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    GamerGirl54321 reacted to prowerboy26 in How is IDW an improvement over Forces?   
    I can only speak for myself, but I think it is at least 10% feasible that Tails, who has already been shown to not like ghosts and thunder (in other words has some fears here or there), to feel creeped out when he is alone at night and decide to run for it. Again, it is not how I would write him, , but I can see some universe given what we know about Tails and his confidence in himself to be afraid for one small cutscene at otherworldly creatures.
    The issue with Forces for me, is that Tails is also the type of character that is willing to set aside his personal fears to save a friend. He isn't a bystander. His friends/the fate of the world his is trigger so to speak. He doesn't watch his friends get beat up.  The Forces scene looks awful in combination to what happened a few cutscenes before with Sonic getting beat up. He fought Chaos before, and the scene makes Tails' fear the highlight. It makes it look like Tails really is helpless on his own.
    I guess what I am saying is that one scene in Unleashed at the time didn't make me feel like Tails was helpless for good, just that he was frozen for a moment (which I still didn't like in the context of the game). Forces was even worse though because it betrays everything you know about Tails and makes fear the biggest part of his character. 
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    GamerGirl54321 reacted to Badnik Mechanic in I think the profile contact fields could stand to be updated.   
    There are people on this board who were not even born when this board was created but are old enough to legally make an account to reply to this thread.
    I hate everything about this revelation.
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    GamerGirl54321 reacted to Won't Stop, Just Go in Could a character action game work for this franchise?   
    I've always had a hard time wrapping my head around this idea because Sonic having an intricate set of moves, techniques and weapons never seemed to fit his approach of just ramming into shit as hard as he could. This video warmed me up to the idea that that could be the point: It would be a simplified action game for the kiddies so Sonic being kinda mash friendly would help them warm up to this type of game. 

    But when I imagine this type of game being made truly in the style of the all time action greats, it's pretty obvious which character should be the star.

    Shadow already has no qualms about using melee weapons and vehicles. Shadow has access to his own projectile to circumvent the need for firearms. Shadow has abilities that distort space time for slow motion attacks and dodges, allow for crowd control and other shit. Shadow can do parries with his bracelets, wonder women style. Not to mention he has his own built in devil trigger by means of taking his bracelets off. Shadow's chaos techniques have also varied by game so you can make up any moves you want to fill in gaps in his playstyle.
    So if, say Sonic and Shadow were both playable in the game you can make Sonic the 'Nero' character that promotes, imprecise, aggressive play and Shadow as the 'Dante' who has a wider range of moves and techniques at the cost of being harder for players to wrap their head around. One character for the babies and one for those of us who live and breathe this type of game. If you were to follow the logic of this game not fitting Sonic at all though you can just replace him with Blaze and give me everything I want. That'd be cool.

    This would put a pretty big wrench in the team idea but IMO this youtuber is severely overestimating how much work it takes to get even one character working in these types of games. Two or three would suffice. Maybe four if they wanted to stretch it. 
    If I were going purely based off of who could grant the most variety in playstyles Silver instantly comes to mind as a nice way to round things out. Sonic and Shadow would be fairly close ranged brawlers so a slower, more methodical ranged fighter seems like a good fit to me. We'd also get some of that 06 trio shit going in a game that isn't awful.
    This game would also probably need more of it's own story and lore to go along with things. Probably a new enemy to necessitate a new reliance on technical combat and weapons. I'll give that some more thought. 

    I don't want Platinum games to be the devs though because they suck at making action games now. give me itsuno or riot.
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    GamerGirl54321 reacted to Bowbowis in Why Shadow matters   
    No, the specific details of Shadow's backstory and character arc need not be the focus of the plot anymore. But, whether the story dives into his history or not, his character is still shaped by his experiences. There's no mention of Gerald, Maria, the Ark, Black Doom, or amnesia in Sonic '06 but everything about Shadow in that game, his mission to guard Earth, his protectiveness of his friends, his determination to control his own fate, the way the world sees him, and even his status as a GUN agent all build off what came before. That's what makes stuff like his sociopathic behavior in Free Riders or his I hate friendship attitude in Rise of Lyric so galling. They're not just poorly written, they're fundamentally at odds with everything Shadow that made Shadow who he was, even before his character development.
    I've got to agree with @Shadowlax here. It sounds less like Shadow had to change and more like you're trying to justify having giving up on the him. Shadow's character shouldn't have to be warped beyond recognition just because Sonic Team has no interest in being competent. 
    Side Note: If Sonic had spent the 2010s chasing current trends, rather than 90s nostalgia, I think we'd have seen it leaning into the trappings of the Adventure era rather than trying to distance itself from them. Large, colorful casts of superpowered characters, each with their own interconnected stories to tell has kind of been the big thing for the last decade.
    I've got to disagree. Shadow may have been conceived as a contrast to Sonic but he's always been his own character first. Even in SA2, the game that really played up Sonic vs Shadow, the rivalry is mainly from Sonic's side while Shadow is focused on doing his own thing. Shadow still acts as a foil to Sonic but, as with Knuckles, its just one aspect of who he is and far from the most defining. Unlike Metal Sonic or Jet, Shadow is perfectly capable of standing as a compelling character in his own right, and still would be even if Sonic didn't exist. 
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    GamerGirl54321 reacted to CrownSlayer’s Shadow in Why Shadow matters   
    Time out.
    You mean the same exact 90’s that gave us the grim dark SatAM Robotnik that would fit right at home with the tone Shadow partially brought with him several years later? And that’s just one example.
    Not to gripe at you because it’s actually worthwhile for you to point out, but at the same this is pretty hypocritical at best or ignorant at worst in hindsight to how people categorize themselves as a certain type of fan from a certain era but pigeonhole it to one aspect while disregarding everything else of that era like they don’t represent the franchise as opposed to literally everything else when the only critieria for that is preference—and hey, everyone has them, but that doesn’t invalidate the other things outside of that preference that represents the franchise.
    I grew up in the 90s and was an avid Sonic fan. And during that period, we had Sonic in the manner of Looney Tunes with AoSTH, Sonic in the form of an underground militia with SatAM, and Sonic as a prince in Underground. Not to speak for everyone on what they like, but if you grew up with Sonic in the 90s, at least here in the US, it wasn’t just the games that influenced your Sonic fix as you were exposed to far more than that out there given how that was the main period Sonic was the bigger juggernaut than Mario before his fall. And regardless of which you happen to be a fan of or the direction the series is going in now, you’d think with these things being wildly different representations of the franchise that a character like Shadow wouldn’t be that alien in the series general. It’s been far more flexible in the past that someone like Shadow wouldn’t be that alien compared to the stuff that came after him—and sometimes even that.

