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  1. Two costumes have been datamined for Speed Battle and its Amy and Zavok.

    Amy looks really adorable and I think that outfit could work for Belle from the IDW Sonic Comics actually!


    Also why does Zavok have a costume. why.


    1. Sonictrainer


      I think I'll try to sketch the Amy one :)

    2. dbzfan7


      I see Sonic Forces even if the mobile version continues the tradition of screwing Tails over. At least Knuckles after forever got something but my boy gets jack shit.

    3. LukA8


      So you want Super Bowl Tails over something more interesting that actually fits the character, like Tails as a pilot? These character choices are about who fits a theme they want to do, not vice versa. I suppose they could have used Elf Tails but he's kinda redundant with Classic Sonic around.

      There has been an effort to create more personality-driven alts starting with the Treasure Hunters, maybe we'll see more of that next year?

    4. Sonictrainer


      I was kind of hoping we'd get Classic Tails at some point...

    5. dbzfan7


      I'm more talking about genuinely anything. For how long the game has been out and he hasn't had a single alternate I find ridiculous. Not to mention I wouldn't even say all the current ones fit tailored character themes either. It's not some kind of well thought out process. It's just just shooting the shit and selecting someone.


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