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  1. Sonic Forces has Denuvo

    @Mad Convoy Denuvo might not necessary be a stopper, seeing as Mania works in the latest versions of WINE (Staging), but if it's uses DirectX 10 - 12, that could become a problem.
  2. Sonic Forces has Denuvo

    The problem isn't really the here and now, but rather the long-term. As far as we know the Denuvo component needs to check in at least one time per installation. So what happens when there's either a new DRM-flavour of the month or it's just not profitable enough to keep the servers online? You're either stuck with an activated version that can only run on a very specific configuration or a bricked game. While there's always the option of updating the game with no DRM or a different kind, the precedent with Games for Windows Live products is less than stellar. Or in other words:
  3. A random thought that I had for some time: Is this another Rise of Lyric moment? Seeing as the game is barely more than a month away from release yet there's still work in progress, could it be that Forces used to be another game or that the studio changed it's direction mid-production? Besides the DLC I still recall complaints about Green Hill Zone's roughness, although that got better with each new showcase. The latest story trailer also seemed a bit weird in the lightning / texture department (although the latter might be a fault of YouTube's low quality compression). They might be having a hell of a crunch time right now.
  4. On a positive note, that's a sweet remix. On the other hand, isn't it a bit late for any WIP besides touchups?
  5. New Sonic Forces - "Enter Infinite" Trailer

    While the chaos emeralds are the be all and end all of Sonic's world, someone from another dimension might be less vulnerable to them.
  6. New Sonic Forces - "Enter Infinite" Trailer

    I tried transcribing Infinite's theme. Things got a bit too inaudible for me in the second half, so there might be errors.
  7. New Sonic Forces - "Enter Infinite" Trailer

    Could this be Eggman running a simulation in which he has the upper hand? Game Land on steroids? For some reason I keep thinking virtual reality whenever this glitchiness comes up, as it seems to be a theme with the antagonists. According to Shadow the Hedgehog's Mad Matrix people can interact with a system Tron-like, so what if Sonic's trapped somewhere while the real attack occurs?
  8. Fist Bump was alright, although it felt like something's off. Comparing it to my favorite version of the theme, I think it's the vocals following the instrumental to a tee. They lost a lot of "oomph" with this decision. Usually both components can play more off each other: You already have a very strong singer and at the climax of the song the instruments can kick it up a notch raising the bar. But if both are essentially the same this can't happen and therefore it flatlines in parts where you'd expect it to go grander.
  9. Do you think that the interaction with the Offscreen Fighters might change depending on your performance in the level (e.g. they have a harder time or even need to retreat if you skip large sections of the enemies)?
  10. I actually thought about Team Dark. On the Egg Fleet they encounter a room filled with the same kind of pods Shadow emerged from in the intro. Rouge approches Omega about Shadow maybe being a robot, while he talks about cloning.
  11. Huh, I stand corrected. Was Heroes just pretending to have a twist then, or could Heroes-Shadow and StH-Shadow still be two distinct entities?
  12. You're in for a treat then. I totally forgot that there aren't just android copies, but also pods full of clones of him. The semi-modern games left it completely ambiguous whether you're playing as the real Shadow, who'd have had to survive cosplaying as shooting star, or some sort of duplicate. For all we know it could be OG Shadow, the one who we've been following the whole time or someone completely different. Fun is infinite with Sega Enterprises lore, sometimes...
  13. Why not? Shouldn't there be ten, hundred, thousand Shadow androids stored away somewhere canonically anyway?
  14. Mania isn't tieing into Forces, is it? If this is still happening in the Generations timeline, it's as of yet unknown what happened to Classic Robotnik. Mania Robotnik seems to pull the same "going all out from the start"-shtick as Forces Eggman, if the GHZ boss is any indication. On top of that some of the revisited zones seem to have undergone big changes under the doctors influence, leaving them familiar yet distinct (e.g. Stardust Speedway).
  15. They pretty much have a carte blanche on continuity. It can be handwaved, as it simply might have happened differently in the other dimensions. For all we know, these might be the incarnations of villians that actually beat Sonic in their respective worlds.