    And the truth is, he wouldn’t. If you rewind the clock back two decades, I find it hard to believe Shadow wouldn’t fit somewhere in the series. He could very well have easily been a character somewhere in SatAM or Underground at the very least, and funny enough without even changing his backstory all that much barring a few details. And quite frankly, this idea that things weren’t that grim in 90s before Shadow came along is pretty asinine and dishonest when you consider the entirety of the 90s-era of Sonic as a franchise, because much of the grim aspects were already there before Shadow was even on the drawing board.
    Shadow just happens to be a staple of an old paradigm shift like a lot of things, and just as much a representation of his time as what came before him. And the stuff he brought with him isn’t any less alienating that the many directions the franchise went before or even after his debut.
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    GamerGirl54321 reacted to Shadowlax in Why Shadow matters   
    Hot take: maybe that's not an issue and a bunch of people still like him. And that's ok.
    Hotter take: Considering kids like him now and relate to his character going back and playing the games themselves, wikipedia articles, and watching gameplay. And he still remains very popular. His product is more universally relatable than you think. Espically considering the "emo " thing never went away. It just changed aesthetics and musical genere's
    To be fair about boom shadow, and I always want to mention this. Boom shadow, and boom in general was supposed to be more shit. Due to development and the entire brand just shutting down nothing ever happened. Maybed that " more" was bad I dunno. And while I do not like boom shadow, I can't really come down that hard on it because we were just missing a greater context. Like IIRC multiple people working on boom as a thing really liked shadow and wanted to use him, but the wheels fell off before the first game was released. I know you have to judge things for what they are in situations like these and boom in a whole was various types of dissapointing. But i feel like we were gonna get that, and everything died before we got game one.
    As for them being afraid of shadow mean anything. I don't think its that, I think shadow is a symptom of a larger issue(s). They are afraid of " canon" , they want to be able to plop these characters anywhere and just make em go, and that's it. And shadow's not that character, his character's existence implies canon. While yes he's an extremely versatile character, you can't just up and change him without people noticing and getting upset and sega is currently experiencing this. Unless they strait up say " we are rebooting sonic these past games don't matter" ( they never will ) , people will expectations of that character based on past experiences .
    You just don't notice with other characters because a lions share of them can be ignored. Some of them are noticeable, blaze is a good example. But the idea is to make things more simple. Issue is, shadow's in a very particular situation where you can't really make him simple, and you can't ignore his past because even his debut game is one of the most mythologized games in sonic period and kind of in the general video game populous.
    They can't simplify his character down
    They can't pretend his past doesn't exist
    So what can they do, just put him in shit. Now obviously they could just... write better stories and occasionally include shadow in those. But they don't want to , they want very simple non offensive content. Even forces that is supposed to be harkening back to another era is simpler and worse version of it.
    If I were in a more dire mood I would suggest this character may eventually just go away because they can't fit him in their vision clearly. But a few things have given me a bit more hope that wont happen.
    But Yeah I don't think its a shadow thing. I think he just gets hit hard because they want to unilaterally go in another direction and what he is does not work in that direction.
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    GamerGirl54321 reacted to Won't Stop, Just Go in Why Shadow matters   
    I've said before I'm a fan of all 3 of the major Shadow story arcs for one reason or another. I think he's a legitimately strong character, possibly one of the series strongest, and even plays to a lot of it's themes if you look beyond the "pollution bad" themes of Sonic from the 90s. 

    Before we start with that though I'd just like to say it needs to be stressed how slick this character's design is, right down to the details. There are so many ways a "dark" Sonic could have come out lazy or uninspired but they went out of their way to pick a pleasing color palette and twist the core of the character in so many satisfying ways. Telegraphed clearly as related to Sonic but able to be picked out by his sillouette. 

    One of the twists on the core Sonic concept was giving Shadow rocket skates. On top of hammering home his artificiality compared to Sonic's natural abilities, it looks dope as fuck and gives his running animations a weighty finesse that contrasts well with Sonic barreling forward with all of his might.

    Everything about this character on the surface level is already a home run as far as concept and design goes but he'd be little more than a cooler replacement for Metal Sonic if they didn't dig deeper into what this character was. The last thing I would want is for this design to be wasted on another ragdoll for Sonic to smack around on his way to Eggman. Thankfully Sonic Team felt the same way and took several risks with the character. 

    Shadow uses the Chaos Emerald's natural affinity for space time manipulation to warp circles around Sonic, establishing himself as the first real character capable of outdoing his speed and lighting a fire under Sonic's ass that last for the rest of the game. The best part about this is that Shadow didn't have to come toy with Sonic. His more serious demeanor is masking an immaturity and ego that only comes out occasionally when he feels challenged.
    Shadow has no qualms about where his speed and his power come from: at the start of SA2, he's proud of his status as the ultimate weapon and happy to flaunt it. This assault on Sonic's identity gets under his skin in a way we hadn't really seen before or since. 

    If you start with the dark story instead you'll find out earlier on that Shadow is driven by trauma and revenge in a similar way to SA1's antagonist, tying the games together thematically despite claims that they're unrelated. This backstory is the backbone of why the character is cool to me, despite some sloppy storytelling even in it's original portrayal. 
    Shadow's relationship with Maria is something that we don't get to see very much of but I'm automatically a fan of the deep voiced, endlessly cool edgelord that exudes a lot of masculine energy being a pushover for his little sister. I think SA2 or really any of the Shadow centric stories afterward would have benefited from digging deep into that relationship and showing us the every day side of things. It's a thing I think a lot about and I'm not the only one if all the sibling Shadow fanart is any indication. 
    It also would have made Maria's death that much more tragic. A lot of the people aren't a fan of gruesome child murder in the Sonic series but I think Maria's passing and Shadow lashing out is probably the thing that brings the character together for me. It's tragic in a way that's relatable when you break it down to it's base components, and Shadow being able to eventually grow past it and cope with it in ways beyond lashing out at the world is one of the most human things in the series.
    "We've all got dead people." - Rocket Raccoon. 

