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  1. Oh, looks like banners are back!

  2. >TSSZ' site shut down



    1. PublicEnemy1


      Yeah, probably due to SSF1991 quitting.

    2. Stay at Home Ultima

      Stay at Home Ultima

      I think its due to the backlash they got from the tweets comparing recent incidents to fictional video games and their refusal to admit it was a mistake.

      This situation should have been handled better.

  3. I forgot Tikal was playable in Runners.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Just like SEGA forgot to make Runners decent. 

      Never going to forget how much SEGA squandered with that title... Forces Speed Battle and Dash are the most basic and generic mobile tat with minimal effort put into them, but they're well monetised and have been financially successful for years. Dash is 7 years old at this point and going strong with updates, whilst Runners lasted merely 13 months (plus 4 months in soft-launch) before it was closed down.

    2. Thigolf


      If Sonic Dash can live on as long as it did despite never really nickle-and-diming its players, I really don't know what the issue of Runners was other than greed

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Runners was built around nickel and diming players to get a decent experience. Games like Dash, much as I loathe them in principle, are fine. You can play the game and get a decent, fair experience without needed to shell out oodles of cash. The same is true of Forces SB. But with Runners... the game had an energy system, limiting the amount you could play without spending real money, put all unlockables on a roulette and made the roulette super expensive. You spun a roulette to get loot boxes, essentially. And you had to pay for the privilege. It was a greedy, unfair and unbalanced mess. The other Sonic mobile games thrive because of their simplicity.

    4. Blacklightning
  4. This remix is also pretty cool.

  5. Oh wow it actually happened! Honestly I wouldn't mind if they take their time with this one like they did with the first one.
  6. Holy shit Sonic movie sequel confirmed

  7. Tonight on remixes that I have recently taken a liking to...

  8. SEGA and Atlus are gonna be at New Game Plus Expo on June 23rd, Sonic's 29th Anniversary.

    1. Thigolf


      Imagine nothing happening and Sonic fans being annoyed/angry because nothing happened even though they didn't say anything would

      That would be funny

      And also pretty likely

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      "And for Sonic's birthday, we are now firing everyone at Sonic Team because this series is offically canceled. We will now replace Sonic with Kazuma Kiryu and Hatsune Miku as the new mascots of SEGA. Thank you for the 29 years of love Sonic fans! Now get lost."

    3. Teoskaven


      I'd rather have news about SMTV.

    4. DiamondX


      @Teoskaven Man of culture, I see. Inb4 Persona 5: Another Spin-Off.

    5. Tarnish


      @Supah Berry Actually that would be good news in my book. No more damn disappointments.

  9. Back at it again with another painting.

  10. Hoping for a Blaze theme for this site!

    1. CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      We didn’t have one already? I remember it being a theme years ago.

    2. Stay at Home Ultima

      Stay at Home Ultima

      Yeah there was one years ago but when the site was revamped the first time there was no skin for that.

  11. Heh. The header changes everytime you refresh. Pretty neat!

  12. Here's today's painting connecting with last weeks painting-


  13. How is the "failed" theme a banger in this game.

  14. Happy Birthday!!

    1. Failinhearts


      Aw, thanks, buddy!

  15. why did I do this? I have no idea why I did this.

  16. Some of the cutscene music slaps tho

  17. The Tokyo Game Show has been cancelled, likely because of you know what.

    They're looking to do an online show apparantly!

  18. So the shooting section for Sonic and the Olympic Games was kinda challenging for me.

    Prolly due to me getting sidetracked when I move the screen to aim lol.

    1. Thigolf


      I also struggled with it at first, but I got the hang of it eventually. But yeah, so far, the toughest one for me for sure.

  19. I'm currently playing the Sonic Olympics game now and:



    Something tells me the "Reach for the Stars" motif is all over this game's music

    There's a Sonic Dash leitmotif in the stage info section too (EG: when they show the event name like 400m hurdles)

    Also there's a button where you can hear the BGM for the event and campaign. Currently they have tracks from TSR, Mania and Colors.



  20. So im digging the Reach for the Stars like remix in the Sonic Olympics game

  21. Yeah. Something's different.

    S'aright tho

  22. "Alright let's see how this month is goin-"

    >Murder Hornets land in the US




    1. Ferno


      we got beedrills now

    2. Teoskaven


      You know, i'm not a perceptive person normally, but something tells me that this year doesn't like us.

    3. Pelvic WOO! engine

      Pelvic WOO! engine

      Add the oI' razzle dazzle.

  23. Time for an Art topic update, which also has one new drawing I did!


  24. So Black Widow would have been released today.

  25. Pokemon Masters Status:

    I really HATE the Prize Box Feature in this Legendary event. It's like the Sync pair scout for this event except that you gamble for story parts.

    and like the Sync Pair Scout, the probability rate to getting what you need is really low. 

    Seriously I preferred grinding for vouchers for unlocking the characters tbh.

    1. NegaMetallix


      Agreed. The prize box is an awful system compared to how the last two Legendary events went.

      One of the worst parts for me (besides the prize box) is now that all the Ho-Oh battles are single-player only, the hardest difficulty essentially just became the "you'd better have scouted Wallace during this event" difficulty.

    2. Stay at Home Ultima

      Stay at Home Ultima

      huge oof on the Ho- oh battles kind of, it kinda feels like it dosent give enough prize coins despite the amped tickets.

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