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  1. Did Tyson Hesse draw this? It kinda looks like his style.
  2. The metal virus arc is continuing in 2020. A new cover was also shown in the panel. Looks pretty nice!
  3. 1b812c89753a04845e6e1364b80b8ee226e21f63


    We just need Silver to dab in game and the Trinity is complete.

    1. KHCast


      I hate this 

    2. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      "Just watch this!"

  4. New cover for Tangle Whisper #4! Drawn by Abigail Starling!
  5. Oh man the coloring and shading here is gonna be an eyesore innit. ...Also why is the video sideways? Couldn't the format be edited to portrait at this day and age?
  6. That Lupin III CGI film looks great

  7. That RI Cover for issue 20 looks good. Also the release date for that issue is stated for August 14th! Also it turns out they're selling Tangle Whisper pins at the SEGA Shop!
  8. tumblr_pumso1k8mq1udzlioo1_1280.pnj

    My attempt of drawing a sketchog.

  9. The Lost Palace music in TSR is *chefs kiss* freaking good

  10. Issue 3 is here btw: https://m.tapas.io/episode/1460794
  11. Okay this is pretty cool

    1. Milo


      Cool to see the "Animator vs. Animation" stuff is still going on in some form.

  12. You know I can see Tails having Yamper as his Pokemon. Could fill the T-pup role.

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