    One thing I will say Shadow's pivot to good in SA2 was a little too sudden for me. I think the games afterward are a little better about how they handle getting him where they want him to go and thus have their own merits.

    Shadow the Hedgehog is a game where Shadow wields firearms and curses. That's hilariously tone deaf, but despite that I never felt like the game really betrayed the spirit of the character. The game is much maligned for it's aesthetic choices but it's hard for me to find that to be a big deal in the grand scheme of bad decisions the franchise has made.
    His memories are gone again which is silly but I choose to blame the game I don't like, Sonic Heroes, for that one. 

    The weapons in Shadow extend past firearms and all the way through beam swords to stop signs. Shadow always seemed more like a combat pragmatist so him picking shit up off the ground and using it isn't the worst thing. There are also a lot of really goofy scifi or over the top artillery weapons in that game, to the point where I wonder if the AKs and pistols were just emphasized in the marketing for shock value purposes. 
    A lot of people think the additions to his backstory are unnecessary. I don't disagree but I don't think they hurt anything about the previous games. Shadow being the son of a literal hellspawn just adds to his list of insecurities but the game is smart to air pretty much every single one of those things out by the end. Including the dumb android subplot from Heroes, thank god.  

    There is definitely some OOC content in that game but in a game like Shadow the Hedgehog it's kind of the point. The few scenes in the game one can read as canon form a solid direction for a character used as a tool to complete another character's will again and again. Shadow refuses to be a pawn even to his own past anymore, deciding to complete Maria's will with head clear of any baggage.

    I'm surprised in retrospect that the series mostly honored that. There's new Shadow baggage in 06 but it's largely related to things Shadow did in the present day. A literal dark version of the dark version of the main character appears because Sonic is just like this now, I guess. There's no self awareness but we all know it's funnier this way. 
    I don't really care to get into Mephilies's nonsense plan or Sonic 06's nonsense lore, but I like that Shadow is confronted about his insecurities about how the world sees him right off of the back of a game where you could have blown up the presidential plane if you wanted. 

    I like the conclusion he comes to too, but everybody does. 

    He also gets his own vengeful emotionally immature teenager deal with in Silver. Of course, Shadow is completely empathetic to Silver's situation and sets him straight with firm, honest conversation. 

    I don't know if I stressed this enough in my kind-of recap so I'll say it here: I think my favorite thing about Shadow is that the calm mature power fantasy is hiding how flawed he really is. He is easily manipulated. He lashes out instead of dealing with his feelings. Despite his ridiculous list of powers he loses a lot of fights to simpler strategies, implying that maybe all the superpowers he's been gifted with can't beat the raw experience Sonic has with his one or two. Ego driven in a lot of the same way Sonic is which makes it even worse when he comes short of backing it up. There aren't really enough pieces of Sonic media that use all of these traits of his to their full potential to make him the great character I imagine him to be(especially not lately). But I feel like Ian brought it all together in a way that felt fairly well balanced and made him a welcome addition, even in the series lighter moments.



    My biggest wish for the character going forward is that they'll let him be fun. Let him be a more natural fit in the gang who has his own sense of humor to add to the comedic side of things. Don't just bring him out when it's time for things to get tense. 
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    GamerGirl54321 reacted to Kuzu in Why Shadow matters   
    In every series, everyone has that one character that just clicks for them. Maybe it was their design, maybe it was their personality, maybe it was their gameplay, but the fact remains is that this character has hooked you and you are now a fan of them. That character for me, was Shadow the Hedgehog.
    So, after Sonic Adventure came out, the boys over Sega started to immediately work on the sequel. It was Takashi Iizuka that decided that the game would focus on the contrasts of "good versus evil", and decided that Sonic would have a new rival that worked with Dr. Eggman against him. Iizuka and Shiro Maekawa both brainstormed this character's look, personality and how he would interact with Sonic.

    As you can see, Shadow went through many different concepts before his finalized design was used.
    Oh, and one of those brainstormed ideas between Iizuka and Maekawa? It ended up being one of the most memorable interactions between the two characters in the game.
    (Yea, I used the Japanese cutscenes. I'm a weaboo, fight me)
    So, I'm like 9 or 10 years old and I finally convinced my Mom to get me my own video game system. Since my brother already had a PS2 and she sure as hell wasn't getting me an Xbox, so the Gamecube was the only option for being the "kid-friendly" console. First game was Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.
    Now this wasn't my first foray into Sonic, I was actually already familiar with the series before because I would play both the PC version of Sonic & Knuckles as well as Sonic 3D Blast with my brother and he kind of was a fan before me. I was really too young to understand the series, but I had a basic grasp of who the characters were; it was just Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Robotnik. When I got Adventure 2, I thought I knew what I was in for and then the first thing that catches my eye was this.

