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  1. Sonic Origins animated Trailer!!

    made by Crimda!

  2. tumblr_ox4gkaXHxS1uwb389o1_540.png 



    i drew some cursed images :D hehehe

    1. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      That blue Sonuckles speaks to me deeply.

    2. -Justin-


      Your artwork is just too awesome! :D

    3. Celestia


      These are the cutest cursed images I've ever seen

    4. Milo


      RED SONIC!

  3. :lol: a little comic thing i did with the custom characters that appear this magazine







    1. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      Way too cute!

      I love it! Great work as always.

    2. Shaddy Zaphod
    3. Pelvic WOO! engine

      Pelvic WOO! engine

      Dang... even I gotta admit that that's pretty cool.

    4. Surveillance CC14

      Surveillance CC14

      This makes me want to make a bird for my CH even more.

    5. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      This. This is it. This RIGHT HERE is why I'm excited to play this game and make my own character.

      Very nice work! Love your art style, too! Any place where I can see more of it at? =D

    6. Drawloverlala


      thank you all! ^_^

      oh @Waveshocker Sigma in my Tumblr you can see more like this 


      i have a deviant art too but i'm more active there XD

    7. Kiah


      Nice work as always! ?

  4. some Nicole doodles :)  its been so long since i drew her tumblr_ovsbs0vJZx1uwb389o1_1280.png  tumblr_ovsbs0vJZx1uwb389o2_1280.png

    1. Zers Editor
    2. E-122-Psi


      Very crisp sketches and style there. I like how you styled the markings around her eyes.

