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  1. tumblr_pumso1k8mq1udzlioo1_1280.pnj

    My attempt of drawing a sketchog.

  2. The Lost Palace music in TSR is *chefs kiss* freaking good

  3. Issue 3 is here btw: https://m.tapas.io/episode/1460794
  4. Okay this is pretty cool

    1. Milo


      Cool to see the "Animator vs. Animation" stuff is still going on in some form.

  5. You know I can see Tails having Yamper as his Pokemon. Could fill the T-pup role.

  6. D-7AWObXoAIDArl?format=jpg&name=small

    The unholy Quadruple.

    1. Milo


      the contestant in question


  7. I have conflicting thoughts about Gigantamax ATM but at the same time Gigantamax Corviknight looks so fuking cool.

  8. Alcreme looks cute. So does Yamper. But holy shit Gigantamax Corviknight looks cool.
  9. Releasing July 31st. Though it'll be at SDCC so several people can get it early. SDCC starts on July 18th.
  10. tumblr_pqym0lF3MJ1w1kerio1_400.gif


    1. JosepHenry


      i imagine that wheee in shadow's voice and i love it

  11. Also an interview with Ian Flynn regarding the Metal Virus arc and Tangle and Whisper.
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