    Like for real, my young brain was so dumbfounded by this; I knew who Sonic was, I knew who Tails was, and I knew who Knuckles was. I was extremely confused on why there was a black and red Sonic on the cover alongside the actual Sonic. (Yea, I didn't care much about Rouge at this stage, I guess I was spared : V)  Naturally, my curiosity took hold, I opened the game and picked the dark side first to get my answers.
    On a side note, I thought it was pretty cool to play as Robotnik and just started blowing shit up. But he wasn't the one who I was here for. After the first level, I get to the first cutscene when Eggman releases Shadow and even HE confuses him for Sonic as well. And yea, I know it's easy to look back on this and laugh at it now because yea, Sonic & Shadow look nothing alike; but bear in mind, I was a child. There was literally only ONE Sonic that I knew of, so having another character who looks so similar to him but not quite was considered a shock at the time and I'm sure that was the developer’s intentions.
    So, this "dark Sonic" is named Shadow. You play as him and he plays literally exactly like Sonic. Not only does he LOOK like Sonic, but he has all of his abilities as well. The cutscene afterward establishes his personality is far more subdued and dourer than the "normal" Sonic and then he takes off. Now my brain is going into overdrive with trying to understand just who was he. Why does he look like Sonic, why is he as fast as Sonic?
    As I'm going through the game and more about him is revealed, I slowly but surely grew fascinated by this character and his story, and by the end where he's sacrificed his life in order to fulfill another's wish, I was genuinely moved and a bit saddened.
    So why do I like this character so much? Well, to me anyway, he is pretty much the definitive rival and foil for Sonic. Iizuka wanted to create a character that was just as cool and capable as Sonic, and needless to say, he succeeded. Like for real, this character blew the fuck up after his debut and he was pretty much all anyone could talk about in my small circle of friends. There was just something about him, he was just as cool as Sonic, but had his own style about it that made him stand out as well. And he was probably the character that got the most under Sonic's skin at the time; Sonic was laidback, confident and assured of himself. There wasn't anything or anyone that could phase him and then here comes this POSER stealing his style and accusing him of being an imposter, Sonic wasn't having that shit. For the first time ever, Sonic was pissed off and when you can piss off the normally unflappable Sonic the Hedgehog, you're definitely a big deal.
    But beyond his relationship to Sonic, there was also his story arc...which, yea, in hindsight I can understand the complaints about it being unfit for the series and they probably shouldn't have gone with something so...grim for this series. But at the time, I never felt that way. I grew up watching Mufasa and Littlefoot's Mom dying, this shit was Carebears compared to the trauma I got from those movies. But I can understand that if you grew up in the 90's with Sonic, this type of stuff would feel extremely out of place and alienating to you. But for better or worse, all of that just served to make Shadow stand out even more. He wasn't JUST an evil Sonic clone; he was a character with his own story to tell and had his own reasons for his actions. Was it a bit TOO out of place for what came before? Maybe, but that story did its job at getting the audience to care about him.  
    And hey, we can complain all we want about his story arc and how it was handled, and how much of a blight he is on the series (and lord knows that we have...), but the conclusion to said story arc is honestly pretty symbolic for the series as a whole. To keep moving forward and  Never Turn Back. Like honestly, it's such a fitting end of an arc designed for a character designed to mirror Sonic, and I honestly consider it a better end than the one he got in Sonic Adventure 2.
    I could complain how he has been handled and misinterpreted through the years because of shoddy writing and meme culture, but I've done that plenty of times and I wanted to reflect on what makes the character special to me and his place in the franchise. I understand that his archetype is not everyone's cup of tea; some people prefer more lighthearted and whimsical characters and have a distaste for darker antiheroes, but I feel there is some merit in a character that serves as the antithesis to the lighthearted nature while still embodying the series' ideals and philosophies, but in his own way. He may not always be represented well and regardless of how you feel about him personally, there is absolutely no doubt that Shadow has firmly established himself in this series as one of its most iconic figures.
    On a side note, hey Sega can we keep him as a playable character from now on plz.
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    GamerGirl54321 reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    I really can't tell if this was meant to be a joke, or actually serious.
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    GamerGirl54321 reacted to DryLagoon in History Repeats: A look at the changing demographics of Sonic the Hedgehog   
    I know it's not in the way fans want, but I do think Team Sonic Racing took some Heroes influence. Sometimes I wonder if it would have gotten better reception if it wasn't being compared to Transformed. Not that I'm one to judge as I always wanted an improved version of Sonic R instead of Sonic in a car. I do think TSR really shines in multiplayer, but I understand this isn't reasonable to expect when online is dead and local co op is difficult. Whenever I did duos with one AI it was always worse than having a trio of real people.
    I feel like there is one major difference in this situation: Classic fans have Mania now. Modern fans have their games. So this leaves a section of the fandom with no games they feel like they belong to.

    I personally can replay the first two over and over (I may have a problem), but I think that's why we see so many Adventure fans speaking up now and not in the early 2010s when the change first happened. I could have complained during Lost World, but instead I just felt like I wasn't wanted and went to other fandoms instead.

    I think that now is a good chance for a new era for Sonic, and I can only hope Sega doesn't blow it.

    I honestly don't think the "we want Sonic Adventure 3!" fans are as frequent as they used to be. A lot realized that it's not the title that makes a game, but the "spirit". So even if a game exactly like Adventure never comes out, as long as it's "spirit" is preserved, I think that would be enough. Not to mention all these fan demos people keep making trying to show how to combine the Classic and Adventure styles. Yes it's not the same as making an actual game, but it's fans saying "hey Sega we want something like this!". Not to mention the screams of fans every time bringing back Chao is mentioned.

    It took Sonic 4 (and other claims of back to the roots) before we got Sonic Mania, so maybe Sonic Forces will end up being the Sonic 4 of pandering to Adventure fans.
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    GamerGirl54321 reacted to Kuzu in History Repeats: A look at the changing demographics of Sonic the Hedgehog   
    This is my main point of contention, because I feel like you don't really understand just how divided the fanbase was about 15 years ago around when 06 came out. I say that because you keep downplaying classic criticisms as if they had no weight at all, so I'm going to explain best just what I mean when how divided this series was back. Bear in mind this is literally going off from my own readings from other people who were our age back in that time, and doesn't necessarily reflect my own feelings. I barely had a presence on the internet  back then.
    This is literally the debut of Shadow's game; this was when the series was starting to hit a rocky point after Sonic Heroes didn't perform as well as they had hoped and after a promise, from Sonic Team themselves, that they were going to get on track. It was 2005, and the series was featured in the Walk of Game, celebrating it's legacy at the time and what was going to come forward...and it fucking ends with Shadow literally shooting it in the face. You're going to tell me this wasn't disrespectful to the series` legacy at the time? How you feel about the last ten years is exactly how Classic fans felt after watching this trailer. 
    This was part of my point in showing how history is repeating itself, because this same attitude that was so prominent back then is now rearing its head again, except this time, it's Adventure fans who are the "Boomers" who are complaining about how things aren't they're used to be. And sure, you can sugarcoat it however you want, and I'm not knocking you for doing so, because this was the era of Sonic you grew up in, and to see actively shunned is would strike a chord. But I am pointing out that this attitude is not new, or any more special than how classic fans felt during the 2000's, particularly after 2005. 
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    GamerGirl54321 reacted to Shadowlax in History Repeats: A look at the changing demographics of Sonic the Hedgehog   
    No its not.
    Mania is literally just that.
    Just make different games. Why have they arbitrary decided older types of sonic games can't be made again. I just don't mean adventure I mean like different stuff. They can't do more of everything, but if they were to actually commit the money and time to make different types of sonic games for different audiences , it would solve a lot. There used to be whole 2d spin of side games that just don't exist no more. I hate sonic heroes with a passion but there is an unbelievable amount of love for that game, why have they never made another game like that and tried to improve upon its mechanics. Brands do this all the time, you can just make different products for different groups and its fine.
    This problem ain't complex, companies have solved this for decades, just make different shit
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    GamerGirl54321 reacted to DryLagoon in History Repeats: A look at the changing demographics of Sonic the Hedgehog   
    I am from the SA2 generation so my post is from that view point, although this is probably obvious from my choice in username and other posts.