  5. ohhh boy, it's been so long since i posted something here well, better later than never eheh so here it comes a lot of drawings! ( * v*) / first, since a time ago, t i had continued my comic Brotherhood'sTwist! i even gave it a new cover: these are the previous pages by the way: here, from page 24: i'm currently inking 3 new pages XD hehe here more art: recently i've been really liking Ducktales and uncle scrooge comics this is Donald and his Sister, Della :V i did a re-design of the father of Huey, Dewey and Louie, "? Duck" that appears on an old Duck family three: here Sonic art X3 i drew this for Sonic annyversary: this christmas i plan drawing the other side of this ^U^ Infinite: my FCs: Lucho el Chupacabras Flare from StCo: Sonic Boom art: Redesigns: and others: (this is from an Online game i use to play, called Mu Online) some Undertale drawings (i saw a complete gameplay XD i shouldn't had, i should had played the game before that lol) and that's all for now hope you all been doing alright!
  6. i finally watched Mombot and Muckfoot! Mombot was adorable! i laughed a lot, i loved that Cindy was Mombot's voice actress too XD and seen Beth the shrew (played by Sticks VA, EDIT: it was colleen, XD lol, it was super cute voice anyways ) interacting with Tails, we almost don't see Tails interacting with other kids and he acting like a teacher or big brother was pretty nice! also Knuckles showing his playful side with children XD because i loved when in MultiTails he played with all the Tails it was cute and now with Beth and Tails again by playing baseball i was wailing to see more of that! Muckfoot was really nice too, although i though at first it was kinda unusual that villagers inmediately believe what Tails showed them.. but thinking that at least since Mombot, Tails has been gaining some respect from the villagers?? i mean he was the judge on the science project contest for children and was also considered a great genious by the very own Mayor so maybe that's why....(well...probably not but it was an interesing reason lol) anyways i hope he keeps gaining suport from his friends and people.. heh ah and it surprised me so much that Tommy Thunder had electric powers (or he used electric arrows?? XP )EDIT: he used electric arrows hehe...)) and knew how to use a bow? hehe i though he wasn't skilled at nothing but i actually liked that a lot!
  7. ohh man i'm hyped!! XD i'm just really curious.. Did Denton mean that the 4 episodes were of 1 hour long each one? or all of them together make one hour?..
  8. the episode was so adorable, funny and clever!! I think this is my fav episode from the season so far Also Cindy should write more episodes XD heheh EDIT: i just watched Robot employees and ive decided its my fav episode too ? eheheh
  9. I watched it.. and well i think i liked a lot Amy and Sticks moments here it was really cute, i loved to see Amy studying on the library and gotta admit i liked Sticks' ancestor info and the little school in the town ♡ Oh i felt so bad for Sticks on how the villagers were so mean to her... lol even though thanks to that, Amy had a chance in the show to demostrate how good friend she is. so yeah it was a nice episode.. i kinda had the sensation that this episode had a lot of things going on and it felt longer than usual for some reason hehe it could be just me tho
  10. Still need to watch the episode.. but i was reading the posts here and i cound't help .... did they decided to call the village as "hedgehog "? *_* because that reminds me that in Sonic 1992 shogakukan manga, Nicky(Sonic) lived on "Hedgehog town"!
  11. oh i watched Blackout episode... i guess it was alright.. i mean.. it felt good it was a plot themed on ancient stuff.., at some point i kinda was expecting Eggman to take advatange of the guys to get the rookie crystal tho haha too bad the most of his robots weren't working.. but he could have went get it by himself somehow.. a plan b.. dunno.. i also would have liked to see Eggman on a winter outfit heheh, oh by the way...i loved those outfits!! they looked so good! Sticks, Knuckles and Sonic ones were my favourite! i liked that Knuckles got through the temple with his simple thinking.. it was cool to see he had control of something ah and i didn't get the sandwich = Hero joke... lol looking foward to today's episode!
  12. i like their designs a lot.. they remind me a bit more of Unleashed human's bodyshapes since they are so different from the basic Sonic-Ueakawa ish style and that's its certainly something refreshing! i personaly find the Zetis a very interesting adition to Sonic Games.... there is still a lot to know about them.. the main thing i would like it to be explained someday, its what's their main purpose as a group.. they are the Deadly six, Devil-ish criatures that live in the Lost Hex that we don't know what were they doing before Eggman arrived to mess with them.. apparently they didn't really were causing terror and destroying they own world because it was Eggman the one that made changes to the Lost Hex and obligated them to get the little animals for him.... so... the only thing we know is that if you mess with them they'll come after you for revenge hehe so yeah i like them a lot.. i'm glad there is other villains besides of Eggman in Sonic games and i hope people can give them a chance!
  13. i watched it! it was really fun episode! although i felt sorry for Knuckles, it seems that he was really trying but it made me happy that someone could give him a job for something miss Diane was actually really kind to him until he attacked his work mate..haha also i though Knuckles could draw better XD haha but still think his drawings in this ep were cute anyways! maybe its just me... or i think i noticed that at the begining of the ep there it was a Skrillex reference? hahah i mean.. it was Swifty's model but in purple.. so it was a Shrew ... would it be Shrewlex or something? ahha probably its just me lol also Donna Summer song "She Works Hard For The Money" reference there! nice! i loved Amy roasting Barker haha specialy because she was like growling and it reminded me how angry hedgehogs do that too
  14. Let people ship whatever they want as long as they dont go around there insulting others because they don't like other's ship because A or B reason, then it should be fine..... then the rest its just an issue of being tolerant and very patient Shipping is suposed to be for fun
  15. I could finally watch Og man out!! even though i could watch it first at ProjectAsra's youtube channel and i enjoyed it a lot thanks to squid's commentaries hehe but i coudn't listen to what the characters were saying XD so i was trying to be patinent to see the episode somewhere else heehe i think i really liked Og's relaxed and hippie-like personality it was funny! the cat who sells icecream somehow has an explosive stant lol and i loved Sonics tired voice when he when he gave Og to Tails! I just think before watching the episode with the propper sound i was a little bit dissapointed ...i was expecting more interactions between the main characters but now that i heard what where they saying i feel this episode was very satisfing anyways i liked it a lot i hope we can see og again and i wonder if we'll keep seeing that interest Eggman has in the Mech suits.. also i'm greatly pleased to know that Sonic Boom won an award!! ? thats so awesome!
  16. woow!! these pictures' lightinings look pretty good!!! *P* i hope the rest of the episode looks that good as well
  17. A little headcanon of mine and also is a little bit of theory : All locations that have a geography and flora similar to places like south island, west side island, palm tree panic zone or the island on Knuckles chaotix (just to put some examples) where the plants and the earth has a design that features geometric shapes, and some plants moves by itself and where some land is floating around Come from parts of the Lost Hex that fell over the years
  18. haha now i just can imagine him telling that to his Chao hehe
  19. i think is not necesary to get to put something technically romantic between two characters or even confirm if they have something more, if they develop a nice bond between those two characters the public might ship them anyways
  20. Dunno but i think even if an object isn't significative big or heavy if it falls over you still hurts heh Also Sonic wouldn't let a tree fall over Perci or over anyone anyways.. And when did Knuckles negate Tails to use the game to save Fiendbot? I though he just lamented the was going to lose his high score.
  21. well i really liked this episode! about the first jokes about the game critics, i though it was funny that they include them.. i mean its something i hear very often about the franchise and from other game franchises.. its very normal at this point to hear those commentaries from anyone, and it is a bit discouraging but i got the joke i just would really like to see a more positive towards the fandom episode tho.. ADFSA i loved the music they chose for this episode haha Airwolf theme killed me haha Fiendbot was such a cutie!! and the robot battle action was really impresive as well! this episode also had the most conections to older episodes too! and i also missed Sticks.. she dislikes robots but it would have been nice to see her accepting Friendbot as a friend too..
  22. Boom!Amy being someone that likes something so interesting like archeology and apparently manages herself very well on it while being on an island where nobody really seems to care about that, (oh except by Charly that used to be archeologist too but now he's a villain--that must count as a profession in that village heheh) it must be frustrating and i think it could be a reason of why Amy would try to use any chance she has to show off how much she knows about the ancients and such.
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