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  1. Episode 3 of Sonic and Tails R is up, gonna watch later.

    1. iambitter21


      this episode is really cool. I loved how sonic decides to just ignore tails and cause trouble with the cops, a lot better than the second episode, and heck it even surpassed the first episode.

  2. *Plays Distraction Dance*

  3. Apparantly Among Us 2 is cancelled,  they're gonna update the first game instead.

    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      I only found right now that the game is already two years old. 

      Would not have expected that given how it's only really hit the map last month.

  4. Silver and Classic Sonic Funko Pops were revealed today.

    The Silver one glows in the dark!

  5. Oh no I'm melting from cuteness overload

  6. My Among Us experience so far:

    *dies first*

    Just running around the areas trying to find where the task is

    Finally I found the place-Suddenly dead body report

    Me at the downloading files mini game: hurry up hurry up hurry up-

    Suddenly the ships lights go out



  7. So I tried playing a few games of Among Us.

    Its quite fun!

  8. 30th anniversary logo is alright

  9. So I really like Tawna's redesign.

  10. Been listening to some of Falkone's stuff lately and holy crap its pretty good

  11. I have a feeling mobile games are gonna be involved somewhat for the 30th anniversary. And some stuff about Sonic Movie 2 as well.

  12. In regards to the previous status I made... this happened.

  13. ...why do I imagine that this is Knuckles' reaction every time the Master Emerald is stolen

  14. Literally didn't do much today after what's happened. I hate it when you lose motivation to resume your day after a tragedy.

  15. Nothing like a fukin gut punch to start my morning huh.

    What really gets me is that he was diagnosed in 2016 but still did films despite the pain and battles he went through.

    All the Stars is playing in my head now...


    1. Polkadi~☆


      He got the diagnosis just as he became a rising star. It sucks that Boseman had cancer the entire time, but it's also impressive that he didn't let cancer stop him from becoming an icon. Hell, that he was as built as he was with cancer is incredible.

      It's amazing, even if it hurts.

  16. Holy shit, Chadwick Boseman passed away.

    He was great as the Black Panther. I'm shaken by his loss.

    Rest in Peace. And Wakanda Forever.

  17. My sides have left orbit





  18. *Reads the preview pages of IDW Sonic #31*


  19. image.thumb.jpeg.612a6c63a6ec243aa992edde3d8a0545.jpeg

    Well I did it

    I’ve sinned again

  20. New idw Sonic comic cover has now got me wanting to draw some of the cast playing with/taking care of Chao now.

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