    The first thing I want to say is as a kid there wasn't this Classic and Modern divide. Or rather, while some online may have thought so, to me the Classic era was still Sonic. Sega knew this as well as GameCube fans had not only SADX and SA2B, but also Sonic Mega Collection (the main titles) and Sonic Gems Collection (the less known titles). For me I always liked the Classic era's design, but I simply sucked too hard at the game play. Having to start over from Green Hill every time I failed was like if you had died in Final Rush and started over again at City Escape. I understand it was the design at the time, but it was only when I was older I learned about things like stage select. I loved playing Sonic R and Sonic the Fighters despite how short they were as the different game play was easier for me to get a grasp on. I'm not really proud of it, just trying to give my viewpoint as a kid who sucked at Classic Sonic games and loved Adventure because it was a game I learned to master similar to fans of the Classic era did with their games.

    I watched the Sonic X english dub, but around the time of the seventh video game generation (Wii era), I found myself distancing a bit. As cool as I thought the new games looked, I only had a Wii and DS at the time so unlike before where many of Sonic's games were multi platform, a lot of games from this time I couldn't play because I didn't own the systems they were on. I did play the Wii games but wasn't really a fan of them. I found Unleashed okay, but lacking what I loved about the Adventure era. I only found out years later that the Wii had an inferior version of Unleashed.

    During the Wii U era I split from Sonic almost completely. I played Generations but wasn't super into it as the story and characters were lacking. Classic Sonic looked different from the one I had learned about from his legacy titles. I was one of the few who owned a Wii U, but Lost World felt like a slap in the face. I like Mario, but I don't want Sonic to be like Mario, I want Sonic to be like Sonic. It felt like Sega completely misunderstood what got my generation into Sonic. And this was before I learned Lost World still had the 2D segments in it. Lost World was the first main Sonic title on a console I owned I completely skipped after the demo. I didn't get any of the Boom titles either.

    Then came Mania and Forces. I was happy to see Classic fans get what they wanted, but I couldn't help but feel like it was only halfway there. Even before I learned about the Japanese lore, it just felt like Sega mandated they rehash things again, but this time it was okay because it was Classic Sonic. Forces I was very excited about from the teaser, but the actual game once again I felt mixed on. It had the premise, but the writing wasn't fully there. I felt the same about Infinite. I also found myself noticing how short the levels were, easily half of Sonic Adventure's Sonic stages. Some are so short the full song can't play. It felt like they were getting closer, but still didn't understand what made things work. I tend to value unrealized potential (that may be too positive for some) over perfectly made playing it safe titles, so despite my frustration at the game I still enjoyed some of the concepts.

    Anyways recently I found out about the Japanese and English lore split, and boy did that ever get me excited. All this time of being told seemingly conflicted "Sonic is just for kids!" and "Sonic is too edgy!", and now I realized why the fandom was so divided. I had seen the AoSTH and some of SatAM, but even as a kid I knew it was it's own thing. What I didn't know is about the game story changes for Classic and beyond. It made me happy seeing how interesting the Japanese Classic lore was and how Adventure wasn't as radical a change in story as I had always been told it was. This still seems to be unknown outside of hardcore Sonic fan communities though.

