the voice, not the delivery. It fits Boom. It does not fit the actual Sonic. The others (excluding old man Shadow) are alright, but I would take anything over this. Can't say that I understand why you guys dislike Griffith as Sonic, don't care to argue the point, Drummond was good but Sega's obviously not bringing him back, just bring someone else in who can actually sound like Sonic and not a bored college guy. Please.
  3. Anyone know if you can play in Japanese with English subtitles for this?
  4. This actually looks pretty good, IMO. Especially since the rings disappear after you pick them up for replays. I'm actually starting to get kind of excited for this game again.
  5. R.I.P. Hooters topic, you will be missed.

  6. This would be cool, but this is only the second time Classic is showing up, and it doesn't even seem to be the same Classic as the one in Generations, what with that one being from time travel and this one being from another dimension. ...Actually, it'd be kinda cool if this world is a different dimension instead of Classic's, and that's why Eggman was able to take over without Sonic stopping him until now, and why Classic's origins are apparently being retconned. I doubt it, but... Eh. Edit: Wait, shit, I completely misread that. That would actually be a passable excuse for bringing these guys back, but it seems... unlikely. They don't seem very passionate about this, so that sort of twist... I dunno.
  7. What on earth is going on with his quills? They look like shark fins.
  8. Infinite seems alright for a villain He's menacing enough, and his theme song is appropriately cheesy. Also, the voice is good. Hearing Sonic's voice was... bleh. Pretty much the only part I don't like is the voice acting of some of the main cast... but that's not going to change, so I guess I'll just have to get used to it. I do have to wonder what the other villains were doing in the background there.
  9. Is here a version without the guitar somewhere?
  10. I was looking at your signature and have to say you have excellent taste in cheesy music.

    1. GamerGirl54321


      Why, thank you, Lime :D

  11. Sombra looks really good. Wonder what kind of abilities she'll have? She doesn't seem much like a stealth here. Maybe she's a defense hero? inb4countdowns
  12. Is there any way to copy/paste in the Notes app on Android phones? It deselects everything when I try, and Google’s no help. I tried plugging it into my computer and looking for the txt document there, but it's only showing one from a while ago. If there’s a way to email a note to yourself, that’d work too. Anyone know?

  13. Count Bleck's evil laugh, to go along with my profile picture.
  14. have i mentioned that i watched pmmm *sobs*
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