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  1. First of all, those models look really good. I Like how they show the new weapons too, along with different forms. Though the new one here is the Bird avatar. Head wise, that model reminds me of some of those Kukku minions from Tails Adventure. Also NEW WISPONS/Weapons: Yellow Drill is back, and... I guess there's more gadgets now aside from the Ice Hammer that was mentioned in an article. (Which gives a 404 error for some reason, but the translation can be found on twitter).
  2. The bird model for Forces reminds me a bit of those battle bird Armand's soldiers from Tails Skypatrol?

    1. Bobnik


      Literally thought of the same thing.

    2. Marcello


      Yeah. I like it.

    3. Operationgamer17


      You're thinking of Tails Adventures.

    4. RedFox99


      It reminds me of Jet

    5. Fusion-Ellipsis


      >Battle Bird Armand's


  3. Either A: a new stage or B-
  4. The Sonic Mania Soundtrack thread!

    Official upload of Studiopolis act 2 music-
  5. Sonic Forces: New Tag Team level confirmed

    Nearly thought this was a new stage but nope. Although maybe the boss is in the pyramid factory?
  6. Overwatch (Currently: Lunar Year Event!)

    I did a double take when I found out it was actually done by the overwatch group and not an SFM artist. This was pretty funny!
  7. I thought the Tag team level would have the avatar and one of the extended cast playable, could make a bit of sense to see them do stuff while the Sonic's clean things up from there story wise.

    An Ice Hammer as a weapon? Sounds interesting, hopefully we'll get to see it on Thursday!

    1. Joseph Henry

      Joseph Henry

      Maybe we are going to see them in mission mode.

    2. Ferno


      they'll be break dancing in the sound test and we'll like it

  8. Overwatch (Currently: Lunar Year Event!)

    Sit rep: Widowmaker's Summer games skin wins. Also, new stage incoming! Welcome to Junkertown!
  9. DHtf5hiUMAACLEE?format=png

    There's something off about Modern Sonic here, maybe it's the brow or something.



    1. Fusion-Ellipsis
    2. Joseph Henry

      Joseph Henry

      Yeah, I think his face is weird.

      Little Sonic looks :ok_hand:

    3. ShroomZed


      Neither of these float my boat at all. With modern Sonic it's most definitely the brow, he looks too odd with them going up with the classic slope. Lack of eyebrows isn't much helping. His spines are also classic length there. Besides that the proportions are pretty good there. 

      Classic...sigh...the pseudo CD look really doesn't do anything for me at all. His eyes are shaped pretty strangely and his left eye seems too wide for the angle. Really don't like how the spines look at all, especially that stupid one that comes up over the top one for no bloody reason except CD DED SOMETHIN LIEK IT RIT? except CD never just had Sonic siting or standing around with a spine pointing up like that breaking symmetry. It was only in extreme motions. His spines are so short too it honestly barely looks like Sonic to me. 

    4. A wreaKING heavy engine

      A wreaKING heavy engine

      Boom sonic got left out of the party?

  10. Sega Slots: HIT THE LEVER (mobile devices)

    I nearly thought that was the "roulette" for Sonic Runners Adventure.
  11. Why am I getting the feeling a stage from LW will be shown for Forces.

    ...And why is said stage Honeycomb Highway

    1. A wreaKING heavy engine

      A wreaKING heavy engine

      Imagine people's reaction if dessert ruins get revealed.

    2. Fusion-Ellipsis


      Well GHZ is technically a factory part desert hybrid with some green in it...

    3. A wreaKING heavy engine
    4. RedFox99


      I'm going to be honest, part of me feels that was clever of them to do.

    5. Depression Kong

      Depression Kong

      i mean honeycomb highway was one of the only visually interesting levels in the game so i'd be down for that

    6. Kiah


      If Des(s)ert Ruins in was in Forces they would definitely get my attention as that would so not seem to fit lol. Any level from Lost World being in Forces would get my attention as well due to me not expecting it.

      And I would be cool with it as I'm a sucker for food levels. It's my favorite level trope actually 😋

    7. Celestia


      It'd be fitting considering it was a level focused on the mach speed gameplay. Hell, it was the only level in LW entirely focused on it.

      ...Does anyone else remember how they marketed it as if there were going to be other Acts like that but then it turned out to just be that and (I guess) the grinding levels?

    8. Fusion-Ellipsis


      Lmao I misread that Dessert ruins thing

  12. I hope that would be the case. He looks to have an interesting design. I should point out that Bill did say some episodes were airing out of order, (which explains why we're seeing the racecars and some other things early). Could be likely for Vector to show up again with some dialogue and personality this time.
  13. So far we didn't see the avatar in it's bird, hedgehog and bear forms.

    The avatar's Wolf, Cat, Rabbit and probably Dog forms were shown in the trailer, gameplay and screens.

    If we do get some avatar gameplay, here's hoping its a different form, like the bird.

    1. Ernest-Panda


      Unless they're actually giving the bear form a larger build, sod it.

  14. *Watches the latest episode of Sonic Boom*


    1. Kiah


      Thank you for not spoiling it in the statuses like someone did already...The surprise has already been ruined as I would of loved to had seen that on my own but I wanted to thank you for you consideration all the same. 

    2. Fusion-Ellipsis


      Yeah it's flustering. I made the mistake of looking at Tumblr this morning and got spoilerd about this.