    I don't think Colors era in itself is bad, just that it represents a different kind of change than previously as others have said. Adventure felt like Sonic Team was trying to build up to something grand, even if it failed at it. Colors Era feels the opposite, where they just make it for the sake of it and pandering to the past.
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    GamerGirl54321 reacted to Shadowlax in History Repeats: A look at the changing demographics of Sonic the Hedgehog   
    I'm not trying to invalidate those peoples criticisms. My issue is, for sega the transition to 2d to 3d was not simple, making video games ain't simple. But the reasoning was seeing what sonic can be. It was a wild time of crazy exploration and experimentation. If the modern era was built on that, not only would I be more on your side, I might be more content with the modern era. I may not like it, but I would appreciate it for what it is. Its why for all its faults I think sonic boom is the most interesting thing to come out of the modern era. Its weird as hell and trying its best and I appreciate it for that.
    I don't think the rest of the modern era is built on that though and that's why I don't think the attitude is the same. I don't think the line of criticism and what its based on is the same. The modern era is built on not being the adventure era, that era was embarrassing , so we can't be that. A lot of the critcism isn't just based around things being different. Its based around the games , the narratives around them being more repetitive and worse. Its based around people seeing a larger issue than " shits different " shit has no direction and is driving off of a cliff. It also has a particular tinge to it that the classic criticisms does not have, which is. A lot of the younger people making these criticism, have had essentially the game company chime in on thinking the games they like and possibly they themselves are embarassing. Whilst this supposed new and betterer direction continues to get worse. There are different contexts around these changes in direction and the criticism just isn't the same.
    Just a short example of what i'm talking about.
    Iizuka says that the adventure formula isn't the future of sonic. He then releases sonic forces a game that not only tries to ape the adventure era poorly is just a crappy amalgamation of various sonic things. Along with mania a good game. That's the theme of modern sonic , sega and sonic team deep in the thought process of " adventure bad " then tries to do thier own thing, fucks up doesn't have any faith in it and tries to half ass incorporate old shit in into make it better and its still fucked.
    That didn't happen with classic sonic, it was just a thing that wasn't being done, and that was that. There is a context around all this that didn't exist back in the classic era. Company almost outright saying the thing you liked is bad, while fucking up worse while trying to appeal to a group of people that never really gave a shit about the thing in the first place. It isn't just gameplay or story ( or lack their of) that is being criticized. There is a brand, a thought process that is being criticized.
    Here's the thing, this is a solvable problem.
    Just make different games. This is a solvable problem
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    GamerGirl54321 reacted to Shadowlax in History Repeats: A look at the changing demographics of Sonic the Hedgehog   
    I want to attack the bolded from a different angle. I'm not the youngest sonic fan in the world, but i'm pretty young and I was like a kid when 06 came out and I was still in schooling when colors generations and stuff came out. And while anecdotal , at least in my experience kids weren't specifically clapping because of all that stuff. We liked the characters and the action and stuff and ...it was gone , the games were fine and even good in the case of generations but things were missing and some of those games were largely unappealing.
    The people that were clapping were the adults, older, classic fans , game pundits that wanted to sonic " get back on track" , so you are right that they started doing the math at how many modern sonic were worth a damn. But its less about how much they lost, they didn't care about the loss, they didn't care at all. These were older " I grew up with 2d sonic " fans. The things that adventure era kids growing into adults lost were irrelevant , heck they made of them. They just realized they were never that into 3d sonic in the first place, and so due to those people tuning out and younger fans focusing on mobile and tuning out. The games sold less and less. Mania comes out does very well, those people proclaim its the best sonic game since the classic era. And actively stop even discussing the future of sonic outside of mania 2. Because they wanted one thing, and that was the game like the one when they were kids.
    So I think its less them realizing what's lost , and more so fans who understood it at the time, growing up and able to communicate it en masse. And older fans realizing...the never actually ever given a shit about the 3d part of the franchise and never thought a return to 2d was ever a realistic option.
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    GamerGirl54321 reacted to Won't Stop, Just Go in History Repeats: A look at the changing demographics of Sonic the Hedgehog   
    When the series started selling lesser products with less content under the guise of "simplicity, coherency, consistency" etc. Then some bitterness is allowed. Dedicated fans lost every idea, concept, mechanic and artist that made the series unique because SEGA thought it would help their profit margins. Unacceptable, but largely treated as a good thing until recently when people started doing the math on how many modern Sonic games were worth anything once you got past clapping because of checkerboard patterns and Tails playing a prominent role. 
    The only thing that's happening is people are realizing how much we lost. It helps to also realize that Sonic's loudest critics in the 2000s were people who were just taking the piss and never seriously cared about the series in the first place. Arin still thinks Sonic Mania is garbage, and that's fine, but then why pander to him and his audience? 
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    GamerGirl54321 reacted to Shadowlax in History Repeats: A look at the changing demographics of Sonic the Hedgehog   
    So there are certainly people who are bit too vitriolic about their version of sonic. I think the issue with what you are proposing and what you are talking about is why we are here isn't a simple change in direction. Classic to Adventure was a " change in direction " its an active shunning of an entire section of the franchise by the people who made it because a bunch of adults at the time decided that edge was bad. This isn't just a change it was entire several years where the franchise was literally self deprecating not to woo new children but to appeal to those adults. To be less " embarrassing " , this wasn't an artistic choice. A bunch of fans were thrown under a bus because they wanted to appeal to different people. And fans having gripes about that I think , if they aren't being jerks about it , are valid.
    What makes this worse is that the video you are quoting goes into complete downgrades and degradation of quality issues that exist in this " simpler " direction that didn't exist with the 2d 3d switch up. The change in direction is also isn't because of purely artistic change, its because sega doesn't want to spend as much money and time making these games.
    Its the combination of these two things is why we are here. And why you criticism sort of falls flat. If this was a situation where the situation was fine, and they just changed course because we are just doing new things. Sure whatever, but its not. They are here because they threw a bunch of people under a bus and then made of the shit that they liked for over a decade. The change from 2d to 3d and the change from adventure to modern isn't under the same context and to try and attribute that seems disingenuous at best.
    But you know what the worst part of it is and the thing that shuts down your entire argument. Is that younger fans ARE there for what came before, sonic team and sega were literally surprised that kids liked classic sonic. And the sonic games that are making bank are the mobile games with a bunch of characters most of whom who's modern depictions are from the adventure era. The console games have been selling less and less even the good ones, and while yes quality fluctuation is a thing. I also think its because those games are made to be extremely safe as to be uninteresting, in a world where children's entertainment is becoming less and less safe in many regards. The thing they wanted to do failed.
    If people are genuinely being jerk bags on the internet to newer fans. That sucks and I have seen people do that with movie sonic and that sucks. That sonic is someone's first sonic and they get to internalize that however right?
    But if they want to criticize , like what that video is actually doing contrary to your kinda click bait threat title, what they see as a gradual downward spiral of quality and see a change of direction as the impetus for that, that's valid.  Particularly in this situation
