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  1. It could be warranted if the gameplay style ends up being drastically different to All-Stars Racing (i.e. more in the vein of Riders / Rivals).
  2. Even Riders as a Sonic-centric game had SEGA guest characters and two tracks dedicated to them (SEGA Carnival and Sega Illusion), but seeing as the All-Stars Racing series always had DLC (except SSASR for Wii and Windows) they could always put out one or two heavily condensed SEGA packs (like Mario Kart 8 did for Animal Crossing, Excitebike, F-Zero and The Legend of Zelda), if it turns out to be too big of a negative. As for content, it would be nice to see older racing games represented. You have former ASR titles, R and Riders to choose from (if you dive into the more obscure stuff there's Drift and Kart). Otherwise I'd expect Null Space to be this series' Rainbow Road (you could even spice it up with portals leading to other tracks).
  3. @Ryannumber1gamer Have you seen Johnny Bravo riffing on Dragon Ball Z?

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      I have. I really hope the proper segment is found.

  4. Must be Sonic Drift 3. Wouldn't mind a new Outrun, although getting the Ferrari license just for the game to disappear again in a few years might be too much of a pain.
  5. Happy New Year from the CET / UTC +1 area!

  6. Like with the Persona 5 costume beforehand it's listed incorrectly. http://store.steampowered.com/app/715860/Super_Sonic_DLC/
  7. tumblr_p13hcu9uQ01w60vv7o1_1280.png

    C͙̯̲̘̕A̵̧͠͏̝̞̮̣͖̙̞͔̫͙͎̯͈́N͖͇̥͜͝͝'͏̩̥̼͍͔̞̱̟̜̦͓̰͈̝ͅT̸̢̨̼̖̮̥͕͙̰̯͎͙͞ ̰̱̲̞̠̬̹̘̺͇̞̲̀͢W̧̨̙̭̳̖̩̝͍̮̣̠͘͜Á̵͠͏͏͈̩͇̖̮̞̝̭͓Ķ̶͔̣̳̮͘͢͠Ę̩̻͕̪̘̙͙̳ͅ ͏̳̦͎̝̜̦̻̖͇̙͙͎̣̟̙̞̪̖͝͠U̢͜͏̴̪̼̳̥̝̱̟̖͓̺͎͚̳͞ͅP̵̙̹̠̟̲̜͈̣̞̮̹̫̹̲̖̕͢͝!̛̬̤̦͕̙̤̕͝

    1. Ernest-Panda
    2. SupahBerry


      I never thought I'd see the day that Nickelodeon would become the better channel.

    3. Forte-Metallix


      They do these marathons constantly, even when the show doesn't have enough episodes to sustain a marathon that long.

      What the hell's wrong with these people?

    4. Marcello


      It's presumably a marathon.

    5. McGroose


      CN wants you to live, breathe and shit Teen Titans Go

    6. Forte-Metallix



      They do the latter more than enough on their own, thanks.

    7. Jovahexeon Omega-Sapphire

      Jovahexeon Omega-Sapphire

      "Just ignore it", they say.  Yeah,  becuase the two Steven Universe showings are clearly grabbing more attention, amirite!?

    8. Dangerous WOO! engine
    9. Jetronic
    10. King Koopone

      King Koopone

      That is just sad and I thought milking The Chase (on 3 different channels, 6 if you class timeshift channels) or Only Fools and Horses (nearly every day including marathons on Gold) was bad enough.

      At this point Cartoon Network US should be renamed to Teen Titans GO, if that's all they ever put. Whoever runs that channel must have a hard on for it and no wonder other shows don't get much of a chance.

    11. Teoskaven


      ...is this for real?

    12. Dee Dude
    13. Forte-Metallix


      Hey, I just noticed: Mega Man's listed under "Coming Soon" ! Guess that sure-to-be-shite new cartoon wasn't cancelled!

    14. Ernest-Panda


      @Froste-the-SnowMetallix I don't think this is an "official" listing. I mean, the actual schedule is the real thing, but everything else such as the colour keys, the listings for when certain shows were last seen, and the upcoming shows are added stuff.

    15. Cobalt_Bolt


      Another nail in CN's ever-growing coffin. Another reason why I cut the cord.

    16. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      This almost makes me miss CN Real.

    17. Fusion-Ellipsis



  8. @Failinhearts Hope? At this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the academy, localized entirely within your dorm room?

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      "No Mother! It's just despair!" 

    2. Failinhearts



      "What a riveting trial."

  9. Is Motobug happening today?

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      There's no stream planned for tonight, as mentioned earlier this week.

    2. Patron


      Thanks for mentioning, wasn't here during the week.

  10. Sega 2017 Financial Report

    Might be a bit early. It wasn't even out for a whole month.
  11. Who would win: Infinite or Infinite?

    1. TheBlueGuardian


      Well, if classic Infinite and modern Infinite with Avatar Infinite to beat evil Infinite... Oh god I got my into an Infinite loop.

    2. MightyRay


      If one of them wins, we all lose.


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