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    Vidiya Games: Sonic, Overwatch, Ace Attorney, and Pokemon.
    I read Books. I draw things. I listen to music.
    ...I should get back to making comics.
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  1. My sides have left orbit AGAIN

  2. So I tried coloring digitally... I've yet to master shading and highlighting lol

  3. Basically supporting Trump, hoping he wins the election and then withdraw U.S Troops in Afghanistan.
  4. The moderator needs to do a better job at moderating.

  5. Kamala ain't having it in this debate.

  6. unknown-43.png

    I missed the presentation but one question I had in mind has been answered.



  7. ...can I interest you with a dumb comic in this trying time

  8. Been hit with a few realizations about all of this: On one hand, this is karma somewhat On the other hand, this happens a month before the election This'll likely be used for his political purposes He's gonna get proper treatment because. They oughta test Biden and everyone else who was in that presidential debate too. Lots of revelations man.

    Found the theme song for October, November, probably just 2020 in general.

  10. ...The timing couldn't be more crazier huh

  11. EjP_Yy6WoAEXz0z?format=jpg&name=medium

    Right next to Sonic and Greninja. And Snake. Hilarious.

    1. Marcello


      Is that real? Weird that he's not drawn like everyone else. Makes him really stand out. 

    2. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Its a long and oft forgotten artstyle known as photoshop

    3. I Have Berry!
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