    And i want to end on this , the direction hasn't been cohesive, heck it hasn't even been simple. Its been a bumbling mess with no thesis. The entire theme of this era of sonic is " people thought 06 was embarrassing , run from anything related to that " and what has resulted in games with varying levels of quality selling less and less because the people in charge in their running away forgot about anything people liked about this franchise.  And I think calling that out is valid. This direction was never made for new kids , it was made for jaded adults who didn't want to be embarrassed and tried to appeal to children and didn't work for either group.
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    GamerGirl54321 reacted to Kuzu in History Repeats: A look at the changing demographics of Sonic the Hedgehog   
    So I saw a thread on retro that pointed out something I've been noticing in recent years, but have you all noticed how more vocal fans who grew up in the 2000's who are likely turning into teenagers/young adults now, have become? You can see it all over Twitter.
    This video being one the more notable examples that's gained a lot of traction since it was uploaded.
    There's just been a large portion of the fanbase that's been proclaiming their love for the early 2000's era, and actively shun the games from the 2010's as "ruining" the series and how it needs to be "edgy" again. It struck a chord with me because this was, ironically, the same rhetoric being used by fans of the classic games when the series` reputation was tanking in the 2000's. Proclaiming the series to be "ruined" when more "shitty friends" showed up,  and when the stories became "convoluted messes" .
    Obviously this is the result of the massive divide made in almost every decade of the series, birthing new fans who aren't necessarily there for what came before. And of course, that doesn't even begin to get into the massive amounts of alternate continuities. 
    This series means many different things for people, and that can mostly be attributed to what you grew up with. That's the "REAL" Sonic to you, so it's kind of a shame how nobody can really compromise on what they want out of the series and just respect that we like and want different things. 
    I grew up on Sonic Adventure 2, but I absolutely love Sonic 3 as a game, and I'm extremely fond of Generations. I'm not too focused on plot and characterization as I was when I was younger, but I can appreciate when those things are done right. And I absolutely don't think there's anything wrong with a simpler, more cohesive direction.
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    GamerGirl54321 reacted to GentlemanX in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    While I'll in no way defend Penders for his recent outbursts and many of the claims he's made over the years - I will always be a bit understanding about the situation with Locke. Locke and Knuckles' relationship was made in the image of Penders' relationship with his own father and all the mixed feelings he had about it. Locke's death in Mobius 25 Years Later in particular was a direct parallel to his father's death and the story in question is dedicated to him. Whatever opinion you have about Locke as a character or as a parent to Knuckles, there's no denying that Penders has good reason to be personally attached to that character, dynamic, and story. I'm also of the opinion Ian wrote the Penders cast better than Penders himself did, and I have no issues with Locke's death in STH 184. But I can understand Penders feeling hurt about that particular change from a personal perspective.
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    GamerGirl54321 reacted to The Tenth Doctor in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    Okay I'll give it a go.
    Under Ken's pen, Geoffery St John was a sexual predator who was an asshole for the sake of it. Under Ian's pen he had reasons added for being a dick, even regretted it and felt ashamed on how his marriage went. Under Ken's pen, Evil Sonic was an annoyance who came in to sleep with anyone he could. Under Ian's pen, he changed his identity, had an identity crisis, became a threat and became a one woman guy (from the looks of it). Under Ken's pen, Locke was a monster who microwaved his son, abandoned him, showed no love in his heart, yet we kept being told he was a good father. Under Ian's pen, Locke realised his mistakes (not without almost doing one more, but he realised it) and pleaded with the Master Emerald to give his son a life, in exchange for his.
    If I recall, Ken has stated he intended to write these 3 characters the exact same way he always did if he continued. He was offended Locke died heroically and wanted him to die a disgruntled old man, filled with cancer (I think it was cancer, right?). He has made it clear Ian never got Geoffery, which is why Geoffery's libido is never mentioned any more. He says Scourge was better as a petty mimic, rather than a fleshed out character. I will never understand this abstract of a human being, he is too far gone in the dark pit of ego to even remember what humility is.
  21. Chuckle
    GamerGirl54321 reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    I've seen a lot of opinions on this here, all of which I agree with, but the thing I personally want to express the most is that he should do it.
    He should do it because it will be really, really funny if he does.
    We have a lot of fun here at the actual LARA-SU CHRONICLES IN ALL CAPS, the thread on the Sonic Stadium where we chronicle the weirdness of Ken Penders, but this series will truly reach its apex when the story arc of Penders trying to release a bunch of shit he doesn't have the rights to "because he has lawyers" comes to fruition.
    It'll be his Chimera Ant arc. His Marineford arc. His Freeza arc. The crown jewel of this weird as hell comedy.
    I'm almost ready to get on my hands and knees to beg this man to do it. I don't ask a lot of you because you're a bit of a twit but I want you to set aside the fact that you say you're going to do stuff and then never do it for once and do this.
    Please do it. For me. I couldn't fathom watching something more entertaining play out. Isn't that what you want Ken? To entertain us? 
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    GamerGirl54321 reacted to Shadowlax in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    So I clicked on this thread reading the proceedings in reverse.
    I thought that ken penders had completely lost his mind and planned to publish his new magnum opus with sonic characters in it and had thought he had some crazy legal loophole to do so. I find that he has only mildly lost his mind and trying to publish anthologies without the permission and license of the rights holders.
    Good grief
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    GamerGirl54321 reacted to DabigRG in Times When Perfect Character Moments Came From the Wrong Character   
    I still feel like the events of Forces could've been more in place if Eggman had been Dr. Nega instead:
    From the Phantom Ruby/Valton warping or even creating dimensions, to Silver coming back to Knuckles'  side because he knows something serious is about to go down, to Infinite & the Badniks not looking like Eggman's designs, to creating an era of constant fear and despair, to the numerous displays of foresight in contrast to Infinite's indulgence, to the Drop a fuckin Sun on the Resistance master plan, it just fits both sides of his MO better.
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    GamerGirl54321 reacted to Shadowlax in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    I don't think his disdain is that complicated. He thinks he's hot shit and it upsets him the general perception of the archie comic was " it got better when Ian did it and sega started getting standards " and his entire era of comics is mired in criticisms and confusion about how he could even do half the shit he did and think it was fine and why did he have the free reign to do so. 
    He's also problably upset at the new book. At the beginning of the book if you remember , old ken said that there were gonna be shops that weren't going to take the book because the freedom fighters weren't in it. That ended up obviously not being true. But for ken that means more than just a stupid declaration. While you or any one else may feel more favorably to kens era I think its fair to see being true to the source material wasn't his focus. And even after he left in pre and post reboot a lot of the world that Ian Fixed was still built in Ken penders weird stories. And those characters in particular, members of the freedom fighters for him even though he doesn't own them. To him represent that.
    The new book has none of that and its good. And its selling much better than the old one. And one of the common opinions I see is " I didn't like a lot of the characters and stories in the old book. I like this new book its closer to the games". It isn't everyone's opinion and there are folks who miss some of the old characters and the new book ain't perfect. If i'm being honest universe is still king and a lot of the praises come with critcism, but that critcism is mostly focused around pacing and things he doesn't have anything to do with like shadow's character. If the book would have ended, I mean archie and there was just nothing else. He could at least in his own mind live as a king, " It went to shit because ian is a poor writer and was using my intricate world incorrectly. And having to remove so many characters drove people away " ( even though the reason the book ended was issues with the IP holder and the licenser. Many of which are his fault ) he could live in that delusional reality. But that's not reality, the new book is good and a lot of people like it better than the old one and it lacks anything relevant to anything he's ever done. Now he has to come to terms with or at least try to ignore " Oh nothing I worked on mattered and the people like Ian's writting and the IP more than any of my creative interpretations of it ".
