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  1. tumblr_opnopcgFEt1w67s65o1_250.gif

    Too cute.


    1. A cool hedgehog engine

      A cool hedgehog engine

      Is this from sonic drift?

    2. Fusion Force

      Fusion Force

      I think so yes.

    3. Kiah


      Omg yes! :D 

    4. VEDJ-F


      I thought it was Drift 2. 

  2. *Realises that the sonic soundtrack voting event ends today*


  3. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I DON'T COME TO THE TOPIC OFTEN- ahem So I did Rush, Rush Adventure, 06, Colors and Lost World. Up next is... Sonic Unleashed 1. Perfect Dark Gaia Boss battle 2. Endless Possibilities 3. Werehog Battle theme 4. Chun Nan Night 5. Gaia Gate 6. Dear My Friend Sanic Bum: Rise of Lyric Yes there were a couple from here that I liked, though I felt some pieces didn't fit with the level. 1. Slowpoke Isle Cave 2. Lyric's Weapon Facility (Elevator) 3. Sky Citadel (Chase) 4. Lyric's Weapon Facility (Save Tails) 5. Sky Citadel 6. Lyric's Weapon Facility 7. Abandoned Research Facility (Generator) 8. Shadow (Boss fight)
  4. The DuckTales theme sounds a lot better when fused with the old theme...

  5. tumblr_orw4oaMyHO1w6obd8o1_1280.jpg

    God dang, here's hoping I finish this in time for Friday.

  6. If the Sonic movie was a live action Sonic Adventure 2-


  7. Loved the shade of purple here!
  8. Someone mashed up Forces main theme with the one made by Tee Lopes-


  9. Hmm let's see Xenoblade 2's music-


  10. The Launchpad short had me in stitches! Aaaand the Beakly one isn't available where I'm at... What happens there?
  11. The fact that it got nominated there of all places is quite suprising! I don't expect it to win, but it's nice to hear it's got some nominations!
  12. More likely in Gamescom and then TGS, unless SEGA does a sudden news bomb in July.