    I figure those things grind his gears. I would say i'm surprised that Penders doesn't try to swipe newer or other artists but I figure he doesn't actually engage with any sonic material and doesn't know who they are
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    GamerGirl54321 reacted to horridus in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    Alrighty then, I gave the interview a listen. By and large he basically just rehashes all the stuff he usually talks about when he's interviewed- how he got the job thanks to Mike Kanterovich since his (Penders') son was a fan of the series, early pitches that were rejected, how he steered the comic into a more story driven format ala SaTAM, etc. So on that front it's all basically stuff he's said before elsewhere, so, pretty basic stuff honestly. There are however a few things of note, here and there. 
    -He brings up his career prior to Sonic. As tends to be the case with Penders, he basically makes it out to be more impressive than it really is, given that his work prior to Sonic tended to be sporadic, nor did he spend even a years worth of time on any of the other books he wrote for. Interestingly enough he mentions having done something for Transformers- which is news to me given that I can't seem to find mention of it anywhere else that lists his accredited works. 
    -Penders actually brings up a lot of the heavy riffing and referencing of other franchises from his time on the book in those early days as being the result of a lack of direction given by SEGA. Frankly I'm not sure that's as good an excuse for it as Penders seems to think it is, especially when that nasty habit of taking crap from other sci-fi and comic franchises wouldn't be confined to just the 'early days' of his tenure on the book. 
    -Evidently Penders had a bit of a nemesis in his early days- a guy called Bob Harris, who worked with SEGA of America's licensing department. Penders refers to his input as 'Inserting Himself Into The Process', a complaint that's going to come up again in this interview regarding someone else far later down the line of his career. Penders mentions how one of the few times a book gave him problems was the Sonic Live special, and he specifically brings up Harris as one of the big factors as to why it wasn't published earlier. He frames it as a result of the guy being a stick in the mud who 'couldn't see the potential fun of having a pair of kids show up at SEGA's office' while accusing Penders of wanting to insert his son and niece into the book, an accusation that Penders himself found deeply confusing. Given the myriad problems with that particular story, I am left to imagine that Harris' issues with it went a tad deeper than what Penders himself is relaying here. 
    -Interestingly, he brings up that the Princess Sally Mini-Series was more SEGA's brainchild than Archie's, and Archie wasn't really interested in doing it in the first place. As a result they didn't bother advertising it, which is one of the reasons it tanked so badly. This is interesting because one of the many excuses Penders has given for trying to kill off Sally in the past was that the failure of the mini-series was an indicator of her lack of popularity as a character. That he concocted that explanation even as he now admits to a factor that would have nothing to do with that does not really paint his decision in a good light- in fact, it makes it a little worse. 
    -Penders pretty much confirms the general perception of his time on the book as being one of relatively unfettered freedom, confirming that SEGA didn't actually give much oversight after a certain point and as such most of the time he actually had to appease Archie itself and its then-adherence to the Comics Code Authority. He also reveals that he only learned that SEGA had to approve the use of new characters by Archie, and that Archie basically never said anything to them regarding a lot of the characters that were added. 
    -The call about the comic's probable cancellation in the face of SatAM and AoStH no longer airing came around issue 36, and it was from that moment that the plan for Endgame began. Given the many, many issues with that storyline, it kinda makes it all the more tragic given the amount of time there was between issue 36 and issue 50 to hash something out. Interestingly, it was Gabrie's suggestion to allow the other writers in on the storyline- the way Penders phrases it, evidently the overall plot was still his brainchild, but the other writers wrote dialogue and the like. Hence why Penders claims the credit for it... along with deserving a lot of the blame. 
    - He used his son as a 'test subject' for issues he wrote in the comic. Rather adorable. 
    -*face rub* Aand true to his past statements on the subjects, Penders credits himself (and ONLY himself) with 'saving' Antoine's character and initiating the romance between him and Bunnie Rabbot. As has been pointed out many times in the past and to Penders directly, Angelo DeCesare got the ball rolling on both those fronts with his work, but of course even after being made aware of this fact he still continues to insist that he and he alone deserves credit. Par the course, but odious all the same. 
    -Likewise, he indulges a bit of ego-stroking by saying that once his name was taken off the Sonic solicitations after he went to work on Knuckles, pre-orders for that book went down. This was evidently the 'first time he realized he mattered', and oh, the consequences THAT would have later down the line. 
    -A few more bits of Knuckles trivia- SEGA apparrently DIDN'T approve of the very first Knuckles story he ever did, which was issue 13 of the Sonic book. The reason it was still published though was because this memo only came after it was already out, and then-editor Scott Fulop basically pointed out that if they pulled the book, SEGA would have to foot the bill. So, the story remained. Likewise, Penders was actually given a choice to either be the sole writer for Sonic, or Knuckles. Given what the Knuckles book was under him and the fact it was cancelled after 32 issues, I can't help but feel that the Sonic book proper dodged a rather sizeable bullet. 
    -He cites Conan the Barbarian as the inspiration for his direction with Knuckles- that the story of Knuckles would ultimately be the story of his life and his legacy. Real pity that he forgot about all the parts about Conan being the master of his own destiny rather than the perpetual puppet of all his literal ancestors…
    -Hoo boy. On giving more talk about Echidna, Penders brings up one of the few times Gabrie stepped in regarding his stories. Evidently Penders wanted the Dingo to be even MORE explicitly Nazi-like, and going by his exact phrasing I strongly suspect he wanted to just straight-up add Swastikas into the mix, or something VERY close visually. Penders 'didn't see the issue', but Gabrie refused to let him have this. He also brings up how 'proud' he was of the Lost Tribe storyline, how it 'established the theme of science vs religion and conveyed it in a way that kids could understand'. As tends to be the case, his interpretation of his work is, at best, overly generous. 
    -Finally we get to his last year on the book. He brings up Mike Pellerito and, much as he said with Bob Harris, he repeatedly claims that Pellerito tried to 'insert himself into the process', seemingly oblivious to the fact that this is what an editor does. He pretty much cites this as the key contributor to him leaving, because the job 'wasn't fun anymore'. This doesn't exactly speak well of his professional behavior given that for the longest time, by his own admission, he had a LOT of leeway on the book, the kind that most writers in comics would have killed to have. That he left after having to deal with what everyone else in the industry deals with does nothing to dispel the notion of him being a spoiled, entitled brat who couldn't actually handle a more stringent work environment. 
    Soo yeah, for the most part there's not really much of anything new. He basically talks about the same stuff he always talks about when relating his career to someone else, to the point it's almost rote, and taken on its own nothing really seems off. Taken into the wider context of his online behavior though, it still shows the same patterns he shows elsewhere- the self-congratulation, the painting of people impeding him as being malicious in doing so, and of course the implicit desire for greater recognition at the expense of others who worked on the book. 
    In short? It's Penders being Penders, and even when putting on his game face he can't stop THAT from bleeding through. No matter how pleasant he comes off, one must always take what he says with a grain of salt, given his habitual lying elsewhere. 
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